Monday, January 14, 2019

Best of the busts: Best of 2018

2018 has been another great year for this blog, and I want to take the opportunity and have a look at the ten best rated stories on this blog according to your ratings.

Here they are:

Anger management 
(Nick meets Logan)
average rating: 5.00/5 (21 votes)

Kinky date (Sebastian meets Tristan)
average rating: 5.00/5 (14 votes)

Captain's Crew - part 1: 
Monday is gonna be a bitch 
(written by Harry)
average rating: 4.90/5 (10 votes)

Brute force (Pietro meets Logan)
average rating: 4.88/5 (42 votes)

Voltron ballbusting fiction: 
Easing the pain 
(written by ballboxing)
average rating: 4.87/5 (23 votes)

Well played
(Arthur meets Danny and Logan)
average rating: 4.86/5 (29 votes)

Sold (Lucas meets Logan)
average rating: 4.85/5 (20 votes)

Captain's Crew - part 2:
Three falls
(written by Harry)
average rating: 4.85/5 (13 votes)

One on one: Leo vs. Sammy
average rating: 4.83/5 (24 votes)

Voltron ballbusting fiction:
Wounded Lions' Pride
(written by ballboxing)
average rating: 4.83/5 (12 votes)

Special thanks to all the guest writers who helped make 2018 such an amazing year! Thank you so much!

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