Saturday, January 12, 2019

Art by Champ: Big balls at the beach (restored)

Originally posted 10/19/2014

This is a little story inspired by the image below created by my friend Champ.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Lars adjusted his red speedos that were bulging with his massive, juicy balls and his huge, hard dick. He loved his job.

He loved watching all the hot, skimpily clad young guys strut their stuff and show off their impressive assets. The tall, muscular blond had just started his shift at the lifeguard station, and already his dick was throbbing and his balls were churning with cum.

The sight of a hot, horny stud coming out of the water, his meaty dick barely concealed by the thin fabric of his wet, white swimming trunks that clung to his body like a second skin, brought a smile to Lars’ face. The dripping wet stud was greeted by his buddies, a group of tanned, muscular hunks in their early twenties whose speedos were jam-packed with raging boners and heavy, cum-filled balls.

The stud grabbed the bulging package in his white speedos which had turned almost transparent in the water. He said something that made his buddies roar with laughter before lifting his hands to high-five one of his friends. But instead of slapping his hands, the stud’s buddy delivered what would forever be known as The Greatest Nutcheck Ever in the memory of everyone who witnessed it.

His friend’s fist crashed into the big, beautiful bulge right below the stud’s fat boner, connecting perfectly with the two huge, juicy babymakers, driving them into his body and flattening them like pancakes.

His buddies cringed in sympathy, grimacing and cupping their crotches while bursting out laughing as the stud’s jaw dropped, his eyebrows rose and his eyes slowly turned inward. His adam’s apple jumped up and down as he gasped for breath, and his knees started trembling. The stud’s hands were shaking as they slowly made their way towards the bulging center of his pain, but before they could reach their destination, the stud’s huge, meaty dick let go of a massive load of cream inside his speedos.

People turned their heads to watch the spectacle, laughing and pointing, covering their mouths in shock and taking pictures with their phones.

The stud’s friends were crying with laughter, slapping their thighs, making fun of him, imitating his facial expression and mocking him while his cock was spurting what seemed like a gallon of fresh, creamy jizz, drenching his white speedos. His battered balls were visibly contracting, pumping his precious load into his twitching dick that sputtered it into his swimming trunks before it dripped into the sand.

The stud sank to his knees, his eyes rolling back into his head, before he toppled over forwards, burying his head in the sand.

Lars adjusted his red speedos that were bulging with his massive, juicy balls and his huge, hard dick. He loved his job.


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Anonymous said...

i can't acess to Champ 's tumblr

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately, tumblr banned adult content last month, and I don‘t think Champ has found a new home yet. :-/

Anonymous said...

LOVE a guy in red speedos ;-)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Matty! I agree 100%! ;-)