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Vince goes wild (written by Xander)

This is the first part of an exciting new series featuring some of our regular characters written by our longtime reader Xander. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Chad, ErikKev, Logan, the twins, Vince, Zach and Alex (click for pictures)

The hardest part of the plan was trying to get the four and half sacks needed for the videos in position. Vince had been working hard on testing his contraptions, each made specially for their studs and all of them rigorously tested for months; Vince had cracked several dozen eggs on each of the four devices and he was very excited to use them. The only problem was, unlike his past devices, these ones were elaborate and large rather than compact. Their size meant they couldn’t be brought into the studio and made them look very menacing. Luckily the plan didn’t involve the guys needing to enter voluntarily. We just needed them to know they’d be naked in an abandoned warehouse. The studs were gathered and we had an idea on how to get them to participate.

“Why do I have to come?” Erik usually wasn’t the subject of the website's videos, but there was a special place for his single nut in Vince’s workshop.

“I need you there for help while filming, Its a large location and Chad won't be able to help because he’ll need to take care of his camera equipment.” Logan, Zach, and the twins all seemed scared at the idea of sleeping in an abandoned warehouse for a shoot.

“How long is the shoot gonna be? I’ve got dates lined up with some chicks from a sorority.” Zach grabbed the big dick in his pants, shaking it and grinning.

“Chicks? You’ve got a threesome?” Logan looked impressed that Zach had landed an encounter like that. Girls always threw themselves onto Zach’s dick but the sorority girls at Zach’s college could be quite up tight.”

“Not a threesome, five girls who plan on sucking and fucking me from Friday to Sunday”

“Like you can last that long, your dick’s big but you don’t last more than twenty seconds” Erik chuckled while he ridiculed Zach’s problems with premature ejaculation.

“The fuck do you know one nut? I bet you’re jealous because that lone ball doesn’t make enough cum for you to finish.” Zahc’s face got red and he crossed his muscular arms. Erik definitely found the studs biggest weakness. Besides his balls.

“My last nut is bigger than either of yours, I bet I shoot more than you ever could.” Erik stood up and grabbed his crotch, Zach did the same

“Hey look! This one nutted freak thinks he can out shoot the biggest balls in the room!”

“Put your money where your mouth is and show everyone that those balls can do more than break.”

“Fuck you!” Zach pulled down his jeans showing all the guys in the room that he hadn’t worn underwear and that he does have the biggest balls and dick in the room. Erik followed suit and while he had underwear on he only had a single nut. A single nut that was bigger than either of Zachs.

“Biggest balls in the room my ass, those are raisins compared to mine.” Erik grinned.

“Biggest BALLS in the room dumbass, that lonely nut may be bigger but my sack has more inside.”

“More to bust you mean” Logan had chimed in and punched Zach’s balls. Erik laughed hysterically as Zach grabbed his sack and bent over.

“Fuck you Logan, you’re just jealous that I have bigger balls and a bigger dick than you.”

“But I've got the better ass, better moves, better looks, and hotter girlfriend.”  Logan flexed a big and slapped his butt to show off what he was talking about.

“You wish you were better than me, my ass is so much better than yours.” The pair of studs were straight and both had no intention of letting someone in their butts, but it seems like they were just intent on having a pissing contest.

‘Mikey you’re an ass man, why don’t you be the judge of who has a better butt.” The two twins had been quietly enjoying the show this whole time no one remembered they were here.

“I’m not here to judge. And don’t call me Mikey.” Micheal punched his brother’s nuts.

“Aw fuck, what the fuck Mikey it was a joke, relax.” Micheal grabbed a handful of his brother's crotch and squeezed with all his strength. Everyone didn’t seem to care about their own pissing contests and shifted to walking Will’s balls get crushed inside his gym shorts.

“You always call me Mikey when you know I hate it! Even when I trash your nuts for it you still call me Mikey! It's Micheal you asshole!”

“This is great, Will needed to be taken down a peg.” Zach had gone back to standing up straight and had crossed his arms while shaking his head like a disappointed dad.

“Shut up asshole” Will kicked Zach’s sack swing wildly and brought him to his knees. Erik, ball and dick still out, started laughing his ass off watching Zach try to comfort his balls. Zach heard the laughter, swallowed his pain, let out a scream, and tackled Erik to the ground. The two started grappling with their pants around their ankles, each one grabbing balls, pulling dicks, and slapping asses. Logan mimicked Zachs earlier disappointed stance and shook his head. Micheal didn’t like this much either. Logan was always showing off his body around the studio and everywhere he went he did the same. He already had a girlfriend and still taunted everyone around him with his ass even though the only way you can get in is forcibly, and Logan doesn’t go down without a fight. That made Micheal angry.

“You fucking tease.” Micheal grabbed the waistband of Logan's sweatpants, janked them down, making his junk flow out and positioning Micheal’s face right in front of Logan's beautiful, muscular, and naked bubble butt. He was still in a squeezing mood and grabbed a hold of Logan’s nuts. That made him double over, shoving his ass in Micheals face and showing off his pretty pink hole. That only made Micheal squeeze tighter. At least until his brother came at him from behind with another kick.

“GUYS!” It took my loudest shout to get them to shut up. They deserved what VInce had coming for them. “You’re gonna spend the weekend at the warehouse, you’re gonna miss your dates and your hookups but you’ve got a job that we are gonna do. You’ll be there all weekend, you’ll have cots and sleeping bags, but you can’t wear clothes on set so don’t bother packing.”

None of the guys raised complaints, they all just stood up with their hands behind their backs, most of them with pants around their ankles, and shame on their faces. Chad spoke up.

“Why can’t they wear clothes on set?”

“No one can wear clothes on set. We strip down before we enter the warehouse. Owner has weird rules.”

“And probably some cameras,” Erik remarked.

“All of you can go home tonight, tomorrow morning meet up here at 6:00 AM to head out to the location. There’s a facility on site where you can wash up and shower that has all the supplies you need, so just show up.”

They all mumbled a sort of acknowledgement, pulled up their pants, and shuffled out of the studio. After they had all gone Vince came out of the kitchen to talk to me and Chad. He had been listening the whole time. He had a big grin on his face.

“Looks like everything is gonna work. And see how fitting all the punishments are gonna be.” He had a wide grin and his jeans had a nice big blotch of precum his hard dick must have been spitting out. He sure seems excited. “All we have to do is make sure that during the first day they don’t see the traps or find the tapes and we’ll be set”

“I still don’t get it. You’re just gonna let them roam around for a day and then trap them during the night.” Chad scratched his balls through his jeans.

“ We wanna make sure they're comfortable. If they get used to the warehouse then waking up in a trap with their balls on the line is gonna be that much scarier. I spent a lot of time on this and  want it to be good.” Vince’s dick was twitching a lot. He had been working on this project a lot. I bet he hadn’t had time to jerk off in a while.

“Vince, are you ok?”

“Yeah it's just been a few weeks since my balls got emptied. Maybe a month or two. You mind if I jerk off while I go over the plan again?” He didn’t wait for an answer before hauling his nice dick and pretty hefty balls and as he started jerking his dripping dick.

“During the day the guys will set up all the cots and sleeping bags, then they’ll each have their own photo shots taken on a false set so that they think it’s just a normal shoot. After they’ve got everything set up you’ll tell them there's beer outside. While they get drunk during the day the three of us will make sure all the traps are in working order and set up the cameras and screens. Then at the end of the day when they are all asleep, we’ll put Zach in the triple threat milking machine, Logan in the rear end glory hole, the twins in the compactor, and Erik in the speed seat. Oh fuck its been so long since I came. Chad can you squeeze my balls?”

“What? I’m not doing that?” Chad looked disgusted. The man was straight and while hitting another dude’s balls isn’t new to him, squeezing them while he jerks off seems out of the questions.

“Come on man please. It’s always hard to finish when my balls are left alone. I mean you know what it’s like not being able to cum.” That got to Chad. He had a serious and strange run in with a disease called Softballs. Chad begrudgingly grabs onto Vince’s nuts while he keeps on jerking his dick vigorously and explaining the plan.

“Fuck yes, harder. Zach will be up first, once he views the video demonstrating the parts of the trap on Ben and Kev. After he cums his nuts get released and the didlo moves out of position. While Chad explains to Zach what is happening, the twins will watch the video on their trap until they complete it. Then their nuts get released and they can stand up. We explain to them what’s going on while Logan watches his tape. After he finishes off his challengers the punch machine will stop, Zach will pull out, and his humbler will fall off. Then the four guys get to practice their boxing on Erik after he watches his tape. Come on Chad you can squeeze harder than that.” Vince’s face was as red as it could get and he had started to pump extremely fast. The meat of his nuts was bulging out around Chad’s fingers. I was waiting for either his dick to catch fire or his balls to burst. Instead he shoots a huge load, probably one of the biggest shot in the studio. His hand keeps jerking the entire time and he yells at Cha
d to keep squeezing. He shot straight into the air, and as his cum came back from their 10ft high flight it landed all over Vince’s abs and Chad’s arms.

“Oh fuck that was good. I wish I had brought a ball press, your grip wasn’t too strong.” Vince looked like the pain had finally caught up with him. He cradled his balls as his dick kept twitching and his cum dribbled onto the couch. Chad brushed his hands aside and sent a punch straight into Vince’s nuts, pushing them into the edge of the couches wood frame and making them flatten quite a bit. This made Vince thrash so hard he fell off the couch and cradled his nuts.

“That was better.” While Vince’s dick was calming down and his hands cradled his nuts I couldn’t help but smile at the whole thing. It was perfect! All the guys would get punishments perfect for their flaws and in a very sexy way. My dick was rock solid and I couldn’t hide it before Chad noticed.

‘Looks like you need a hand too.” Instead of a normal punch, he raised his fist above his head and brought it down on my sack, smashing it into the chair I was sitting on. I fell out of my chair and crumbled onto the floor next to Vince and I’m surprised my dick didn’t start shooting like his did. I didn’t look up to see his face but Chad let out a hearty chuckle at his coworkers on the floor.

“Alright, that was mean and I know it, you get a free shot.” When I didn’t budge from the fetal position and only groaned when Chad assumed a wide stance, he took on some more extreme measures.

“I guess I’m gonna have to do the leg work for busting my own balls.” He unzips his jeans and pulls out his balls, the big hairy things they are. The two fat nuts that swung between his legs had taken some interesting abuse through the years but they were still big, were still hanging low, and were still full of cum. He tipped my head back, kneeled so my head was between his thighs, and stuffed his balls in my mouth.

“Bite as hard as you want Alex.” I slurped his sack a little bit farther into my mouth, positioned his balls between my molars, and clamped down. It felt good listening to him grunt and watching his face scrunch up. His fat balls tasted salty and were quite dense. After a few seconds I start to chew on them while Chad curses and braces himself. I remove my hands from my own balls and grab onto his ass keeping him from pulling away from my face. He has a nice ass, big and plump like his balls but much bigger and without bite marks. I finally spit his sack out.

“Fuck I didn’t think you’d go that hard but I guess I deserved it.” He took a ball in each of his hands and rolled them over while wincing as he was the bite marks on his tender nuts. He had a pretty big boner himself by now.

“That was pretty hot.” Vince had sat up and was jerking his cock again looking at me and Chad after our little exchange of blows. “ Can you do that for me?”

After Vince had shot a couple more loads with me and Chad providing whatever nut crunching he needed to shoot. Chad left first since he wanted to get plenty of sleep and probably jerk off himself when he got home. He had quite a big tent in his pants when he left and there was a great big spot at the tip of his dick. Vince walked out of the studio completely naked with his dick still hard to get to his car and head straight for the warehouse. He must have completely forgotten that he needed to get dressed before going out in public. He even left his clothes in the studio along with about five orgasms worth of cum. I used his pants and underwear to mop up his mess then locked up. We would all meet up outside the front door in the morning and head out to the warehouse in a van. Vince had to go before all of us so that none of the models would see him. After the drive, we would all get out, strip, and start unloading all the equipment.

“Early when it counts and late every other time.” It was already 6:15 and everyone had shown up besides Zach. Chad was in the driver's seat wearing his classic jeans and a t-shirt. Logan had decided to wear white running shorts and a matching white tank top that he was carrying in his hand rather than wearing. He had gone on a morning run and gotten too hot. His shorts were basically transparent from all his sweat showing off the red jockstrap he was wearing underneath. Since Zach was taking a while to show up, he had taken the time to do some stretches in full view of the street and everyone in the van. You could almost see his hole as he bent over and you could clearly see each ball in his pouch. And that he was cut.

Inside the van the twins were wearing black basketball shorts and red shirts. Micheal was staring out the window at Logan stretching, and Will was watching Micheals dick twitch and leak as his brother stared at the wrestling stud.

“You really wanna fuck his ass don’t you Mikey?” Will leaned in and whispered in his ear. He grabbed his brother's dick and started rubbing it through his shorts. “You wish my hand was his ass don’t you Mikey?”

“Fuck off” Micheal pushed his brother aside and removed the foreign hand from his crotch. “And don’t call me Mikey.” He added with a glare. His brother put his hands in the air and shook his head as if gesturing surrender. They both went back to their staring.

Erik was passed out in the back seat. He was only wearing his boxers and a sweatshirt; he didn’t want to get dressed just to strip later. His legs were limp and spread wide taking up two seats, his head was slumped to the side and pressed against the window, his snoring was loud and obnoxious, and his dick was poking out of the left leg of his boxers along with his one nut.

At 6:20 Zach finally showed up. A speeding, bright pink jeep pulled off the road and into the parking lot, and the passenger side burst open with a completely naked Zach and a bundle of clothes got pushed out.

“Don’t ever fucking call me again unless you can last more than 10 seconds next time.” the girl reached over and slammed the door closed catching the leg of Zachs pants and ripping them out of his hands along with the rest of his clothes. He stumbled around the parking lot picking up the bits and pieces of clothing while trying to cover his massive dick from the prying eyes on the road. Of course his pants were gone with the girl and her car. Zach shuffled over to the van and hopped in going straight to the back to sit on the open seat next to the two Erik took up.

“Rough night?” Logan asked as he got into the car too, opting for the bench right behind the driver's seat and right in front of the twins.

“I tried to do the six way last night and only one girl was able to come. She was a little aggressive and after I came she kept trying to slap and squeeze my balls.”

“At least you got ten seconds of fun.” Logan started laughing at his quip and Zach blushed. I hoped in the passenger side, Chad started driving, and hopefully we could make it to the warehouse before noon. Sadly, we hit traffic before we were even ten minutes into the trip. Erik was still passed out and snoring annoyingly, nothing good was on the radio, Logan was making small talk with the twins, and Zach was just shifting uncomfortably in his seat with his bundle of clothes on his lap. The group of guys and the big windows in the van had gotten us plenty of attention. A few truckers honked, some men on road trips with their families did double and triple takes when they saw the barely clothes studs in the van, and when traffic was especially bad some guys started jerking off while staring in our direction. Before long we had to make a pit stop.

“Guys I really have to pee.” It wasn’t even 10:00 and we already had to stop because Zach’s horse cock came with a tiny bladder. A few of the other guys had to go too, so we pulled over at a rest stop. A few trucks followed us off, and we all spilled out of the van. Chad parked near the gas station to let us out before he went to refill. I got out of the passenger side, while Logan, followed by the twins, got out of the vans sliding door. Logan still hadn’t put on his tank and somehow his shorts had gotten even wetter. And for some reason they weren’t joined by Zach; Erik hadn’t woken up yet so I figured we would leave him behind.

“There aren’t any pants” He was fumbling with his pile of clothes.

“Yeah the girl that dropped you off drove away with them.” Logan had remembered it well and was very amused by the hijinx it caused. “Just throw on your boxers and come out.”

“My boxers aren’t here either. All I have is a pair of red panties, three t-shirts, and two pairs of socks.” He was fumbling with the strange array of clothes hoping a new pair of pants would just appear. We were losing time and I kinda needed to pee too.

“Zach, just wait there and after we’re done one of us will-” I try to give a solution but Logan quickly cuts me off.

“Take these” He pulls off his running shorts, leaving him in just his red jock. He holds them out for Zach to put on but right before he reaches them, Logan pulls them back and gives Zach a condition. “You only get my shorts if you come out and put on the panties and the shirt that says ‘ slut for life’.”

Zach begrudgingly stepped out completely naked dik swinging, balls hanging, and ass out. He turned away from us to grab the clothes he needed from the van. He put on the shirt first, it stretched over his chest, barely got over his shoulders, and left the bottom four abs of his six pack completely exposed. He then slipped on the panties. The waistband barely got over his thighs, but when he tried to pull the panties over his ass he couldn’t quite manage.

“I can’t get them on, my ass is too big.” He was bent over trying to pull the thin band of red fabric over his big butt, completely exposing his hole for everyone to see.

“Let me help'' Logan steps forward and grabs the little T, where the waist band connects to the thong, and yanks up and hard as he can. As he does the thong, miraculously, doesn’t completely break, and instead gets flossed perfectly between Zach’s big butt. He stands up and turns around, his dick and balls completely out of the panties and hanging to the right out in the open.

“Thanks, can I have the shorts now?” Logan hands them over and strolls lazily into the gas station while Zach bends over to put the running shorts on. Each movement makes the thong dig into his ass, his taint, or the base of his cock. He finally managed to get the shorts on but they were tight on Logan and they were full to bursting on Zach. Half of his ass was out, the base of his cock was on display, and his balls and dick were hanging out of the right leg.

“I can’t go in like this, this barely counts as clothes.” He was covering his crotch and looking around nervously. For an obscure gas station there seemed to be a lot of traffic.

“You’ve gone out in public wearing less, now close the door I have to get gas.” Zach followed Chad's directions, but he grabbed the other two shirts so he could use them to cover up. They were so small he needed them both to cover up his front. The four of us finally got in line for the bathroom, there was quite the crowd trying to get into the single mens bathroom and Zach’s awkward shuffling put him at the back of the line behind the twins, myself, Logan, and a handful of random drivers. Zach was beat red and it didn't help that a man fell in line behind him and started nodding in approval. It wasn’t long before he reached out and grabbed his ass, one cheek in each hand.

“Hey get off of me.” Zach was talking in a low but harsh tone; he didn’t want to garner more attention but he also didn’t want a strange man grabbing his ass.

“I'm just doing what the shirt says: ‘If you like what you see, grab it!’” He says as he massages and gropes Zachs big muscular butt. “Oh whats this down here.”

He reaches between Zach’s big thighs to squeeze his fat balls. He starts kneading and squishing the fat balls, making Zach grunt and bend over. That just makes the man press his crotch, and hard dick, into Zach's ass as he bends, beginning to grind into Zach’s big ass as he squishes those  fat balls. All the attention was getting Zach’s monster cock to stir. The line was moving quickly and Will was the only one in front of him, the man had been making him shuffle along by pushing against his ass. He just needed to get into the bathroom and close the other man out. How Logan had managed to go unscathed despite being less dressed than Zach is a mystery. Will pops out of the men's room and Zach rushes past him into the room letting the shirts he had used to cover himself fall to the floor. He quickly shuts the door and pants for a second while cradling his balls. He feels like he’s about to cum but he really needs to piss too. He leans over the toilet, points his cock down, and waits for his bladder to empty. After he’s done his dick is still rock hard and he has less to cover it with now. He decides to just rush out the door and back to the van, but the second he opens the bathroom door the man from before grabs his shoulders and sends his knee into Zach’s big balls.

“Fucking tease.” He walks past Zachs crumpled form into the bathroom. I had stayed behind to wait for him and helped him get up, picking up the shirts he was using before to help cover his mammoth cock.

“Why didn’t you help me?” He was limping and grabbing his crotch as he leaned on my shoulder.

“We’re running late and I didn’t want to waste time.” The van is back in front of the gas station and Logan is back to stretching, this time with everything on display and a large audience. “I’ll be taking those back now.”

Logan walks over to Zach and rips off the tiny running shorts he had lent him, leaving Zach in a pair of panties and a shirt telling people he’s a slut and to grope him while Logan pulls his shorts back on.  We all piled into the car and got back on the road, Zach movies cautiously so the panties don’t break completely. After four more hours of driving we finally made it to the warehouse. Erik is still passed out somehow, not having woken up at all. We all hop out of the van and begin to strip down as per the owners request. Zach has very little to take off and Logan is thrilled to strip naked and get back to his show. Chad was bending over to take off his pants when he was rudely interrupted by some very friendly hands.

“Damn Chad I didn’t know your ass was this nice, maybe I’ll be nice and fuck you before we go to sleep tonight.” The first thing Erik does when he wakes up is grope Chad and try to pass it off as a compliment.

“Get the fuck off of me.” Chad tries to grab his hands and pull them away from his ass but Erik grabs something a little farther south and shuts Chad up. One hand on his nuts, the other still feeling up his ass, Erik makes Chad bend over and back up into his crotch by pulling and squeezing his nuts.

“You know you want to feel my dick in there Chad, why don’t you beg for it and maybe I’ll let you have a ride.” He was chuckling and sliding his dick up and down the tight little valley between Chad’s hairy ass cheeks. It takes a strong kick to Erik’s ball to make him stop, causing him to bend over and take Chad's balls with him. The two end up on the floor, Chad’s face on the floor, and Eriks face in Chad’s ass. Luckily he moved his hands to cradling his own ball instead of squeezing the nuts of his coworkers.

“Erik, we have talked about workplace ballbusting before. You have to do it on camera or you get it twice as hard as you gave it.” It's always difficult reminding him of his responsibilities when all he really has to do is keep his hands to himself. But after hours of driving, some sets of sore nuts, and a big headache, we are finally at the warehouse and the guys are finally gonna get what they deserve.

to be continued

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