Saturday, January 19, 2019

Art by Champ: The juicer (restored)

Originally posted 10/14/2014

My friend Champ has very kindly allowed me to use his art for inspiration. This is a short little story inspired by the image below.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

They called him “The juicer” for a reason, and Manny liked his nickname, even though he might have preferred a more subtle one, like “Magic hands” or something like that.

There were two All Ballbusting Fraternities on campus, and Manny desperately wanted to join this one. It wasn’t because of the wild parties or the awesome frat house or the impressive list of successful alumni, but because this frat had some very strict rules about their members’ member size. Only the fattest, meatiest dicks and the biggest, juiciest balls were allowed to join, and Manny was looking forward to crunching nuts and busting balls 24/7.

He hadn’t cum in a week in preparation for this day, and his huge, throbbing balls were filled to the brim with spunk. The prospect of busting another pledge’s balls and squeezing the cum out of him before slipping his gigantic dick into his muscular butt and finally splashing his face with a big load of his sticky, creamy cum had kept him horny all week.

But things hadn’t been going according to plan.

The frat brother were cheering and hollering, their ridiculously oversized dicks rock-hard and dripping wet with precum as they watched the match between the two hot, horse-hung pledges, egging them on.

“Make him cum!”

“Squash those nuts!”

“Juice the juicer!”

Manny’s face was contorted in pain as his blond opponent was squeezing his fat, boiling balls with all the force he could muster. He could feel Matt’s huge boner push against his ass with only their thin wrestling singlets preventing Matt’s big dick from invading Manny’s virgin hole.

An evil grin appeared on Matt’s face as he was holding Manny’s manhood in his hand, squishing and squashing his balls as hard as he could. The two massive orbs felt like a beating heart, throbbing and churning and dying to release their pent-up load.

“Cum for me”, Matt whispered into Manny’s ear, viciously twisting his bulging nutsack.

Manny let out an agonized groan as his dick erupted with what seemed like a gallon of spunk that shot right through the thin, green fabric of his wrestling singlet.

A couple of guys in the crowd came on the spot, shooting their loads into their sweat pants. Other’s were openly jerking their dicks, aiming at Manny’s pain-contorted face.

Cheers and laughter filled the room as Manny’s vision blurred and he sank to the ground in a puddle of his own jizz.


Visit Champ’s tumblr – it’s awesome!


Carter said...

Awww poor guy
I was rooting for him

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Carter! Yeah, at first, the frat guys rooted for Manny, too. But when Matt got the upper hand they switched sides... You should have seen Manny when he left the house, showered in cum. Frat guys ca be pretty mean... ;-)