Monday, January 21, 2019 Original Videos: These boots are made for ballbusting Original Video Clip #4 is here, and it‘s all about boots! We had planned on going on a camping trip for this one, but the ongoing US government shutdown got in the way and we had to adjust our plans. Guess who has to suffer for it (spoiler: as always it‘s poor Fluffy and his nuts...).

Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 15 min
Price: $13.99

Toby is very excited about his upcoming camping trip with Fluffy. He has gotten a brand new pair of boots, and he is looking forward to breaking them in. But when they get to the garage Fluffy realizes that he has lost the keys to the car. What a fucking loser! Naturally, Toby is mad at his bro. How is he going to break in his new boots now?! He starts by making Fluffy kneel on the ground and kiss the boots - and it goes downhill from there...
Fluffy's bare balls get kicked and stomped, slapped and punched. Toby makes Fluffy rate his kicks and stomps on a scale from 1 to 10, aiming for a perfect ten, of course. Both Toby and Fluffy are naked for large parts of the clip, and Toby used his brand new boots in every which way imaginable to hurt poor Fluffy's nuts. In addition to kicks and stomps, he slaps Fluffy's balls with them before tying them to his ballsack, yanking on them and dropping them, stretching Fluffy's rapidly swelling plums. What can you say: Those boots are made for ballbusting!

My opinion:
You asked for some boot ballbusting, and here we go! Toby‘s brandnew boots looks absolutely awesome on him - especially when he uses them to kick and stomp and crush poor Fluffy‘s nuts! As an additional treat we have Toby stripping naked midway through the clip - but don‘t worry: He puts his boots back on to administer some breathtakingly hard kicks to Fluffy‘s poor ball bag. I have never seen a clip like this before, and I’m sure you will love this action-packed boot-ilicious nutbusting spectacle!


👞 Awesome kicks 👞
I know some of you assume that most ballbusting vids are fake, that the kicks aren‘t real, and that they mostly miss on purpose. Not here! Not with Toby and Fluffy and! Case in point: When one of Toby’s kicks doesn‘t connect and misses Fluffy‘s nuts, Fluffy doesn‘t pretend that it hurt him - on the contrary: He tells Toby right away that he missed and only hit his dick. And what does he get for his honesty? A nice, hard kick that connects perfectly. Well done!

👞 That sack! 👞
I continue to be amazed by Fluffy‘s beautiful ball sack. It‘s big and fat and just wonderful. We are so lucky to have Fluffy provide his balls for our entertainment. What would we do without them?

👞 Hang in there 👞
One of the hottest and most stunning scenes of the clip is Toby tying the boots to Fluffy‘s nutsack and playing with them, yanking on them and lifting them up before letting them drop. This clip made me cringe several times, thinking: "Oh no, you‘re not going to—- OUCH!"

👞 The naked truth 👞
We are very familiar with Fluffy‘s naked body but this is the first time we see Toby in his birthday suit. What a fucking GOD! I can‘t get enough of watching Toby kick Fluffy‘s nuts wearing nothing but his boots!

👞 Perfect 10 👞
Toby plays a little game with Fluffy, making him rate his kicks on a scale from 1 to 10. He gets the top score after a few attempts, and hearing Fluffy‘s muffled rating (he has his boxer briefs in his mouth at this point) is hilarious and hot at the same time!

👞 So mean! So funny! So hot!  👞
One of the best things about Toby and Fluffy is the awesome chemistry between these guys. They are bros, abd it shows! There a several times in the video where Toby and Fluffy share a laugh or a joke - but it always ends with Toby busting Fluffy‘s balls. Toby is mean and funny as always, and Fluffy takes it all like a champ. I can‘t get enough of them! 

👞 Kiss kiss bang bang 👞
At the very beginning of the clip, Toby makes Fluffy kiss his boots. "Now kiss this one. Cause this one will mostly hit you in the nuts." Priceless!

Bottom line:
Best boots-to-balls action ever!



Anonymous said...

The best video/clip so far from the series. I could watch the kick at 8 seconds all day!! A total no mercy kick!

Alex said...

Thanjs for your feedback! I‘m so glad you like the clip! :-))

BBJake said...

Loved it! Shame they didn't get to go on their camping trip, but they (well, Toby at least!) managed to have fun with it anyway. I don't know whether Toby really has nosy neighbours that might call the cops on him, but I thought that was a nice touch either way, and I totally agree about that line at the beginning when Toby makes Fluffy kiss his boots, absolutely priceless.

I'd definitely be keen to see more videos with Toby's new boots.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, BBJake! I‘m glad you enjoyed the video! :-))