Friday, June 12, 2020

Bros gone wild (Scott meets Kev)

Special thanks to Scott for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who can't get enough of bros gone wild) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Kev, with cameo appearances by his friends Ben and Colin (click for pictures)

It was one of the first hot summer days, and the frat house garden was filled with people. Every year in mid-June, the two fraternities threw a summer opening BBQ party, a beloved tradition that started in the afternoon and went well into the night.

It was a party with lots of booze, beer and naked bodies, and usually it didn’t take long until the first fraternity brother lost his shirt in a game or a bet or a stupid competition.

Every year, a delegation that consisted of members from both fraternities was in charge of the entertainment that usually consisted of a beer pong tournament, a nutball competition or a friendly game of roshambo.

This year, Kev and Scott were in charge.

Kev was 20 years old, a prototypical jock with a muscular body, brown eyes and brown hair. Fun-loving and inventive, with natural authority and a penchant for pranks and practical jokes, Kev was one of the most popular guys in the fraternity.

His counterpart was Scott, 20 years old like Kev, with black hair. He was the same size as Kev but a little stronger. A leader, just like Kev, with a great sense of humor, always in the mood to have a good time, a doer and a go-getter who knew what he wanted and how to achieve it.

Kev and Scott had come up with a great way to have some fun, and the weather was perfect for what they had in mind.

They were both wearing plain white t-shirts and white shorts, and some of their fraternity brothers had questioned their choice of clothing. Little did they know that neither Kev nor Scott was wearing any underwear – an important part of this year’s entertainment program.

There was a little stage set up in the garden, right in front of the garage, just large enough for Kev and Scott to stand on it.

Scott grabbed a megaphone and turned it on, causing it to emit an annoying feedback sound that made everybody turn to the stage.

“Welcome, brothers!” Scott spoke into the megaphone and his voice echoed through the garden before it was drowned out by the cheers and hoots of the crowd. “Fuck yeah! Make some noise!”

Dozens of young men, all of them around 20 years old, some of them shirtless, most of them hot and handsome, all of them pretty drunk already, yelled and cheered and roared with approval. A few guys started chanting their frat’s slogan, others chimed in, then the members of the other frat started yelling theirs – and soon the garden was filled with noise, and Scott had to yell into the megaphone to calm his buddies down again.

When the crowd was under control, Scott announced the day’s entertainment program. “My buddy Kev and I have prepared a little something for you.” He smiled at Kev and handed him the megaphone. “Bro?”

“Thanks, bro.” Kev turned to the crowd, a huge grin on his face. “I know how much you all love boy bands”, he explained to riotous laughter. “That’s why we have created a little dance routine for your enjoyment.”

A cheesy boyband ballad started blaring from the loud speakers, and Scott and Kev started dancing. It was a cheesy, simple routine, and the two frat guys’ dancing skills were severely limited – but it elicited laughter and frenetic applause from the raucous crowd.

In the middle of the song, Kev raised his arms and started waving them, causing the music to stop.

“Something is missing”, he said with a grin, sticking to the script that they had worked out.

“What do you mean, bro?” Scott replied, scratching his head. Then he turned to the crowd and smiled. “Oh, I know what you mean!”

With that, the garage door opened, revealing a huge arsenal of water guns of all sizes.

“Come on, everybody!” Scott yelled. “Grab as many guns as you can, load them up, and soak us!”

The crowd cheered, and a few moments later, Kev and Scott were facing a heavily armed group of guys who were just waiting to aim their water guns at their friends.

As soon as the music started, Kev and Scott were doused in water, and their white clothes were soaked in seconds, clinging to their bodies and assuming a see-through quality that revealed every single part of their bodies.

“Aim for the dick!” someone yelled.

“Oh no!” Scott yelled, spreading his legs wide and raising his hands to his face in exaggerated fear. “Not the dick! Not my beautiful dick!” Naturally, his pose left his crotch wide open, and his hilarious pleading caused every single one of his frat brothers to target his crotch.

“What about my dick?!” Kev complained, putting his hands behind his head. “Come on, guys, my dick is beautiful, too!”

Accompanied by riotous laughter, the crowd went back and forth between their frat brothers’ crotches.

Kev and Scott played to the crowd, grimacing and moaning as their crotches were splashed with water. It stung a little, but it didn’t hurt, it just made their pants so wet that their dicks were on full display through the soaked fabric.

The song ended with Scott standing behind Kev, grabbing the collar of his shirt from behind and ripping it off, revealing Kev’s chiseled chests and driving the crowd wild.

“Now it’s time for the water balloons”, Scott yelled.

In the back of the garage, two large boxes filled with water balloons were quickly emptied by the cheering crowd, and they started hurling the balloons at Kev.

Just as planned, Scott grabbed the waistband of Kev’s pants and yanked on it to rip it off. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Instead of ripping off Kev’s pants, Scott pulled them up, wedging Kev’s genitals against his body.

Kev’s eyes lost focus and his mouth formed a little O as his nuts were crunched while a barrage of water balloons hit him in the crotch.

It was a hilarious sight that made the crowd roar with laughter: Kev’s dick and balls were visible through the wet, transparent fabric, inseam splitting his sack in the middle, pressing his left nut against his left thigh and his right nut against his right thigh. His dick got it even worse, getting choked near the head, pressed against his body.

Scott gritted his teeth, yanking on Kev’s pants as Kev’s balls were hit with a series of water balloons. “Come on”, he grunted, squishing and squashing Kev’s nuts as he yanked and pulled on his pants. “Come on!”

The crowd went wild with cheers and laughter, aiming water balloon after water balloon at Kev’s crotch, hitting him again and again as Scott tried to rip off his pants, squishing and squashing his dick and balls with the sturdy fabric.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, with a loud RRRRIPPPP that was heard even over the laughter and cheers of the crowd, Kev’s pants came off and his dick and balls flopped around wildly.

It was precisely at that moment that one of the guys in the crowd, probably Colin or Ben, one of Kev’s best friends, decided to be extra-funny and throw a baseball at Kev’s nuts.

Kev’s face turned into a mask of pain as his balls were hit by the ball, and he instantly sank to his knees, dripping wet, bare naked and covering his nuts.

Scott held up Kev’s ripped pants like a trophy, only to be hit in the nuts by another baseball, and joining his buddy on the ground.

In the crowd, Colin and Ben high-fived as everybody around them clapped and cheered.

On the stage, with both studs dripping wet and Kev bare naked, the show took an unexpected turn when Kev decided that Scott should take off his clothes as well.

He grabbed his shirt and ripped it off, but when it came to Scott’s pants, Scott – remembering what Kev had to go through when his pants were ripped off – fought back.

Very quickly, the fight on stage turned into a dirty wrestling match in the garden.

Kev and Scott rolled around on the grass and in the dirt, surrounded by their cheering, laughing frat brothers who egged them on as they wrestled each other.

“Go for his fucking nuts!” somebody yelled.

Both Kev and Scott heeded the advice and headed south, trying to grab their opponent’s manhood.

With all the water and the dirt, the match quickly turned into a mud wrestling match.

Scott’s pants came off rather easily, and both studs wrestled naked as their friends hosed them with water and booze.

Somebody threw an unopened beer can at them, hitting Kev square in the nuts.

Kev let out an ear-piercing shriek as the pain crippled him, and Scott took advantage of the situation, pinning him to the ground and making him submit.

Both of them were wet with water and booze, sweaty, their naked bodies covered in mud.

The crowd cheered and laughed as Scott grabbed Kev’s nuts and squeezed them hard, twisting them viciously as he roared with laughter.

“Looks like I got you by the balls”, Scott laughed to riotous laughter from the crowd.

Naturally, the fellow members of Scott’s fraternity enjoyed watching Kev’s humiliation, but even Kev’s own frat brothers cheered and laughed and clapped their hands.

Colin and Ben, ostensibly Kev’s best friends, laughed the loudest, and Ben even emptied a bottle of booze over Kev’s head, prompting other guys to do the same.

Kev was screaming and squealing like a pig as he was showered in booze while his nuts were squished and squashed in Scott’s strong hand.

Finally, Scott let go of Kev’s sack and straddled him, rubbing his muddy dick and balls over Kev’s pain-contorted face.

The crowd went wild.

Kev opened his mouth and took a snap at Scott’s nuts – but a quick punch in the balls made him stop and scream from the top of his lungs.

“I think we need to take a shower”, Scott announced with a huge grin. He grabbed Kev and put him over his shoulder, no small feat considering Kev’s muscular frame, and the crowd roared with cheers and laughter.

Scott made sure that Kev’s dick and balls were wedged between his thighs as he carried him through the crowd, allowing everybody to smack Kev’s sack and his ass as he was carried across the garden to the shower.

Scott walked extra-slowly to give everybody an opportunity to smack and slap Kev’s exposed genitals, and the crowd appreciated it. Everybody landed at least one slap or punch to Kev’s ass or his nuts, and by the time they reached the garden shower, Kev’s ass covered in hand prints and his dick and balls were red and sore.

“Show’s over, guys!” Scott yelled, turning to the crowd, giving Kev’s balls one final smack and making him scream in agony. “Now let’s party!”

The crowd cheered and headed back to the garage where the beer and the booze was waiting for them, and Scott dropped Kev who immediately doubled over, cupping his groin.

“Good job”, Scott grinned, raising his hand for a high five.

Kev’s hand went south, landing a perfect sack tap to Scott’s muddy genitals and making Scott yelp in pain and laugh at the same time.

“Yeah, good job, bro”, Kev mumbled, chuckling as he examined his aching genitals.

They showered together, tapping each other in the nuts a few more times, before putting on a pair of sweat pants joining the rest of the crowd for a long night of drinking, partying and good-natured fun.


Anonymous said...

Hot story thanks Alex. Was fun owning Kev's nuts in front of everyone! (Scott)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Scott! I'm glad you enjoyed your story! :-))