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The fall of Gai tendo - part 2: Gai Tendo’s torturous classroom (written by Mickey)

This is the second part of an awesome story written by Mickey, with a cover by Ocigart and additional artwork by 09tuf/coloring by Mickey. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Previous parts: 
Cracked pride

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

After his embarrassingly humiliating lost to Hinako, Gai’s once proud bulbous man pouch became an object of great ridicule. As his fiery red hair and sculped figure was easily recognized, passerbys throughout would send either light friendly taps (causing a dizzy tingle) or full powered smacks towards his man pouch, ending in him lying on the ground, groaning before a frenzy of flashes captured more of his humiliation.

Worse were the times when he’d been stripped to his boxer briefs, unable to resist the bombardments of attacks because of the stinging pain in his balls. He could only close his eyes and hope that his babymakers will somehow withstand the strong squeezes of the grabby hands.

Gai used to be the idol of men, the exact description of an alpha male. Yet a single matched turned his life upside down, turning him into society’s ballbusted laughingstock.

‘Aim between the legs.’

‘All Smashed Up.’

‘‘Cracked’ Gai Tendo’

Were the few titles he’d seen about him.

The many humiliations hit him like a brick and before long, it was unbearable for him to leave his room.

In his moment of solitude, he’d come to realize the cause of the problem. It was his lack of strength. If he’d been stronger, faster, he could have finished Hinako. If he’d been faster, he could’ve won before she started pummeling his babymakers and turned him into a national laughingstock.

He was afraid to leave his house in fear of greater humiliation, but thankfully his past tournament winnings had allowed him a nice home, filled with all the fitness equipment required for his self-strengthening.

With his new determination. He rushed towards the hanged sandbag and sent it flying with a powerful kick.

His strength was still there, all he needed to do was strengthen his body some more and he would be free from any further humiliation.

Unfortunately, in Gai’s moment of musing, he’d forgotten about the sandbag he’d sent flying. The sandbag that flew back in great fervor for revenge, and crushed directly into his groin.

He made a pained gasp as his body flew a distance before collapsing on the floor, his left hand immediately went to nursing his damaged goods.

Mistakes happens, Gai mused in his tearstained hurt state.

He would train. He would become stronger. But at this moment, he would rest a little until the ringing sensation in his balls subsided.

6 months passed within a blink of an eye.

Staring at the mirror. Gai couldn’t be but he impressed by his perfectly sculpted body. Whilst his body 3 of months’ prior was one all would yearn for; it was nothing to the bulging muscles he currently had.

His custom made white wrestling shorts perfectly embraced his lower body. His muscles were serenely outlined, and his bulging pouch was beautifully bulging like the centerpiece that it was.

Unfortunately, being indoor for 6 months had resulted in the loss of his tan, not that his current golden-brown skin was anything less to scoff at.

And unfortunately, being indoor for 6 months, ordering new fitness equipment along with proteins and food was not a good way to manage money. He’d found out the hard way when red receipts of unpaid items found its way into his face.

Despite wanting to continue strengthening his body (and definitely not about the fear of the continuous humiliations). Necessity was forcing him to leave his paradise.

Scurrying to find a job, he’d found one that offer great payment despite being a one day job.

‘Recruiting a one day instructor in self-defense for the most prestigious Phtia High school for gifted students.’

Payment $XXXXX

Simply teach our gifted students the arts of self-defense for a day, and payment in cash would be yours as long as you last the whole day.

Whilst the payment was incredibly, the reviews below couldn’t help but cause one to doubt.

‘Do not take this offer. Students? More like spawns of Satan.’

‘Not recommended for anyone who values the wellbeing of future generations.’

‘Save yourself and your modesty.’

Gai, self-proclaimed epitome of manliness scoffed at those reviews. People who couldn’t handle or manage a class full of weak teenagers were simply wimps. He would reign in the brats with his masculine charisma and get the reward money he deserves.

Gai decided to go to the school clad with nothing but his sexy wrestling shorts.

The taxi driver he called up looked strangely at him before he questioned Gai’s choice of attire.

“Sir. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but you’re only wearing you underwear.”

“These bad boys are wrestling shorts you dummy.”

“Still, it’s a terribly inappropriate choice of attire-”

“Only losers like you who aren’t confident with their body wear those silly formal clothing. An alpha male like me wear these sexy babies. Just drive, you loser driver.”

“If you insist.” The driver said, gritting his teeth, before glaring at Gai throughout the journey, probably out of jealousy for his sexy muscles.

When they arrived, Gai took out the banknote he kept in the crotch of his shorts and threw it at the driver.

“Keep the change.” Gai said, leaving whilst laughing as the driver let out a cry of disgust.

He was broke now, but by the time he leave this school, he would be loaded.

The room he should be teaching in was currently occupied by a black-haired teacher, writing some strange mathematical symbols on the board.

The teenagers in the room were looking at said with great interest, though Gai assumed it was an act to curry favor with the teacher, or worse, they’d been hypnotized by the strange symbols. After all, who in their right mind could enjoy school.

Thinking about it, Gai decided the best way to gain good impression from the class he was going to teach was to knock out their evil teacher and show them how cool he was.

He opened the door and entered the room with a dramatic jump kick. His feet collided with the dark-haired teacher, sending him flying across the room before immediately fainting.

His action was responded with shocked gasped and screams.

“Mr Kay, are you alright!”

“A pervert in his underwear kicked Mr. Kay!”

“Mr Kay!”

Were the common responses of the teens in the room, as the kids all ran up to their downed teacher.

Huh, it seemed like these kids actually like their teachers.

Clearly his plan to gain the teenager’s adoration failed, judging by the glares he was currently receiving. Controlling these kids shouldn’t be hard, after all, they were a bunch of loser nerds. He would pretend to teach them self-defense before knocking them all out until the end of the day and get that lovely prize money.

“Hey hey hey! I’m not a pervert, I’m your self-defense instructor.” Gai’s statement was met with shocked gasps.

“I’m here to teach you how to defend yourself when you’re attacked, so you won’t be so easily out of commission like your weak loser teacher over there.” Gai said, pointing his thumb towards the fainted teacher.

“Anyway, we’re starting class now. One of you will be acting as the robber. As you guys are probably weak, I’ll even give you a free hit” He continued, smirking his trademarked smile.

The teenagers surrounding the downed teacher glared daggers at him before a blonde boy instructed something to the group.

Two kids then supported by body of the downed teacher before they left the classroom, ignoring Gai’s existence.

“Hey-hey! You can’t just leave-“

“Shut up, I’ll be the robber. And you’ll be sorry you hurt Mr. Kay.” The tallest blonde who had instructed the group said as he walked up towards Gai.

“So what’s your name blonde brat.” Gai challenged.

“It’s Ace, not that it’s any of your business. And you should’ve made a better scenario. If I’m going to rob anyone. It sure won’t be an idiotic, unimpressive thing like you.” The blonde brat said, giving Gai’s shorts clad body a look over.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! What are you saying. You can’t say you’re not impressed by these guns.” Gai said as he flexed his muscles, aghast that his body building efforts went ignored.

“And these babies are the epitome of manliness.” Gai went on, spreading his legs, slapping the sides of his crotch to show how well hung his manbits are and how snugly they fit in his tight shorts, not noticing the nasty glint in Ace’s eyes.

“And soon they won’t be” Ace replied.

“Wha--------auooooooo!” Gai’s questioning turned into a soprano of pain when the brat’s feet sailed between his legs and slammed directly into his crotch, lifting up his body and deforming his bulbous man pouch in the process.

Gai’s eyes crossed as he wheezed whilst jumping up and down in hopes of rearranging back his fruit basket. Ace looked at his sad display in glee whilst the other kids giggled.

The pain hadn’t yet subsided when Gai stopped jumping but Gai couldn’t stand being disgraced any longer so he forced himself to stop massaging his gonads and pointed with vengeance at Ace.

“H-Hey! That’s dirty!” He shouted.

“You’re the one who told me to attack you, a robber wouldn’t care about about fighting dirty.” The blonde boy replied nonchalantly leaving Gai in dazed agreement before he could decide on his course of action.

He smirked when a great idea came into his mind, he was going to pummel this kid into oblivion as revenge for damage upon his babymakers.

“Well since the robber is so dirty, he should be prepared for some dirty moves as well.” Gai said as he crouched, he can imagine himself lunging at the boy, pushing him to the floor before teaching him some hard-earned lesson about messing with an alpha male’s          balls. 

“You're finished you little br-” Before he could make the lunged, a loud splat noise sent him into an operatic rendition of pain. He looked down in dread to find that in his desire to pummel the blonde brat, he’d forgotten to look at the brunette brat. The brunette that just sent him a pummelling kick to his groin from behind.

“Aaa—gahhhhh-” Gai screeched in pain from the impact, wounded tears forming on the sides of his eyes.

“I think He said do it again Pat.” The damn blonde brat said between chuckles, ignoring the fact that Gai’s head was vehemently moving side to side in denial.

“-----aaaaaaaiiieeee” He ended his monologue in a literal high note when the brunette’s brat leg flattened his balls the second time. His legs wobbled in despairing pain before he crumpled down onto the classroom floor to nurse his aching gonads.

The children laughter as they surrounded his fallen form and the stinging pain in his balls brought up the bad memory of his total defeat to Hinako. He gritted his teeth and lightly massaged his babymakers as he glared dagger at the little brat Ace.

After a few minutes curling around on the floor whilst protecting his face from children’s camera, the sharp pain somewhat subsided to a dull ache, allowing Gai to stand.

“You did well, blonde brat.” Gai said, noticing his voice was a pitch higher. The smirk of the blonde brat told Gai the brat noticed it too and it did nothing for his nerves.

“Since you know the basics of assault, now it’s time for you to learn self defense for instances when you may be mugged. Lets do some demonstration with you blonde brat.”

As the brat walked up to the wrestler walked up to Gai in such a nonchalant manner, Gai was thinking of ways to give Ace a world of pain.

“A common technique of assault is a headlock.” Gai said, rushing at Ace by surprise, allowing him to easiy wrap his muscled arms around the brat. Perhaps he was squeezing a little too hard if the pained noises was anything to go by, but the brat surely deserved that for humiliating him.

“To escape this, you normally thrust your elbows into your attacker’s body.” Immediately after those words left his mouth, the cheeky brat immediately send elbow thrusts towards his body.

Unfortunately for the brat, Gai body was strong like sculped steel. Those elbow thrust were comparable to tickles.

“Unfortunately for you, sometimes robbers have such a strong body you’ll have to think of anoth------------aaaaaaiiiii” Before Gai could even finish the sentence, the brat send a back kick pummeling into Gai’s crown jewels, causing him to immediately release the brat from the hold and nurse his injured spuds.

The brat he’d let go in his moment of pain, was now smirking as he stood gallantly in front of the coiled bodied Gai.

“Aww Mr. Gai, did I perhaps robbed you off those fragile balls of yours?” Ace said and the whole class followed in giggling towards his pained plight. Those words send a shiver of fear up Gai’s spine and he couldn’t help but fumble for his balls, having a moment of relief once he checked he still had two.

Gai was once again glaring up at the boy’s regal figure in pained anger. He was a world class wrestler not a clown damnit!

In his moment of humiliation and rage, he got up and pounced at blonde boy taking him by surprise.

His muscular right hand grasped his teenager’s thin neck, lifting him from the ground. He couldn’t but enjoy a sense of satisfation when that arrogant face let out a struggled pained noise.

“You made an amateur mistake brat, shouldn’t loosen your guard unless you can confirm your mugger is really downed.” Gai said in glee before he continued, the boy’s effort in trying to force Gai’s musuclar hand off his neck went without sucess . “Normally when your mugger have you in a choking neckhold, I’d say you go for his balls, but your legs are too short for that huh.” He couldn’t help but smirk at the brat’s failed effort in trying to slam his feet into Gai’s babymakers.

“Help.” The brat gasped in his hold and Gai finally felt he was in control of the situation.

“Say what?” Gai pretended to not have heard, and gave the boy’s neck a little more pressure.

“Help. Pat.” The blonde brat croaked out once more.

“Hah, who the hell-“ Before Gai could finish his sentence, a warm sensation enveloped his still pained low hangers. He slowly looked down to find his two plums in the hand that grabbed him from behind.

With a loud gulp, he slowly turned his head to find a angry looking brunette.

“Ahh, so you’re Pat.” Gai said, sweating profusely, knowing that his vulnerables were literally in the boy’s hand.

“You know Pat, nice boys don’t go around touching other people’s private parts.” Gai advised, part pleading.

“Nice men don’t go around choking kids either. But hey, I understand muggers aren’t nice. So I think I’ll teach a mugger what it feel to have his balls mugged.”

“Wait-eeeeeeeeeeaa!” Gai’s plea turned into a pained resonance as the brunette brat squeezed the life out of his family jewels.

The feeling of his plums being squashed was too much to stand, and he couldn’t help but release the blonde problematic brat in his hold.

“Now apologize to Ace.” The brunette brat, who was still grasping Gai’s manhood ordered.

“No-oooookay.” Gai reply made a u-turn as his pitch went highter the moment the brat increased the pressure of his hold.

He turned to the blonde brat, that was still gasping for air as he nursed his neck. The wussy, Gai didn’t even squeezed that hard. But if saying sorry ends this torture then he would do just that.

“Sorr-eeeeeahhh stop squeezing my balls damnit!”

“Go down on all fours and apologize sincerely.” The brunette said as he thumbed Gai’s left nut. Apologizing was humiliating, there was no way Gai was going to kowtow to some kid.

“Fuck you, there’s no way I’m gonna---aaaaaahhh” His choice was taken away from him when the breunette brat harshly yanked his bulbous balls like they were reins on a horse, instantly causing him to collapse onto the floor screeching in pain. He tried to get the boy’s hand off his precious jewels, but in each attempted to do so, Gai junnior was met with a strong pull, sending his body into painful spasms.

Gai was proud, but in the face of his balls being tugged around like a dog’s leash, he was willing to abandon his proud nature for a small chance to still father children.

Gai crawled slowly to the haughty looking blonde brat, taking care that his balls wasn’t streching too much by his movment. He grovelled at the blonde’s feet and pleaded in a voice an octave higher than usual. “I’m sorry, please tell your boyfriend not to hurt my balls.”

“W-we’re not boyfriends.” The blonde brat stuttered as he blushed. The reply was not within Gai expectation, and he was not impressed.

“Y-yeah, we’re not b-boyfriends.” The brunette relaxed his hold on Gai’s balls in his embarassment, and the wrestler took the opportunity to leap out of the ballclaw – immediately carassing it to nurse and check whether his equipments were in working order.

He was a bit pissed that the two were now sending sickeningly embarssed sweet glances at one another, seemingly forgetting he was even there. The same was for the attention of the rest of class.

Gai wasn’t the brightest of the bulb, nor did he think before he act. Looking back, he should’ve used this chance to escape this torture of a class. Unfortunately, Gai was an egoistic attention seeker of the highest order, and even with his balls in pain, he couldn’t help but try and gain attention.

“Oi, oi! You two should confess already hahahaha!” He shouted loudly, bringing the attention of the class towards himself, the blushing brats included. “Kids these days are so small and immature. Back in my days, you’d two be kissing like muah muah already!” He bellowed and laugh boisterously, taking in embarassment of the two brats like medicine.

Gai walked up to the two brats, put his hands on their embarassed heads and tried to push their lips together.

“Lemme help, just go muah muah on each other and then you’ll be a couple. Ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” His boisterous laughter evolved into wheezes of pain when the brunette brat grabbed hold of his waistband and pulled, giving him a major wedgie.

His crotch became an object of obscenity. His shorts was pulled up so high, the durable spandex was squeezing all his many equipments into a visible outline like a vacuumed meat. Worse was how great pain caused by the spandex squeezing his spuds against his muscled body and the jarring sensation of his underwear flossed into his buttcrack.

“Back to the main point. Mr Gai, you did say my feet were too short to kick your balls white ago right?”

Gai wanted to reply ‘no’ to the blonde brat, but his constriuction of the spandex on his balls took away his ability to pronouce and all he could do was shook his head and groaned meaninglessly.

“I’ll prove you wrong then. Pat, hold him tight.”

The blonde brat order was reciprocated with a stronger wedgie. And all Gai could do was shook his head is despair as he waved his hands around in denial

Unfortunate the blonde brat took no notice for his desperation, took a few steps back, ran up to his wedgied form and send a league winning kick flying into his nether regions.

A loud splat was followed by his pained groan, then a twang as the brunette ended his wedgie, allowing his pained body to collapse gracelessly onto the floor.

Again, he face was kissing the cold floor like a long lost friend. His butt poking towards the sky, twerking to ease the pain. His left hand was pulling his shorts out  of his buttcrack whilst his right was fixing the vaccuumed shape of his obscene crotch area. All in all, it was not a nice look. 

To be kissing the ground and wriggling like a caterpillar so many times in a day. It was a humiliating experience similar to when he was defeated by Hinako.

To be surrounded by children laughing at his plight was double the shame.

And if his suspicions were right. The quiet girl holding her phone since the start of this whole disastrous episode was filming the whole thing. And knowing kids these days. He’s quite sure it would go viral on the internet and ruin his already hurting reputation beyond repair. In fact he could already see titles which the video could have.

‘Busted Again. World Famous Wrestler, Gai Tendo.’

‘Man or Wriggling Worm, Gai Tendo.’

‘Kissing the Floor with hands on his Balls. Gai Tendo’

‘Goner Gai Tendo Junior, balls and babies.’

He was too afraid to imagine any other possible titles.

In a moment of fear filled adrenaline rush. He leaped at the girl and snatched the phone from the girl, causing gasp of shocks and indignations from the group.

With one look at the screen, he’d confirmed it’d been recording for nearly an hour, probably mostly of him holding his balls and groaning on the ground.

He could smash it on the floor, but there was a chance that the memory chip would still be intact and his episode of shame would still be broadcasted for all to see. With that in mind he decided he would escape this terror of a classroom with his shamed recording.

“He took my phone.” The girl brat screeched sending the horde of evil children rushing towards him. Unfortunately for them, Gai athletism was world class and when they all pounced, Gai took the moment to jump away from their attack and leap towards the door.

He opened the door to see the light of the corridor, just a little more sprint and he would be out of this hellhole.

In his moment of ectasy, he turned back to the class, just to give them a satisfactory final word.

“Bye suckers---ahhh!” He did not expect a flying table crashing into his face, stunning him into seeing stars.

He also didn't expect a metallic thud to resonade from his nether region.

Gai never felt this much pain and he swore he heard the sounds of egss cracking before he wailed out the shrillest note humanly possible. The impact was so strong, he immediately dropped the phone.

He looked down as he continued to serenading an unearthly shrill, and his crossed eyes couldn’t help but bulge some more when he saw a metal baseball bat squashing his manly plums.

His throat ran dry, and with a final whimper, he collapsed onto the floor, once more kissing the cold floor and his body wriggled in pain like a beached whale.

Gai clasped his hand around his balls, noticing that it had grown to worrying sizes, he’d never thought they could become so large. On one hand, he wanted to measure it, just to appease his bruised ego with his impressive equipment. On the other, he wanted to have it checked if the were damaged beyond repair. But of course, there were many obstacles blocking him from doing any.

Unlike the last time when the teenage brats left him to suffer on his own devices. They were surrounding his downed for, glaring at him like how vultures might watch its injured prey. Worse was the fact the the phone was not broken in the drop, and it was now back into the girl’s hand where it was again filming him with great fervor, damnit!

Still in pain, Gai could do nothing as two brats flopped him onto his back and pulled his legs apart, allowing the world to see his bulbous manpouch.

The blonde brat stepped near his crotch, in his hand was the nasty metallic bat and Gai couldn’t help but let out a loud gulp.

“Even though you’re an idiot. I believe you did teach us something Mr Gai.” The brat said mockingly.

“What? Hitting people in the balls is the best self defense?” He couldn’t help but squeak out in pain and indignation, causing the boy to laugh.

“Of course not, we already knew about that from watching you pathetic match last month.” The brat said as he gently place the bat’s top on Gai’s crotch, indenting it by a small faction. The cold mental sensation from the bat sent worrying sensation throughout his body and Gai couldn’t stop his body sweat profusely in fear.

“I mean the part about not loosening your guard until the mugger is really downed.”

“I’m not a mugger though. I’m your self defense instructor!” Gai reasoned with fervor.

“Are you really not though, After all, you did steal Briseis’ phone, and even called us ‘suckers.’”

“I-I was only borrowing it.” Gai paled as he faltered giving another excuse.

“I suppose a muscle brained idiot like you wouldn’t understand, but borrowing without permission is the same as mugging. And muggers need to be punish.” The blonde brat said with a nasty grin as he lifted up the bat causing Gai’s eye to widen in dread. He tried to get away, but after all the damage he received early, all his body could do was wriggle uselessly.

“Please don’t, please don’t. I’m sorry, I’m soweeeeeeeeee-!” His pleas turned into the sound of a pig going to the slaugher after the blonde brat swing bat contact with his left nut.

“You smashed my left nut. You smahed my left nut!” Gai whimpered breathlessly as the impacted numbed his sense.

“Oh dear, because you were wrigggling so much. I only managed to get one. Now that wouldn’t be fair to the other one, so lets do it again.” The damn brat said with a malicious smile and raised the bat once more.

“No-No-Nooooooooooooaahhhhh” Another swing later and Gai became a sobbing wormlike-mess

“You smashed my right nut, you smashed my right nuts!” He wailed in agony and grief.

“Well well look what we have here.” The blonde brat said with a chuckle, much to Gai’s confusion.

“Oh no.” Was all Gai could manage when he looked down to find his boxing shorts tenting obscenely.

“Who’d knew you enjoy getting your nuts smashed it. I guess when the television blurred you out after Miss Hinako pulled down your pants, you were cumming to her hits.” The words of the damn brat hit right home. He thanked the gods that the programme started blurring privates when Hinako pulled down his pants and smashed of cum out of him, he had wished this would remain forever a secret but now the damn brat guessed correctly.

“No, I wasn’t!” His denial was contrary to his bloating erection.

“Since you like it so much. I think we should give some more to you. Think of it as a farewell present of sorts.” The brat said smirking.

“No-no-nooooooooo” His pitch went as high as that of the cherubs when the brat smashed the bat down once more, this time scoring a home run on both his of his balls.

Yet, despite the pain and the cold feel of the metal brat, the tent in his pants was growing more and more.

The damn bloned brat was smiling in glee at his embarassment.Noticing Gai’s vehenmental glare, he began twisting the metal bat against’s Gai’s manhood resulting in another siren like rendition from the famous wrestler.

It was a pain Gai had not felt before. The punches, kicks, stomps and even squeezes his balls had felt were short term pain that left a ringing pain. But the continuous churning pain he was now feeling left him in a cotinuous wounded gasping state.

Another twist and turn, and Gai was leaking his seeds inside his pants, leaving a small wet patch the groin area.

“Hahaha, look at you Mr. Gai, aren’t you like a cow. A twist and turn and you’re spurting your milk.”

“S-Stop. Let me goooo!”

“A-Ace, do you mind if I try.” A glass clad chubby boy raised his shaky voice, uncaring of Gai’s plea.

“Sure Luke, and if anyone else wanna try, just form a line. Afterall we should give Mr. Gai the best present for cumming to our school.” The blonde brat said, winking at his peers.

“Don’t you dare do it you fat nerd.” He sent a glare at the chubby boy, though the effect may be lessened by his tearstained eyes and cumstamined shorts, for the boy took the bat and stood between Gai’s opened legs.

“I-I didn’t mean that, sorry sorry, don’t don’t –yeowchhhhhhhhh” His cries of plea and headshaking went ignored and the bat once more got smashed into his babymakers.

He couldn’t control his body when his hips started thrusting and thrusting and in a cry of painful pleasure, his seeds erupted from it’s slumber, staining his once white shorts into a wet stained shade of gray.

“S- Stawpppp.” Be begged, face flushed between the pain of being busted and the ecstasy of ejaculation.

But his display was too interesting for the curous students to stop. And much to Gai’s despair, a line soon form as everyone took turns with the bat.

“D-don't-aaaaaah!” Gai already soaked pants started dripping, as his spunk escaped out of their damaged house

“Mercy for my unborn children-hyaaaaahh!” His shaft spitted out a blob, as he felt his balls pinballing itself to his throat.

“Forgive me-eaaaahhhhh!”

He felt like the torture procession took an eternity to complete and when the girl with the camera, stood between between his legs with a bat in her hand, he couldn’t help but blissfully smile, knowing she was last in the line.

“You disgusting pervert.” She said before she flattened his nuts with a perfect hit.

“That’s a strike.” He gasped, eyes crossed before his balls pumped out the last of his seeds, fully soaking his already wet and sticky apparel.

Thinking he was now free from the torture, he gave in to blissful unconciousness.

Gai awoke with a stinging sensation to his spent marbles.

He looked down to find himself suspended in the air, courtesy of him being crotched on a suspended rope, carried by teenagers in the front and back.

“Gyaaaaaah-let me off!” His cries of pain went ignored as the kids continued with the procession.

His body was too weak from all the earlier assaults, and it wouldn’t even respond to his command to fall off of the said demonic rope.

Each steps sent agonizing sensation to his still moist yet spent balls and each step resulted in him screaming a little louder as his eyes crossed like it had never crossed before.

What felt like an eternity of pain ended when his body was unceremoniously dumped in front of the school.

“I hope you won’t be setting foot in our school again. Mr. idiot wrestler.” The blonde brat said, again smirking at his downed form.

“Sure.” Gai wheezed out, shivering at the pain that always accompany the smirk.

Fortunately nothing happened and the group of teenagers left Gai to caressed his busted balls clad in his sticky cum covered shorts.

He didn’t know how long he laid there for until a familiar voice snapped him out of his pain and shame induced daze.

“Ah, Mr. Alpha male. I did warned you to wear proper attire.” Standing above him was he taxi driver he met in the morning.

“H-help, take me home please.” Gai whimpered out.

“At least you have manners now.” The taxi driver said. He looked at Gai’s cum-covered shorts in disgust before he used his shoe to strech out the front of Gai’s trunks.

Gai was too powerless to resist and without his tight trunks to hold them, his spent rod and damaged balls tumbled unceremoniously out.

“I’m afriad you do not have the money for my services. But an alpha male like you can surely take care of youself right?” The taxi driver said chuckling at his own words.

On one hand Gai could go back into the school and demand at least some payment, but the thought of meeting those demonic kids again caused him to shiver in fear.

“H-help.” He whimpered as he looked at the taxi driver in despair.

“I’m afraid a ‘loser’ like me can’t help a penniless alpha male like you. Though, with your balls as red as they are, I have to wonder if you are even still male. Hmm, I think I should get some big bucks if I notify the newsreporter of your sad state.” The taxi driver laughed loudly at his own words as he walked back to his car.

“Don’t.” Gai sobbed but car drove off, uncaring of his plea, leaving his indecent body alone.

He continued to lay there in pain before another familiar sound resonated in his ears. It was the sound of flashes.

He gulped loudly before a group of reporters descended on his sad state like a vulture attacking it’s dying prey.


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Hi Mickey, I really love the themes of your stories. Could I email you?

WaterSpirit said...

This story is sóōõöôöøöõōò hóōõöôöøöõōòt🔥
I absolutely loved it ❤️
More of Gai Tendo stories pls

Harry said...

Mickey, the story and drawings are hilarious! Thanks for sharing them. But I did have a panic just now trying to remember if I tipped my driver enough this morning, lol.

Mickey said...

Hi, Anonymous, I'm so glad you liked the themes it in. For the email, May I ask what would you email about? I'm sorry but I'd personally rather not share it.

Hi Waterspirit, I am so happy you enjoyed it! There is much more suffering coming Gai's way :))

Hi Harry, I'm such a fan of your stories <3 and couldn't be more delighted that you enjoyed them - I love his pained reactions too <3. And yes, you should definitely generously tip your drivers, never know when you'd need their help ;))

WaterSpirit said...

Eagerly awaiting the next Gai Tendo story

Mayze said...

Oh well. Damn Gai, hope he feels better. I can take but, he certainly couldn't.

danny perkasa said...

Say good bye to gai juniors

Русский Парень said...

Хочется чего-нибудь большего. Пусть ему яйца проткнут в следующий раз

Русский Парень said...

I want something more. Let him get his balls pierced next time

Иван Макаренов said...

О привет Русский Парень! Я тоже из России.
Я тоже хочу проколов!

I want pierced to!

Русский Парень said...

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