Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Video links: Wrestling low blows (6)

Targeting the testicles is a dirty, dirty move in wrestling. Maybe that's why it's so popular.

Here are some more of my favorite wrestling nutshot videos.

Let's kick things off (pun intended, of course) with a quick, mean, fight-ending kick to the meat and two veg. Ground meat and mashed vegetables sounds more accurate.

Skip to 0:30

There's much to love in the next video: two drops right in the gonads, followed by a "happy ending". Love it!

A bowling ball to the crotch is the highlight of the next clip. My favorite part is the giddy laughter of the commentators. Hilarious!

The next clip is pretty wild. There's cock-punching and dick-sniffing, and finally a series of stomps designed to end the poor ref's sex life. That's gotta hurt!

Finally, here's the source of the screenshot at the top of this post. Two hot guys, a lot of posing, a friendly handshake and a surprise kick to the nuggets - that's what I call wrestling! (Skip to 5:15 for the nutshot (but you'll miss some excellent posing and grandstanding and shirt ripping and muscle flexing...).

Readers' picks:

Several readers have shared their favorite wrestling vids with us in the past few weeks. Here they are:

Jason sent us the following video, saying: You left out the best :) Low Blow by his own dad :)

Skip to 4:50

An anonymous reader sent this video, saying: Goldust trapping Shawn Spears in the corner while Goldust does a running soccer punt to his perfect 10s

And another anonymous reader shared this video, saying: Here's a good one that I don't know if you've ever posted before. They're exceptionally mean in this one.

Thank you very much for your contributions, guys! You are awesome!

What's your favorite wrestling nutshot video? Let us know by leaving a comment or by sending an email (



Anonymous said...

this was really all i ever watched wrestling for.

that last vid was a winner. better than any porn hahaha

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the videos! :-))

Salty Humblebrag said...

Nothing quite like taking the fight where it counts. These clips are super hot! They sure got my nuts feelin' a little sore for those dudes...

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, Salty! I'm glad you enjoyed the videos! :-))

Fabien said...

Receiving such a kick by Sammy Guevara would be a dream!

For those who want to see him receive a nutshot too : (9:34)
Unhopefully, it seems way too light, he hasn't even been floored.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Fabien! I love the link! :-))