Saturday, January 5, 2019

Art by Champ: Slugger (restored)

This is a little story inspired by the image below created by my friend Champ.

Slugger grinned as he looked at his buddy.

"This bat goes into your hole", he announced with a confident smile as he undid his belt, releasing his fat, thick dick.

It was a prime piece of top-quality meat, a superb fuck stick of massive proportions. And Slugger knew how to use it. He was a notorious butt slammer with a reputation for planting numerous batches of seed inside every hole that he wanted. Most of his buddies had experienced Slugger's breeding qualities first-hand, and some came back for more again and again.

A few of them were so eager that they sneaked into his room at night, mounted him and rode that fat, meaty dick until they were seatisfied, milking out a series of loads in Slugger's sleep.

Slugger was okay with it as long as they kept themselves available for him whenever he wanted.

It was very rarely that Slugger didn't get what he wanted.

And of course he couldn't accept that.

Brock gulped.

The blond stud's eyes were fixed on Slugger's fat, hard monster cock.

Brock had hitched a ride on Slugger's dick last night, milking out two loads that were still deep inside his hole. Unfortunately, he was in a bit of a hurry now, and as much as he liked Slugger's fat throbbing boner he really didn't have time to sit down on it now.

"Sorry, Slugger", Brock mumbled, blushing. "I gotta---"

"This bat goes into your hole", Slugger repeated cheerfully, raising the baseball bat.

"But I--- I mean--- Please, Slugger, I---" Brock stuttered, blinking nervously.

Slugger shrugged his shoulders. Then he brought the baseball bat up between Brock's muscular thighs, ramming the handsome jock's nuts into his body and knocking the wind out of his lungs.

Brock let out a deep grunt through his gritted teeth and sank to his knees.

"This bat goes into your hole", Slugger repeated with a smile as he dropped the baseball bat and lined up his fat dick with Brock's tight hole. "See? I told you."


Anonymous said...

Love it. Made me hard instantly. Love to see HIM return 😏

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, Champ is awesome! :-))

Erik said...

Would nog mind seeing stugger again as well 😏

Anonymous said...

Fucking hot. Love it. And this portrait yes! Fucking stud. Thanks for holding on to all my work from over the years. I'm grateful. You're awesome. This story is awesome. Your site is awesome. Fuck yea.


Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys!

I agree 100%: Slugger is HOT! :-))

YOU are awesome, my friend! :-))