Friday, January 15, 2021

The B Factor - Season 2: Nutshot Gladiator (Final elimination)


We have reached the end of The B Factor – Season 2. It has been a wild ride. 10 finalists have been eliminated, and we are down to the final two contestants: KJ Apa and Nick Jonas.

It was a pretty close race: In the end, the winner got 61%, and the loser received 39%. Fun fact: This season's winner didn't reach first place in any of the elemination polls before this one! Our runner-up reached the top spot twice - but that didn't help him in the final poll.

So who is the winner?

Read the following story to find out!!


Nutshot gladiator
“So we’re the last men standing, huh?” Nick Jonas smiled, cracking his knuckles. The 28 year old singer and part-time actor ran his hand through his hair and smiled, flexing his muscles. He knew he looked good on camera, and he knew that his great looks were the reason he was here. People had voted for him for weeks, and it certainly wasn’t because auf his brains…
“Looks like it”, KJ Apa replied. He was 23, another good-looking entertainer. He was the star of the hit show “Riverdale”, and there were certain similarities that he shared with Nick: They were both muscular and athletic, handsome and hot, and they both wanted the title.
Nutshot Gladiator was a game show that had quickly made headlines for its hilarious premises and its raunchy one-liners. The first few seasons had been enormously successful with viewers and with advertisers, and it had only been a matter of time until fans’ calls or a celebrity season had been answered.

After many crushed dreams and squashed ambitions – not to mention busted balls and cracked nuts – Nick and KJ were facing each other in the final fight.
“Looks like it”, Nick aped KJ’s New Zealand accent, throwing his hands in the air in a wimpy parody of his opponent.
They were both the Nutshot Gladiator uniform, a skimpy lycra singlet that left nothing to the imagination. It had been an intern’s clever idea to use white fabric for the crotch of the singlets. That way the combatants’ equipment was perfectly outlined for the audience, and every nutshot was caught perfectly by the cameras. Slow-motion replays and close-ups were the bread and nutbutter of the show, and as an added bonus the fabric became slightly see-through when wet – which was all but certain at the end of a sweaty, exhausting fight.
Nick and KJ were both very well-endowed. Both of them were blessed with a hefty pair of nuts and a big, meaty cock, and neither of them saw any reason to hide what nature had given them.
Proudly displaying their massive packages, they circled each other in the Nutshot Gladiator Arena, where “Men become men – or eunuchs” as the commentator quipped in his trademark jocular tone of voice.
The two celebrity hunks didn’t hear the voice of the commentator. They were alone in the arena, bright spotlights aimed at their muscular bodies.
Nick looked down at KJ’s bulging package, a smirk on his handsome face. “You can kiss your nuts goodbye, gladiator”, he sneered. “Call me ‘The Nutcracker’...”
KJ laughed. “I’ll call you what you are, a wimp.” He shrugged his shoulders and grabbed his package provocatively. “These nuts are tough as hell. People have tried to crack them – but nobody has so far.”
KJ was right. In the previous rounds, there had never been a moment where it looked like his manhood was at serious risk. He had dominated his opponents with vicious knees to the crotch and nasty ballbusting punches.
Nick, on the other hand, had been on the brink of getting booted out in the very first round, and quite literally so: Trapped under the boot of his opponent, Nick’s balls had been squished flat like a pancake, and it had only been a Hail Mary Punch to the gonads that had saved Nick at the very last second. He hadn’t been able to have sex for several days, his dick limp and soft no matter how hard he tried to get it hard.
That incident had taught Nick a valuable, though: Don’t let anybody ever come that far again.
“You think you can crack them?” KJ taunted Nick, spreading his legs, grabbing his bulge and jiggling his manhood in Nick’s direction. “You think you ca---”
Nick interrupted KJ with a quick, hard snap-kick to the gonads. It wasn’t a perfect connection due to the fact that KJ’s hand was in the way, but it certainly sent a message.
KJ’s eyes bulged and he let out a grunt that was a mix of surprise and pain.
“Yes, I can”, Nick said with a grin as he watched KJ double over. “I can and I will.” He put his hands on KF’s shoulders, pulling his upper body up and making him stand up straight, only to bring his knee up between the actor’s thighs, ramming his tender testicles into his body. “I will fucking crack your nuts!”
KJ dropped to his knees and let out an anguished wail as Nick snickered, adjusting his crotch.
A split-second later, KJ’s fist found his package, delivering a traumatizing blow to Nick’s manhood.
“Asshole!” Nick howled as the pain washed through his body.
KJ brought his fist up again, delivering another uppercut to Nick’s testicles and making the handsome stud scream in utter agony.
“You fucking asshole!” Nick screamed from the top of his lungs, cupping his balls.
He brought his leg back and kicked KJ in the nuts with all the force he could muster. His instep collided with KJ’s gonads, flattening them and eliciting a high-pitched wail.
Nick looked down, a look of contempt on his pain-contored face. “Serves you right, you---"
KJ’s forehead connected with Nick’s crotch, causing the muscular hunk to scream and stumble backwards, losing his balance and landing on his butt.
KJ lunged at him, grabbing his ankles as he got up. He spread Nick’s legs in wide V and sent his foot crashing down, stomping the life out of Nick’s nuts.
Nick screamed from the top of his lungs, his face a mask of pain as KJ squished and squashed his nuts under his foot.
Just when it looked like KJ would make short work of Nick’s nuggets and defeat him quickly and easily, Nick gathered all of his strength and managed to shake KJ off, pushing him back with the force of his strong, muscular legs.
Now it was KJ who landed on his butt, and Nick took a page from the younger stud’s book, grabbing his ankles and spreading his legs before stomping down on his manhood.
KJ screamed and kicked, throwing off Nick long enough to get back on his feet.
They went back and forth, attacking each other with kicks and punches, knees and fists, squeezing each others’ nuts and twisting them with their bare hands.
After twenty minutes, their singlets were torn to shreds, with their battered, swollen balls on full display, dangling between their thighs, beet-red and badly bruised. Their bodies were wet with sweat and they looked angry and in pain.
It was a fierce fight, a worthy finale for the Nutshot Gladiator, and possibly the end of any dream of parenthood that either of them ever had.
They didn’t care.
Both of them were determined to win the fight.
Feet were slammed into nuts. Fists collided with dicks. It was a nasty and sweaty and painful affair – just what the viewers wanted.
Another twenty minutes later, they were panting and breathing heavily, cupping their crotches as they fought each other, delivering kicks and punches and stomps and knees.
KJ brought Nick down to his knees with a particularly hard kick to the gonads.
Nick roared in pain, his eyes filling with tears.
Through the watery veil he reached out with both of his hands, grabbing KJ’s balls and holding on to them, squeezing them as hard as he could, squishing and squashing them with his bare hands, making KJ scream and shriek like a banshee.
Pulling KJ to his knees, Nick squeezes the life out of his nuts, digging his fingers deep into the tender flesh of his testicles.
KJ’s eyes watered and he tried to fend Nick off, punching him and slapping him, trying to make him let go of his balls.
But Nick didn’t let go. Gritting his teeth, he increased the pressure on KJ’s nuts, grunting and groaning as he ground KJ’s meatballs with both of his hands.
KJ’s teary eyes filled with panic and he reached between Nick’s thighs, trying to fight fire with fire.
But he didn’t get a grip on his battered, swollen balls. Instead he found Nick’s fat, meaty penis and wrapped his fingers around it, pulling on it, yanking on it, trying to tear Nick’s impressive schlong off.
The next minute seemed like an eternity, with Nick squeezing KJ’s balls and KJ trying to rip off Nick’s dick.
In the end, it turned out that KJ’s balls of steel were no match for Nick’s indestructible dick.
With an ear-piercing scream, KJ passed out, his eyes rolling back into his head, his body going limp as he slid to the ground.
Nick let out a roar, a primal, guttural roar of victory.
He got up, naked, sweaty, hurt – but victorious.
He flexed his muscles and placed one foot on KJ’s limp body, posing for the camera, a devilish smile on his pain-contorted face.
The picture lived on for eternity: Nick Jonas, Nutshot Gladiator.
Yes, Nick Jonas is the winner of The B Factor – Season 2. And poor KJ Apa is eliminated.

Here are the results of the final poll:
Nick Jonas   61%
KJ Apa   39%

532 votes were counted.
(We'll publish the full results of all the polls later this weekend.)

Right now I am trying to come up with a plot for Nick Jonas’ winning story. Do you have any ideas? Let me know by leaving a comment or by sending an email (
In the meantime we’ll have another look at the three stories that I wrote featuring Nick Jonas as Special Guest Star back in 2017. I’ll re-publish them over the next few days.


Special thanks to my friend Jason for his invaluable help bringing the second season of The B Factor to life. You are awesome, my friend!


Anonymous said...

Wow this was a hot story. I'm happy Nick won but sad that KJ lost because both of them are really hot.

I was thinking a bit about what Nick Jonas has been up to lately and had a few ideas. 1. Jumanji: you can have him be a host or player with a few other models as players as they try and get across a board with a dice. Every time they roll they get a fun riddle that the you and your crew wrote regarding ballbusting and suffer the riddle. First won who makes it to the finish like wins. and 2. He helped create a new tequila a few years ago, and I know he likes golf. Maybe he wanted to party on the golf course and invited the dorm buddies to try a round of golf and try his new tequila? Lots of potential for busting there either as a game or just fooling around during a regular round. 3. Of course I would love to read about a rematch with Logan after their first fight, with begging your for payback against Nick, who hasn't done nearly as much fighting style stuff since Kingdom so he likes his chances. Hopefully these help with your story ideas.

- Brant

Anonymous said...

Since Nick has been on here before and he and Tom Holland are in a coming film together, how about a story where the two of them are training for fight scenes with the help of the BB lads? So maybe (1) a tag-team of the pair of them versus Logan and Kev, or (2) a tag-team match with one actor in each team, or (3) just a full-blown gym session where the actors get worked over.

Anonymous said...

Well, Nick is a singer, then why not to use a Vince's machine to make him sing of pain while his balls are being crushed, and please, although you dont choose this idea, please make that Nick get his balls permanently damaged.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! I like your suggestions! Please keep them coming! :-))

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of Nick having a rematch with logan, but this time, Logan is prepared, and he mercilessly beats the cum out of Nick's balls, just like he did to him on their last story together!

Anonymous said...

You wrote a story last week suggesting a stepdad angle. I was thinking now that Nick is 28 years old, maybe one of the moms of the younger ballbusting models like the skaters, Phil, or Logan, were being a cougar and hitting on Nick and he accepted the advances, eventually leading up to going out with the mom and before going on the date joking with the ballbusting model at their house about being their new stepdad and busting their nuts while the mom gets ready. This could lead to one of the models plotting revenge against Nick for dating their mom... or maybe Nick spent a night with ALL of their moms during his stay and they plan to get him back as a group. Also I agree with the guys above, Nick vs Logan the rematch would be a fantastic choice as well, maybe you can use my idea with Logan's mom as an extra detail in their feud this time around if you decide.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Alex,

What an explosive finish!

Even though the boys that I wanted to be in the final two didn't make it you made this one a show stopper! Great work as always.

Clearly people are already excited about seeing Nick again in the future, and I can see why! I don't have anything new to add except I would also enjoy seeing a rematch between Nick and Logan. And I look forward to next years B Factor!



Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback and your suggestions, guys! :-))

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone above. It's a rare chance to have a rematch with a celebrity guest star! If you are considering multiple stories with Nick, there was a time when he was labeled as someone who would use "queerbaiting" to his advantage. It would be great to have some of the gay models bust him and have a go at his dick, balls, and ass - or Nick top them - as a way to get even after all the years of "baiting". I'm sure Nick wouldn't mind in exchange for losing that label.

Alex said...

Thanks for your suggestion! I like it and I'll definitely take it into consideration. :-))

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of Nick vs Logan, what if we include Logan's father, Bradley? And one of the Nick brothers with Nick? An this in a type of rematch were the loser team (Nick and his brother) get his balls permanently cracked.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the Chaos Walking trailer and wow! What an opportunity this is to let Nick and Tom Holland let their skills loose on each other - Tom as a gymnast and Nick as an MMA fighter!

Hunter said...

Nick vs Tom Holland vs Logan with the winner fucking both the losers.... just thinking about it is making me hot!

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex!

You are a great writer and I'm sure whichever direction you chose to go with the story will be amazing! I imagine it must be a challenge to a certain extent in deciding which plot to select.

My suggestion is a simple one: have Nick compete in a game of Top Trumps against some of the other models. Models of your choice or determined by a poll.

I just want to say, I hope that whatever you decide to write about Nick is something that you are proud and passionate about, whether that be a suggested idea that turned into gold or a second story you felt you just had to write! While I know you try to please everyone, I would love to read the story that has you tickled pink. :D

Alex said...

So many great suggestions! Thank you so much, guys, you are awesome! :-))