Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Ballbusting Hall of Fame: Andrew and Tommy

It’s always great to see new people on the ballbusting scene, don’t you agree? That's why I started my own "Ballbusting Hall of Fame", highlighting my favorite creators of ballbusting content.

Today, I want you to meet Andrew (27) and Tommy (31) from Brazil, two awesome, hot content creators who have joined twitter last month to share their fantastic videos with the world. I am so happy that they agreed to answer a few questions for me so we can get to know them better.

Make sure to follow them on twitter (@_AndrewWolff and @Sirdomtommy and check out their amazing videos!

Q: Let's start with the basics: Who are you?

I am an entrepreneur and I work with Digital Marketing. I consider myself a shy and reserved guy, but very communicative when necessary. I like to play sports like running and weight training. I also love watching horror and sci-fi movies. Something I really enjoy doing is cooking. I became a vegetarian a little over a year ago and love to try new recipes and try new flavors.

Tommy: I am an Archivist, but I work with Graphic Design and Illustration. I am a shy person, however, daring, I like adventures and try new things. In my spare time I like to draw and learn more about graphic design. Also, I have been a vegetarian for over 1 year.

Q: You are a couple, right? How did first meet?

Tommy: The first meeting took place in a cafe store, we had already chatted, we set up this meeting. I arrived late and he almost gave up, anyway, we talked and in the same time we started dating, we gave the first kiss and today we are 3 years together.

Q: How does BDSM and ballbusting factor into your relationship?

Well, I started to be attracted to BDSM practices very early, when I was a kid, I still didn't know about the existence of ballbusting, but I already liked to see scenes of guys having their balls crushed on TV. I was also very horny when some boy was hit in the balls while playing some kind of sport at school.
As soon as I met Tommy, it took me a few months to talk to him about my fetishes. I was born and lived a good part of my life in a very small city in the south of Brazil, where people have a very closed mind and judge others a lot for expressing their sexuality freely. So I was always afraid to open up totally to the guys I dated, afraid that they would think I had some kind of mental disease because of how I am.
But little by little I started to open up to him, spoke about the fetishes I had and how much I felt pleasure in feeling pain, especially in the cock and balls. And it was after opening up fully that our relationship improved 100%.
Today I consider myself to be a complete man. I feel total security to hand over my body and especially my balls to my husband to do whatever he wants with them.

My relationship with BDSM, especially Ballbusting started a short time ago, however, as a teenager I enjoyed watching videos of guys being beaten, but I didn't understand why I liked it. In our relationship, BDSM made it stronger, today I enjoy what I do with Andrew a lot, I like to see him feeling pleasure and at the same time pain, that makes me very horny.

Q: How did you first discover you were into BDSM and ballbusting?

As I said, I have been attracted to BDSM since I was very young, I remember when I was a little boy I already felt some kind of pleasure without feeling pain. But ballbusting came into my life when I was only 8 years old and at that time I didn't even know that it was a fetish and that other guys enjoyed doing it too. I was watching TV and saw the scene of a girl squeezing a boy's balls as punishment for doing something he shouldn't have done. That scene marked me a lot, but at that time my balls were very sensitive, they hurt just to touch them, so it was impossible for me to squeeze them without falling on the floor in pain. But that scene didn't leave my head, so later in my teens, I started searching for video, short stories and texts on the internet about bdsm and a while later I came across the word ballbusting. It was there that I started to research more and more about it and today I can say that it is the most enjoyable. I confess that I feel more pleasure having my balls kicked and tortured than with traditional sex. I don't really miss vanilla sex today.

Tommy: I discovered Ballbusting a short time ago, I remember that when I started to date Andrew, he asked me to squeeze his balls, at first I was afraid of hurting, little by little, I liked the idea and felt more comfortable to hit harder. Today I love to kick his balls. Today I feel more pleasure in kicking and hitting his balls, than having anal sex.

Q: Andrew, what do you enjoy most when Tommy busts your balls?

I just love to always have my balls tortured by my husband, but what gives me more pleasure and satisfaction and realize that he has no mercy on me when he is torturing me. No matter how much I cry or show pain he will not stop because he knows that deep down I want more. Besides that I feel totally safe with him, because I know that even though he is very sadistic and loves to see me suffer, he is very careful and will never do anything that can really hurt me or harm me in any way. And about hits, I think what I like most is when he tells me to stay on all fours and kick me hard.

Q: Tommy, what do you enjoy most when you bust Andrew's balls?

I really like to see him squirm in pain, because I know he's feeling pleasure, and that makes me very horny. I like to see your balls swollen and your cock drooling.

Q: Have you ever thought about teaming up and busting a third guy's balls?

It is not something that we constantly think about, but if one day the opportunity arises we will do it with great pleasure.

Q: What are your plans for the next weeks and months?

We want to focus on creating fetish content, as we are starting now and we are very excited. We want to improve the quality of the videos and seek more and more creative and fun ideas for Tommy to blow my balls. We thought about making this content professional and maybe making some money from it soon. In addition, we intend to focus on our personal projects, to make this year a better year for us.

Q: Thank you so much, guys, and good luck for the future. Last question: How can readers get in touch with you?

We love to chat and exchange ideas about BDSM and ballbusting, so anyone who wants to get in touch can find us on twitter as @_andrewwolff and @sirdomtommy, or through our emails: andrewwolff2020@gmail.com and tomtolves@gmail.com


If you want to see yourself featured in the Ballbusting Hall of Fame: Send me an email (alex@ballbustingboys.org) or a direct message on twitter (@ballbustingboys). I can't wait to talk to you!


Anonymous said...

Such a cute couple. Their videos look great and its soo cool they're in a relationship but are they married? cause Andrew calls tommy his husband

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Same-sex marriage is legal in Brazil (as it should be in every country in the world - hooray for civil rights!) so I guess they are married. You can ask them yourself on twitter. They are great guys and I'm sure they would love to hear from you! :-))