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Soldiers exposed (written by Todd Lance)

This is a wonderful contribution by our reader Todd Lance. He is the author of Dead Exposed (available on Amazon kindle). Check it out if you like this story! :-))

The late afternoon sun blazed outside the car as Caliph arrived at the isolated resort or compound or whatever it was. He had no idea what to expect in this remote spot hidden in a canyon in the Great Dry Desert.  He was getting a free tour of this prototype leisure community. He noticed the staff at the gate wore a really strange uniform. Young fit men wore black baseball caps, black cotton t-shirts, white silk mini-skirts and black plimsolls.

‘These men are soldiers or airmen,’ explained Calvin. ‘Basically, they are detained here for the duration of the war going on in the region. They’re all westerners brought here.’

‘Why don’t they escape?’ quizzed Caliph. ‘They’re all young, strong and fit.’

‘There’s a lot of desert all around. They’d never make it.’

Caliph was led into the dining room for refreshment. Two soldier staff stood rigidly to attention to serve them, both fit, muscular, good-looking types.

‘This is Ryan,’ said Calvin introducing a clean-featured all American young man. ‘He’s really obedient and compliant. Never complains. Let me demonstrate.’

Calvin put his hand under the silk mini-skirt into the soldier’s groin. ‘Where’s my fist?’ he asked Ryan.

Ryan smiled thinly. ‘Around my balls.’

‘Pour the wine’. Ryan’s hand was a little shaky as he poured. Calvin tightened his grip, clenching and squeezing. He crunched a fistful of the portion of Ryan’s silky smooth briefs that held his perfectly formed bollocks, the essence of Ryan’s manhood. ‘How does it feel Ryan?’ His hand was like a vice crushing the round orbs in the underwear.

‘Its…er…powerful….um…authoritative….yeah…er…masterful…..’Ryan choked and sobbed. He was now shaking, sweating, grimacing and wincing with agony as Calvin clenched his fist ruthlessly around his nuts. But still Ryan managed to pour without spilling.

‘Impressive!’ admitted Caliph as Calvin let go and Ryan crumpled clutching the front of his mini-skirt in spasms of pain. ‘But how do you control and subdue these men? They seem to be very muscular and fit. Why did Ryan let you do that?’

‘Ah, that will remain my secret, for now’, replied Calvin enigmatically.

Caliph noticed the other waiter in the room was an absurdly fit, handsome, dark-haired young man.

‘Do you like him?’ asked Calvin.  Caliph smiled. ‘He has a little notebook on his belt. Write a time on it and your room number, which is number 7, and he’ll have to come and visit you. You can get to know him.’

Caliph wrote 8 o’ clock and room 7 on the notebook as they left the room. Calvin escorted him to a recreation section of the building. Through a window they saw 6 or 7 young western soldiers strenuously working out in a gym. They had stripped off the girlie skirts and were down to white briefs with powerful muscles rippling and bulging.

‘Gym work out is compulsory every day for these men,’ explained Calvin. ‘We need our staff muscular and in the peak of condition.’

‘Wow!’ exclaimed Caliph. ‘I still can’t understand how you control these guys.’

Calvin smiled. ‘All will become clear.’

They came to a wrestling ring with other guests seated around. In the ring were two young, handsome, tough soldiers about to wrestle.

‘Here we have a German and an American going to wrestle. They actually dislike each other big time so we have a genuine fight.’

‘Really?’ said Caliph excited.

‘The rules are they can grapple and push but the only part of the body they can punch or kick has to be covered by white cotton. Any painful contact to bare skin or other clothes is punished severely. You get it?’

Caliph didn’t, but the fight started for their entertainment. The German grappled his opponent trying to get him down. The American resisted and tried to squeeze the breath out of the German. They grabbed each other and soon the black t-shirts tore and ripped off their torsos. Then the little silk mini-skirts ripped off too. The muscular men faced each other now just in white cotton briefs. The American kicked out aiming for the German’s crotch. It missed and his kick connected with the German’s thigh, not the white cotton.

The referee stopped the fight shouting a violation. Two guards suddenly seized the American and held him. The referee picked up a cane and whipped it down with target precision on the American’s testicles tightly packed and bulging in his briefs. The victim groaned hoarsely. Then the fight resumed.  Hoping to land a punch on the one area allowed, ie white cotton, the German ended up missing and punched the taught muscles of the American’s stomach. Now it was the German’s turn to get an unrestrained lashing with the whip onto his bollocks.

Caliph now understood the rules. Each soldier was trying to knock his opponent out with a  massive blow to the testicles as the most vulnerable ‘white cotton’ permitted target. But it was really difficult as each soldier twisted and turned to protect his groin.

The American missed again with a kick landing on the German’s upper leg. Again the fight was stopped and man at fault manhandled. Now the penalty could be escalated up so the cane was given to the German so he could land some free blows, which he did with relish. A fierce caning landed on the American as he was held hung on the ropes of the ring, arms and legs spread wide. Every lash whipped down nicely on target, on the man’s crotch, whacking his balls. Whack, whack, whack, a no holds barred lashing rained down on the exposed soldier’s manhood. The man cried and squirmed with agony as his flimsily and scantily covered balls got a full caning.

‘I hope his briefs aren’t too thin to give some protection to his vulnerable balls’, worried Caliph.

‘Some hope,’ responded Calvin. ‘All the soldiers get thin, single layer boys briefs to wear only. From Bangladesh, cheap stuff. It makes them look pathetic and humiliated. We get the men to sew on a couple of ribbon strips on the front either side of the pouch to make them like designer briefs but that’s it. The cotton is so thin it provides no protection at all.’

The fight resumed both soldiers now grappling frantically desperate to knee the other in the groin to win the contest. Both were now weaker so punches and knees did regularly hit the target, cruel blows to vulnerable testicles adding to the convulsive catalogue. The audience around the room loved it. It was no-holds barred ball busting wrestling. Maximum pain.

More penalties were incurred too and this time the free punishment was a knee rammed in the groin like a pile driver to completely double up the transgressor.

Twenty minutes later neither man could stand on his feet and the contest was over. Both soldiers lay writhing and groaning on the ring floor clutching their groins in unspeakable agony. The audience clapped. ‘Bravo! Bravo!’

‘I’ll show you how we educate them now,’ smirked Calvin. He led Caliph to a little theatre. On stage was a military uniformed man tied to a wooden bench by his legs and his arms manacled to metal rings on the wall behind him. His legs were spread wide. 

‘He’s a newly captured airman,’ explained Calvin. ‘We have to break him in’.

There were 10 guests in the room. They approached the airman and caressed and kissed him feeling his well-fit body. Then they ripped off his uniform with little scissors, leaving him in underwear only.

‘We prepared him earlier,’ said Calvin. ‘We put him in scanty white briefs to create a gleaming white target just on his crotch so when we shine a light on him it’s his groing that appears white and bright. We’ve also bunched out his balls with a silicon ring around them. We want the man to learn to suck off all the guests willingly so he learns to serve.’

The front part of the bench seat was detached and pulled out and placed under the solid legs of the bench so the airman’s crotch was rocked back full frontal to the audience. They could see his tented groin and a narrow strip of cotton material running between his legs. The briefs were taut over his balls, so tight his scrotum just peeped at the edge of the elastic.  Then a couple of guests banged their drooling erections in the airman’s face telling him to suck and give head. The airman cursed and thrashed in his bonds, barring his immaculate teeth to the monsters wanting his mouth. And so the ‘education’ had to start. Buckets of squash balls were distributed and the audience started to lance missiles at the truculent airman. At first their aim was poor, balls bouncing off the airman’s six pack midriff or his muscled thighs, but at last someone succeeded in hard balling him with a strike dead into his briefs pouch, bullseye into his nuts. The airman convulsed and thrashed, exclaiming with pain, a sickening violation of his sensitive anatomy and the core of his manhood.

The guests sporting erections protruding from zips tried to ram them down his throat, but still the airman resisted. So the bombardment resumed with balls banging into his groin hard. Target strikes bombarding his groin produced cheers in the room.

Thrashing, writhing and squirming the airman was weakening fast and eventually submitted to the dripping cocks eager for his mouth. All ten guests worked his mouth in turn until the airman’s face was covered with cumshot which dripped from his chin onto his chest, and then ran down to wet his white briefs which had done such a pathetic job of protecting his manhood. The airman was broken. He would be allowed to wash and recover, given his little girlie uniform and then expected to perform services for the visiting guests.

Caliph was shocked but impressed. Calvin explained the rule that any soldier who broke the rules had to be punished by a WCP, a white cotton penalty. Basically this meant a hell of a whacking on the soldier where he wore white cotton. The only white cotton they were allowed to wear was scanty little briefs. To control and punish the men it was no good smacking backsides either, definitely not painful enough. In addition all he soldiers had to wear silicon cock straps to bunch and protrude their testicles, fastened on and impossible to get off. This meant that every soldier was easily punishable as a smack to their balls was so incredibly painful. And these young men were mightily attached to their balls.

He retired to his room and then at 8 there was a knock. It was the dark haired young man keeping the appointment. ‘What’s your name?’ asked Caliph.

‘Daniel, sir.’ It was a rule the soldiers had to address the guests as ‘sir’.

‘So Daniel, be honest, are you gay or straight?’

‘Straight’. Caliph was pleased as he liked the idea of humiliating the young man by forcing him into lots of gay sex. He would enjoy forcing the young man into male sex.

‘Well it’s all the same in the dark, isn’t it. I’ll turn the light off and we can hit it off together. And you know Daniel I would never hurt you like I’ve seen happen to other soldiers here.’

Caliph pulled Daniel onto the bed kissing him and snapping off his little silk Velcro fastened skirt, feeling his large bulge thrusting out his cotton briefs, balls suitably thrusting out with the silicon strap. He sucked Daniel to a spurting climax making sure that Daniel’s hands were on the back of his head feeling his masculine haircut. He wanted Daniel to know he was a man. Then Daniel had to reciprocate. They lay together in soft lighting to recover and then Caliph turned Daniel over to fuck him manfully. He relished Daniel hating it all.

By morning after a night of sex and a little sleep Daniel felt utterly humiliated and compromised. Caliph allowed him to shower and gave him fresh briefs to wear. Daniel wanted out of that room. He didn’t trust Caliph one bit.

‘Hey man,’ protested Daniel, ‘these briefs are way too small. My balls are almost poling out the sides under the elastic cos I’m still wearing this silicon cock ring.’

It was true. Caliph could see both testicles almost popping out of the briefs. ‘Sorry’ , he said not sorry at all.

‘What’s this for?’ asked Caliph noticing a metal ring on the floor.

‘Oh that! It’s a punishment ring to tie a soldier’s leg to.’

‘Show me!’

Daniel tied his ankle to the ring on the floor with a bit of cord from a drawer.

‘And what’s this?’ Caliph had spotted another ring on the wall.’

‘That’s for the other leg.’

‘Show me.’ And so Daniel did the splits and his other ankle was tied to the wall so his legs strained apart unbelievably widely.

Then Caliph spotted some rings on the ceiling and wanted to see how the whole thing worked so he tied Daniels hands to them, so he was manacled up with legs doing the splits.

‘Wow, what a contraption!’ chuckled Caliph. ‘How does it feel?’

‘Uncomfortable, exposed. Can you let me out now?’

‘And what’s in this drawer?’ puzzled Caliph. In a drawer he could see a whippy cane, some sturdy boots and a studded leather belt.

‘Stuff for role play.’ Caliph put on the boots, and smoothed Daniel’s briefs with his hands. He felt between Daniels’ strapped open legs, the narrow cotton strip over his balls. As he caressed Daniel’s male anatomy he felt Daniel grow hard under the cotton.

‘Ah, so you like being strung up for me?’

‘I just love sex with you sir,’ lied Daniel preferring sex to a ballbusting.

‘You know Daniel when I said I would never hurt you like the other  soldiers have been ball busted big time…well… sorry but I lied.’

Daniel felt suddenly very afraid. He had known all along that this Caliph was a sadist.

‘And another thing Daniel. You broke the rules by not called me ‘sir’ 20 times since you got here. That’s 20 WCPs I reckon, hard white cotton penalties for a soldier.’

‘You fucking bastard,’ retorted Daniel losing it.

‘Wow man, I heard there’s a rule if a guest is insulted there’s no limit to WCPs’.

Daniel stammered and trembled, then stuttered, ‘But sir we made love so much this night.’

‘After the feast….’ Caliph felt himself erect powerfully. He was wearing just boots and briefs and Daniel could see a huge boner in his briefs.

Daniel’s legs being so widely spaced allowed Caliph to swing the cane lustily honing in on Daniel’s bulging crotch in his clean, skimpy briefs. An electric thrill of sexual excitement aroused him strongly. In fact caning Daniel’s crotch turned him on more than he had ever felt before. It was great surprise for Caliph. He had never expect that punishing another guy on his testicles would excite him so much.

He counted 20 more excruciating strikes into Daniel’s pathetically thin briefs over his balls. It was all he could do to stop himself coming as he whipped Daniel’s puny brief clad crotch. Daniel gritted his teeth and tried to take the punishment manfully. But Caliph was just getting started. He laid into Daniel’s groin with the studded belt targeting each thrusting out testicle in turn and trying to thrash the bare balls partially poking out from under the cotton. Daniel groaned hoarsely.

With his heavy black boots on Caliph practiced some widely arcing kicks from behind Daniel into the fork of his strapped open legs. Each time the toe of his boot connected deliciously with Daniel’s testicles, tough black leather colliding with yielding soft white cotton encompassing the tender man parts of the good looking soldier. Daniel sobbed and screamed appealing to the handsome devil punishing him. But for Caliph mercy wasn’t on the agenda. He went to the front to eyeball Daniel, and pressed his massively tented out briefs crotch into Daniel’s agonised crotch.

‘How about some knee jerks?’ He smiled at the young soldier.

‘Nooooooo,’ cried Daniel. But Caliph smiled manically. Each jack-knife of his knee crunched elegantly and satisfyingly into with Daniel’s pulverised briefs crotch causing a pleasing thrashing and jerking of the young man in his bonds as his knee pounded into the vulnerable groin so unprotected in the puny, flimsy, pathetic little cotton briefs.

Kissing Daniel tenderly Caliph’s hand went down to explore Daniel’s battered briefs containing nuts unbelievably aching and agonised. Daniel was crying with pain.

Caliph finished with a satisfying crunch of Daniels strapped out balls in his fist, crushing , pulling and twisting at the man’s masculinity with a savage delight. That tipped him over the edge and he shot wads of excited cum into his briefs as he crushed a fistful of the man’s balls.  He had thoroughly enjoyed his visit to the resort. I should open a resort of my own in Africa he thought.

And so he did, but that’s another story…

Read about it in ‘Dead Exposed’ available on Amazon kindle! :-))

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