Friday, July 3, 2020

Snapshot: The bro-job

This is the 19th part of a loose series of short stories inspired by pictures that I found on the web. They don't necessarily feature any of the regular characters. If you have an inspiring picture let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (

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"Come on, help a brother out", Ace chuckled. "I haven't nutted in a week." His big, fat dick was rock hard as he stood in front of his room mate's bed, his handsome face nearly completely covered by baseball cap. He loved fucking his bro's mouth and filling his mouth with his seed.

Tanner was half asleep after spending the last night dancing and drinking and having fun. "Ugh", he mumbled. "Good morning, bro-ough-gughh-ggough---"

Ace didn't wait for Tanner to finish his sentence. He just shoved his dick into his mouth and started fucking it hard and fast.

Tanner's eyes bulged as his bro banged his throat, and he let out a muffled grunt of protest.

His hands shot up, grabbing Ace's butt.

"Fuck yeah, bro!" Ace grunted as he fucked Tanner's throat. "Your throat is so fucking tight!"

Tanner's hands grabbed his thighs.

"God, bro, your throat is so fucking awesome!" Ace grunted, shoving his dick deep into Tanner's mouth and making him retch and gag. "Fuck, bro, I'm in love with that throat! I wanna make babies with that throat!"

Tanner's hands grabbed Ace's nuts.

"Fuck yeah, bro, fondle those babymakers", Ace chuckled, holding Tanner's head in place as he fucked his mouth. "You want that seed, don't you?"

"Ughglughoughg", was Tanner's muffled response, which made Ace fuck his mouth even harder.

Tanner fingers closed around Ace's nuts and he started squeezing.

"You're a fucking slut, bro", Ace chuckled. "You really want that juice, huh?" He switched from thrusting his hips back and forth to moving Tanner's head on his dick as if he was jerking himself off with Tanner's mouth.

"Ughglughoughg", Tanner grunted as his mouth was used like a fleshlight.

Tanner squeezed harder, making Ace moan and increase the pace of his facefucking, almost giving Tanner whiplash.

Tanner's fingers dug deep into the tender flesh of his testicles, making Ace moan louder and louder as he fucked harder and harder, getting closer and closer to orgasm.

Tanner squished and squashed Ace's nut, pressing his fingers into the meaty, cum-filled gonads.

"Squeeze them, bro! Squeeze the fucking juice out of them!" Ace moaned as his nuts were crushed by his bro while he was fucking his mouth as hard as he could.

"Fuck yeah, bro!" Ace panted, his face contorted in pain and pleasure. "You want that load, you get that load!"

He fired rope after rope of pent-up cum inside his bro's mouth, filling it with his seed, making him gag and retch and gurgle on his creamy baby batter as Tanner was squishing and squashing his pumping, pulsing balls.

When Ace was done, his balls were empty, swollen and sore. "Good job, bro", he mumbled. "Good job."

He pulled his dick out of Tanner's mouth, and Tanner coughed and panted, spit, cum and drool hanging from his lips. His eyes were glassy and the taste of his bro's cum was lingering on his tongue.

Ace grinned, casually jerking his dick and fondling his sore, drained balls. "That's what I like about you, bro. You take it like a man, and you give it like a man."

Tanner got up and dropped his pants. His dick was even bigger than Ace's, and it was hard as a rock. "Speaking of giving: My turn now", he said with a grin, spitting on his hand and lubing up his dick with his spit and Ace's cum. "Bend over. I'm in the mood for some anal."

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