Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Video links: Wrestling low blows (7)

When they go low we go wild!

Here are some more of my favorite wrestling nutshot videos.

Are you in the mood for a "low blow massacre"? Here we go! (Hat tip to the wonderful cupcheck_ channel on instagram!)

Here's a match that has several hilarious nutshots. A barbwire bat to the balls at 6:45, a pole to the plums at 8:05, a fist to the funny place at 9:30, and probably several more than I didn't catch...

The same wrestling company brings us this match. The description says "Circumcision match gone wrong" - and it's fair to say that it squarely aims for the crotch. It has a double broom to the dingleberries at 5:40, a nasty rope bounce at 6:05 followed by an series of almost a dozen nutpunches and a kick to the beanbag (quote: "You mashed his potatoes good!"). Then there's a nut grab (7:55), a scissor castration threat (9:30) - and I probably missed a couple of nutshots along the way. Glorious!

What I love most about the next clip isn't the nutshot (the injury itself seems to be self-inflicted at 10:10) but the aftermath starting at 11:05 when the poor victim gets a bag of ice dropped on his goolies while being mocked by his peers.

And here is a compilation titled Best Ball Busting Moments featuring Sexy Kev. Fuck yeah!

Readers' picks:

Our reader Fabien shared this wonderful video featuring a nut.crunching kick from behind. Beautiful! Thank you so much, Fabien!

Skip to 9:35

The next clip (shared by an anonymous reader) is a Shinsuke Nakamura Low Blow Compilation. So many nuts, so little chances of fathering children...

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