Monday, June 29, 2020

Battle for the captain's title - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy and Reg)

This is the 13th part of the Gino and Jayden series, and it is EPIC! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

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Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Jayden storms out of his home, Bill hurrying to keep up with him.

“What’s the plan?” Bill asks.

“We have to hurry while they’re still at the pool. Let’s go straight to the locker room, I’m going to make Chase pay for what he’s done to you, Doug and the rest of the team.”

Bill stops, “But the team already left. No one will be there now. And Coach said our next training is in a week’s time.”

Jayden stops in his tracks and frowns. ”Dammit! I can’t wait that long, I’m so fired up now, but I guess we’ll have to find another opportunity.” He sighs, rubbing his chin as he stares out into the darkness, moonlight illuminating his valiant face in a soft glow as he ponders his options.

“Hang on!” Bill raises his eyebrows with an eager grin “Chase said he would arrange a special training for us soon. Let me check my phone”

Bill whips out his phone and quickly scans his messages “Yes! Look at this! He wants everyone back at the pool for a special practice on Saturday!”

“That’ll work!” Jayden’s eyes light up “And if we get there early, I’m sure I can rally all the boys against him and provide some backup in case Chase tries to resist!”

“Yeah well Chase always arrive late, he thinks his time is more precious than the team’s!” Bill frowns and shakes his head at the very thought of Chase. Then the boys turn and head back to Jayden’s house.

Jayden smiles purposefully at the thought of avenging Bills suffering. He can’t wait to knock Chase off his perch and appoint a truly worthy Captain for his former team-mates.

As planned, Jayden and Bill are first to arrive at the empty pool and they immediately begin to change in the locker room. Bill quickly slips off his sweatpants to reveal his sky-blue team trunks. He then looks up just as Jayden is pulling up his contrasting red Bartlet speedos. Bill gazes as Jayden carefully tucks his impressive genitals inside, forming a prominent bulge in the bright red fabric. He chuckles “Wow! You will really stand out in those, Jayden!”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Jayden’s smooth handsome face grins back “Actually I think this red is rather obnoxious, I much prefer my old blue ones”

“Oh right, funny, I didn’t even notice the color…Big-Boy!” Bill wink’s back then gives Jayden’s bulge a playful grope making sure to get a good feel of his hefty balls in the process.

Jayden chuckles as he re-adjusts his package then he grabs his boy-nuts proudly and turns back to Bill “As you told me, Chase only got to be captain because he has the biggest balls on the team. Well if it comes down to it, I will gladly remind him that these puppies are still the bigger set! Either way, I can’t wait to see Chase scarpering away with his tail between his legs.”

Bill grins excitedly, “Yeah, your plan can’t fail! We’ll unite the whole team around Shane and rise up together. Chase doesn’t have the balls to take us all on together, especially with you backing us up.”

Jayden smiles at his boyfriend then leans in and gives a quick peck on the younger boy’s lips. Bill frowns, never satisfied with such a brief exchange, and pulls Jayden downwards as he gets on his tippy toes to give Jayden a proper kiss, one with passion as he merges his lips with Jayden’s, listening for the quiet moans that he enjoys so much.

Jayden pulls back, “Bill you have to stop, you’ll give me a boner,” Jayden gazes downward to indicate his growing erection that is quickly traveling to half-mast.

Bill gets a wicked grin, and leans his thin frames against Jayden hugging him, rubbing himself against Jayden’s rising erection. “Maybe that’s the idea Jayden,” Bill says seductively.

Jayden groans, his eyes showcasing his growing desire, but he fights it off, gently pushing Bill away and taking a few deep breathes. Then he steps under the showerhead letting the cold burst of water to stream over him. Jayden makes sure the jet of water hits his erection first, hoping the icy chill will have the desired effect, and cause him to lose his obnoxious stiffy. “I’ll get you…back for that…Bill” Jayden voice trembles as the ice water causes goose bumps to spread over his skin and makes his teeth chatter..

“Now you look even hotter,” Bill moans, gazing at Jayden, watching his nipples shrink under the stream as he reaches forward to run his fingertips up and down his boyfriend’s torso, his digits pulsing with bursting warmth over Jayden’s wet cold skin. “Damn, you know how hard I get when I see you even half naked…and those wet speedos leave so little to the imagination.” Bill traces his fingers around Jayden’s scrotum which continues to tighten, drawing his plump nuts up towards the base of his shaft. “God, I love your bulging nutsac, look here’s lefty and here’s my favorite, the slightly bigger righty. Is that because your right-handed? I’ve always wondered if it works that way with nut size.” Bill chuckles, squeezing each ball playfully.

“Bill, stop it...!” Jayden shudders.

“Ah, and up comes little Jayden, if you can call him little.” Bill laughs as he tugs on Jayden’s throbbing dick, which slides underneath his fingers.

“Bill…you’ve got to stop…I’m getting hard again,” Jayden’s eyes slowly begin to close as he moans, his dick pulsating beneath Bill’s sensual touch.

“Sorry are we interrupting?” Shane laughs as he enters the locker room followed by Leroy. “Jayden! Well, I didn’t expect to see you back here again.”

“Yeah, er, what is he doing here, anyway?” Leroy mutters to Shane as he begins to strip off his clothes.

Bill disentangles himself somewhat reluctantly from his boyfriend and steps away, letting the gathering boys get a full view of Jayden standing in the shower stream, his erection obvious to anyone. “Go on, Jayden, you tell them.”

Jayden steps out of the shower, which continues to splash as he looks around at his former team-mates with a warm smile. “Well boys, I’m here to help you appoint Shane as your captain! But first…”

“Jayden?” Adam interrupts, spitting out the name in disgust as he enters through the doorway. He steps forward sneering as his beady eyes narrow. “Let me guess, your shower’s broken at home, poor boy, or did your family run out of soap again?”

Chase’s right hand man crosses his arms in front of his chest and his glaring eyes turn to Bill, “Actually, I bet this is your little scheme, Bill. Well you just wait until Chase gets here.”

Max and Rex, the twins follow Adam in snickering, “Yeah! He’ll go mental.”

Shane looks at Chase’s cronies then slowly shakes his head in despair as he shouts, “Just shut up, you mindless creeps. You’re nothing more than lapdogs to that bully. Seriously you guys make Crabbe and Goyle look like rocket scientists.”

Bill continues with, “Yeah! If butt kissing was a competition you three would win by a mile.”

Jayden, Bill, and Shane laugh at the awkward looks passing between Adam and the twins. Adam scowls and finally decides to take some initiative. Ignoring Shane and Bill, he marches straight up to Jayden and pokes his finger into Jayden’s chest between his nipples.

“Look here! Chase is our captain now, Jayden, and you’re not welcome in our locker room.” Adam peers down at Jayden’s red speedo’s and gives a quick snap of the fabric, “See, you’re a fucking Bartlet boy now, you red traitor.”

The air in the room cools, and the light hair on the back of Jayden’s arms stands up as Adam lays into him.

“Yeah,” Max says. “You deserted us and anyway Shane doesn’t have the balls to be a leader. We may have done well while you were on the team, but you left a big gaping hole when you walked out on us….”

“Right!” Adam stares defiantly at Jayden, his mean eyes boring into him “And now Chase is picking up the pieces and putting our team back together after the mess you left us in!”

Jayden breathes in deeply, knowing deep down that Chase’s goons have a valid point.

“I guess you’re right.” Jayden hangs his head

“Jayden!” Bill shouts in shock.

“Look I’m sorry guys, I had to change school because of a family issue that I had to step-up and sort out. I let it take precedence over this team, and that’s not fair,” Jayden sidesteps Adam so he can look around the room now that most of the team are present. “I wish that I was still here, I really do. That doesn’t mean that I stopped caring about you guys. I still go to watch your races when I can, I’m still your biggest fan.”

Jayden pauses and gulps as his eyes begin to well up.

“I may be wearing these,” he says pointing down at his red speedos, “But deep down I still feel part of this team and I want you to win. I may swim in a rival swim team, but those guys will never be friends like most of you are, they don’t have the heart that this team has. Remember last year how we all pulled together to win the state championship for the first time in 30 years! Even without me you can repeat that success but only if you’re all supporting each other.”

Jayden looks around the room and is relieved to see his words are taking roots. Even Adam and the twins have discarded their cynical sneers and seem to be following his every word.

“Shane is the best swimmer this team has. He’s also kind, dedicated, and totally committed to the team. Chase is just dividing you and bringing shame to this team! He’s nothing but a bully and a cheat. I mean look what he did to Doug! Don’t let Chase turn you into what you are not, guys. If you all rise up together you can overthrow him and show him that his ‘Big-Balls’ count for nothing...and then one of you should tell Coach what really happened to Doug…”

“Oh, I can do that!” Chase laughs loudly from the entrance. “It sounds like a job for the captain, after all!”

Chase leans casually against the door frame and gives a small wave to Jayden. “So nice to see you again, Jayden! Let me guess, you missed me so much you had to stop by.”

Jayden scoffs, “Pfft,” as he rolls his eyes.

”What a shame I missed your big speech” Chase tuts and shakes his head, strutting amongst the boys as he clears the entrance to the locker room. “Well I did hear something about my big balls, I bet you can’t wait to see them again.”

Chase walks over to his locker never taking his eyes off of Jayden as he pulls his blue shirt over his head, dropping the fabric to the floor. He grins as he flexes his impressive chest then slips both hands into the waistband of his grey sweatpants and slowly begins to slide them down like a cheap stripper. “Ooops!” he gasps “Looks like someone forgot to wear underwear today.”

“Chase!” Jayden scowls as he closes the gap between them.

“What? You don’t believe me,” Chase raises his eyebrows as he edges down the sweats just low enough to show Jayden his bare pubis, and the root of his thick cock. “Look! See I told you.”

Jayden has been trying hard to ignore his rival’s exquisite body, but that glimpse of Chase’s boyhood makes him take pause, and gulp. He opens his dry mouth to speak just as Chase lets his sweats drop to the ground. Jayden stands gaping then exhales slowly between his lips, his hungry eyes glued to Chase’s delicious teenage manhood. Chase grins back as he notices the throbbing in Jayden’s bulge and begins to roll his beloved orbs in one hand, “I see you’re still impressed by my big balls, Jayden! Now let’s see if I can squeeze them into my speedos. I must get myself a bigger pair, maybe with a spangly captain’s emblem imprinted on them.”

“Look Chase your… er…swimwear is not what I came to talk to you about,” Jayden stammers, struggling to tare his eyes away from the older teen’s irresistible naked form. Finally he manages to meet Chase’s eyes and harden his resolve “I’m here because I won’t let you rip this team apart!” Jayden spits out the words harshly, his confidence growing.

 “Oh well that seems a bit rich, coming from you,” Chase smirks peering down as he packs his tackle into his trunks and arranges his equipment so his shaft lays against the left side, his bulbous balls resting beneath. “See what I mean, Jayden, my big nuts barely fit.”

Chase looks up with a grin then saunters towards Jayden until he stands just inches away. He puffs up his chest and sneers down with a smug grin, showcasing his dominance with his physical advantage.

“When Coach finds out what you did to Doug, I hope he kicks you off the team” Jayden scowls standing his ground and refusing to be intimidated by his older and somewhat bigger rival. His eyes shift up and down Chase’s chiseled torso trying to ignore the rogue part of his brain begging him to reach out and caress the blond boy’s Adonis-like muscles. Worst of all his rebellious cock that has been throbbing hard since Chase entered the locker room is now fully erect, stretching the seams of his skimpy undergarment. The crass, throbbing tent in his bright red speedos has certainly not gone unnoticed by Chase who is now grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Now don’t get over-excited, Jayden!” Chase winks then chuckles sarcastically “No one will miss Doug, he’s just a loser like most of the wrestling team. He sucked as a swimmer and didn’t exactly win me over with his wits and charm either. Even Baby-Balls put him to shame in the pool, didn’t you Bill?” Chase turns his mocking gaze across to Bill as he pokes fun at the boy’s shortcomings.

“Don’t call him that!” Jayden stamps his foot and stares up with a threatening glare “Bill might have bigger balls than you one day, Chase, so don’t you dare mock him!”

“Yeah right! Even Doug’s beloved wrestler balls fell short compared to my beauties, I really showed him who has the biggest balls on the team! You should have seen how I pummeled his hairy nuggets into pulp, I heard he still can’t walk straight and still cries about the beating his worthless nuts took,” Chase grins. “I should thank you, Jayden, you showed me some tricks when we got revenge on Gino.”

“Gino deserved it; Doug did not!” Jayden emphasizes pounding his fist into his open palm. “I won’t stand for you captaining this team any longer. You pick on anyone that opposes you and you don’t stop until you break their will…or something worse! You’re a disgrace!”

“Oh yeah?” Chase smirks glancing around the room and taking care to meet the eyes of Adam and the twins, Max and Rex. “And who’s going to stop me? A little traitor like you?” Chase flicks Jayden in his erect cock head causing Jayden to flinch and the rest of the team to gasp at his audacity.

“Screw you!” Jayden gulps, grabbing Chase’s finger and looks around the room, “Come on boys, do any of you really want Chase as Captain?”

The swim team exchange nervous glances then to Jayden’s dismay a few hands raise while others hesitate, clearly wavering. He sighs in disappointment as his plan to lead a peaceful revolution comes crashing down at his feet.

“Poor Jayden! You look like a dog that’s lost his bone” Chase chides, flicking a different finger at the boy’s waning boner.

“Stop it, Chase! That’s enough, now I’m still going to put you in your place!” Jayden huffs as he rearranges his wilting erection. “And when I walk out of here, Shane will be captain, not you.” And with that acknowledgement Jayden shoves Chase hard, causing him to stumble back.

“Aww Jayden, I thought that we were friends. You should be proud of Captain Chase and his mighty nuts,” Chase smiles back as he gropes his beloved jewels, “Now run away Jayden before you get hurt, a little boy like you has no chance against a man, like me.”

Chase smirks across at Jayden as he clenches his upper body, show-casing the stunning definition of his chest and abs. He then runs his hands down his rippling six pack and around his big bulge, all the while grinning at Jayden’s raging boner.

“You’ve got no chance against my muscles!” he brags.

“I’m not scared of you, Chase, and I’ll never be friends with a bully like you!” Jayden glares defiantly then slaps Chase hard across the face wiping the smirk off the handsome stud’s face. A cold shiver runs down Jayden’s spine and for a moment he wishes that he could take it back, find another way to deal with Chase, but his testosterone is now flooding his veins, his heart pounds, and he feels an over-riding urge to bring Chase to justice, by physical force if needed.

The room resounds with gasps of excitement as Jayden advances forwards, his eyes narrowing.

“We could have been friends, I really thought you’d changed, but then you pull this bull shit,” Jayden rears back then power-punches Chase full force in his center of his sizzling six-pack making the older boy exhale sharply and bend forward, stunned by the force of the hit.

“Picking on smaller team members,” Jayden continues, punching Chase again in his beautiful abs and making him groan and clutch his stomach.

“Kicking off new potential talents,” Now Jayden grabs Chase’s shoulders and smashes his knee up with wicked power deep into Chase’s lower abdomen.

“Oooof!” Chase heaves as Jayden’s knee shatters the fine muscles between his perfect v-line, just above his bright blue speedos.

“And most of all, for belittling others about the size of their balls, when you know that mine are bigger!” With that, Jayden slams a wicked uppercut deep into Chase’s diaphragm causing him to sink to his knees. “You are pathetic.”

“Fuck!” Chase wheezes and groans curling up on his knees grasping his midsection as he tries to figure out how his lungs work again.

“Get up, tough guy!” Jayden snarls down at his beaten opponent “What’s wrong? Your pretty abs can’t take a punch from a fourteen year old?”

“Ugh! Oh God! My fucking guts!” he gasps in pain, his body rocking back and forth as he shakes his head.

“Come on Captain, get up! Use your big muscles!” Adam pleads, fists clenching uselessly by his sides as he stares aghast at his fallen hero.

“Face facts, Adam, all these muscles are just for show?” Jayden smirks as he pokes his toe into Chase’s solid biceps. “I knew it, Chase, your pretty abs are just as weak as your balls and now that I have put you in your place, I command you to relinquish the captaincy!” Jayden grabs Chase’s blonde hair as he forces the older boy to look upwards at him. “Submit now or I will really hurt you!”

Behind Jayden, Adam approaches sneakily and rears back ready to plant his foot into the plump red bullseye, but an alert Bill quickly intervenes, blocking his target then upper cutting Adam between the legs. His small fist buries itself into Adam’s prominent bulge causing the boy to howl, “My balls, aww damn!”. The helpless stooge slumps to his knees as Bill laughs then knocks him over with a foot to the chest.

Jayden turns around to thank Bill, but the twins rush up and quickly overpower Bill, their actions smooth and synchronized as always. Max grabbing the boy’s skinny arms and swinging him round for Rex to slam his bony knee up between the boy’s slim athletic ”Yeah, right in his baby nuts! They’re a tiny target, Max, but I totally nailed them, I reckon. Did I get ‘em Bill?” Rex taunts him, then knees Bill again just to make sure; his screams echoing off of the tiled walls.

Jayden lets Chase go and grabs Max in a head lock, choking out the twin’s air pipe, “You are going to regret that,” Jayden warns reaching his other hand between Max’s legs and finding his delicate round targets. “How dare you call anyone baby balls, when this is what you’re packing,” Jayden whispers as he crushes the twins under-developed nuts in his fist, giving them a wicked twist as he heaves Max up in his double chocking grip strangling the boy’s throat and balls.

Rex’s face is quickly turning a horrible shade of muted purple and Max turns to save him. First tossing Bill to the ground where he curls up, holding his small balls, then rushing towards Jayden, “Leave my brother alone!”

“Sure, catch!” Jayden heaves Rex off of the floor, his trained muscles bulging and tosses the small boy like a ragdoll to Max, who barely catches him as his knees buckle. Max’s lean biceps scream in protest. Jayden rushes forward, clenching his teeth as he lifts his bare foot upwards sending his foot, toes first into Max’s modest speedo mound. His eyes bulge outwards, but still he does not drop his brother, as he stands dumbfounded, not sure how to process the tiny explosions inside of his speedo’s.

“Maybe you’ll drop him now,” Jayden kicks Max again, slamming his heel deep into the small blue bulge, which causes Max to finally drop to his knees, still desperately clutching his brother’s body as his mouth drops open in a silent scream.

Jayden raises his eyebrows in surprise, the corners of his lips rising into a sweet smile as he says, “There’s nothing like a brother’s love, I should know. But this is for Bill,” with that he steps forward closing the distance and boots Max so hard in the balls that he topples him over backwards. Rex rises airborne as Max pulls his knees toward himself mewling in pain. Then Rex lands on him and both twins manage to knee each other sickeningly in the groin, shattering their common family jewels. The brothers’ glassy gaze lingers as they stare into each other’s eyes as an unbelievable pain washes over them. Max rolls next to Rex where they each grab onto the other’s damaged goods whispering apologies as they whine about the fate of their boyhoods. “Our poor ruined balls,” Max sobs.

“That fucker! Our family line is over!” Rex croaks back.

Jayden turns back to Chase just as he clambers back to his feet, finally able to catch his second wind. Chase peers across at Jayden and smirks as he notices that Jayden is now leaking precum at the tip of his speedo where his erection is still pulsing beneath the tight fabric. He feels a sudden thrill knowing that Jayden too gets turned on by the sweet power of dominating other guys and busting their puny balls. Chase looks up to see the fierce determination in Jayden’s brown eyes, his Cheshire cat grin fades.

“Your lieutenants are finished Chase, and so are you!” Jayden walks boldly forward. Small droplets of water now mixed with sweat on his skin from his earlier shower. The water beads run down Jayden’s lithe swimmer’s body in rivulets as he clenches his fists walking determinedly towards Chase.

Chase in all his rage still can’t help but admire Jayden. He’s in his prime and clearly a real force to be reckoned with. That initial whirlwind attack almost demolished Chase’s beautiful abs and now his three best friends are out of commission too.

“You caught me by surprise, Jayden, well done!” Chase smirks, still clutching his stomach “But my manly abs are unbreakable. I’m simply too strong for you!”

“Well, Chase, you never give up, I have to give you credit for that” Jayden’s right eyebrow goes up, above his liquid brown eyes as he smiles. “Looks like I’ll have to take out your Big Balls again, if it’s the only way to get through to you.”

Jayden moves into a wrestlers stance and moves with grace as he comes lurking forward. Chase mimics him, crouching down as Jayden approaches and feints lunging at Jayden. Jayden moves to grab onto Chase, but catches nothing but air as Chase swirls to his left, instead of the right and lands a glancing knee in Jayden’s side. The blow does not harm Jayden, but the force makes him stumble stupidly forward as Chase fires a second attack this one with deadly accuracy and punches Jayden in directly into both of Jayden’s bulging nuts.

Jayden’s eyes open in surprise, as the old familiar feeling of pulsating sharp pain engulfs him, “Ah, you got me in my boynuts!”

“Yes!” Chase whoops as he jumps onto of Jayden sending both of them to the floor. Chase manages to school boy pin Jayden’s arms above his head, stretching out Jayden’s body beneath him as he places his knee directly on top of Jayden’s bulge. Chase just lets the sheer weight of his muscular legs compress Jayden’s balls making him groan in agony as he realizes the danger he is in. “Do you know where my knee is?” Chase asks sarcastically. “Can you feel your boynuts flattening,” Chase chuckles as he sinks his knee ever deeper into Jayden’s nutsac.

“Aww shit,” Jayden groans. “Couldn’t you just do the right thing Chase?” Jayden whispers.

“No changing the topic now,” Chase smirks pressing his knee bone even further as he tries to turn Jayden’s nuts into pancakes. “What. Am. I. Doing?” With each word Chase bounces his knee up, and slams it back into place knocking Jaden’s balls against the unforgiving tiles with nowhere to go or escape.

“Ugh! My boy…nuts…” Jayden’s face crumples in pain, and Chase laps it up like a dog gulping from a water bowl, as his eyes feast of Jayden’s pain.

“Say it!” Chase demands.

“You’re crushing my boy-nuts with your knee!” Shouts Jayden as he digs down deep and head butts Chase in between the older boy’s eyes.

Chase rolls off of him grabbing his handsome face, “You bitch!”

Jayden pulls down his speedos to inspect his boys. They look to be undamaged, but his boy-nuts still throb intensely beneath his grasp. He groans in pain, then notices Bill’s anxious expression and feels a sudden resolve to see this through. Slowly he gets on his hands and knees then rises up from the floor.

“Damn! Do you have balls of steel or what?” Chase gapes in surprise as he also gets to his feet. “Well at least you’re not weak between the legs like most wrestlers! Doug’s a good example of that. Good, now I get another crack at your boy-nuts!”

“I don’t think so, Chase, now it’s the turn for your big-balls!” Jayden flips in the air, and lands in front of Chase who gasps in shock as Jayden sucker punches him with a powerful jab directly to Chase’s cum making factories.

Chase inhales and screams, “My fucking nuts!” Jayden follows it up with a quick left -right combo, burying both fists deep into Chase’s vulnerable speedo bulge.

Chase howls in pain, trying to save his beloved testicles by grabbing each of Jayden’s fists and pulling them apart with all his remaining strength. Jayden tries to resist then groans in despair, feeling horribly impotent as Chase uses his superior upper body strength to wrench his arms out wide and slowly bend them behind his back.  His face falls against Chase’s chest as he gets a close up of the beautiful rippling pecs as they twitch and flex, making his small pert nipples jog up and down. Jayden moans as he feels his youthful body being devoured by Chase’s flourishing masculinity, the older teen’s stunning muscles slowly grinding him down both physically and psychologically. Jayden hangs his head in despair, his eyes tracing a path down Chase’s sculpted abs to the impressive bulge in his blue shorts. He bites his lip as suddenly he’s reminded how he put Chase out of commission the last time, a neat trick he learned from Gino.

THUD! Looking deep into Chase’s blue eyes he powers his kneecap directly between the boy’s muscular thighs making the young stud gasp, his big biceps trembling as Jayden grabs harder onto Chase’s wrists and slams another knee deep into the boy’s vulnerable blue pouch, this time targeting the unmistakable contours of his beefy testicles.

“Fuck, not my big balls again! Jayden, no!”

Horror creeps into Chase’s eyes as he watches Jayden aim his kneecap before pulling it back as far as it can go behind him. Chase shakes his head, his muscular body quivering in fear as he pleads “No, no, no” over and over but Jayden just grins and powers his knee up with such phenomenal power and speed that Chase’s testicles implode as he’s lifted clear off the ground. Chase finally falls silent, his jaw wide open in a soundless scream as his hands paw pathetically at his groin.

“What’s wrong, stud? Can’t you handle a knee in the balls?” Jayden yells victoriously as he pumps his knee one final time into Chase’s ruined balls before slowly lowering his knee and watching as the muscular teen slumps groaning and finally falls to his knees. The blond bully’s defeated face is now at eye level with the Jayden’s signature red Bartlet speedos.

“Check out my big bulge, Chase!” Jayden grins, thrusting his overstuffed basket into the loser’s face “These big, sturdy boy-nuts really put yours to shame.”

Jayden finally releases Chase’s arms so he can clutch his wounded boyhood. Then he pulls down the top of his red speedo’s Jayden and forces Chase to gaze at his plump boy-nuts. “From this vantage point you can really see my nuts are bigger, right?”

“N…no…no way!” Chase stammers defiantly shaking his head, then he groans and swears “Oh God, my big balls are fucked!”

“Big balls my ass!” Jayden pulls up his speedos and drops down to his knees next to Chase. “Now will you give up that title of captain, or…” Jayden reaches a hand between Chase’s thighs forcing his way into the blue speedos and grabs one of Chase’s treasured gonads “OR…do I have to squeeze this little guy.”

“No!” Chase shakes his head in despair “I will never submit to you.”

“We’ll see about that! Now, Chase, this one must be lefty… it feels smaller.” Jayden grins as he runs his fingers along the cords that twist around Chase’s nut. “Or is it righty?” Jayden pushes his thumb into the side so he can really feel the cords bending into Chase’s nut.

Chase shakes in terror, whimpering. “That’s my big right one, Fucker! Now let it go!”

“Okay let’s switch to the other!” Jayden snaps his fingers with Chase’s right ball between them causing white lights to flash in front of Chase’s eyes as Jayden, relinquishes his grip and fumbles inside his trunks before grasping the other testicle “What do we have here? This one’s even smaller. What a cute little nut, you can’t make much cum with this little fellow, huh?”

A bead of drool drips from between Chase’s lips landing between the boys as he splutters out, “Oh shit, my left ball! I’ll get you for this!” Chase moans from deep within his diaphragm, his head lolling against Jayden’s chest and he whimpers something that Jayden can’t quite hear.

“What’s that Chase? You have to speak up!” Jayden’s fingers surrounds Chase’s left ball so that he can tenderize the nut from multiple angels. Jayden pulls Chase’s head up and points him towards the watching swim-team. “Did you just submit?”

“No! Damn you! Oh God, you’re killing my gonad…” Chase complains.

“Oh, am I as bad as Gino?” Jayden smirks!

“No!” Chase gulps glumly.

“Yeah, your probably right about that, no-one busts balls like Gino.” Jayden chuckles.

Chase suddenly makes a move to release his precious left ball. Grabbing Jayden’s wrist he pulls hard trying wrench it from his aching gonad, but Jayden tightens his grip making Chase howl in agony. Then his living hell gets worse as Jayden adjusts his hold so that both balls are tightly clamped in his deadly grip. Jayden stands up pulling Chase groaning to his feet then bends him at the waist, maneuvering him into a position that he’s been practicing for the past two weeks.

“Now this might loosen your tongue!” Jayden grins and looks around at the watching swim-team “Now boys, this move is called the Crotch Lift!”

Jayden moves behind his rival and wraps his free arm around Chase’s slim waist where it joins his other hands, giving both hands full access to Chase’s pride and joy. Jayden bends his knees a bit then jerks upwards, every muscle straining as he heaves Chase into the air with the full weight of Chase’s body suspended by his own private parts. Jayden grins proudly as he staggers forward carrying the writhing teen out of the locker room. “Follow me boys, I know exactly what to do with this creep!”

“Oh dear God! My big balls! Fuck!” Chase groans and howls in pain. “Dammit, you’re crushing my testicles! Please put me down.” Tears well up in Chase’s eyes as he feels his proud balls squishing and squashing in Jayden’s nut-crushing grip. He writhes in agony but can find no way to save his young testicles from Jayden’s devastating hold. To make things worse his big cock is now rock hard from the relentless manhandling of his love spuds.

Jayden laughs as he holds Chase aloft by the pool edge transferring one hand to grip Chase’s throbbing boner “It looks like someone needs to cool down, boys!” Jayden’s laughter spreads among the watching swimmers then Jayden turns back to Chase.

“Ah yes, look at my old pool, Chase! This is where I used to out swim you in every event I ever competed!” Jayden hugs Chase closer, both boys now sporting mighty erections and he can’t help moaning as he manipulates the plump teenage balls in Chase’s speedo, pulling them apart until they suddenly pop out on either sides of Chase’s blue speedo.

“My balls!” Chase gasps in shame, whimpering as his balls are exposed, naked and vulnerable in front of the whole team that are now gawking and catcalling with Bill and Shane leading the parade by chanting, “In the pool. In the pool. In the pool!”

“My big balls…I’ll kill you for this…bastard!” Chase’s voice cracks and breaks, his hollow threats lost among the clambering yells of the swim.

“Sure you will, Big boy,” Without ceremony Jayden tosses Chase into the deep end of the pool.

Chase comes up coughing and spluttering “Oh my fucking nuts!” he gasps in despair as he sinks back down facing the challenging task of squeezing his plump aching gonads nuts back into the undersized speedo’s. Finally he surfaces again grabbing onto the rough cement border of the pool.

Jayden laughs, stamping on his hand, then puts a foot on Chase’s shoulder and shoves him back into the depths. “I don’t think you’ve cooled off enough yet, buddy.”

Bill is wolf whistling and Shane is clapping his hands in delight as they beam at each other, “Thanks for bringing Jayden. I had no idea that he could take care of Chase like this!”

“He’s amazing! And he’s so tough from all that wrestling!” Bill beams proudly “Man, he totally knocked the stuffing out of Chase…not to mention his stupid goons! The funny thing is, he actually wanted to avoid violence, he’s got such a soft heart, and he still believes there’s some goodness inside Chase”

“Yeah, Jayden is too nice sometimes! I mean did you see how he was gazing at Chase, like some kind of jilted lover” Shane laughs and rolls his eyes “Now watch, Bill! This will be good, the team are gathering around Jayden.”

With all the action over, the swim team slowly converge around the victorious Jayden, muttering amongst each other about the fate of their beloved team. Chase drifts away to the other side of the pool where he clings to the metal steps, sulking and groaning in testicular agony as he tries to avoid the glances of his team-mates.

Aldo is the first to break the silence. The good looking Hispanic boy sweeps back his dark black hair, then clears his throat and grabs Jayden’s shoulder, turning him around to face him. Jayden’s eyebrows go up in surprise.

“Aldo!” he smiles back at his old friend.

Aldo clenches his jaw as he eyes Jayden up and down. “Congratulations Jayden, you really trashed Chase’s big balls and humiliated him. I bet you feel proud of yourself”

“Yeah, well you guys won’t need to worry about Chase anymore,” Jayden inhales proudly “And actually, boys, his big balls are actually smaller than mine” Jayden winks as he peers down and proudly cups his impressive bulge. But when he looks up, Aldo is just standing and frowning back at him.

“What? Do you seriously think this is over?” Aldo eyebrows furrow as he scowls back “Chase is tough as hell, idiot! He never gives up and that’s why he’s our captain. You better watch your back, Jayden, because Chase will be coming for you!”

“Somehow I doubt it, Aldo. You saw how I demolished his pretty abs then crushed his pathetic balls! He’s a typical bully, he acts all tough but when it comes to the crunch he’s pretty weak…especially between the legs!” Jayden chuckles “His scrambled eggs will not want to meet my kneecap again for a while!”

“Bullshit Jayden! Trust me, Chase is far from finished. You really think you can just walk out of here, wipe your hands clean and saunter back to your beloved Bartlet High School” Aldo spits on the floor at the mere mention of the rival school.

“Oh come on Aldo, you don’t have to put up with him! If the whole team unite together…” Jayden starts.

“Look, idiot!…Chase is our captain even with a set of busted balls, and you with all your theatrics today have given us nothing but hollow words. You’ll never come back to this team. You chose Bartlet over us.” Aldo clenches his fists, anger welling up inside him until finally he can hold it in no longer.

“You almost ruined this team once and now you attack our captain!” He grabs Jayden’s despicable red swim trunks and yanks them down to his knees, causing Jayden’s large nuts to bounce around under his limp dick. Jayden blinks in shock as he gapes around in stunned silence.

“Look at you! So proud of your stupid, over-grown cojones, well big fucking deal!” Aldo rolls his eyes but his cracking voice betrays more than a hint of jealousy. “What, Jayden? You really think we care if you’re more hung than Chase? Well let me tell you: Chase has the biggest balls on this team now, he’s our captain and you’d better get used to it!”

Aldo suddenly grabs one of Jayden’s balls in each hand as he glares into the boy’s eyes, “Now you and your fancy boy-balls have no place on this team now.” Aldo squeezes Jayden’s young plums for added emphasis making Jayden whimper under the tight walnut-cracking grip.

“Aldo, agh! Your hurting my nuts.”

“That’s the idea, now will you leave our pool the easy or hard way?” Aldo snarls.

Jayden gasps in pain as he considers his response while Aldo works over his naked balls. Suddenly he leans forward and brutally yanks down Aldo’s bright blue swimwear exposing his youthful genitals in front of the whole team. The boy gulps while Jayden raises his eyebrows as he catches sight of the boy’s naked boyhood. Aldo has grown a lot since they last met, his limp cock looks surprisingly potent and his balls hang plump and low in their silky sack. From Jayden’s viewpoint his nuts look almost as big as the captain’s.

“Wow! That’s a lovely set of huevos you’ve grown, Aldo!” Jayden grins then suddenly grabs the boy’s low hangers and slowly pulls him closer. “I’m sure a lot of girls will cry if they get cracked! Aldo, let go of my big balls now or you’ll join Chase in the pool.”

Aldo gulps, his arms starting to tremble as he feels his beloved, virile nuts being compressed as Jayden’s dangerous thumb begins to press deeper into his fragile nut meat. “No man, don’t squeeze my cojones…I’ve got a fucking date tonight.” Aldo pleads and tries to make Jayden relinquish his hold by suddenly bearing down with all his might on Jayden’s plump left nut.

“Aaah… fucker! Give my regards to your date” Jayden snarls as he twists Aldo’s fragile nuts in their silky sac then buries both thumbs deep into the young Casanova’s family jewels.

Aldo freezes, trembling and gasping as he releases Jayden’s tackle. His dark eyes start to cross, as he lets out a tragic moan of pain, “My huevos!”

The other swimmers grab their own balls in sympathy as they watch Aldo’s beautiful young balls get lost in Jayden’s grip. It might be Aldo’s eyes crossing, his sad little whimpers, or his knees turning-in but the sight clearly infuriates his friend Leroy. The athletic black boy flexes his ebony muscles as he steps forward to save Aldo from Jayden’s emasculating grip.

“Leave him alone,” Leroy shouts as he kicks Jayden’s naked nuts from behind, his toes cracking the big eggs against Jayden’s pubic bone with a wet smack. Jayden howls, his muscles contracting instantly, crushing Aldo’s danglers in his fist and making the poor boy scream in harmony. As Jayden’s big heavy balls drop back to the base of his sac they present another perfect target, and Leroy fires another kick with deadly accuracy finally dropping Jayden to his knees, his mouth open and retching.

“My boy-nuts!” Jayden croaks in pain. Finally, he releases Aldo’s mangled balls and the dark haired boy crumples forward onto his beautiful face wailing about his doomed sex-life. The distraught Latino peers up at Jayden through accusing, tear-soaked eyes when he notices a figure approaching from behind. He blinks a few times to clear his tears then his lips curl into a grin as he recognizes Chase, snarling, clenching his fists and hell-bent of revenge.

Leroy turns as a finger taps his shoulder, he gulps in surprise seeing Chase back on his feet, then quietly moves aside granting Chase full access to his tormentor.

“Jayden! Now I’m going to make you pay!” Chase growls, reaching down and grabbing Jayden around the neck, then muscling him powerfully to his feet and gripping him in a headlock from behind, his biceps rippling powerfully as he chokes the younger boy.

“That’s my boyfriend!” Bill yelps, rushing forward and attempting to shove Leroy out of the way but the solid black athlete stands firm, refusing to budge an inch. Bill glares back with hatred at the tall, well-muscled boy with the rather bulbous package. His fist clenches tightly as he considers pounding the boy right in his shiny black orbs but at the last moment he decides to team up with Shane. He turns to find his path suddenly blocked by Adam and the twins.

“Hold him,” says Adam.

“With pleasure,” says Max “Come here baby-balls!”

Bill stands his ground, courageous as ever, as the twins slowly approach. Max and Rex are moving slowly, still grimacing as they shield their tender bulges with one hand. As they try to grab Bill’s arms, he suddenly ducks, smashing a vicious uppercut straight up between Rex’s smooth lean thighs and into his modest bulge. The boy shrieks like a girl as pain explodes in his tiny, already shattered testicles. Rex slumps to the ground out of the action, but Max now has a firm grip on Bill’s other arm. Bill reaches down and manages to grab Max right by the balls.

“Baby-balls, huh? Well it feels like your balls are smaller than mine, dickhead!” Bill twists and squeezes the small orbs in Max’s tight scrotum making the boy howls as he joins Rex once again on the floor both wailing about the fate of their gonads. Bill grins triumphantly but his glory is short lived.


A muscular thigh suddenly appears between Bills legs, flattening his barely ripened boy-buds and making him double over in pain. Bill howls in agony and rage as he looks up to see his nemesis, Adam grinning meanly down at him as he grips Bill’s slender shoulders.

“Fuck you Adam! I’m going to save Jayden and you won’t stop me!” Bill yells back with fierce determination but Adam just grabs the smaller boy by the hair, hauls him up before kneeing him hard in the balls for a second time. Bill wails in despair unable to even clutch his aching jewels before Adam’s knee rises to crush them again and again. Each blow crunching Bill’s immature nads so forcibly that his whole body bounces into the air. Bill is quickly reduced to a sobbing mess, his balls on fire as Adam seizes the tiny testicles that barely fill out Bill’s little scrotum.

“I am surprised that this even hurts,” Adam mocks as he squeezes Bill’s nuts. “These little pips are so small and insignificant. Now Bill, let’s watch the show. Our mighty captain is going to finish off Jayden for good.” Adam squishes Bill’s nads, his fist closing completely crushing the contents within.

“No…” Bill whines as his blurry eyes search desperately for Jayden.

On the pool floor Aldo is still clutching his sorry huevos and sobbing after Jayden finally released them. Leroy is kneeling over the young Latino with a concerned look and has pulled down his friend’s speedo to check if Aldo’s famously virile gonads have survived the ordeal. “Look, I’m just checking to see if your boys are alright. Now just man up, Aldo!” Leroy states.

“My huevos, he crushed my big huevos” Aldo moans laying on the pool floor as Leroy checks them over, rubbing the boy’s plump balls gently in his hand.

Meanwhile Chase is still trying to choke the air from Jayden’s lungs after forcing him to watch Bill’s marbles getting destroyed by Adam. The sight of his boyfriend being almost emasculated has sent Jayden into an uncontrollable rage. He thrashes in Chase’s powerful grip, and barely manages to slide a hand under the neck-hold just enough to keep his windpipe open.  Desperate to break free he thrusts his elbow back, deep into Chase’s solid abs but the blond stud just growls and grips tighter, Jayden’s tries again with a straight arm and this time his fist crunches into the side of the captain’s tightly packed basket, flattening his plump left testicle.

“Ooooof!” Chase heaves as his powerful body convulses. He shakes his head and roars  angrily “Fuck you! That’s my fucking nut, dickhead!”

Chase clenches his biceps even harder as he squeezes the life out of his younger rival but he can only watch in dismay as Jayden’s arm swings back again, then he freezes as pain explodes in his bigger right testicle.

The whole poolside falls silent, as Chase’s body jerks upright as pain explodes in his groin. He releases Jayden and takes a few staggering step back, his handsome face creasing up as his hands tend to the tragic fate of his boyhood.

“No ! God no! Not again!” he sobs quietly to himself, his powerful muscles now rendered useless as he sways precariously, right on the very edge of the pool. “You crushed my fucking nut! Ugh...Oh God…my big balls…it’s not fair.”

“To hell with your stupid big balls! It’s Bill I care about!” Jayden gasps in anguish as he clutches his aching neck and stoops to take a few panting breaths. Then he grits his teeth and staggers forward grabbing Chase by his muscular shoulders and looks him in the eye. “This, Chase, is for Bill!” He grunts loudly as he powers his knee up into the blond boy’s already pulverized testicles, crushing the captain’s big balls along with any lingering hopes of victory. 

The searing pain is now way too much for Chase who slumps forward his head lolling, barely-conscious on Jayden’s shoulder as his muscles wilt but he still gets no respite from Jayden. The younger boy’s hand thrusts venomously, deep into Chase speedo pouch making the blond captain whimper in agony.

“Please Jayden!” Chase whispers, sobbing into Jayden’s ear “My big balls are totally fucked! I can’t take any more”.

“You should have submitted when you had the chance! Now I will make sure my victory is complete” Jayden grins.

“Please Jayden, not my man-balls, please no more” Chase pleads in a gasping whisper, barely audibly.

“Poor Chase; face facts, your puny balls are smaller and weaker than mine and that’s why you lost” Jayden grins as he tightens his grip on the young stud’s plump squishy balls then turns to the watching swim-team “Do you really want this weak-balled loser as your captain? Now what shall I do to him” Jayden grins, enjoying his victory while Chase gasps and writhes in his grip, standing on tip toe, his back arched back, every muscles flexing as he paws pathetically at the nut-cracking grip on his balls.

“Crotch-Lift!” Bill manages to croak out despite the pain in his balls from Adam squishing his testicles in a destructive nut claw. “Give him another one, please, Jayden! Do it for me!”

“Good idea, Bill! And as for the rest of you, if you ever try to hurt Bill again, I will do the same to you! ” Jayden directs his glare at Adam who releases Bill, letting him tumble to the floor. The twins gulp covering themselves in case Jayden comes after them. Jayden takes his time surveying the boys and to enjoy his victory as he continues to torture the captain’s testicles with his slim fingers. Before turning to the matter at hand “Alright, loser, now it’s time to finish off your so-called Big-Balls!”

“Fuck you! My balls are huge!” Chase suddenly explodes in anguish, turning fast he hammers a knee deep into Jayden’s unmissable bright red bulge. Both boys howl in agony as Jayden tightens his lethal testicle-grip but Chase shakes his head with dogged determination and delivers another nut-shattering knee.

“How dare you mock my big balls!” Chase snarls as he steps back and punts Jayden hard in the happy sack, scoring a critical hit to the back of his overgrown eggs.

“Nooooo” Bill howls in despair as his boyfriend doubles over and coughs deeply, then slowly collapses to the ground wearing a disbelieving expression on his innocent face. A brutal heel stomp flattens his mighty bulge and Jayden’s head slumps back as he finally loses consciousness. Chase looks down at his defeated foe and then drops to his knees clutching his tortured but triumphant blue bulge.

It takes a full minute of retching and groaning about his tortured balls before Chase is able to get back to his feet. Ignoring the watching swim-team as he begins to drag the limp body across the tiles floor to the diving board. After a few steps, Jayden begins to struggle so Chase drops him to the ground and stomps hard on his mangled balls causing Jayden’s head to jerk up in a silent scream before he sinks back to a semi-slumber. “Now stay there,” Chase barks at him.

Jayden can only watch helplessly as Chase pulls the diving board up until it stands vertically in the air then takes out a length of rope and with Max and Rex’s help binds Jayden’s limp form to the upright board. Chase looks at his quick handy work and grabs Jayden’s limp noodle, “Let’s see if we can wake Jayden up a bit,” Chase says as he starts to rub Jayden’s dick in a loose hand job.

“Nooo!” Bill pleads “You can’t! That’s…”

“What, yours?” Chase laughs cruelly. “Hardly. You don’t deserve a warrior like Jayden.” Chase points Jayden’s big limp cock at Bill as he jacks him off until his impressive erection is fully aroused.

“What are you going to do?” Jayden asks groggily as he comes to.

“You look so familiar tied up, it feels like we’ve been down this road before,” Chase smirks as he runs his graceful fingers up and down Jayden’s plump dick.

Jayden’s breathing becomes ragged as he strains against his binds, testing them to see if he can slip out of them but then his head bangs hard against the board and he falls still. Chase leans against Jayden, “Time to admit defeat Jayden, this is my team now. My Big Balls rule here,” Chase says, proudly groping his own plump nuggets for emphasis.

“Please Chase…just get it over with” Jayden whispers in the victor’s ear. “You win, I totally underestimated you. Just please don’t hurt Bill and, er, do you have to humiliate me in front of all them?” Jayden asks.

“Oh I forgot,” Chase smirks back. “How you hate being watched, the center of attention.”

Jayden nods, a quick jerk of his head. “Please just tell them to go home…you can do what you like after they all leave.” Jayden’s plea comes to Chase at first shocking, Jayden has never submitted to him before. He finds the offer both enticing, and sexually exciting as Jayden thrusts his hips forward digging his raging cock into Chase’s blue speedo bulge. Chase licks his lips, and Jayden puts the finishing cherry on top. “You’ll get me all alone, you never got to bust a load out of my balls. Here’s your chance, do you really want to share it…with them?” And Jayden points with his chin to the team behind him.

Chase glances over his shoulder. Shane stands arms crossed and resolute, Bill is writhing on the ground after all the abuse his small nuts have suffered. Aldo is still caressing his devalued jewels, now safely back in his speedos with a crestfallen expression. while Leroy stands like a dark warrior holding a protective arm around him. Max and Rex sit on the tiles closer to Chase each massaging the other twin’s tender buds with a compassion that only the closest brothers could share. Further back, Jim and Pat stand by the wall trying to look inconspicuous in case anyone wants to add their balls to the busted list.

“Guys, it’s my call to make ‘cause I’m captain here!” Chase flexes his pecs to prove his dominance and releases Jayden’s balls then he grabs him under the chin, forcing the younger boy to look him in the eyes. “Well I could give all the boys here a free shot at your boy-balls! But I think today I will have you all to myself!”

“Adam! Clear everyone out and if anyone dares to snoop, I’ll rip their little nuts off”

Adam quickly hustles the other boy’s back to the changing room, then returns for Max and Rex who are both still struggling to get their legs working after Bill’s assault on their teeny twin-makers. He pulls them by their slim arms and escorts them out, half dragging them across the tiled floor, leaving only Bill still groaning on the floor.

“Leave Bill with us, I’m sure he wants to enjoy the show.” Chase grins “And now off you go too, Adam, you did well today.” Chase winks at Adam, and gives his lieutenant a slight nod of his head.

Adam winks back and grins. Then turns his drooling gaze back to the tied-up Jayden clearly heartbroken that he can’t be involved in the upcoming action. He stands for a while, mouth-open and gazing dumbly as he rubs his stiffening cock and aching balls. Bill’s uppercut is the only damage his juicy spuds have suffered so, overall, it’s been a pretty good day for Adam! He finally turns to exits the pool giving Chase’s a final thumbs-up before he disappears into the changing room.

After Adam leaves, Chase grabs Bill and ties him up on the floor near Jayden, giving him a slugs-eye view of his restrained boyfriend before he turns back to his prize.

“Damn Jayden, you made me work for that win. Man, you really worked over my nuts!” Chases cringes as he leans over opening the lip of his bulging speedos to inspect his valuables. “I think my big balls must be allergic to your kneecap, dude, they’re throbbing like crazy and they look even bigger than normal.”

Chase edges closer to Jayden until his big blue package nudges against its bright red counterpart. Tenderly he pulls Jayden’s face into his muscular chest as he continues to rub their bulges together until both their cocks are throbbing and pressing into the other’s tender balls.

“I see you like the feel of a real man’s junk, Jayden? Admit it Jayden, my big balls really put your little boy-nuts in their place today. Did you really think you could defeat my big tough nuts?”

Jayden moans as he feels a deep stirring in his loins while his eyes digest the sublime muscles of the blond teenager’s chest. He bites his lip, wishing he could free his hands and run his fingers over Chase’s sublime, sexy body, tracing the little peaks and valleys of his rippling abs, the solid mounds of his biceps and of course that  delicious bulge in  his blue speedo’s. “Oh Chase!” he gasps with desire and before he knows it his tongue is reaching out and licking his rival’s pert left nipple. “Mmmm Oh God, Chase! I… I need you, oh God I need you so badly!”

Jayden moans loudly, his hips rolling lustfully, rubbing his boyhood against Chase’s as his pubescent hormones flood through his veins.

“Noooo!” Bill breaks the spell with his pitiful pleading voice “What…what are you saying, Jayden?” Bill’s eyes have welled up in despair from watching his boyfriend falling under the seductive spell of the vile but undeniably handsome bully.

Jayden gulps in alarm, shaking his head to get his thoughts straight “Bill, er…I didn’t mean…I don’t…really” he stammers, horrified at his own weakness.

“Oh come on, Jayden!” Chase laughs meanly and presses his throbbing boner firmly against the restrained boy’s soft red bulge “You’re ready for a real man! Just admit it!”

“No! I didn’t…I…” Jayden’s voice cracks in panic then falls silent as his brain scrambles to explain his actions. He clenches his eyes shut in shame as his young cock continues to throb uncontrollably, his young muscles writhing and straining against his bonds but to no avail. His hands are firmly strapped behind his back and even his feet can only shuffle a few inches from the board.

“OK Chase it’s true I….” his brow furrows with anxiety as he looks deep into Chase’s blue eyes “I KNEED you!!!”

Jayden snarls, clenching his teeth as he thrusts his knee up, using all the slack in his bonds, just enough for his thigh to crunch Chase’s tender gonads making the older teen heave and double over “That’s right Chase! I kneed you badly…right in your worthless balls!”

“Jayden! YES! I knew it!” Bill beams up as he struggles in his bonds, “Now get us out of here before Chase can recover!”

Chase coughs deeply as he rubs his sorry nads, “Ugh…Fucker!” The proud boy growls in frustration, crippled once again by the awful dull pain in his young testicles as slowly his legs bend inwards and he drops to his knees glaring up accusingly at Jayden. “Damn you! You nailed my big balls again!”

“Sorry, Chase, your captain’s bulge was just too inviting!” Jayden grins “Still I’m sure you can handle it, tough guy! Show me what those huge Captain’s balls are made of!”

“Faster, Jayden! Before he gets back up!” Bill yells up in panic.

“Bill, I’m trying! Just be patient” Jayden frowns as he wriggles in his bonds, his agile fingers blindly exploring the knots “Chase will be down for a while yet, he can’t handle a knee in the balls”

Jayden smirks but his grin quickly fades as he realizes that Chase has done a damn fine job of securing his limbs this time. He yanks in frustration at the ropes but is unable to gain even an inch of slack. With a groan he collapses, exhausted in his bonds and all he can do is watch and wait as Chase slowly recovering his dignity.

“Of course, my balls can handle it!” Chase scowls back up at him, furious about having his weakness exploited once again by the younger boy. Gritting his teeth he slides his hand into his trunks and carefully re-arranges his big throbbing jewels. Then, slowly he clambers to his feet and snarls back “Alright Jayden, I think I need to remind you what this Captain is packing.”

A cocky grin returns to Chase’s face as he slips his blue speedos to his ankles and steps forward, once more revealing his beautiful young cock and plump dangling balls. He scoops them up in his hand and gazes down proudly at his pride and joy. “See, Jayden, my nuts are huge!”

Jayden can’t help sighing as he gets another eyeful of the young stud in all his naked glory. He shakes his head in exasperation that such a loathsome bully should be blessed with such a divine form and once again he feels the uncontrollable tingling in his groin as his boy-toy begins to pulse and throb like a wild beast.

“Oooh, it looks like little Jayden wants to come out to play.” Chase chuckles “You can’t fool me, Jayden, your cock shows me the real reason you came here today.”

“No, it’s not true!” Jayden croaks, “I came to stop you from being captain, you can’t possibly think that I would be interested in you!” He shakes his head vehemently, trying to shake loose the corrupt part of his brain that tells him it’s true.

“Oh come on, Jayden! I bet you’d love to get your hands on the Captain’s package,” Chase brags “Look! These are the biggest balls on the team, Jayden, see they’re bigger than your boy-balls!”

“Bullshit!” Bill yells up bravely “Jayden has a bigger set than you, Chase, he always has and he always will!”

“Shut up baby-nuts! When you grow some balls I might ask your opinion.” Chase smirks down at him “Now I’ve got a great idea, your favorite color is blue, right Bill?”

The smaller boy nods nervously, then his eyes open wide in terror as Chase grabs his jaw, wrenching it wide open and stuffs his blue captain’s speedos into the boys gaping mouth. Bill’s terrified cries are muffled as Chase pulls down the small boy’s swimwear to reveal his pale shrimp of a cock above his barely ripened nuts. He then unties a piece from string from the diving board and wraps it tightly around Bills taut scrotum until his small testicles are poking out below like two broad beans in their shells.

Helpless, Jayden watches and yanks on his bond, sweat pouring down his body, wishing he could get to Bill, to save his boyfriend. His attempts are fruitless as Chase chuckles, standing tall to face Jayden then gives a gentle tugs on the string, making Bill thrash and moan through his gagged mouth as his balls stretch and twist above the knot strangling his bean-bag.

“Don’t hurt Bill!” Jayden pleads, “Please, I’ll do anything.”

“Now that’s quite an offer, you just have to be a good boy” Chase laughs as he reaches behind the tied boy and fumbles with one of the knots. Jayden gasps in surprise as his right hand suddenly falls free and he considers making a snatch at Chase’s fragile balls when he remembers the deadly string attached to Bill’s sex organs.

“Check mate, Jayden” Chase beams back at him as he toys with the string while Bill stares up at him shaking his head in terror. The tall blond swimmer then raises the end of the string up by Jayden’s face and clenches his fist around it. With a dominant sneer he gazes down proudly at his flexed arm, “Now Jayden, I want you to feel the muscles that just defeated you! I told you I was too strong for you…and if you even try to hurt my balls these mighty biceps will rip Bill’s berries clean off!”

Jayden shudders, then glances down at the stunning contours of Chase’s teenage biceps. He gulps nervously, his heart pounding as he runs his fingers carefully up his rival’s chiseled torso, over the solid mound of his shoulder before closing his fingers around the sexy mound of the cocky boy’s biceps. He moans quietly, as his fingertips probe the solid mound of flesh, feeling the burgeoning power in the fifteen year old’s arm. The ball of muscle feels like warm sculpted marble under his touch; fuller and harder than his own trained muscles though not yet as beefy as his older brother’s.

“Oh my god, your biceps…they’re so solid” Jayden whispers softly as he finds himself succumbing once again to Chase’s bewitching spell.

“Yeah I know, even the wrestling team are jealous of these guns!” Chase brags as he flexes his other bicep right in Jayden’s face “See I’ve been training these puppies every day in my private gym, look how big they’ve grown! Go ahead, Jayden, lick them! Soon I’ll be strong enough to annihilate that fucker Logan, one-on-one, man-to man!”

“Careful buddy, he’s still bigger than you, and he’s tough as hell. These mighty boy-biceps may not be quite enough,” Jayden winks as he gives the Chase’s sexy arms a playful squeeze. “and you’ll need some big, tough balls to defeat a real stud like Logan! Remember what he did to your poor nuts last time? He floored you pretty quickly and he didn’t even break sweat”

“Yeah whatever! Well at least I’ve got the balls to beat you!” Chase glares back defensively then he peers down at his heavy swaying tackle for reassurance “See Jayden! Look how big my nuts have grown! I bet they’re even bigger than last time you saw them. Go ahead and touch them, Jayden. Feel the size of my big nuts now!”

Jayden gulps nervously feeling slightly faint at the prospect of feeling those delicious globes in his hand once again. Bill whimpers, his sorry balls still precariously stretched by the string, but the small boy is just a distant memory to Chase who is now breathing in short, nervous breaths as Jayden runs his fingertips over the captain’s jaw-dropping physique before finally closing his fingers around the young stud’s smooth, plump orbs. Jayden groans as he gently massages the victor’s fabulous danglers, occasionally glancing, guiltily across at Bill, seeing the pain and anguish in his eyes, and not just from his imprisoned balls.

“Alright Chase, maybe you do deserve to be captain, with balls like these” Jayden murmurs gently in the victor’s ear then he gasps in surprise as he feels Chase’s slim fingers invading his red swimwear and closing sensually but firmly around his own overgrown love-spuds.

“Yeah! Well actually your boy-balls are pretty big too, Jayden” the rare compliment is slightly watered down by the scoffing laugh that follows “For your age I mean! But as you can feel, my fifteen-year-old gonads are clearly bigger.”

“Well stud, these big ol’ nuts of yours feel pretty impressive to me!” Jayden winks back, biting his lip in excitement as he weighs Chase’s naked family jewels in his palm. “It’s weird that Gino thinks yours are smaller. He said my boy-balls feel heavier and fuller in his hand and that yours will always be inferior because you’re almost a year older…”

“It’s not weird, it’s fucking bullshit and you know it, Jayden!” Chase snaps, shoving Jayden in the chest and accidently reefing on Bill’s little marbles in the process, making the tied boy squeal and writhe in agony at his feet.

“Careful!” Jayden yells looking at Bill. “You’ll hurt him.”

“Don’t worry about him,” Chase shrugs, then a thoughtful look crosses his face and he sighs before adding “You know, Jayden, I actually wish your dickhead brother was here to see this.”

Ignoring Bill’s protests, Chase reaches forward, grabbing Jayden’s bright red bathing trunks then pulls them sharply down to his knees.

“What the…” Jayden gasps in surprise as his semi-rigid cock springs outwards, then he yelps in distress as Chase grabs his rather impressive tool and pulls their athletic teenage bodies together.

“It’s time to face the Captain’s balls, Jayden!” Chase grins as he grabs the neck of his own smooth scrotum to flaunt his wonderfully ripening plums “Check out these beauties, Jayden. Now don’t feel too bad losing out to these big-boys, everyone else does!”

Wearing a cocky grin, Chase gropes roughly between Jayden’s thighs, then closes his hand rather brutally around the boy’s private parts. “Agh! My boy-balls!” Jayden shrieks as his young testicles are pulled forwards until they nudge against the older teens baby-makers.

“Now tell me, Jayden, whose nuts are bigger!” Chase smirks as he stares deep into the tied-up boy’s eyes. Jayden gasps, still struggling to breathe from the tight grip on his nuts. Then he peers down obediently to survey the wonderful assembled nest of pubescent testicles and can hardly suppress his joy as his eyes confirm the triumph of his over-grown boy-balls. His plump, juicy eggs are a real sight to behold and look all the more impressive given their slight, but irrefutable size advantage over the prized jewels of the cocky Captain. Jayden bites his lip, trying to suppress a grin then shuts his eyes as he considers how to break the dire news to the cock-sure blond stud, but in the end he doesn’t have to.

“What the fuck!” he opens his eyes to see Chase gaping down, scowling and shaking his head in disbelief “My big balls…they must be bigger, for fucks sake!”

“It’s OK, Chase” Jayden smirks as he tenderly squeezes the blond boy’s shoulder “I guess my boy-balls are on the big side for my age. Don’t fret about it, buddy, just be careful about bragging about the size of your balls all the time.”

“Screw you! My nuts ARE bigger and you know it! This is bullshit! You…you cheated!” Chase huffs, ignoring Bill’s muffled laughter as he tries to rationalize his shocking defeat. “Oh now I see! Look, your boy-balls are all swollen up. Damn I really busted them up! Yeah, that must be it!”

“Really, Chase? My nuts feel just fine to me” Jayden chuckles, and gazes downward at Chase’s impressive, but yet smaller manhood. “Actually Chase, a moment ago you said that YOUR nuts were all puffed up after I nearly pounded the cum out of them. Remember how I floored you with a few hard knees to the nuts…you were kneeling at my feet crying about your broken balls, then there was that crotch-lift…”

“Nonsense!” Chase interrupts, scowling in shame as his argument disintegrates. He holds his head in his hands with a long tragic moan, then a spark of inspiration hits him “Wait, actually, Jayden…you really DID make me cum. It was that damn crotch-lift, when you were feeling up my big cock and balls, you little perv! Dude, you tossed me in the pool just as I started pumping my load. God, that huge wad must still be drifting around in the deep-end like an oil-slick. Seriously, Jayden, when my cum-tanks are fully loaded they totally dwarf yours.”

“Seriously?” Jayden chuckles and raises his eyebrows, “You are so delusional.”

“Yeah and you know it! So now I’m going to squeeze all the juice out of your little boy balls, Jayden, and then we’ll see who’s balls are bigger” Chase grins meanly and gives a painful tug on Bill’s balls “I bet you haven’t cum for weeks with this dick-less boyfriend for company!”

Quickly Chase releases Jayden’s nuts and reties his hand, making sure to tighten the bond on his feet also. Jayden starts to struggle but a quick pull on Bill’s balls string shows him that Chase means business. Jayden sighs, allowing his hand to be re-tied as Chase turns back to him, his hungry eyes running up and down Jayden’s body, before finally settling on Jayden’s plump cock.

For a moment his gaze lingers on the younger boy’s impressive genitals, lips slightly open, his teenage brain swimming with confused thoughts…’I’m a straight guy, I’m dating the hottest girl in school, this is just a power-rush thing but…my word, that is one beautiful penis, and more importantly it’s Jayden’s.!

Chase grabs the boy’s cock with boy hands running his fingertips up and down the shaft, slowly methodically teasing Jayden’s member until it stands firmly, and completely erect.

“Chase don’t…” Jayden groans.

“I know you want it” Chase smirks tilting his head as his thumb swirls around Jayden’s cock’s slit.

Jayden gawks at Chase’s smile, the desire of holding Jayden evident as he rubs him. “Now Jayden, I bet you’ve never experienced the kind of pleasure that I’m going to give you now. Poor Bill doesn’t know how to handle a penis bigger than a thumb but I do!” and Chase slides his other hand below the shaft, grazing Jayden’s nuts tenderly, using his fingernails to give a firmly but exotic pressure.

“Ugh” Jayden groans as Chase presses his hands in-between Jayden’s balls rubbing his hand seductively, as he slowly jacks Jayden’s throbbing penis with sensual rolling motions of his palms.

“You may be fourteen, but I won’t let you cum too quickly! See I know a few tricks to hold you back.” Chase smiles, as he leans in, looking as if he is about to kiss Jayden who gives out a small gasp as Chase’s thumb pauses his intense circular rubbing of Jayden’s penile slit and covers it instead, switching his attention from Jayden’s member to focus his attention on Jayden’s low hanging testicles. “I need to make sure you have the stamina to last this.”

“Fuck…oh, oh god!” Jayden gasps as Chase’s tongue darts from his mouth and begins to slowly lick a straight line down Jayden’s sternum. Jayden tenses in anticipation as Chases tongue swirls his belly button, kissing and nibbling as his lips glide lower to his groin. Chase pauses before Jayden’s rock-hard penis, his heart pounding knowing that he is about to turn a corner that he cannot come back from. Chase looks up at Jayden, as if begging for permission, and Jayden’s slow guttural moan is answer enough as Chase takes a deep breath before finally engulfing the tip of his rigid cock, all the while groping his juicy balls.

“Oh,” Jayden gasps, as he tries not to stare at Bill but he can’t help himself. Bill’s focus is on Chase as he watches in despair, helpless to intervene as Jayden’s cockhead is licked and caressed by the repulsive bully.

“See, the head is the most sensitive part” Chase explains, his voice rough and bare as his tongue dances around it, then he sucks it down to the hilt his lips sealing against Jayden’s pelvis as he sucks and constricts.

“Chase!” Jayden groans, “Oh my, oh man,” Jayden fumbles his words as Chase bobs up and down sucking deeply as Jayden gets closer and closer to his climax.

A single tear runs down Bill’s cheek as he finally forces himself to look away.

A pulsating groan emanates from Chase’s throat in time with the movement of his lips as they slurp and suck passionately on Jayden’s thick shaft. He gazes up, seeing the glossy look appearing on the boy’s face knowing that this, this is what he has been really waiting for. Jayden’s intense pleasure gives Chase a power-rush like he has never experienced before, now, finally his proud rival is totally under his control! Chase grabs both of Jayden’s balls which have been withdrawing higher to the base of his boner and slowly yanks them back down.

Jayden, drowning in a sea of pleasure, rolls his hips as he tries to bury his throbbing cock deeper into Chase’s throat, while hoping to pull his sore balls out of Chase’s cruel grasp, but to no avail. His balls scream in protest, unable to curl up to the base of his cock where they could finally release their load and denying Jayden the thrilling relief of orgasm. The strain appears on Jayden’s face as lines crease his forehead and he groans in anguish, “My balls, Chase you have to let them go,” he manages to plead as low wretched whimpers course through him.

Chase looks up, as does Bill, one in pleasure at Jayden’s words and the other in horror. Chase grins as he pulls Jayden’s balls even lower, to the very bottom of his sac, and wraps his fingers across the tops of the twin orbs, squeezing the cords to further deny Jayden’s pent up orgasm, which has been building up ever since Bill started playing with him when they arrived in the locker room.

Chase pops Jayden’s cock from his mouth with a snap which echoes throughout the empty pool. “Sorry Jayden, but I won’t let you cum. Not yet,” and Chase sucks Jayden’s cock down hungrily, thrilled that he finally has the chance to take him like this, that his plot to take over the swim team could work out so well, that his biggest victory will be taking Jayden’s seed.

“I just want…need to cum,” Jayden groans, biting his lip as he gazes down at Chase who is still devouring his cock and torturing his balls, jabbing the mighty swelling boy nuts with his talented nut-piercing fingers. Jayden’s whole body shudders, his toes curling, his hips locking in place as his cock throbs ready for release. “I…oh…I’m going to…” Jayden’s eyes cross and he squeezes them shut. With one last thrust of his hips, even the crushing grip on his nut cords can’t hold back the surge of cum that suddenly bursts forth and blasts from Jayden’s dick.

Chase eyes nearly burst from their sockets as a massive load of jizz blasts down his windpipe. He retches, gagging on the big, convulsing cock now buried in his throat, choking on the thick cum blocking his lungs. He splutters, thick cum drooling from his lips as he tries to withdraw but Jayden grits his teeth and slams his hips forward, hammering the thick head of his penis into the back of Chase’s throat releasing another volley of boy-cum that coats the back of his throat.

Jayden groans in pleasure and pain while Chase tries desperately to stop the suffocating flood of boy juice, strangling Jayden’s balls in his grasp but the potent virile organs continue to pulse and churn as they release their pent up load.

Chase finally pulls his face off Jayden’s dick, clutching his sore throat in one hand as he pumps the joystick up and down with the other. He gapes in wonder as another spurt of cum splashes against his cheek followed by a thick dribble as Jayden’s orgasm finally subsides into a series of short spasms as his exhausted body droops against his ropes.

“See Jayden? That’s how a man makes another man cum,” Chase gasps, wiping the jizz from his lips then he turns to Bill and spits out a huge glob of Jayden’s cum which splatters Bill’s face, coating him in the milky liquid.

“Bill could never make you do that, could he?” Taunts Chase as he grabs Jayden’s empty and aching balls “Because I’m a real man and now that your boy-nuts are all shriveled up and dry, I just need to prove that my big balls are way out of your league!”

Chase sneers across at the broken boy before peering down at the boys dried up plums.  He grins meanly, his blue eyes narrowing as he focusses on Jayden’s barren gonads then he blinks twice, biting his lip as he groans faintly. To his dismay Jayden’s boy nuts still look almost as plump in his hands as before but surely no longer a threat to his big captain’s balls! He take a deep breathe, gritting his teeth with newfound resolve as he reaches down to scoop up his beloved jewels. Chase stands up and harshly pulls their testicles together, making Jayden shriek in agony, the pain so much worse after he has recent orgasm. Both boys peer down at the four meaty balls in Chase’s grasp, Jayden blinking desperately to see through his tears but by the time he clears his view Chase has dropped his aching balls and is pumping his fist in delight.

“Fuck yeah! I knew it!” Chase roars in delight, flexing his beefy biceps in Jayden’s face to prove his superiority “Face facts, Jayden, my balls are bigger! Yes! Biggest balls in the room! And, now Jayden, you know how this has to end!”

Jayden gazes back, dazed and confused, his mind still engulfed by his post orgasmic bliss and the gut-wrenching ache in his balls. Just as he open his mouth to speak, Chase kicks him with all the force he can muster, the top of his foot slamming into Jayden’s bare, empty balls. Jayden’s jaw drops open, his face crumbles in agony as Chase brings a quick end to his euphoria before turning away from his conquest to un-tie Bill.

Bill pulls Chase’s blue speedo out of his mouth, spitting in revulsion as he tosses it to the floor and rushes past Chase trying to get to Jayden.

Chase almost as an afterthought, tugs on the string still attached to Bill’s balls and the pain drops him to his knees in the puddle of Jayden’s goo as he screams, “My balls!”

Chase chuckles, and drops the string as Bill keels over burying his hands between his legs grabbing his inferior balls as he tries clumsily to untie them.

The locker door slams as Chase comes face to face with Adam. “Did you get it?”

Adam nods, holding up his phone. “I got it all on film.”

“Send it to me,” Chase says tugging on his very erect penis, which has gotten no attention. “I’m going to see my girl. But this is exactly what I need to hold over Jayden. My plan is coming together perfectly.

Adam nods, still solemn from not being allowed to participate in what just took place. “Can I…”

“No, you’ve done your part. Leave Jayden and Bill to me. Jayden won’t interfere with the team again; not after today. And as for Bill…” Chase laughs meanly “Well that little runt can hardly spoil our plans, right?”

“Yeah! Well I knew all along that you’d defeat Jayden! You’re such a stud…” Adam gulps as he surveys Chase’s sweating, naked body “Damn, those muscles and that package. Wow! As for Bill, well I can’t wait for the next chance to crack his tiny pips. I’ll teach him to respect my bigger balls! That little shit got me good today, I owe him one!”

“Oh believe me Adam, we’ll have plenty of time for that. It only gets better from here.” Chase slaps an arm around Adam’s shoulder and they both heads to the shower, Adam glancing down at Chase’s packages nonchalantly.


Anonymous said...

Ok, this is so fucking AMAZING!! This story is so hot that I will read it again three or four times to seize all the details, especially when there are hits in balls (unfortunatelly my first language is not English, but to read it a lot won't be so unpleasant ;). I litterally love the moments when Jay is enraged because Bill is hurted, and alzso when Bill shows courage to protect Jay. They are TOO CUTE *^*! But I loved also the moment when Jay is hypnotized by Chase sculputured physicist and his strong desire to touch it and to please it. It's like a real situation, I imagine that all of us, despite the beauty of our partners, would act in that way in front of a model that seems like a greek god (I think ahahaha). But he fights the urge to pposses Chase body because he doesn't want to betray Bill and this is so tenderly romantic! I'm looking forward to see what Chase is planning and I want to see him defeated once for all. I'm waiting the moment when he finally admit that his balls are smaller than the Jayden ones, if we'll ever see that moment. I'm also curious to see how Jay and Bill will lick their wounds, maybe some cuddle between them, I don't know, but maybe this is the time to see them together without interference, despite their balls are damaged. I only have one note, that I gave you in the last story, too: according to me, if you want to make Chase win these challenges you should make him hit in balls less because I don't find natural that a boy who has his balls completelly destroyed can defeat another one who has received less critical hits, especially if Chase is not so resistant when we speak about his man-balls. Here we have Jay who has balls less manhandled that is defeated by Chase that has been almost castated, the same for Doug. Other than that this is with no doubt between the top three of your stories. And finally I saw again your amazing style I love. Thank you and I want to read your next stories. Kisses

Anonymous said...

I was very worried about Jayden :( I hope that in the future he will be able to regain his authority in the team and be able to defeat Chase

Anonymous said...

Hi X
Thanks you so much for your comments. It was so much fun writing this with Jimmy and sharing ideas. In fact we had so many ideas that the story ended up rather long!
It's great to hear what parts you liked and what could be done better next time. Your english us very good by the way.
I understand your thoughts about the guy with weak, busted balls (Chase) making a miraculous recovery. I guess I just love a twist in the story and i like that Chase usually wins by luck (like the cumshot in Doug's eyes) or in this case because Jayden got a bit too cocky. I will take notes and try to be more realistic next time.
Yeah, i agree that Chase totally deserves to be beaten and humiliated but we might let his ego balloon a little bigger before we burst it!
Thanks again!

Harry said...

Such a great story guys! The twists and supporting characters and erotic angles are all awesome. Jayden might have practiced his big move, but he got too cocky so he deserved to get beat down. And man did he ever get owned!

Anonymous said...

Harry! Thanks so much for you kind words. We all know Chase is the bad guy but it's kind of fun when he wins too. He's such a lovable villain! And yeah, Jayden was just a bit too cocky.
It's so much fun working with these characters and i offer a big "thank you" to Jimmy for letting me contribute.
There is one more episode in the works that we are penning together and i hope i can contribute in future also.

Anonymous said...

Well Jayden's quite a hardy young man, i'm sure he'll be just fine! And yeah, i think Chase's winning streak will end soon and it will be a petty humiliating come-down!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy and Reg

That was awesome. What a great team up. Chase got Jayden good that time. Bill had to watch, wow. Bill tried his best to go after the other guys, but he was no match for them, lol. What's on the agenda next for your third story? Can't wait to find out! By-the-way, what's Chase up to? I'm curious to see where this goes with video recording Jayden spunkin it.


GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear X,

First I wanted to say thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot. Also, thank you for continuing to give your feedback on my stories I really appreciate it. I hear what you are saying and I will really try to take your suggestions to heart and apply that in the future!
Chase has come pretty far in the story, and after this latest stunt turning Jayden has suffered the loss of his previous swim team, it’s quite a blow. This will absolutely have an impact on Jayden and Chase’s relationship going forward for sure.
I’m lucky to be paired up with Reg, and this next story we are working on is pretty epic. We left a lot of loose threads that are about to get all tied up.

Dear Anonymous,

Aww, I know Jayden loves his previous team! He can’t quite get his swim team back unless he changes schools since he now goes to Bartlett. Anything is possible though! The battle between Jayden and Chase is far from over, but Chase certainly won this round. I hope that you enjoy what’s coming next!

Dear Harry,

Hahaha, I love your comment Harry. Jayden certainly got his nuts handled by Chase, if only he was a bit more careful he might have come out on top! Clearly, like most young men, he got cocky. I’m glad that you are enjoying the extended cast. I always worry when adding new characters as our cast is pretty big already, but the swim team needed to be involved in this story. I hope that you enjoy what’s coming next, it’s a dozy of epic conclusion to this three part arc with Reg!

Dear Gus,

Thanks for your response Gus! I’m having a blast teaming up with Reg. He’s a great writer and really breathed some great new life into the series. I don’t want to give any spoilers but I will say this: Chase and Jayden’s relatioship is going to get a bit more complicated, intense, and it will give all of you a lot of ball busting action (as always).

Dear Reg,

I wanted to share this not on here so everyone could see this. I am so thankful that you came into the series, writing these stories with you has been so much fun, and you have really helped shape these characters: especially Chase. Chase has become such a big character, and you really added a lot to him. And trust me, I am sure that we can find a way to bring you back in for some more fun!



Gino and Jayden Author

Anonymous said...

Is it bad I want a story where the twins and Adam kick Bill’s balls in with the other two watching, but this time Chase is “training” Jayden to enjoy seeing Bill busted?


GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Scotlad,

That actaully sounds like a lot of fun!

The readers I find generally cheer on Jayden and Bill, but this actually sounds like a solid story. I'm not sure as to how to work it in at this moment but I will absolutely be thinking about it and seeing how I could accomplish this!



Gino and Jayden Author

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's a cool idea. I don't really like one sided onslaughts where the loser is just submissive... so maybe Bill should get a few kicks in before he gets overwhelmed!
I really like the twins, they're so mischievous and goofy!

Anonymous said...

I have been cheering them on, but Bill irritated me a little this time, so when Adam and Chase were plotting at the end I was ruminating on how he could atone for this.
I tend to not be a fan of “submission”, but I like the idea of Bill being so overwhelmed by the three that there’s nothing he can really do about it. Maybe he gets a few blows in, but due to his panic (it is 3 vs 1 after all) they’re so glancing they have no real effect.
Obviously I’d like the tables to be somewhat even overall, but having a solid “the bad guy wins” story will make a victory by Jayden and Bill all the sweeter later on.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Anonymous 1 and anonymous 2,

It's funny that you bring up the twins. Reg and I had a blast writing them. Max and Rex really transformed from Chase's goons into this adorable adversaries for Bill. Scotlad, had a fun idea and I will see how I can weave it into a story arc that I have planned. Reg and I are finishing our trilogy and I already have the follow-up written, but I am going to come back to this and see how to include, it's such a great idea!



Gino and Jayden Author

Anonymous said...

That sounds great Jimmy.
(I should say I was also Anonymous 2)


GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Scotlad,

I just finished chapter 16, I added a whole sequence just for you and anonymous. I think that you'll like it.



Nick said...

Oh my god, this story has straight up one punch man energy. Its surreal and I couldn't stop laughing at some points. Honestly this story was a blast and I only wish I knew others who would appreciate the humor. Amazing work!