Friday, July 17, 2020

Sammy the ball doctor: Treating Colin

Featured in this story: Colin and Sammy (click for pictures)

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

“Umm”, Colin cleared his throat. “I guess there is no point in asking you to take it easy on me?”

The 20 year old stud ran his hand through his dark blond hair, showing off his most charming smile as he looked at Sammy.

Sammy smiled back at him. He was 18 years old, a cute, impish redhead, wearing a lab coat as he was about to slip into his most popular roll: the playful yet merciless Dr. Tuffnutz who loved to get his hands on a dick and a pair of balls and whose patients usually experienced quite some pain on their appointments.

We were using a doctor friend’s practice as a set. There was a gynecological chair in the middle of the room, and Colin was sitting in it, naked from the waist down, his big, fat dick rock-hard.

The plot of today’s clip required him to maintain an erection, so I had slipped a couple of Viagra pills into his drink before the shoot to make sure his erection didn’t go down over the course of filming...

“Because, you know”, Colin chuckled, “there’s a party at the dorm tonight, and there’s a girl that I would like to, you know…” His voice trailed off.

“No”, Sammy smiled, cracking his knuckles. “There’s no point in asking.” He turned on his heels, whistling happily as he left the room to wait for my signal.

Colin swallowed hard. “Yeah, yeah, I kinda thought you’d say that…” He looked at his twitching boner and let out a sigh. “Too bad…”

I chuckled. My cameraman Chad nodded at me, and I gave the signal to start shooting. “Action!”

The door opened, and Sammy entered the room. “Hello.”

“Hello, doctor”, Colin said with a weak smile.

“How are you, sir?” Sammy asked. His eyes fell on the raging erection in Colin’s lap. “Oh, I see. You’re the guy with the dick.”

Colin grimaced. “I guess I am.”

Sammy put on a pair of disposable gloves and grabbed Colin’s rock hard member with one hand. With the other hand, he reached into a drawer and took out a pen. “You sure you want to go through with it?” Sammy asked matter-of-factly as he drew a dotted line horizontally on Colin’s dick just below the glans.

“Well, I guess I have to”, Colin mumbled, not really paying attention to what Sammy was doing.

“I’m just saying, this is a pretty nice piece”, Sammy continued in a causal voice as he drew another line two inches below the first one.

“I know, I know”, Colin said. “But I don’t think there’s another way…”

Sammy shrugged his shoulders and reached into the drawer again. “I’m sure you have given it a lot of thought.” He produced a pair of handcuffs and quickly attached them to Colin’s wrists and the chair, tying his hands behind his back.

“Hey!” Colin blinked.  “What are you doing?”

“It’s for your own safety”, Sammy explained with a smile, reaching into the drawer again to pull out a mean looking saw. “Guys tend to get jumpy when they are about to lose a part of their dick.”

Colin’s eyes widened. “What?!”

Sammy smiled, placing the sharp teeth of the saw at the first dotted line. “First we’ll take off the head. Then we’ll take off the spare two inches, and then we’ll re-attach the head.” Sammy winked at the shocked Colin. “You’ll have a perfectly sized dick in just a few minutes – and if everything goes according to plan you’ll be able to use it again in a few months.”

“STOP!” Colin yelled. His voice was filled with genuine fear as Sammy looked like he was about to saw off the tip of his cock.

Sammy blinked, smiling innocently. “What is it?”

“That’s not--- That’s not what I’m here for!” Colin whispered, staring at his precious cock.

“Oh”, Sammy raised his eyebrows. “You sure?”

“Fuck yeah!” Colin let out an incredulous laugh.

“Are you really sure?” Sammy picked up the clipboard and looked at it. “It says here that you’re the dick reduction, and---”

“I’m definitely NOT the dick reduction”, Colin interrupted him. “I’m the constant woody.”

“Oh”, Sammy said. He looked at the saw in his hand. “Well, this would work as well.”

“NO!” Colin said sternly. “NO.”

Sammy chuckled. “Okay. Looks like we’ll have to find a way that is a little less…” It looked like he was looking for the right word.

“Painful?” Colin suggested.

“Permanent”, Sammy said. He placed the saw in the drawer and closed it. Then he turned to Colin and winked. “Oh, it will be painful, trust me.”

Colin swallowed hard.

“First, let’s get those marks off of your dick”, Sammy said with a smile. He poured some clear liquid into his palm.

“What is that?” Colin asked weakly.

“It’s rubbing alcohol”, Sammy chuckled. “That will get the job done.”

“You know, on second thought, I kinda like the marks”, Colin said quickly, shifting uncomfortably on his seat as Sammy approached him. “I think I want to keep them.”

“No, you don’t”, Sammy said casually before spreading the liquid on Colin’s dick, making sure that every spot of his dick was coated in it.

Colin’s eyes widened and he stared at his dick, watching it turn fiery red as sharp, burning pain started emanating from his cock. “Oh, fuck”, Colin  gasped in a hoarse voice. “Oh, fuck!” His voice turned into a throaty scream as Sammy poured some more fluid over his dick, dousing it in the burning liquid.

Sammy made sure to pay special attention to the sensitive head of Colin’s rock-hard dick, polishing it with both of his hands as if he wanted to make it shine especially bright. And he didn’t forget Colin’s plump ball bag, dipping it in alcohol and eliciting screams of protest from Colin.

When he was done, Colin’s junk was beet red and sore.

Unfortunately, the marks were still visible.

Sammy grabbed a shoe brush and started brushing Colin’s dick with it.

Colin screamed from the top of his lungs as the most sensitive part of his body was brutally brushed as if it was made out of robust leather.

Sammy made sure to brush the head of his dick as well, even though there were no marks on it, and he used the wooden handle to clobber Colin’s nuts, eliciting all kinds of funny noised from the handsome stud.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Colin was screaming and squealing, writhing in the chair, his face contorted in pain as Sammy manhandled his dick like some piece of easily replaceable clothing.

When he was done, Colin’s junk was beet red and sore and covered in welts and brush marks.

Unfortunately, the marks were still visible.

“Maybe some more alcohol will do the trick”, Sammy mused before pouring the liquid over Colin’s wounded, abused dick.

Colin wailed in pain. His dick felt as if it was on fire, and Sammy didn’t help by using both of his hands to jerk and massage his cock, rubbing the alcohol deep into the tiny little wounds that the brush had left.

My cameraman turned to me and chuckled. “Look at that boner”, he whispered into my ear. “Thank god I gave him a few little blue pills before the shoot.”

I blinked. “You gave him Viagra?”

Chad shrugged his shoulders. “I figured he’d need a little help…”

I stifled a laugh. “Great minds think alike”, I whispered. “I gave him some, too.”

We looked at each other and chuckled.

Chad shrugged his shoulder. “Looks like that erection will last a little longer…”

We turned our attention to Sammy and Colin again.

Colin was staring at his sore, red dick, his face filled with a hilarious mix of incredulity, agony and despair. His cock was hard as a rock and fiery red, covered in bruises and sore spots. Despite Sammy’s best efforts, the pen marks hadn’t completely vanished, but the good doctor decided to move on.

“Let’s focus on the source of the problem”, Sammy said cheerfully. “More often than not, it’s not the penis that’s the troublemaker.” He balled his fist and punched Colin’s nuts hard. “It’s the testicles.”

Colin grimaced in pain. “I don’t know, doc”, he grunted. “I’m pretty sure my testicles are fine.”

“You sure?” Sammy chuckled, pointing at Colin’s raging erection. “This big, fat stiffy says something else…” With that, Sammy grabbed Colin’s nuts with both of his hands, one fat nugget in each hand, and started squeezing.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck!” Colin wailed.  He was writhing on the chair, his dick swinging back and forth as Sammy squeezed the life out of his testicles.

Digging his bony fingers deep into the tender flesh of Colin’s fat dangler’s, Sammy was squishing and squashing the handsome stud’s manhood with all the force he could muster.

Colin was screaming and squealing as Sammy wreaked havoc on his manhood.

Colin’s hard, sore cock was pulsing and throbbing as Sammy squeezed his nuts as hard as he could.

“Fuuuck!” Colin squealed. “Fuuuuuuck!”

Sammy increased the pressure, twisting Colin’s ball bag and squishing its contents until a fountain of cum erupted from Colin’s tortured cock. Jet after jet of creamy spunk shot up into the air to come raining down on Colin’s squirming body, showering him in spunk.

Sammy leaned back, nodding slowly as a powerful, painful, involuntary orgasm shook Colin’s body. “I’ll be back in a sec”, Sammy smiled and got up.

He stepped out of the frame as spurt after spurt of cum rained down on Colin, coating him in a thick layer of creamy jizz as he screamed in agony.

“Don’t worry, we’re not done yet”, Sammy smiled at me. “I gave him a little something to enhance his erection, if you know what I mean...” He winked at me.

“You gave him Viagra?” I whispered.

“Just a few pills”, Sammy grinned. “Just to make sure that his boner won’t go down…” Sammy pointed at Colin who was panting and moaning, covered in cum, his balls drained, and yet his dick was hard as a rock.

Sammy rubbed his hands and stepped in front of the camera again. “Looks like we have extract another load.”

I turned to Chad. “He gave him Viagra as well”, I said, grimacing.

“Like you said, great minds think alike, huh?” Chad grinned.

We turned our attention the Sammy and Colin again.

Sammy pulled up a stool and cracked his knuckles. “I’m sure that erection will go down once we have completely emptied your nuts.”

Colin let out a groan. “But---“ He sighed. “But, doctor---“

“Trust me”, Sammy said with a smile as he playfully slapped Colin’s nuts, eliciting a whimper from the handsome stud. “I’ll squeeze every last drop of cum out of you.”

Colin opened his mouth to say something but Sammy grabbed a rubber ball and stuffed it into his mouth. Colin’s eyes widened. With his hands cuffed behind his back, he was completely defenseless.

“Fughghgugugughgh!” Colin grunted as Sammy started squeezing.

An orgasm later, Colin’s dick showed no signs of softening. His voice had turned hoarse and his face was a mask of pain - but his dick was hard as a rock.

The third brutally extracted load was considerably less creamy and less copious as the previous two, and Sammy had to work very hard and twist and squeeze Colin’s poor nuts mercilessly to get it out – and yet Colin’s dick stood like a flag pole.

The fourth and fifth orgasm took a long time, and Colin’s muffled screams had turned into muffled whimpers. His nuts were beet red and severely swollen, and his load was watery and not very substantial – but Colin’s erection persisted.

The sixth orgasm was almost all hot air. A meager squirt of sticky juice sputtered out of Colin’s dick, and there was a brief moment when it looked like Sammy would call it a day.

But Colin’s dick was still hard, so Sammy kept going.

By the tenth orgasm, Colin’s dick and balls were raw and red, and tears were streaming the hot stud’s cheeks.

I looked at my watch. It was almost midnight, and I signaled for Sammy to wrap it up despite the fact that Colin’s dick was still hard.

“Okay”, Sammy said, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand. He had been working hard for the past few hours, certainly harder than Colin who had just sat there and let Sammy do all the work. “Okay, I think we’ll have to call it a day.” He looked at Colin’s erection and clicked his tongue. “Looks like you’ll have to live with it.”

“Grmpghpghgh”, Colin mumbled.

“What was that?” Sammy took out the ball gag.

Colin’s voice was a hoarse whisper. “So this was all for nothing, doctor?”

Sammy shrugged his shoulders. “Sorry.”

“Cut!” I yelled. “Thanks, guys, that was awesome!”

I went up to Colin and helped Sammy uncuff his hands.

“It’s my own fault”, Colin mumbled, staring at his sore, raw dick and his bruised, battered, bloated balls. “I shouldn’t have taken the Viagra.”

Sammy, Chad and I looked at him.

“Yup, that’s right”, Sammy smiled. “Your own fault.”

“You shouldn’t have taken the pills”, Chad chimed in.

“We all make bad choices”, I added with a grin, playfully smacking Colin’s sore cock and making him whimper. “And then we’ll have to suffer the consequences…”


Felix said...

Love it! Alex your long running series are truly the best!

shrews12001 said...

Nice. I always hate viagra in stories, though. It's become such an overused trope it really takes me out of the scene. Ignoring that this was good.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))