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A tale of two furries (written by Riley)

This is the fourth part of Riley's epic furry ballbusting series King Rush defends the crown jewels. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

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Author's note: I do not own the character of King Rush. I have been granted permission to post this story by the owner of the character of King Rush. Riley is my own created character.

King Rush winced as he arose from his bed, his paw instinctively cupping the bulge in his soft pajama bottoms. It had been a slow couple of days, as the king had spent them in his chambers recovering from the brutal assault on his manhood at the hands of the Ballbusting Bandit, Riley.

And yet, in those days, his guards had accomplished nothing in their hunt for the young fox. They had found nothing. They had still not even found the cabin in which the fox had held King Rush. There was nothing to go off, no leads.

And the king’s sleep had also been disturbed, with nightmares. Sometimes, King Rush would awaken with a fright, memories of the abuse to his balls coursing through his mind. But then, sometimes, they were matched with just as many dreams of Riley being caring and passionate, a side to the young fox just barely detected by the king.

‘There must be some clue’, the king thought to himself, nursing his nads, ‘something, anything. A mistake…?’

Then, in a flash, a memory came back to him. Something the fox had said in that cabin…

‘…I, Riley Vulpes, the so-called Ballbusting Bandit…’
King Rush frowned to himself. ‘Vulpes?’ he thought, ‘I know that name from somewhere…’
Slowly, he stood up from his bed, gathered his gown and wrapped it around himself. There was one place he knew he could look; he was sure there would be something there. Taking a step, he winced as his nuts knocked against his thigh. Still so sensitive, King Rush growled in frustration.

It was going to be a slow walk to the Archives.

~ ~ ~

Riley frowned, looking down at the parchment spread against his desk. The map was accurate, in fact, he had all the details now. Memorizing it will be the easy part. He smiled as he realized he was getting closer to his endgame.

Since the kidnapping of the king, Riley had found himself obsessing over the wolf he had tied up and ballbusted. King Rush, his perfect victim. Not a day or night went by where the young fox did not think about the king, or his balls. The sound of his knee flattening the king’s balls, or the feel of his knuckles sinking into King Rush’s bulge.

Riley closed his eyes and slumped back in his seat, his hand sliding slowly down to the growing erection in his trousers. He thought of the king’s face in pain, of the royal wolf bound and helpless. The cum…

‘So much cum…’ Riley thought, his hand slipping beneath his trousers.

A muffled cry came from the room next door, followed by a muffled scream and shriek. Riley sighed.

He rose from his seat, stealing a glance at the map before approaching the door leading to the next room. Riley composed himself, before pushing open the door.

The young fox smirked, his eyes falling on the victim he had bound to his infamous platform. His victim was another fox, with a red coat. He was stripped to a pair of grey boxer briefs, hugging his form nicely. Riley’s eyes drifted down to the bulge in his victim’s underwear. Tied, and gagged, the red fox could go nowhere, and at the sight of Riley entering the room, he shrieked into his ball-gag once more.

“I would think,” Riley said as he took a sinister step forward, “as King Rush’s most trusted guard, you would know to speak only when spoken to…”

The red fox’s eyes pleaded for mercy as he whimpered slightly into his gag. Riley smiled, and balled up his fist.

“Well, Connor, since you are so eager to continue…” Riley said, his lips curling into a smile.

Riley slammed his fist up into his victim’s bulge.

~ ~ ~

Each step down the spiral stairs was slow and painful for King Rush. He usually avoided going to the Archives due to the long way down, but now more than ever he hated this staircase. Each step his nuts would slap against his thigh, each time he yelped slightly.

Eventually, though, the king made it, and was met with a room of high bookshelves and stacks upon stacks of aging parchments. Somewhere, in this room, there will be a clue. Something that will help him find the young fox.

Each bookshelf was dedicated to a different king. There was one for his father, his grandfather, his great-grandfather, and so on. So, King Rush came to the bookshelf dedicated to him. Still only half full, indicative of his so-far short reign, he sighed. The top shelves had all been stacked, meaning he would have to use a ladder. He groaned.

The ladder was lying on the floor, and he grabbed it, realigning it with the shelf and slowly making his way up. Again, each movement caused a stinging sensation in his balls.

“Oooh, my nuts…” King Rush whispered to himself as he gingerly climbed the ladder.

Once he reached the top, he scanned the spines of the various books and journals. He was trying to figure out which one to extract when he came across the title ‘King Rush Abolishes Slavery’. A sudden image of Riley came to King Rush’s mind, the red collar around Riley’s neck, the bands around his wrists. They were identified with slavery.

Without hesitating further, King Rush removed the book from the shelf. It was heavy. So heavy in fact, the king suddenly felt himself losing balance. He reached out with his free hand to grab the shelf to steady himself, but instead grabbed a different book, which slipped over. Suddenly, the king slipped from the ladder.

Landing on his back, he hit the stone floor with a thud, the wind knocked from his lungs. The heavy book on slavery slammed onto the desk while the ladder fell back against the shelf. King Rush groaned. ‘That could have been worse…’ he thought to himself, laying there for a moment.

Having been shaken by the commotion, the shelf had wobbled slightly, causing the book that the king had tried to brace himself with to fall from the shelf, hurtling down. King Rush did not see it until it was too late.


The book landed squarely on King Rush’s bulge. The pajama bottoms were so thin that they scarcely provided any padding, let alone protection. The king crossed his eyes, his knees slamming together and his paws reaching down to his now throbbing balls.

“O-Oh, f-fuck…” The wolf whimpered, before howling in pain.

King Rush curled up into a ball, nursing his busted balls.

~ ~ ~

Riley slammed another fist into the red fox’s bulge, tears forming in Connor’s eyes as his balls were flattened against his pelvis inside his tight boxer briefs. Riley was not letting up.

“When I remove your gag, you will NOT scream this time, yes?” Riley said, as he reached down and grabbed Connor’s bulge. The red fox did not answer though, so Riley squeezed harder and twisted. “YES?”

Connor shrieked into his gag, his eyes wide as he nodded his head and mumbled into the gag. Riley smirked before easing his grip on Connor’s bulge, instead stroking his balls gently. Then he reached up and gently removed the gag stuffed into the red fox’s mouth.

“P-please, l-let me go.” Connor mumbled, his nuts aching.

Riley shook his head. “Not until you give me what I need.”

“I-I c-can’t…” Connor whimpered, “p-please, you have to understand…”

“Oh, I understand,” Riley frowned, “I understand that you won’t, rather than you can’t. You are very capable of giving me what I need. You are simply choosing not to…”

Without warning, Riley rammed his knee up into Connor’s exposed bulge. Connor cried out in shock and pain, a new wave of anguish swimming over his body.

“It is not a matter of if you will give me what I want,” Riley smiled, flashing a glance at Connor’s face, “but when.”

The red fox squirmed in his bindings, desperate to escape. Riley laughed at his victim, knowing there was no way he could escape. He walked over to a large ice box in the corner of the room, opening it. Sitting like trophies within were vials upon vials. Most of them were filled with what Connor could see was some type of liquid, clear in some, milky in others. On the top shelf stood a vial that was only a quarter full. This one Riley took and walked over to his helpless victim.

“Tell me, Connor,” Riley held up the vial to the red fox, “do you know what this is?”

Connor gulped, shaking his head. “N-no…”

Riley smirked. “This vial contains the royal seed. The essence of the king’s manhood. Do you want to know how I came to have this in my possession?”

Connor remained silent, quivering, so Riley continued. “I acquired this by putting His Royal Highness, King Rush in the very same predicament you now find yourself in. I busted his crown jewels until he could not contain his cum any longer. But there is one problem. Do you know what it is?”

Connor shook his head, at which Riley stepped closer to the red fox. “As you can see,” he said, placing the vial close to Connor’s face, “it is not full.”

Riley stepped back to the ice box, returning his prized vial to the top shelf. “You can either help me fill the rest of the king’s vial,” the young fox said with a smirk, before reaching down and extracting an empty vial, “or, you can fill this vial.”

Connor’s eyes widened with fear, seeing Riley approach him with the empty vial. His eyes saw past his captor and to the ice box, seeing all the vials Riley had already filled. ‘Are they all his victims?’ he wondered in terror.

Before Connor could respond, Riley balled up his fist and slammed it into the red fox’s balls once more.

~ ~ ~

King Rush groaned as he slowly made it to his feet, one paw on his aching bulge, the other resting firmly on the desk to stabilize himself. He winced before reaching for a nearby stool and dragging it closer to him, taking his seat.

He sighed with relief, and then reached down, stretching his pajama bottoms out to peer down within. His balls were slightly red, still recovering from the abuse at the hands of Riley, but seemingly worse off following the sudden busting sustained by a large book.

‘Just my luck…’ the king thought to himself, before turning his focus back to the book he had laid out on the desk before him.

King Rush Abolishes Slavery, the cover read. The king prided on his achievement documented in this book. His father had long attempted to abolish slavery, but never quite succeeded. King Rush on the other hand, took the necessary steps to get it done. Slowly, he opened the book,

dust billowing out from within. King Rush coughed slightly, waving the dust away, and flicked through to the index. Scanning down the page to the letter V, his finger traced the contents. His heart stopped.


He shuddered. He knew he recognized the name, and now here it was in front of him. Eagerly, he flipped the pages to the designated number. The eyes of the king widened when he noticed how much information there was here. It seemed whoever documented these events delved into the history of the name Vulpes. It dated back to the time of King Rush’s own great-grandfather.

Immediately, King Rush noticed that the primary occupation of the Vulpes family was slave-trading. The king clenched his jaw. So Riley was not the descendent of a slave, rather, a slave-trader.

‘That would explain his tools,’ King Rush thought, ‘and his penchant for inflicting pain.’

King Rush read as much as there was on the family of Vulpes. It turned out that much of King Rush’s great-grandfather and grandfather’s reigns was financed by funds provided by the Vulpes family. The two families worked closely together, seemingly benefiting from one another. It all changed however when King Rush’s father took to the throne, attempting to change the laws in the kingdom regarding slavery. Reading intently, King Rush discovered that upon details of the Vulpes family’s brutal tactics in their trade being uncovered, King Rush’s father decided to attempt to outlaw the trade immediately.

While the details of the Vulpes family tactics were kept secret, King Rush’s father could not succeed in his mission. Upon the ascension of King Rush, that all changed. King Rush found the details of the Vulpes family tactics and exposed them to the public. The Kingdom turned on the Vulpes family, hearing of their brutal targeting of the male genitals of their slaves.

The public stormed the residence of the Vulpes family, dragging the patriarch, Beau Vulpes, into the street and tying him to a post. One by one, each of the freed slaves took their shot at their former trader, often targeting his manhood. All of this happening in front of Beau Vulpes’ family.

King Rush gulped. This is where it all began. This is where Riley’s sadistic obsession was born. The king suddenly felt a new sense of fear for his manhood. Riley was not going to stop until he was humiliated in public. Everything was making sense now. The king being tied to the post, with the target painted on his underwear bulge. Being kicked in the nuts by a subject, a child no less!

‘Riley has orchestrated so much,’ the king thought, shaking, ‘and I have been unable to stop him.’

The king immediately skipped to the end of the page, seeing a list of assets possessed by the Vulpes family. He froze. Listed at the very bottom was a cabin, complete with location and items listed within. A rotating platform was listed. This is it. This is where Riley had held him

captive. Immediately, King Rush rose to his feet, rushing to climb the stairs. He winced as his nuts smacked his thigh. ‘Curse you, Riley,’ he thought to himself.

~ ~ ~

Again, Riley drove his knee up into Connor’s bulge. The red fox cried out in pain, his eyes crossing and his abs tensing. Riley brushed his hand along the red fox’s abs, admiring them before slamming a fist into them too, driving the wind from his victim’s lungs.

“You are quite the resilient fox,” Riley mused, “and quite the loyalist.”

“Why,” Connor whimpered, “Why are you doing this? His Highness doesn’t deserve this.”

Riley laughed. “Perhaps you should worry less about the king,” he paused, then smacked Connor’s bulge, “and more about yourself.”

Once more, Connor cried out in agony. His balls were radiating with pain. He knew the king had endured such pain, but he did not realize the lengths the Ballbusting Bandit would go to to satisfy his desires.

“Come now, Connor,” Riley said, gripping the red fox’s bulge, “help me help you. After all, you do not want to become another vial in my ice box, as much as I would enjoy that.”

Connor shuddered at the touch of his captor. “Please, R-Riley. N-no more…”

“No more?” Riley cocked an eyebrow. “No more of this?” He squeezed Connor’s bulge and twisted. “You can make that happen,” Riley continued twisting as Connor wailed in agony, “if you just give me what I want.”

The red fox could not take any more. His balls were way too sore, and now, he could feel the constant handling of his own jewels was starting to stir something in his loins. He could not imagine the delight Riley would have if Connor suddenly became aroused. “Okay, okay,” he panted, “I’ll do it.”

“Wonderful!” Riley’s lips curled into a sinister smile as he released his captive’s bulge. Connor panted with relief. “Now, tell me,” Riley said, taking a step back, “What structure is in place to protect personnel in the king’s guard?”

Connor winced, an overwhelming sense of guilt washing over him. “Codewords. King Rush implemented a codeword system.”

“Now we are getting somewhere.” Riley rubbed his chin. “Tell me more.”

“Each guard has a specific codeword.” Connor continued. “King Rush says a phrase to a guard, and the guard must respond with his allocated codeword.”

“Hmm, so with you being his close personal guard,” Riley surmised, “must mean you have a special codeword?”

Connor whimpered, then nodded. “What is it?” Riley asked.

Connor hesitated, a tear trickling down his cheek. “P-please, Riley. That’s enough.”

Riley growled in frustration. He moved swiftly back to his ice box and removed an empty vial, shoving it before the red fox’s face. “Need I remind you…”

“Okay, okay…” Conner sniffled, “I’ll tell you.”

Riley was getting impatient. “Well? Out with it!”

“His highness will say to me, ‘The kingdom searches for the ballbusting fox,’, to which I must reply…” Connor’s voice trailed off.

Riley stepped closer. “Yes…?”

Conner sniffed. “…I reply, ‘But I am the only fox for you.’

There was a moment of silence. Then it dawned on Riley, and he started with a low snickering, before bursting out into a cackle. “Oh, you really are his personal bodyguard.”

“R-Riley, please,” Connor begged, “please stop this. Stop all of it.”

“Never!” Riley rubbed his brow before looking at his victim. “Well, this certainly spices things up.”

The Ballbusting Bandit took a step towards his victim, vial still in his hand. Connor was slumped forward in defeat. Riley reached up and grabbed the waistband of Connor’s grey boxer briefs, slowly sliding them down.

Connor squirmed in protest. “Wait, what are you doing? I gave you what you want.”

Riley flashed a glare at his victim. “You gave me one of the things I wanted.”

“No, no, no…” Connor whimpered. “This isn’t fair!”

“Life isn’t fair!” Riley growled, before yanking his victim’s underwear clean off.

Riley knelt before Connor, the red fox’s bare balls hanging just in front of Riley’s face. He looked up to his victim, who was whimpering still. He smiled, and then Riley slammed his fist into Connor’s manhood, eliciting a cry of agony. And much to his horror, Connor’s cock began to harden.”

~ ~ ~

King Rush finally made it to the top of the stairs, a hand coming down to his crotch and rubbing his aching and throbbing crown jewels. “Oh god, my nuts…” he moaned.

After resting slightly, he approached a guard station by the stairs. “You there. I want you to put the word out for a public gathering in the arena. I have a message to all members of my kingdom. It is time to put an end to the Ballbusting Bandit.”

The guard nodded and scurried off. King Rush smiled. Finally, he would be able to put an end to this embarrassing situation. He could overcome the young fox; he had no doubt about it. But

he knew the difficulty would lie in pushing from his subjects’ memories the image of their king tied to a post in targeted briefs with busted balls. That was something that could tarnish his legacy forever.

He began his slow hobble back to his chambers. All he had to do now is get the entire kingdom on side and track down the cabin that belonged to the Vulpes family. Someone will surely know something about it, and its hidden dangers. He was sure there were hidden dangers. King Rush had spent the entire time he was conscious trying to examine the room, despite the pain being inflicted to his balls. But Riley had ingeniously shrouded the rest of the cabin in darkness, and he had not been able to ascertain much at all.

Now, everything was about to change. Now, he would prove to the kingdom why he was king. Now, he would put the Ballbusting Bandit in his place.

As he neared the entrance to his private chambers, King Rush noticed the familiar figure of his personal bodyguard, face concealed by the special helmet he had forged for him. He beamed with delight.

“Connor!” King Rush greeted him.

“Your Majesty.” Connor bowed.

King Rush frowned. His voice sounded a little different. “W-Where have you been these last few days?”

Connor cleared his throat. “Your Majesty, I was unwell.”

The king looked his personal bodyguard up and down. He was wearing different garbs than what the king was used to seeing him in, not an inch of Connor’s red fur could be seen.

“What is this, a new uniform?” King Rush moved to feel the fabric, but Connor retreated.

“Sorry, Your Majesty,” Connor shuffled back, coughing again slightly. “Precautionary measures. The king must maintain his health.”

King Rush frowned, suspicious. “Very well.”

He stepped closer to Connor, and Connor straightened. “The kingdom searches for the ballbusting fox…” King Rush whispered to Connor, his eyes narrowing.

Connor hesitated, before clearing his throat once more. “But I am the only fox for you.”

The king’s heart skipped a beat, hearing those words. He smiled warmly. “I eagerly await your health to return to you, my precious fox.”

At that, King Rush entered his personal chambers, closing the door behind him. Beneath Connor’s personally forged helmet, Riley’s lips curled into a sinister smile.

“I am the only fox for you.” He whispered to himself.

to be continued

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