Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Video links: Comedy gems (18)

A lot of people have tried to answer the age-old question why nutshots are so funny, and I think it was the great Philip J. Clapp who said, "They just are. Now, what's the capitol of Thailand?"

Here are some more of my favorite nutshot scenes from comedy TV shows, movies and web originals.

The first video is called The Daily Delivery of Ball Punching, and it can only be described as a very surreal comedy (or drama?) about well, a daily delivering of ball punching.


Speaking of surreal: Here's a guy getting kicked in the nuts by giant bunny.

skip to 2:00

The Axis of Awesome did a pretty funny video back in 2011: 4 Chords. I would love it even if it didn't have a completely random nutshot at 2:28. :-))

Here is a five part video of some Asian show (?) that follows a couple of young men on their journey to create the perfect protective cup. They try all sorts of different things (diapers, clay, cardboard boxes etc.), so there's nutshots galore in every single part of this video. And in the end they face the utimate test: a live performance in front of an audience. It's absolutely crazy. I have no idea whether it's scripted or not, whether it's supposed to be a comedy show or a reality show - but I fucking love it!

Finally, here is one of my all time favorite comedy nutshots. It's from Malcolm In the Middle which had a couple of pretty great hits to the balls. This one is a grandma-to-grandson nut grab. Yes, it's f/m - but Christopher Kennedy Masterson's reaction is just perfect.

What's your favorite comedy nutshot? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!



Carter said...

I skipped straight to the nutshot but seems like that music video is a medley of songs
The nutshot takes place while they're singing the old themesong to America's Funniest Home Videos

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Carter! :-))