Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy new year!

Happy new year, my friends!

2018 has been another amazing year for this blog. Once again (after 2008 and 2017) I published more than 200 posts in one year, an amazing number made possible by all the fantastic guest writers that contributed to this blog:

Apprentice of agony: Crushed nuts and cocktails
Apprentice of agony: Egos, emos and low blows

Jason Ball:
The meeting of two players

Ballbusting Canucks: The punk and the hockey player
Ballbusting Canucks: Three falls and a crucifixion
Ballbusting Canucks: Sammy the ball doctor: Treating François
Ballbusting Canucks: Easter shenanigans: Whips and chains
Ballbusting Canucks: Easter shenanigans: Eggs and paint

The adventures of Red and Blue's Poke Balls: Poke Balls War 
The adventures of Red and Blue's Poke Balls: Usw Low Kick 
Voltron ballbusting fiction: Wounded lions' pride
Voltron ballbusting fiction: Special training at the castle of lions
Voltron ballbusting fiction: Easing the pain
Voltron ballbusting fiction: More than lion brothers  

Captain's Cradle
Captain's Crew - Monday is gonna be a bitch
Captain's Crew - Three falls

Rutherford's balls need a training session

James @MosHadron:
Friday night at the club

Logan's luck - a ball bash beach fantasy 
Logan's luck - a testicular train trash fantasy

Paul's video links: Passed out and in pain
Paul's video links: Socked
Paul's video links: Slip 'n' slide 'n' smack some sacks
Paul's video links: Sweet sucker punches
Paul's video links: Baseballs
Paul's video links: Just for kicks
Paul's video links: Gymnastic balls
Paul's video links: Barefoot
Paul's video links: Let's have a party
Paul's video links: Sexercise
Paul's video links: Acrobats and alarm clocks
Paul's video links: Fun nuts

Thanks to all of you! I can't tell you how much you contributions mean to me! You are amazing!

And, of course, 2018 has seen the first three of a series of BallbustingBoys.org Original Videos starring the amazing Ballbusting Bros Toby Springs and Fluffy.

Clip #1: Sacktapping 101
Clip #2: You bet your balls, bro!
Clip #3: Sexy Santa cracks some nuts

Producing these videos with Toby and Fluffy is a dream come true, and I am so glad that the clips have been so successful! We are working on some pretty amazing stuff this year so stay tuned... :-))

In Germany we celebrate the start of the new year with huge fireworks, so let's watch some guys blow up their balls with fireworks together, shall we?

Happy new year!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Alex. I'm looking forward to your continued success on this blog in 2019!


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Darnell! :-))