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Two pairs of big, fat balls (Tony meets Logan and Zach)

Special thanks to Tony for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves stories about fraternity rituals!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan and Zach (click for pictures)

“I don’t get it”, Zach mumbled, looking confused.

He was standing in the middle of common room of his fraternity house, surrounded by his frat brothers.

The 20 year old stud was wearing nothing but a skin tight lycra shirt and spandex pants. His body was on full display, and every muscle was clearly outlined. He was built like a Greek statue, very athletic, not an ounce of fat on his beautiful body, with powerful arms and legs. The main difference between him and a statue was the fact that most statues of naked men sported miniscule genitalia where Zach was blessed with an extraordinarily large set of reproductive organs. His dick was meaty and thick, a truly masterful schlong with a sizeable, heavy mushroom head that sat on the enormous shaft like a crown. His balls were fat and plump, two superb globes of magnificent proportions. The spandex pants were bulging obscenely with Zach’s mammoth man meat, giving everybody a very detailed impression of Zach’s most prized possessions.

Zach’s frat brothers Reese and AJ looked at each other. They were both 21 years old with black hair and handsome faces. They weren’t as built as Zach but they were trained and athletic.

AJ was in charge of this year’s fraternity rush, and he had decided to make things interesting by giving every pledge a set of tasks that was designed to show the pledges weaknesses.

Today it was Tony’s turn. He was a big, muscular hunk of a man who looked remarkably similar to Zach. He was 19 and blond, and – just like Zach – he was wearing a tight lycra shirt and spandex pants that made it very easy to see that he was just well-equipped as the blond hunk that could be his twin brother. The pants were so tight that everbody could see the veins on the shaft, and hair on his sack, and the rim of his dick head. Tony had a confused expression on his handsome face.

“I don’t get it either”, Tony mumbled.

Between the two hot hunks, 18 year old high school wrestler Logan was grinning like a Cheshire Cat. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and well-worn sneakers. If Tony looked like Zach’s twin brother, Logan looked like their younger sibling, blond and blue-eyed, athletic and handsome.

Zach scratched his head and nodded at Logan. “He is not a fraternity member so why does he get to participate?”

AJ shrugged. “For the thousandth time: He doesn’t participate. He’s the master of ceremonies.”

Zach raised his eyebrows. “But why---”

AJ rolled his eyes. "Because I say so", he said sternly.

Zach opened his mouth.

Before he could say another word, AJ brought his foot back and sent it crashing into Zach's crotch, ramming his fat nuggets into his body and making Zach howl in agony.

A wet slap echoed through the room, and it was followed immediately by a strangled groan as the pain registered in Zach’s brain, and by riotous cheers and laughter from Zach’s friends as the hilarity of the situation registered in theirs.

“May the games begin!” AJ announced cheerfully as Zach grabbed his aching nuts, doubled over in pain.

The frat guys cheered and clapped their hands.

Tony bit his lower lip, watching Zach deal with the pain in his nuts.

His attention was quickly relocated when Reese delivered a nut-crunching kick to Tony’s precious genitalia.

His foot connected with Tony’s fat ball bag, crunching his nuts viciously and eliciting a strangled groan which sounded remarkably like Zach’s and caused the crowd to erupt in cheers and applause.

“Okay, okay”, Logan chuckled, raising his hands to calm down the roaring frat guys. “Let me take it from here.”

It took a little while until the room was quiet, and the only sounds disturbing the silence were Zach’s and Tony’s moans.

Logan smiled as he addressed the giddy frat brothers. “Thank you for inviting me here to host today’s festivities”, he said, “and a very warm welcome to our pledge. Put your hands together for Tony!”

The frat guys clapped and cheered as Tony grinned and took a bow.

When the applause had died down, Logan explained, “The council has asked me to test your self-control, your stamina, your strength, your willpower, and your social skills, and I have created a series of tasks that you will go through. When we are done we will know if you have what it takes to join the fraternity.” Logan smiled. “Are you ready?”

Tony cleared his throat. “Yes.”

Logan smiled and playfully smacked the obscene bulge in Tony’s pants with the back of his hand. “That’s ‘Yes, sir.”

Tony let out a grunt and doubled over. “Yes, sir.”

Logan chuckled. “That’s better.” He turned to Zach. “Thank you, Zach, for taking part in this. We need a gold standard for our tests, and I thought we should pick the biggest and the best guy in the fraternity for the job.”

Zach smiled proudly as his frat brothers clapped and cheered.

“So here is how it works”, Logan continued. “You will both do three tests. Tony will have to win two of them to join the frat. Got it?”

“Got it”, Zach and Tony said in unison.

“Okay”, Logan smiled. “Let’s tie you up!”

Zach and Tony froze. “What?!”

Instead of giving them an answer, the frat guys replied by overpowering the two muscular hunks, cheering and laughing as they immobilized them, stuffing ball gags into their mouths and tying their hands behind their backs before making them stand back to back and binding them together.

Both of them looked positively frightened when Logan grabbed a pair of scissors and started rummaging around at their crotches. But instead of cutting off their impressive packages Logan freed them from their constraints, cutting a hole into the spandex, allowing the fat ball bags and the meaty dicks to tumble out like wild beasts that had been locked in a cage.

It was a quite hilarious sight, especially since the two mammoth pieces of man meat hardened and fattened simultaneously, growing into two tent pole erections that stood proud and hard while their owners looked down at them, their eyes filled with shock and terror.

“Wow”, Logan chuckled, playfully nudging Zach’s boner with his fist and causing it to smack against his abs, leaving a trail of precum on the lycra fabric. “That’s perfect for our first game: Self-constraint and willpower.”

He walked over to Tony and grabbed his nuts in a firm grip. He continued talking as he casually squeezed Tony’s balls, making him squirm against his restraints and grunt into his gag.

“These puppies are bursting with spunk”, Logan said with a smile as he played with Tony’s balls, rolling them between his fingers. With his free hand he started jerking Tony’s monster cock. “And they are begging for release. How long have you gone without shooting a load?”

Tony stared at him. “Mrpghpfph”, he grunted into his gag.

“Oh, that’s far too long!” Logan replied. “You must be dying to shoot a load, right?”

Tony blinked. “Mrpghpfph.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought”, Logan nodded his head slowly as he continued stroking Tony’s dick and squeezing his nuts. “That ridiculously long garden hose of yours can’t wait to let go of that huge load, huh?”

Tony looked desperate. “Mrpghpfph.”

“Yeah, I bet. Well, the first test is about self-control and willpower”, Logan said with a grin. “The winner is the one to last longest without cumming while I do everything I can to make you cum.”

“Mrpghpfph!” Zach and Tony protested in unison as the crowd roared with laughter.

“AJ, take the time, please”, Logan said with a smile before he started jerking Zach’s dick with both of his hands.

It was over in no time.

In fact, it didn’t take more than three generous strokes to make that giant lose his load. His huge dick started sputtering spunk all over the place, showering his friends in jizz as they cheered and laughed at his pathetic lack of willpower.

“Seven seconds”, AJ announced, roaring with laughter as Zach blushed with embarrassment, his massive dick dripping with spunk.

“Well, Tony, let’s see if you can beat that”, Logan grinned, turning to the pledge.
“Mrpghpfph!” Tony grunted with a confident, almost cocky expression in his eyes.

His confidence was short-lived.

It lasted for exactly five seconds.

That’s when the cum started shooting from Tony’s absurdly outsized member, flying in all directions as Tony looked down in horror.

The crowd was cheering and laughing as Logan milked every last drop of cum from Tony’s massive dick, playfully smacking his nuts with the palm of his hand while stroking his pulsating cock, all the while mocking poor Tony’s pathetic performance.

“Wow, that was really weak”, Logan chuckled as he smacked the cum out of Tony’s balls. “I mean, Zach is notorious for jumping the gun – but you are even worse! You can’t even hold your cum for five seconds! Wow!”

The frat brothers laughed, and even Zach found Tony’s embarrassing performance very funny.

Making things even more awkward for Tony was the fact that his dick didn’t stop shooting. Jet after jet of cream came out of his dick as Logan continued jerking it while smacking his nuts around.

Tony was grunting and groaning, whimpering and moaning as his dick spat out his precious baby batter.

Logan laughed. “I bet the ladies are really disappointed in you, huh? That ludicrous cum cannon of yours may look pretty great – but it’s all show and no substance. What a loser!”

Logan ran out of joked before Tony ran out of cum, so Logan moved on to the next test while Tony’s orgasm went on and his pathetic cum continued to spurt out of his dick.

“Test number two”, Logan announced. “Stamina and strength.”

To the cheers and applause from the crowd, Logan grabbed Zach’s dick and taped it to his belly with duct tape, leaving Zach’s drained balls dangling vulnerably below.

Zach looked down at his crotch, a miserable expression on his face.

Incredibly, Tony’s orgasm wasn’t over yet, but at least the spurts had turned into a dribble so Logan was able to duct tape that huge thing to Tony’s belly. In a mean but hilarious twist, Logan wrapped some duct tape around the fat, pulsing head of Tony’s dick, trying to forcibly shut down his continuing climax.

Tony was panting and moaning, only half paying attention to Logan’s actions.

That changed when Logan started squeezing his juicy plums, though.

“Let’s see who gives up first”, Logan announced cheerfully as he stood between the two hulking hunks, squeezing their tender testicles with all the force he could muster.

After having been emptied only a moment ago – or in Tony’s case being in the process of being emptied – those four fat globes were extra tender and very sensitive to Logan’s brutal touch.

Zach and Tony were screaming from the top of his lungs as Logan squished and squashed their oversized organs, driving his thumbs deep into the tender meat of their precious testicles, alternating between left and right, making sure that every nut got its fair share of attention.

The frat brothers laughed and cheered, clapping their hands and shouting the names of the two contestants to motivate them.

The crowd was equally divided. Some wanted to see Tony join the frat, presuming – not for no reason – that having another weak-balled, big-dicked and thick-skulled frat brother would provide them with endless possibilities of hilarious entertainment. Others wanted to see Zach prevail, if only because they were jealous of Tony’s humongous equipment and wanted to see that fat-nutted pledge get humiliated. Yet others didn’t care who won – they wanted both musclebound mutts get humbled. They were all united in their utter delight at seeing Zach and Tony get their nuts squeezed, though, and Logan did his best to please the frat brothers.

He was grinding the two pairs of ultralarge orbs with his bare hands, crushing them and flattening them and eliciting all kinds of funny noises from the two musclestuds.

Zach’s voice went up and octave when he shot another load of spunk that hit him in the chin due to the fact that his meaty dick was taped to his abs. It was a funny sight, like an ill-conceived waterspout of an x-rated fountain, and his frat brothers laughed riotously.

This caused Tony’s second orgasm to go completely unnoticed. It came right after the first one, and it was impeded by the duct tape around his dick – but the sperm found its way and gushed through the wrinkles, defying the adhesive power of the tape and proving that nature always finds a way to prevail.

With their drained, empty balls swelling rapidly, turning the two fat, plump plums into beet red, ridiculously swollen tomatoes, Tony and Zach were screaming from the top of their lungs, panting and moaning as Logan’s merciless power grip crushed the life out of their balls.

Logan proved to be a very effective nut squeezer, maintaining a vise-like grip on the two muscular hunks’ fat ballbags and making them scream and squeal and squirm against their restraints.

The crowd was yelling and cheering, clapping and chanting, almost drowning out the two studs’ wails of agony.

For all the suspense and excitement, the result of the contest was a letdown.

Tony and Zach announced their capitulation almost in perfect unison, screaming from the top of their lungs.

The crowd met the big guys’ simultaneous surrender with riotous cheers and laughter.

“Wow”, Logan raised his eyebrows as he gave both ballsacks an extra vicious parting squeeze with a mean nut twist. “Looks like you are both losers. But I think I heard Tony give up a split-second before Zach. So this round goes to Zach.”

The crowd went wild.

“So it comes down to the final test”, Logan announced after the noise had died down. “Social skills.”

Tony and Zach let out muffled whimpers. They looked awful, their king-sized scepters duct taped to their bodies, their imperial orbs battered, bloated, bruised and beet red. Sweat was pouring down their muscular bodies and their lycra shirts were soaking wet. Their faces were contorted in pain, their eyes glassy and frightened.

“Here’s how it goes”, Logan grinned. “I want you to prove your communication skills and your social competence by getting as many of your frat brothers – or your future frat brothers – to line up in front of you and stomp your nuts.”

Tony and Zach looked horrified as the room erupted with cheers and laughter.

Logan grinned. “There’s a catch, though: I won’t remove the ball gag so you’ll have to find another way of communicating…”

Zach and Tony groaned.

“You have one five minutes”, Logan said cheerfully. “Let’s go!”

The two muscular contestants spent the next five minutes trying to persuade the guys in the crowd to join their line.

Some guys didn’t make a big fuss and just walked over to Tony’s or to Zach’s line and waited to stomp their nuts.

Others tried to bargain, trying to get a deal sweetener, a little gift or a special favor. One guy got Zach to lend him his gaming console for the next month, another one made him agree to be the designated driver on their next party. It took a little convincing from another guy until Zach agreed to handing over his little black book of phone numbers, but finally Zach gave in, nodding his head, looking defeated.

Since most of the guys didn’t know Tony that well, his compensatory measures were cheaper, and Tony had to promise one guy ten blowjobs to get him to join his line. He drew a line at anal, but he did give his girlfriend away for a frat house gang bang on Reese’s request. It was a nice gesture to make Tony do something for the group, and everybody applauded Reese’s good grace and his team spirit.

In the end, the crowd was divided, everybody had chosen a line, and the crowd got ready to stomp Zach and Tony in the nuts.

They got down to the ground, lying on their backs side by side, their legs spread in a wide V, held by AJ and Reese.

“Now I want you to really stomp on those nuts”, Logan smiled and positioned himself in front of Zach. “Give it your best”, he said, demonstrating what he meant by stomping down hard on Zach’s battered balls.

Zach howled in agony, causing his frat brothers to burst out laughing.

“Imagine you’re trying to crush a big, fat bug”, he continued, moving over to Tony and delivering a picture perfect nut stomp to Tony’s fat nuggets.

Tony squealed like a pig in a slaughterhouse.

Logan raised his eyebrows. “Oh, wait”, he quipped. “I think that bug’s not dead yet…” With that, he stomped down on Tony’s nuts three times in rapid succession, crushing Tony’s bruised, swollen balls under his foot.

First it was Zach’s turn, and his frat brothers delivered the nut stomps like pros.

“One!” Logan announced.

Every stomp was met with cheers and applause, and with a shrill shriek from Zach.

After the fifth stomp Zach looked like he was about to puke. After the tenth one he was pale as a ghost. Logan counted fourteen hard, mean nut stomps, and he added a fifteenth for good measure.

Then it was Tony’s turn.

“One!” Logan said cheerfully as a booted foot crashed into Tony’s manhood, crushing his big, bloated balls and flattening them like pancakes.

“Two!” The next foot that crunched Tony’s nuts was clad in a training shoe.

“Three!” Another boot found its target, eliciting a long, anguished wail from Tony.

“Four!” Somebody had gotten a pair of cleats from his room to deliver the stomp, and his ingenuity was celebrated with cheers and laughter from his frat brothers. Tony’s feedback consisted of a long, high-pitched wail.

“Five! Six! Seven!” The next three stomps were delivered with sneakers, and they made sure to really nail the two ridiculously swollen balls as hard as they could.

“Eight!” A barefooted young man drove his heel into Tony’s nuts, viciously flattening the tender orbs.

“Nine! Ten! Eleven! Twelve!” Another two boots, a leather dress shoe and a well-worn sneaker crushed Tony’s nuts, making him scream from the top of his lungs.

“Thirteen! Oh, that one’s really bad”, Logan quipped, cringing in sympathy as a stiff soled boot stomped Tony’s nuts, leaving a beet red footprint on his battered ball bag.

“Fourteen!” Another nut-crunching sneaker stomp made Tony gag and retch.

The decisive vote stomp was delivered just in socks. The rest of the crowd egged him on as he stripped off his shoe, running his socked foot teasingly over Tony’s battered ballsack, making him moan and groan in anticipation before delivering the stomp that got Tony into the fraternity.

In the end, it was a very obvious win. Ten more guys stomped his nuts, and even though it was just a formality they made the most of it by crunching Tony’s nuts as hard as they could.

Logan delivered the final blow to Tony’s manhood with a very well-placed stomp that elicited a miserable whimper from Tony that caused his body to spasm wildly as a third load of watery spunk dribbled out of his dick. There was a striking contrast between Tony’s massive body and his extralarge dick on the one hand, and the pathetic batch of watered down cream that he produced on the other hand, and everybody burst out laughing.

“Welcome to the fraternity!” AJ yelled as his frat brothers burst out cheering and laughing.

Tony was in too much pain to realize it but he had just been admitted. He moved into the house just a couple of weeks later.

There was a slight change in plans regarding the gang bang with his girlfriend that he had promised his frat brothers, though, when Tony’s girlfriend broke up with him due to his inability to pleasure her in the days following his competition with Zach. Unable to come up with a replacement and pressured by Reese, Tony had to step in himself, offering up his holes for his frat brothers.

Since then, Tony’s official nickname on campus is “Cum Slut”, and his frat brothers treat him accordingly.

But that’s another story.


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