Friday, May 28, 2021

Special treatment at the strip club (Jeff meets Michael)

Special thanks to Jeff for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who regularly fantasizes about getting busted by a stripper!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Michael (click for pictures)

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.
Jeff smiled.
This was going to be a good night.
His favorite table was unoccupied. It was right next to the dancing pole, right in front of the platform, a perfect place to watch the action, and a perfect place to interact with the hot guys who took off their clothes on stage.
Jeff took his seat and adjusted his crotch.
He was hard as a rock, and he enjoyed the feeling of excitement, the adrenaline rush, the expectation, the tickling in his stomach, the tingling in his balls.
Jeff was a regular at the strip club, and he was popular with the performers. Everybody knew that Jeff was easy to drain – in every sense. He usually left the club spent and exhausted, without a penny in his pocket, and with a big smile on his face.

At 28, Jeff was on the younger side of most patrons. He was tall and handsome, with black hair and a hot body. Every single one of the performers was intimately familiar with Jeff extraordinary large equipment, and most of them were very well-versed in the art of using Jeff’s big cock to milk out every cent from Jeff’s wallet.
Jeff placed his order with one of the hot waiters, tipping him generously and receiving a little extra service in return when the waiter reached between Jeff’s thighs and gently squeezed his fat package.
“Have fun tonight, Jeff”, the waiter whispered into Jeff’s ear as he massaged Jeff’s junk.
“Who is on tonight?” Jeff smiled, spreading his legs to allow the waiter better access to his goods.
“Here at your table it’s Mikey”, the waiter said.
“Alone?” Jeff asked, raising his eyebrows.
William and Michael Payne usually came as a pair. The twin brothers were undeniably the club’s top act, two blond gods with perfect bodies and athletic skills and the kind of raunchy chemistry that made a strip show memorable and unique.
“Yeah, he’s alone tonight”, the waiter said, smiling as Jeff handed him another bill. “Thanks, man.”
“Thank you”, Jeff winked at the waiter, adjusting his crotch in anticipation of the show.
Michael appeared a moment later, wearing nothing but an athletic cup that looked like it was supported solely by Michael’s genitalia. Football face paint drew attention to his handsome face, but the main attraction was his muscular body that was on full display.
Jeff bit his lower lip, moaning at the sight of the hot athlete as he strolled onto the stage, accompanied by the cheers and the applause of Jeff and his fellow patrons.
The first part of Michael’s dance routine was pretty standard fare. The music was thumping through the club, and there was a lot of hip thrusting and booty shaking. The choreography was seductive and risqué – and Jeff loved every second of it, whooping and cheering and throwing dollar bills at the stage.
Michael had spotted Jeff right away, and it didn’t take long until the hot blond focused solely on Jeff in a very transparent attempt to get the most of his wallet.

The hot blond was all over Jeff, thrusting his crotch in Jeff’s face, placing his hands all over his body, making Jeff the center of his performance – and he was rewarded plentifully.
Near the end of the performance, there was a point where Michael was so close to Jeff that their faces almost touched, and Jeff whispered, “I want an encore.” He slipped a handful of bills into Michael’s sexy nut cup.
“Let me talk to the manager”, Michael whispered back to him as the music stopped.
The crowd erupted in cheers and applause, and Michael stepped off the stage. He didn’t take the usual path, though. Instead, he places his foot between Jeff’s thighs and stepped down that way.
Whether intentional or not, Jeff moved to meet Michael’s foot, resulting in a very painful foot to nuts connection.
Michael’s large foot buried the whole of Jeff’s cock and balls under it, crushing the full package flat as a pancake as he stepped down.
Jeff’s eyes opened and instantly crossed, and he let out a surprised yelp as his mouth formed a tiny little “o”.
Michael realized his misstep, and he was about to apologize profusely when he noticed a large wet patch on Jeff’s crotch.
“Naughty”, Michael grinned, reaching between Jeff’s thighs and giving Jeff’s crushed nuts a hard, mean squeeze.

“Oh god”, Jeff moaned as he creamed his pants, emptying the contents of his balls into his underwear.
“You still want that encore?” Michael grinned as he held Jeff’s nuts in a vise-like grip, squishing every drop of cum out of his big, fat balls.
“Oh yeah”, Jeff groaned, closing his eyes as his nuts released the final spurts of baby batter.
Michael returned just five minutes later, and he made sure to climb onto the stage exactly the same way he had left it earlier, stepping onto Jeff’s nuts and crushing them flat.
With a chuckle, Michael noticed that Jeff’s dick was rock hard again, having regenerated in no time thanks to the brutal, unapologetic mishandling of his genitals.
“You want this?” Michael grinned, pointing at the athletic cup that was covering his genitals as he moved to the rhythm of the music.
Jeff moaned, clutching his aching nuts.
“I think you really need one of these or your nuts are history”, Michael chuckled, getting closer and closer to the edge of the stage, implicitly threating Jeff to step on his nuts again.
Jeff licked his lips and leaned back, spreading his legs as if to say: “Bring it on.”
With an invitation like that, Michael didn’t have to be told twice.
He stepped between Jeff’s thighs, placing both of his feet on Jeff’s nuts as he buried Jeff’s face in his crotch, making Jeff moan into his cup as he crushed his nuts.
Jeff was on cloud nine, his face between Michael’s thighs, his tongue touching Michael’s nut cup, his hard cock and his sore nuts crushed under Michael’s large feet.
The nut stomping quickly turned into a sexy lap dance as Michael busted Jeff’s balls with his ass, making sure to brutally grind Jeff’s balls with his butt.
The crowd went wild, clapping and cheering and edging Michael on, as Jeff handed out dollar bills like mad.
With his wallet getting drained as his dick was getting closer and closer to cum again, Jeff was moaning and groaning in a wild mix of pleasure and pain.
Michael performed a twisted dance of tease and torture, viciously busting Jeff’s balls in every way imaginable, stomping and kicking his nuts with his feet, crushing them with his muscular ass, squeezing them with his strong fingers, and once even headbutting them in a wild, over-the-top part of the lap dance.
Jeff came closer and closer to cumming, his dick twitching and throbbing in his pants, his rapidly swelling balls aching and throbbing right next to it.
“Oh god”, Jeff moaned. “Oh my fucking god!”
“You wanna cum?” Michael whispered, crushing Jeff’s nuts under his foot.
“Oh yes!” Jeff groaned.
His nuts were screaming and his dick was hard as steel.
“You really wanna cum?” Michael repeated, twisting his foot, brutally squishing Jeff’s genitalia.
“Oh yes!” Jeff moaned.
“It doesn’t come cheap”, Michael grinned, shifting his weight and adding even more pressure to Jeff’s throbbing, aching balls and his rock-hard dick.
Jeff gasped for breath, closer to orgasm than he had ever been, his nuts swollen and bruised and dying to release their pent-up load. He reached inside his wallet and handed Michael the very last bill inside.
Michael looked at it and grinned.
Then he leaned back, and with a surprisingly elegant gesture of his foot, he spilled the contents of Jeff’s ice filled rum and coke glass directly into his lap, causing the crowd to erupt in cheers and applause as Jeff’s eruption was stopped dead in its tracks.
“I think it’s time to cool you down”, Michael smiled as he pocketed Jeff’s very last dollar bill.
Jeff was gasping for breath, his crotch soaking wet, his erection shriveling under the ice, his busted, battered balls churning and aching.
Michael grinned and stomped down on Jeff’s iced cherries for good measure, making Jeff groan in pain.
“Igoaaedaca”, Jeff croaked
“What was that?“ Michael raised his eyebrows, kneeling down leaning forward to listen closer, his hand resting on Jeff’s crotch, flattening his junk even as it cooled down.
“I got a credit card”, Jeff whispered.
Michael laughed and gave Jeff’s nuts a hard, brutal squeeze. “We’re gonna have a lot of fun tonight…”


Anonymous said...

Fuuuck that was so hot especially the build up then forced cool down, I wonder if his balls will be bluer from the bruising or just the sheer amount that he's pent up

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Alex, Alex, Alex...

That was great!

Super sexy, and seductive with plenty of ball squishing. Great read friend!



Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))