Saturday, May 29, 2021

Video links: Corn nuts (8)

Nothing says "Summer is here!" like guys plaing nutshot games in the backyard!

Here are some more of my favorite videos featuring guys playing corn nuts.

Some people think that corn nuts is a new invention. It isn't. Here's video evidence of two guys playing almost ten years ago:

Some games take forever - some are over on the very first throw. Here's a clip of the latter variety. It's short but memorable for three things: 

  1. The young man in the foreground filming himself get hit in the nuts. That's gonna be a popular post in his timeline!
  2. Everybody else laughing and cheering when the bag hits the bag.
  3. The incredible accuracy of the throw. Hole in one!

As I said: Some games take forever. The next one clocks in at over 23 minutes, and I have to admit that I got bored somewhere in the middle there. But if you like guys throwing the bags back and forth and threatening each others' manhoods you'll probably enjoy this clip.

Here is another quick one.


Fail 😂😂😂#cornhole #nutshotchallenge #nutshotfail #FYP #OHNO

♬ Oh No (Instrumental) - Kreepa

Finally, here is a highly entertaining video (I don't understand a word...) from American expat Nathan Bartling who goes by My Mate Nate for his audience in Thailand - and who loves to have an exciting game of corn nuts with his mates!

What's your favorite video of guys playing corn nuts? Let us know by leaving a comment or by sending an email (



Anonymous said...

Seems like they were having loads of fun in the last one!

Alex said...

Oh yeah! Corn nuts is so exciting and fun! :-))