Tuesday, July 21, 2020

From the web: 40+ Witty Nicknames For Guys With One Testicle

FindNicknames.com is a site that specializes in, well, finding nicknames for all occasions. Most of the lists are pretty bland - but this one list caught my attention: 40+ Witty Nicknames For Guys With One Testicle.

Let me quote the author of this list:
The appropriate term for a guy with only one testicle is monorchid. Since you can’t go around calling someone a monorchid, I have compiled a list of popular nicknames for guys with one testicle.
Oh yes! Nothing is funnier than a guy with one nut!

Here are some of my favorites from the list:
1. 1Pac
2. 50 Cent
7. Einstein
15. Han Solo
19. Mono
23. One Nut Wonder
29. Sack-o-solitude
30. Schrödinger’s Sac
34. Testiclops
37. Thunderball
42. XBall one
Read the full list on FindNicknames.com - and make sure you check out the comments section because there are some funny ones (LOL!) in there as well...


Anonymous said...

Have you ever come across a lone-stone? I've only met one (I knew him before he lost his too)

Andrew said...

We have two kidneys but we can survive with one. We have two testicles but can reproduce with one, but not as well. Two testicles produce more swimmers as do large testicles. The latter recently discovered online by me. But that is nothing to do with the cum shot and maybe hung guys who can shoot a long way can make up for having small balls or one ball when fertilising. I've played with a one baller. It was a bit strange but ball play wasn't the focus. It is good that like kidneys, evolution gave us a spare one, so if one is destroyed we still have another.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments!

Actually, I have met a one-nutter in real life. He lost his nut before puberty. We had a very fun conversation regarding the question whether he'd feel half the pain or double when hit in the nut. It was a fun night! :-))

You are 100% right! :-))