Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Video links: Ooops (7)

You know what they say: Nothing happens without the purpose. And the purpose of the things that happened in the videos featured today seems to be that some people need to have their fertility reduced.

Here are some more of my favorite videos featuring accidental nutshots.

The first video is a variation of the old balance beam nutshot theme. Men just never learn, do they?

Joe Albanese is a tiktok star who has been kicked in the nuts by his sister so often that I lost count. Here he is racking himself on the playground. That looks like it hurt...

@joealbanese You guys told me to go back to the park and this is why I have not....
♬ Party Girl - StaySolidRocky

The funniest part of the next clip is the blooper that is attached to the 5 Bad Cashier Experiences. If you have never been hit in the nuts by a chair thrown at you by a friend you probably can't fully grasp the pain and humiliation of it. But the young man clutching his nuts is a good sport, and they are having a good laugh together...

Skip to 1:55

There's nothing as satisfying as seeing a hot young man showing off his skills and hitting himself in the nuts. Instant classic, and kudos for uploading the clip!

I'm not quite sure whether the next clip was staged or not (I don't think it was, that'y why I'm including it here) but it's awesome either way: It looks like Isaac Newton discovered gravity by accident when an apple hit him in the nuts. Hilarious!

@david_randall Throwback to the time Sir Isaac Newton got hit in the family jewels. ##gravity ##nokids ##nutshot
♬ original sound - david_randall

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