Friday, January 25, 2019

Matty Steel's pressing situation (written by Matty Steel)

The awesome Matty Steel is a web show performer and a good friend of mine - and he has the toughest set of balls I have ever seen. He regularly proves the resiliance of his extraordinary equipment (using meat tenderizers, hammers and other nasty instruments) in his web shows:

This is Matty's first published story, and I am very, very grateful that he chose my blog to publish it! I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did!

Artwork created by Champ

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Slightly awkward. Slightly geeky. Slightly clumsy.  6ft tall, dark hair, late 20s.  His shoulders are wider than average.  This span would have given him a swimmers build if it wasnt for his thick torso.  Like a tree.  His legs expanded his lower half; thick, solid thighs, leading down to huge calves and 45 feet.

From a side angle his firm, large ass protruded almost unnaturally from his body. On the other side, as if to balance this weight, was a monstrous bulge.  A mass; lumpy, asymmetrical. Looking at it straight on you couldnt tell what was dick and what was balls. 

Matt was walking across fields  The distinct dry scrape of summer grass was licking his ankles.  HIs big ass cheeks shifted side to side in white, tight shorts.  His lumpy bulge sloshed side to side as if trying to find a comfortable place to rest.  His vest hugged his body just enough to reveal his muscular shape, and the hair on his chest peaked out the top.  His muscular arms swung side to side, veins revealing themselves in the shimmering sunlight.

In the distance an abandoned building approached.  Large, industrial, empty.  Matt was all alone.

The heat made his muscles glisten, and deep inside his crotch the temperature started to rise.  His big hands dug deep into the mass, searching below a trunk of meat, roughly caressing one large circular lump, and then moving onto the next.

Each lump was like a lemon.  Firm to touch, but if squeezed revealed a softer centre full of juice.  Matty knew they were big and grinned as he rolled them about to relieve the heat that had built up as he walked.  They slowly slumped side to side, tackling the thick slab of meat and pulling his grey shorts tight at the crotch, as Matty walked across the grass towards his destination.

Ahead of Matty was an enormous, aged building.  Two big chimneys on the rough, a huge slanted rough, smashed windows, and pieces of scrap metal scattered around the floor below.  The abandoned factory had been there for years, and whilst Matty had seen it from a distance many times over he had never visited.  He'd heard stories of people getting lost forever inside, ghosts haunting the corridors and old semi-functioning equipment, but had no idea what was urban legend and what was true.  But he was excited to find out.

Approaching the first door Matty noticed a sign that said "Danger, Do Not Enter"; he ignored it.  To his surprise the first door opened with little force.  Rubble scraped the floor as he pushed the door open and dust floated upwards.  Some light flooded in to reveal what looked like series of controls and lights on a desk on the right hand side, and on the left a wall of levers, buttons and other contraptions Matty did not understand.  At the wall he leaned in a little closer inspect a red, round button; a square green switch; and a pressure gauge.  As he moved in closed a lever at waste height began to press between his legs.  It dug slightly into his cock and forced his balls to separate slightly.  It surprised him at first, but then he thrust a little harder and side to side to massage the huge mass of meats in his shorts.  He groaned to himself and felt his cock sliding stiffly down the left leg until a spike of cold air on the head told him it and broken free of his short leg. 

He stepped back, looking down and admiring the thickness of his cock, and then began looking at equipment on the wall again.  Further on Matt noticed a small flicker of light.  He examined more closely and saw a small yellow light flickering on the wall. 

"There's still power..." He muttered to himself.  He lifted his hand, pointing with his index finger, wondering which button to press, and decided to press a small green button.  Nothing happened.  Directly below a red button.  He pressed it.  Something clunked loudly, and then sputtered, and then a loud humming started.  There was a gasp of air and then a dull sucking.  Matty followed the sound a couple of foot below the red button and found a hole lined with what seemed like plastic.  As he bent down and examined it he felt the air flowing pass his face into the dark passage.  "It's sucking air!" He exclaimed.  He placed his had over the hole and it slurped a little.  Not too strong; enough to hold his hand in place but reasonable easy to remove it.  He raised his left eyebrow inquisitively and then smiled. Standing upright he knew exactly what to do. 

His meat was still hanging slightly out of his left short leg.  A veiny bulge travelled down the left to a shiny, purple head covered in a big foreskin.  He stepped a little closer to the hole and began to feel the cold air sucking around his crotch.  He stepped closer still.  The sucking wasn't strong enough to lift his heavy dick.  Not much was.  He grabbed the short leg and pulled it up to free the 7 inch semi, and his two lemons rolled out with it.  His meat grew has he handled it and slowly began to point at the hole.  Closer and closer his cock approached the dark abyss until, inches away, it pointed aggressively, veins pulsating, a 9 inch spear.  He took a step close and submerged 3 inches into the vacuum and gasped at the fresh feeling.  "Mmmmmmm..."  He pushed further; another 3 inches.  The end of his dick began to vibrate and hit the sides of the tube, the head reverberating off each side.  With one last push his cock fully submerged and a seal formed tightly around his meat, leaving his balls hanging free of the seal. 

The noise of the vacuum changed slightly; struggling against the sealed and humming at a higher pitch.  Matty felt the pressure increase a little and inside felt the flesh of his cock expanding strongly.  The head ached and he closed his eyes to imagine the expanding, angry meat.  Groaning, he moved his hips side to side.  It felt good.  But he needed more.  And that's when he saw a dial just to the left of his head set on number 1.  He raised an eyebrow again and reached for it, without hesitation turning it to number 2.  The machine groaned a little, becoming louder, but instantly the sucking became stronger.  "Oh god, yes..." Matty felt his cock expand further inside, feeling the blood being forced into his 9 inch meat.  "More..." He muttered to himself.  He turned it up to 3...and then to 4.  His eyes widened, at first surprised by the power, but closing again with pleasure.  He could feel his meat vibrating more violently against the sides of the large vacuum.  The head whipping against the corrugated plastic.  The sensation in his cock was like creaking, as the flesh expanded and it lengthened against its will.  Matty could only imagine it must be 10 inches now.  "More!"  Matty grabbed the dial and turned it hard with a crazed look in his eyes.  There was a loud click as the dial span to 20 and a snap as it came loose.  He stared in shock for a second as he realised what he had done out of lust.  There was a loud groan, a clunk, a hiss and electric whizzing, and within seconds the wall began to vibrate.  Matty went to stand back but suddenly realised the seal was too tight.  His balls still hung below the hole and as he fulled backwards his body didnt move.  An immense aching emerged from his cock and the machine started to aggressively shake and whirr.  The power increase and with it Matty began to hear creaking.  At first he thought it was the machine, but soon realised it was his cock.  The pain increased as he felt it expand rapidly and stop shaking as it filled the tube entirely.  "Oh fuck!!" Matty started to hit the machine hard.  The metal clanged but it had no effect.  "Help, someone HELP ME, Im stuck!".  He screamed for help.  "Ahhhhhh....oooooh fuck".  He tried to form more words but the sensation made him lose his ability to speak. "UUUUUHHHHH" His meat continued to grow down the tube, Matty's eyes began to cross, he pulled backwards with all of his strength, which only stretched his cock further.  His whole body was shaking now.  His hard ass was bouncing up and down.  He grabbed the base of his cock with both of his big strong hands and pulled as hard as he could.  His biceps bulged as he played tug-of-war against an invisible force.  It felt like a team of wrestles will pulling his dick by its head.  "Ohhh god, my cock".  As he pulled he revealed the base of his meat further; a purple mass began to emerge millimetre by millimetre as thick as his arm.  He thought he was making progress until a strange sensation began to come over him.  His thighs began to shake and his calves weaken when suddenly his balls began to tighten.  "oooh, fuck".  As it felt like his trunk was about to be ripped off he realised his balls were about to empty a bucket load of spunk.  His whole body began to quiver as the immense pain turned into immense pleasure and his snake began to spit violently inside the vacuum.  His ass bounced rhythmically up and down, as his balls slapped the wall and every muscle in his body tensed up.  Bucket after bucket of cum shot from the deformed mass of meat over and over as Matty screamed for his life.  The machine continued to suck, and relentlessly his cock answered with every shot of cum.  10 times, 15 times, 20 times.  Matty felt as if he was being sucked inside out.  25 times, 30 times.  His balls began to lower again and with it the machine began to creak and smoke.  35 times, 40 times and finally 41 times.  "oooooooh my god!" Matty screamed one more time as the machine began to clunk and grind, and churn inside with liquid until a final clunk brought it to a stop. 

Matty hung from the wall with his eyes crossed for a minute longer, only being held up by a purple trunk leaving his crotch and entering the wide hole.  As he came around he pulled himself up, wincing a little at the pain that radiated from his deformed cock.  He looked down in shock as he held the base and began to slide it out.  He could barely fit his hands around the girth as he stepped backwards and slid the mass out of the hole.  No longer did it look like his cock, but more like his leg.  The swelling and bruising to the shaft and foreskin left a monstrous piece of meat hanging between his big thighs.  He tried to fit it back into his shorts, but they were too small.  Instead he sat down out of exhaustion and left the meat to rest on the floor.  Closing his eyes thinking "what the fuck just happened..."

Matty sat there for some time in and out of a daze, the energy sucked out of him.  Sweat ran down his forehead and began to soak through his t-shirt around his bulge chest.  His meat lay on the dusty floor displaying ranges of red and purple shades like a new species of snake slithering on the floor.  He looked down at it and barely recognised his own cock.  "Fuck meat..."  A little swelling had gone down but he wondered if the engorgement was permanent.  He poked it with his finger and it shook a little.  To his surprise he felt it stir and more blood begin to enter.  "Looks like it still works!".  He grinned.

After a little while longer he stood up.  His meat slapped his thighs as he walked so he stuffed it back into his shorts.  It fit now, but looked like he had stuffed several pairs of socks in there.  The bulge swung side to side as he walked through a door on the other side of the room.  It opened up into a much larger hall.  A metal stair case on the right, rows and rows of machines, wires hanging from the tall ceiling, but deserted.  A ghost factory. 

He walked pass some of the machines running his finger across the settled dust, his eyes wondering across the circuitry, lights and buttons, his imagination running wild.

Out of the silence a voice shouted "stop right there!".  Matty paused, a chill travelled down his neck.  "Security!".  For a second Matty went to run, but knew he'd get no where with this huge piece of meat slapping his thighs.  Matty instinctively put his hands in the air.

"Ummm...sorry dude...I, I was just looking around."  Matty turned his head side to side, looking for the source of the voice.

"This is private property and you are intruding.  This is a criminal offence!."  Matty sighed.  Fuck, he couldnt afford a criminal record, he'd be thrown out of  University. 

"I'm sorry sir, I was just looking around, I shoudnt have come in here, I'll leave right away."

"Too late, you're on camera, I have all the evidence I need."

"Camera??" Matty yelled, wide-eyed.  Fuck, if that video gets out...

"Please man, let me go, I just wanted to explore, I'll never do it again."

"Just wanted to explore right?"  The voice echoed around the room.  Matty could tell there was a smile on the mans face.  Matty spotted one camera in the corner of the room, another camera behind him.  Then spotted speakers dotted around the ceiling.  "You did more than explore kid.  Your cock is telling me a different story.  Matty looked down at the hanging piece of steak, and quickly covered it up, but any attempt to cover it with his hands was useless.  The fatty, lumpy pole was too voluminous.

"Look dude, what do I need to do?  Please, I cant let this get out.  I'll do anything."

"I know you will..." The voice said ominously.  Beads of sweat rolled down Matty's head.  "We're going to see what those nuts and meat of yours can REALLY take." 

"Wait...what?"  Matty was shocked...a little excited.  His slab of meat twitched, but something was right about this.  "What do you mean sir?"

"See that machine next to you, to your right?"  Matty turned.  There was a foot wide, thick metal plate.  Dusty.  About a foot above it there was another metal plate, attached to a cylinder above it.  It looked hold. Rusty.  There was an on switch below.  A "press" button, and one turn dial.  Nothing more.  "That machine was used to compress metal parts.  Crush them together." Matty gulped.  Took a deep breath.  "And youre going to put that big piece of meat and balls in there."

"Wait man, that will destroy them!".

"But I thought that's what you wanted?" The voice laughed, sadistically.

"No way dude, I was just having a little fun.  That'll pop my fucking balls!"  There was a silent pause, as Matty began to sweat some more.

"Ok...Youre right...But if you dont...This security video of mine is going to be all over social media, youre university, youre family...You life will be OVER."

"No man, please!!"  Matty knew this guy was serious.  "Please, I'll do something else for you, but please dont do that."

"Sorry kid, you've got no choice."

Matty knew he had no choice.  He stepped forward.  Breathing deeply he scooped his cock and balls up.  They felt heavier than before.  His meat was tender, thicker, and he noticed it was oozing a little precum.  This might be the last time.  He slapped them onto the metal plate.  His meat was central, and each one of his lemon sized balls was divided by his pole.  One distinctly on the left, one distinctly on the right.  He admired them.  They were huge.  He stroked his meat gently, as if saying goodbye.  The response was immediate and it started to engorge and push his balls further to the sides.

"Ok now what..." He said reluctantly.

"Turn the machine on."  Matty pressed the on button and an electrical humming began immediately.  He felt a vibration through the machine and is cock grew even further.  "The 'press' button will activate the press and its lowest level and the dial will increase the pressure.  I will tell you when to increase the pressure.  The 'press' button will also release the press."  Matty closed his eyes for a few seconds, as if praying for his junk.  His beautiful, big junk.  Maybe this is what he deserved  He'd always treated them badly.  Now he'd treat them badly for the last time.  "Now, PRESS." 

Without hesitation Matty pressed the 'press' button and winced in anticipation.  A loud CLUNK echoed in the room and...Nothing.  Matty stared, with relief, sweat rolling down his face.  His purple cock, is two big balls lay in front of him on the metal plate. 

"What's happening?" The voice shouted with anger.  "Did you press it?"

"Yes man! I think its broken, but I pressed it!"

"Press it again now!"  Matty slowed reached for the button, and hesitantly pressed it again.  Nothing.  "Again!".  Nothing.  "Again!".  Nothing.  With confidence Matty was pressing the button again and again, grinning to himself. 

"Look sir, its not..." BANG!  Suddenly, something shifted internally inside the machine, a stuck cog, rust...and the press SLAMMED down.  Matty was silent, but his eyes bulged out of his head, slightly crossed-eyed, and sweat poured down his face, his chest, his abs.

"That's it kid haha".  Matty's whole body tensed up, every muscle bulge, every vein straining.  His meat and balls had spread under the weight and pressure of the press and pain began to surge through his stomach and body.  His own cock was pushing and spreading his balls apart.  A quite groan began to emerge from Matty's mouth.   Did he have balls anymore?  He couldnt even tell.  Lights flashed in his vision.  He felt something wet within the press.  But it came from his cock.  Seeping.  He could tell.  It was precum being forced out.  Matty looked down slowly.  With relief he saw the press had a gap of about 1.5 inches, which meant his balls and cock were compressed to about half their size.  They'd survived.

"Now turn the dial up."  Said the voice.


"You heard it."

"Please man, I thought that would be enough."

"Enough? There is plenty of room in there.  DO IT! Otherwise Im sending this video right now!" 

"Fuck..."  Matty reached for the dial. It was set to 1.  And had maximum of 10.  He held the dial for a few seconds.

"DO IT!". Matty turned the dial and instantly the machine began to churn and with a shunt the press tightened.

"Oh FUCK!!" The pain took Matty by surprised as the press pushed down harder on his junk.  He felt is meat spread left and right, enveloping his nuts and pushing them to the side.  The meat of his balls compressed further and felt like they were being chew from the inside out.  More precum oozed out of his cock and was making the inside of the press sticky.  His body glistened with sweat and with his heavy breaths his barrel chest heaved in and out. 

"Turn it up!" the voice shouted relentlessly.  Matty did it without hesitation.  CLUNK.

"Ahhhhhhhh".  The pain was blinding.  The gap was now 1 inch and the press was straining to compress the contents to nothing.  Matty's breathing began to speed up, his chest heaving, his abs stretching.  His cock felt like it was 4 inches wide, spread, spreading further.  The slit of his dick was spread open horizontally to at least an inch.  His balls and cock were battling for space.

"MORE!". CLUNK, CLUNK!  Matty accidentally turned the dial up by 2. 

"OH FUCK, OH FUCK!!".  A sickening crunch echoed throughout the room...Matty's eyes were completely crossed, and his body was now naturally pulling away from the machine.  The stretched length of meat that attached him to his cock and balls was visible, and he tugged and tugged to pull them free.  He could feel the precum pouring out of his cock, and his balls were distended beyond recognition...but they were still there.  This strange feeling entered his body.  He felt indestructible.  Maybe he was?  Maybe this was his superpower?  Matty rubbed his abs up and down, his chest, his own biceps. 

"Turn it up! I want them FLAT!".  Matty didnt hesitate.  He cranked the dial up to 10. CRUUUUUUNCH.  The machine whirred with anger and with a loud shunt the gap disappeared to just a few millimetres.  Matty's eyes grew unbelievably wide, his mouth opened, but not a sound came out.  Out of each side of the press he suddenly noticed mounds of his balls sticking out...they'd spread the full foot of the flat.  His meat felt like a pancake.  Feelings of pain, of electric, of nervousness, of pleasure reverberated around his own body.

"YES!" The voice shouted.  Matty's abs with so tight, every ridge could be seen.  Every vein in his body was bulge.  He began to shake uncontrollably as his eyes rolled into the back of his head.  His mouth wide open he began to groan.  A loud, guttural, growl and filled the factory.  As his shuck, the flesh attaching him to his flattened manhood tightened and tugged.  He held the sides of the machine with his big, bulging arms.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuuuuuuuuckk".  Bouncing back and forth, like he was fucking the machine, Matty screamed like no sound before, as the flesh in the press pulsated uncontrollably.  Splash after splash after splash of cum spurted out the back, the sides, the front off the press.  Splashing over his abs, hitting the machines adjacent, pouring out every angle.  "Ooooh god!!!!!!!!!!".   The cum kept on cumming, it seemed impossible. Matty continued to thrust his hips back and force, his tight has tensing, the press almost moving with the pull of his body.  His hands began to slip of the side of the machine with his own cum.  Eventually the rhythmic thrusting began to slow down, the cum was now gently oozing out the of press, and Matty's groans quietly subsided. 

As the pleasure ended, Matty's vision became blurred, and he stared and the unrecognisable flesh that distended from every side of the foot wide press.  Was that his ball?  Was it his cock? It was hard to tell now...His consciousness faded and within seconds Matty was hanging there, held up by his meat and balls.  A muscled hero, hung by his own pride.

"Dam man, the internet is going to love this." The voice said.


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Thanks so much man! Looks amazing ;-)

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