Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Video links: Boys just wanna have fun (41)

Watching young men frolic around and have fun together is a true delight.

Here are some more of my favorite videos featuring guys hitting each other in the nuts just for fun.

The first clip is very mean and very funny. It's called Karate Kocked, and the official description is priceless:
My friend got his nuts kicked in when I told him i developed the perfect way karate chop about anything, including a Big F***ing History Textbook.But instead i took the easy way out and punted him in the dick, aka Karate Kocked him. [...] the sound he made as his future kids became handicap was priceless and makes this video a classic. enjoy
Yes, please, enjoy!

I bet you are wondering whether the poor chap in the previous video got revenge? Well, he did. And Karate Kocked 2: Karate Stomped is another classic. (The title alone is awesome, isn't it?) Here is the desciption:
D-bag got a few of are friends to gang up on my clueless ass and hold me down so he could stomp on my balls. I guess he never got over my awesome kick on him a week or 2 ago :). In the end I think it was funny (but its not over) and i'm glad my dick wasn't so crushed that that I didn't have to back inside that hospital!
What's left to say? Enjoy!

When it comes to pranks, Spanish (how embarrassing, see comments) Brazilian stunt group La FĂȘnix is a reliable nutshot producer. The next video features a short but very efficient kick-in-the-nuts-from-behind-prank (at 0:42).

These boys from India play a very funny little game: Slap or nutshot. So much fun!

The next video is described as a challenge. Apparently the challenge is to get kicked in the nuts. Well, challenge accepted, of course! I love the dialogue in the video. The foul-mouthed young man has some hilarious things to say: "This one definitley popped!" (0:08), "That one was all nuts and cock as well. I don't care if the neighbors can hear." (0:22).

Finally, these two young men don't need to prank each other or invent some game or challenge to have some fun. They just go back and forth kicking each other in the nuts. Very easy and very entertaining. Good work, boys!

What are your favorite videos of guys having fun and busting each others' balls? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email ( :-))


Anonymous said...

Not to nitpick or anything, and I'm unsure if they're Brazilian or Portuguese, but La Fenix is definitely not Spanish. Of course, nutshots are great in any language (b^_^)b

Alex said...

Oh my god, you are right, of course! They are Brazilian - and I used to know that! I have changed it in the text. What a stupid mistake! I‘m sorry. Thank you very much for pointing it out! :-))

Anonymous said...

That last video "kicked in the nuts" is awesome. The kid with the star is not going going to win an audition to be a model on your site. Such weak balls but it's so hot when he goes down the 2nd time and says "i think i'm going to throw up". Nice

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, that vid is HOT! :-))

Anonymous said...

Last video is the best! Love back and forth ballbusting and these kids are clearly having fun doing it.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I‘m glad you enjoyed the video! :-))