Monday, March 15, 2021

Space balls (written by Dominik)

This is a wonderful story written by my friend Dominik (read his previous contributions to this blog Pain by the pool, Another competition with consequences and Blind man's balls if you haven't done so already). I think I have never read a maleballbusting story that is set onboard a spaceship, and I love the way Dominik plays with the setup. I hope you'll enjoy this story as much as I did!

Gene stared at Angela’s sexy naked body as she rubbed her hands all over her, not paying any attention to his surroundings. Angela stood with both feet on the ground in her pretty, tidy apartment with an artificial sun shining through the window, and he, Gene, was floating in front of her in the air.

„I’m sure you like that, big boy?“, she wispered with a sexy voice as she squeezed her tits for him, making Gene’s heart pound higher and his dick tent the thin fabric of his overall.

„Oh yes, Angela, I can’t wait to…“

„If only I could see you live“, she talked over him. „But I already know how much you’re craving for me, so I have a pretty good impression of what you’re going to look like in 11 minutes…“

„Yes, you do“, Gene nodded, eyes fixated on the price. He heard the muffled sound of doors sliding open, but he was too aroused to care. „Oh, when I get to touch you again, I’m so going to…“

He was rudely interrupted by a sudden pain in his gonads. He screamed and felt himself floating backwards through the air before bumping his head on the wall as he heard a muffled laugh of his friends.

„For god’s sake“, he mumbled before quickly touching his AR glasses with one hand to end the video message while holding his aching balls with the other.

The pretty apartment with his naughty girlfriend and a whole lot of gravity holding the furniture down vanished around his eyes, and instead, he found himself in the community room of the spaceship he was in: a brightly lit, rectangular room with all kinds of space-prepared furniture: chairs and tables that were fixed on the floor and walls, drawers with all kinds of equipment, workout machines strapped to one corner of the room and a bunch of other stuff. It almost looked like an ordinary living room on Earth, except that everything was strapped down or fixed in place to counteract the lack of gravity and prevent it from freely floating through the air.

„Got you got, eh? Thought you could rub one out before we came to the community room aswell?“ Elliot floated in front of him, arms on his hips and a sassy expression on his face. The pretty, blonde 19-year-old was only wearing the bottom piece of his space overall, putting his muscular, athletic upper body to good show. He was a pretty boy with a cheeky, cocky attitude – but other than that, nothing pointed to him being a millionaire and proud owner of the small but lofty spaceship they were in.

„I… I was just watching the video message from Angela“, Gene defended himself with a meek voice. He was floating in a circular motion so that he was now almost looking at Elliot upside-down. He had turned 24 this year and wasn’t in as good of a shape as Elliot, but still pretty athletic. He had trained on a regular basis during his time on Earth. „I didn’t intend to do anything more than that… these AR experiences are just so real…“

„Well, you’ve got plenty of time to watch her over the next 9 weeks“, Jamie threw in as he floated towards his two friends across the room. He hadn’t taken into account though that he had no way of stopping himself mid-air, and so he just bumped into Elliot’s naked back which in turn made him fly towards Gene. Elliot quickly used the opportunity and kicked his knee forward into Gene’s crotch who was floating in front of him upside-down.

„Fuck, man“, Gene mumbled as he held his crotch again. „Was that necessary?“

„My ship, my rules“, Elliot laughed. „And you know that one of them is, your balls are on the line, all-the-time.“

„Yeah, he already got me good aswell as I was leaving my room earlier“, Jamie nodded in unison. He was a 20-year-old, black-haired dude with a slim, but muscular body who was wearing his full space overall. „But dude, he’s right, if you watch the porn your girlfriend sends you from Mars here in the community room, then you deserve whatever object floats into your balls!“

„I guess so“, Gene nodded.

Elliot meanwhile had used the little handles that were all over the walls and ceiling to navigate himself to the other end of the room. „Come on, you two nerds“, he called out to his friends. „Why don’t we enjoy the view for a little before we turn anyone’s balls to mush?“

The opposite wall of the community room was a single, giant piece of glass a couple of centimeters thick – one large, outward-facing window into space. And while Gene had been enjoying himself to his girlfriend’s augmented reality video message, Earth had shifted into view. As Gene and Jamie approached the window, they saw that they were now overlooking the giant blue planet with all its clouds, oceans and land masses that their space ship was currently orbiting.

„Wow“, they said in awe as they watched the landmasses flow by, a couple hundred of kilometers below their feet.

„And back on Earth, I told you the view would be worth it“, Elliot laughed. „You two Earth-suckers are in for one hell of an experience. And I don’t just mean, balls-wise – although that probably too, thanks to me.“

The three of them were childhood friends and had spent a lot of time together on Earth. Elliot was the only one who not only had been to space but to Mars before – he was the youngest of a big billion dollar company operating across both planets, the moon settlement and every other space station mankind had built across the solar system. So it came that this wasn’t his first time experiencing the trip between the two planets – but it was the first time he experienced it on his own ship. His father had gifted him a space ship back on his 18th birthday, and after taking care on some business on Earth, he had finally decided that he would join the Martian colony that most of his family had already moved to, and as the two planets were approaching each other again on their orbits, now had seemed like the perfect time.

One thing had lead to another, and so it came that Jamie and Gene also wanted to go to Mars, though for different reasons. Gene’s girlfriend Angela who he had met on Earth had also migrated over the Mars a year ago, making him one of the unlucky few who had to uphold a long-distance relationship with a few hundred million kilometers inbetween them, which had the unpretty side-effect that they couldn’t even talk to each other in real-time. The video message Angela had sent him had traveled a whopping 11 minutes through space before it arrived on their space station and subsequently his AR glasses, and any message he sent back to her on Mars would take the same amount of time. During times where Earth and Mars were the furthest away from each other, it would take longer than 20 minutes for a message to reach the other planet. Even in the year 2152, the speed of light was one of the few restraints that mankind hadn’t been able to overcome.

But despite all odds, their relationship had endured, and so when Elliot asked him if he wanted to join him on his personal space trip to Mars, Gene had jumped at the opportunity.

Jamie meanwhile didn’t have any romantic or family-related reasons to go to Mars. He had just dreamed of going to Mars ever since his childhood, to take a trip up Olympus Mons, the tallest planetary mountain in the solar system, or join one of the many Martian groups who explored the still lesser known plains and craters that not many humans had visited thus far.

Moving to Mars had become a big thing over the last couple of years, but it had been a luxury not many could afford. It were expensive, it required you to leave most of your belongings behind as you could take only a small amount of personal stuff with you on the space trips, and it required you to wave goodbye to your friends and family and the life you knew for an indeterminate amount of time and not even being able to talk to them in real-time over the phone. Economy flights to Mars were usually booked out months or years in advance, and moving to the Red Planet generally meant leaving Earth behind for what might be decades as visiting one’s home back on Earth before traveling back to Mars wasn‘t easily affordable for the average person.

But in return, the Martian colony that had just broken one million inhabitants last year provided one of the fastest-growing economies in the history of mankind with great job prospects and a high living-standard.

„How long until 5G?“, Jamie finally asked as the three boys had levitated in front of the glass wall that separated them from the cold emptiness of space for a while.

„18 minutes“, Elliot responded without looking up, but his brief blinking and eye movement told Jamie that he had just looked it up with his AR glasses. The hightech glasses like Elliot was wearing one were all controlled by a mixture of eye- and nerve-input, whereas peasants like Jamie and Gene still had to touch and wave their hands in front of their glasses like an animal to get what they want.

„And then it’s goodbye to you, Mother Earth“, Gene religiously wispered.

The ‚5G‘ that Jamie was talking about was the moment their spaceship would finally leave the orbit of Earth they were on. They’d be in just the right direction to start their ellipse-shaped path to Mars with as little fuel input as possible, as the orbit from Earth would help catapult them where they needed to go. This boost was commonly called 5G because for a couple of minutes, the rooms of their space ship would go from zero gravity to nearly five times the gravity back on Earth as the thrusters of their ship fired up and accelerated their space ship onto its long trajectory. 5G was the highest acceleration permitted by authorities for brief periods of time, any higher than that was deemed too dangerous for the human body, and so it had become the standard acceleration for space ships on their trip to Mars.

Afterwards, they would go back to zero gravity for the 9 weeks that their trip was going to take. It was only shortly before they reached Mars that they’d feel a similar pressure while their ship decelerated and transitioned into a stable Martian orbit.

All of that was already pre-programmed, so none of that required the interaction of any of the three boys. They had their entire 9-week journey for themselves. And knowing Elliots passion for crushing his friends’ nuts, they feared for what their balls might look like at the end.

As the boys were still looking out the window, Elliot briefly grinned before turning around, using the handles on the floor with his feet to steady himself, and threw a quick punch down Jamie’s balls. Jamie saw him coming, but not being attached to any wall himself, he was unable to dodge in time.

„Ah!“, he screeched as he tumbled backwards. „Man, I was still looking down to Earth…“

„I figured we might aswell bust some nuts before 5G. Have been looking forward to how this works in zero G“, Elliot laughed while tumbling towards the glass from the backwards-force of his own punch. „How about a free-for-all? Come on, whoever can dish out the most punches. I’ll even put my balls on the line… as an exception.“

Gene’s eyes shined. Elliot, being the boss and all since it was his spaceship, had made it clear that he mostly wanted to dish out ballhits during the journey rather than take them himself. But since he was offering it so nicely…

Gene pulled himself backwards on the floor handles before using all four to catapult himself towards Elliot. Elliot was still preoccupied with watching Jamie tumble through the room, so when he saw Jamie coming, it was already too late for him.

Striking a superman-pose, Gene’s fist punched into Elliot’s balls. Elliot’s eyes opened widely as the force from Gene’s punch pushed him back and made him smack against the glass wall again. For a moment, he felt nauseous as he suddenly saw Earth above him while the pain from Elliot’s punch spread in his abdomen.

„Fuck, I’ll get you for that“, he screamed cheekily as he repelled himself off the glass, gliding towards Gene.

„Good luck“, Gene laughed as he already hovered away through the room. But he underestimated Elliot’s speed. Being in the middle of the room, Elliot grabbed Gene’s foot and pulled himself up on Gene. As he was on about the same level as Gene’s crotch, he threw his elbow forward into Gene’s gonads.

„Ah, man!“, Gene screamed. Gene and Elliot seamed to drift apart from the hit, but Elliot quickly grabbed Gene by his torso to stay by him, before throwing a series of quick punches into Gene’s nuts.

„Ah!“, the 24-year-old, handsome lad howled, „my girlfriend is so gonna be mad at you…“

„Better hope you still have balls left at the end so you didn’t take the long trip for nothing!“, Elliot laughed. But just as he was about to throw another punch, he suddenly felt a hand grab his crotch from behind. Jamie had snuck up – or rather, hovered up – on the two of them and quickly wrapped his hand around Elliot’s crotch. It didn’t take long for him to find the two hard rocks in Elliot’s thin pants.

„Free-for-all, you say?“, he laughed as the three of them tumbled through the room, Elliot holding onto Gene by his torso, Jamie meanwhile steading the grip on Elliot’s balls. „I want some of that too! Who knows how often you’ll allow us to touch your balls throughout the journey, might aswell take that chance while I can…“

With these words, he squeezed down hard on Elliot’s balls. Elliot’s body convulsed and he released his grip on Gene.

„Hnnnggghh…“ He grinded his teath. „Fuck, fuck, fuck…“

„Not so nice when it’s your balls, eh?“

„Fuuuuu… come on, man…“ The two of them floated through the room, lightly bumping against a few objects, all while Jamie squeezed pretty-boy Elliot’s balls with a steady grip, making his face contorted in pain. Elliot was the only one being topless among them, and a little bit of sweat had collected on his bare, muscular chest.

Elliot wove his hand behind him in an attempt to grab Jamie’s balls, but to no avail. Jamie got a little bit of distance between himself and Elliot, all while holding the grip on his balls.

„I want in on the action!“ Gene was still a little dizzy and sore from the punches Elliot had thrown at him, but he didn’t want to miss out. He repelled himself off the ceiling that he had been holding onto. He quickly grabbed onto the two of them. As Elliot’s balls were still occupied by Jamie’s hand, Gene threw his knee towards Jamie’s crotch.

„Oh god“, Jamie said as the pain hit him, but much to Elliot’s dismay, he didn’t stop squeezing his balls, even if he slightly loosened his grip. Instead he quickly grabbed onto Gene’s crotch aswell which was currently floating right in front of his face.

„Hey, come on… oh, fuck“, Gene said as Jamie started squeezing his balls aswell, all while bumping into Elliot. But as Jamie pulled him down to his level again, he saw his opportunity: while Elliot was facing away from Jamie while being squeezed, Gene was facing towards him. And so he quickly threw forward his bare foot and hit him in the balls with it. Jamie grimaced, but when he still held on, Gene threw a few more kicks. After the fourth kick, Jamie finally released both Gene’s and Elliot’s balls and slowly floated away.

„Not so fast!“, Gene called out and raced after Jamie, while Elliot curled up to a ball and silently whimpered, nursing his balls that Jamie had just squeezed for a good minute or two while slowly drifting through the room.

Gene grabbed Jamie by his feet and pulled himself up on him. Jamie was trying to pull away, but to no avail. Instead, Gene threw a hard uppercut at his gonads while holding onto him with his other hand, making him wail in pain.

„Fuck, my balls“, Jamie laughed in pain. But again and again, Gene punched his balls as the two of them tumbled through the room, bumping into a chair on the way. But as Gene grew careless, Jamie saw his chance and smashed his foot into Gene’s balls.

„Uuuh… nice…“

Jamie threw another kick at him, but Gene twisted his body to block it and turned away. That’s when Jamie saw another good opportunity to smash his balls: he suddenly pushed Gene away from him so that he floated balls-first into the hard corner of a table that they were currently passing by.

„Ah, fuck“, Gene mumbled. He felt Jamie grab him from behind and try the ball-twist on him that he did on Elliot, but he only managed to grab an empty wrinkle in his pants before Gene managed to turn away.

„Man, I could have sworn that this would have been your dick, judging by how tented your pants were when we surprised you earlier“, Jamie laughed as he unintentionally levitated away.

„Well, I’m a grower, not a shower…“ Gene shrugged before pushing himself off the table that he had just collided with, striking his superman-pose again and flying directly towards Jamie. Now it was Jamie whose balls got smashed by Gene’s fist. „Superman to the rescue!“

„I bet Superman had stronger balls than you“, Jamie retorted as he cradled his balls. „Besides, he’s so penultimate-century…“

In the meantime, Elliot had decided he wanted revenge. His balls still hurt badly from the squeeze, but he was too prideful to just give up. With all the force he could muster, he flew towards his two friends. Gene saw him coming, but Jamie was facing away from him and only suddenly felt Gene’s knee smash up against his arse.

„That’s… not my balls…“, he meekly said.

„Wanted to mix things up“, Elliot suggested before grabbing Jamie before he knew what was happening, turning him around and then smashing his knee into his balls.

„Oh, good one…“

„We still have another two minutes or so before we have to prepare ourselves and get seated, let’s make the best of it!“

And so he smashed his knee forward into Jamie’s balls, once, twice, thrice…

That’s when he suddenly felt a grip around his throat.

„Come on, Gene, why don’t you rather help me“, he suggested with a muffled voice, but Gene had other plans as he tightly gripped his throat.

„How about it, Jamie?“, Gene said as Jamie was still hovering in front of the two. „How about we give our rich punk-ass friend a painful goodbye from Earth?“ It sounded mean but it was all in good faith as the boys teased each other all the time.

„Hell yeah“, Jamie grinned with a mean expression, all while rubbing his own still very sore balls. He quickly grabbed onto Elliot’s naked shoulders so that he didn’t drift away, while Elliot was still incapacitated by Gene.

Then he retorted and smashed his kneecap hard into Elliot’s poor babymakers, or as hard as the weightlessness would allow him. Elliot’s face contorted from pain.

„Three, four, five… man, it’s fun smashing your balls for once when it’s usually the other way around“, Jamie laughed as he felt his knee collide with the weak orbs in Elliot’s thin overall pants, bouncing them against his body. „Eight, nine, ten! I’m afraid we gotta stop soon; Gene, do you want one last go?“

„You bet I do!“, Gene laughed before releasing his grip around Elliot’s throat. He and Jamie switched positions which was easier said than done in zero gravity. Elliot was still too dazzled by the pain to resist.

And so Jamie held tightly onto his half-naked, filthy-rich hot friend by holding onto his wrists, while Gene grabbed his shoulders and torso and started working on his balls, one knee-smash at a time. Elliot squealed in pain as Gene turned his little weightless balls to mush and smashed them against his pelvic bone again and again.

Through the otherwise dead-silent room, the boys suddenly heard a deep, increasing rumble, all while feeling a brief vibration in the air. The engines turned on again and got warmed up for the big stomach-turning leap out of Earth’s orbit. At the same time, a big screen on one side of the room turned on and showed a countdown that started 5 minutes, along with some information about the approaching manuever. On each of their AR glasses, the boys also saw a message to get seated.

„Damn, the ship really doesn’t want us to miss this“, Gene laughed before smashing his foot one last time into Elliot’s crotch, making him howl in pain. „Guess it’s time…“

While the three of them had hung onto each other and worked on Elliot’s balls, they had drifted towards the glass again. Earth was still visible outside, but it had now shifted so far that it was in the direction of the room’s ceiling, rather than the floor.

„As much as I’m excited, I am going to miss Earth“, Gene said with a deep respect in his voice. „I mean, my balls won’t – can’t think of anything more excited than fucking Angela again, I’ve been blueballed for so long. Kinda fitting that I’m going to leave Earth’s orbit with sore balls“, he laughed.

„Yeah… we all will“, Jamie said, before looking down to Elliot who he was still holding on to by his arm. „Except our rich boy who’ll probably get to have a vacation on Earth each couple of years…“

Elliot just mumbled something indistinguishable.

„Well, at least his last memory of Earth will be a painful one for now“, Gene teased laughingly. „Come on, let’s get seated.“

The three of them levitated over to three wall seats on the floor of the room. These seats were more like cushions spread over the floor so that the boys were lying flat down, with the force of gravity pressing their backs down against the floor during acceleration. They also had seatbelt-like straps to get themselves fixed during the procedure.

„You okay, buddy?“, Jamie asked with a little concern as Elliot, still heavily panting, was reaching onto his seat. „You need any help?“

„Nah, I’m good.“ He smiled weakly. „Man, you two really did a number on me at the end. I’ll be feeling that for days…“

„Hope you don’t mind if we went a little rough on you“, Gene said anxiously as he strapped himself down. „But since you made us swear that we only get to bust you whenever you allow us to while you get to bust our balls whenever you want throughout the journey – well, we had to take that chance…“

„Don’t worry, it was awesome“, Elliot laughed, now grabbing for the straps himself as the countdown in front of them steadily decreased. „Just don’t expect me to go easy on you for the next 9 weeks. I have all the time in the world to get my revenge.“

„True that.“ Jamie grimaced. „Actually, maybe we shouldn’t have gone so hard on him – I’m sure he’ll make us regret it soon enough.“

„Oh, don’t worry, I’ll go hard on the two of you either way“, Elliot laughed. „Not like I’d show mercy in either case. Though I have to say, that was a lot of fun. I’ll give you more chances to go down on my balls too, don’t worry. More free-for-alls and other games like that. Where would be the fun without a little danger in it aswell?“

„Can’t wait!“, Gene said sarcastically. „No, seriously, I’m actually looking forward to whatever ball-smashing action we get down to. 9 weeks in the same cubicles will otherwise be really boring…“ Him and Jamie weren’t particularly into ballkicking from a sexual perspective as they were both straight – they were mostly just in it for the fun of it. Elliot meanwhile was gay, and they knew that he was getting off from any sport where he got to kick hot guys’ balls in, and so it was no surprise that he had chosen this as a condition for them to join him on his personal space trip to Mars.

„Come on, guys, let’s talk about ball-smashing afterwards“, Jamie said cheerfully. „This is it, guys – our exit from Earth. We’ll soon be moving at an insane speed through the empitness of space towards a red orb in space. Isn’t it exciting?“

„I feel like my balls are currently more red than Mars“, Elliot joked. The three of them laughed.

„I mean, it’s cool and all, but I’m just looking forward to actually being on Mars“, Gene said. „And to, you know… see my girlfriend again. And fuck her.“

„You don’t actually have to say it out loud“, Jamie grinned.

„For me, the whole journey feels more like a long inconvenience since I’ve already been through it multiple times“, Elliot explained. „Which is why I’m glad I have the two of you on my ship to spice the boring journey up a little – in more ways than one. But seriously, space travel is so boring, guys. Surely humanity has to invent teleportation sometime over the next decades? It has to be just around the corner, right?“

„Yeah, humanity invented all that elaborate useless stuff that nobody ever needs such as this stupid nanotech chastity device that Elliot brought with us on the ship“, Jamie nodded, „but science can’t come around to the truly useful and obvious inventions that humans are dreaming of since centuries…“

„Wait, what chastity device?“, Gene said with an alarmed voice. „What’s so special about it?“

„Oh, hasn’t he told you?“, Jamie grinned.

„It’s basically a wobbly pool of fluid that you dunk your dick into“, Elliot grinned while his cheeks turned red. „And it’ll leave a thin coating around your dick that can easily be scrubbed off. But when someone – the one who the chastity device is mapped to – activates it, this coating becomes stone-hard within seconds, and it sits on your cock like an immovable object. It tightly, meticulously surrounds your penis like a hard shell without any gaps, it’s basically like another skin layer, except it’s rock-hard and nipping any erections in the bud. And it’s remote-controlled by another person and will stay as hard as long as that person doesn’t give the command to release it. No more last-century keys to take care of, just the magic of nanotech and horny scientists with kinky ideas…“

„Man, that really sounds uselessly elaborate“, Gene sighed. „And of fucking course you own one of them already. Who wants such a thing on his dick?“

„It’s not about who wants one on his dick, but who doesn’t.“ Elliot winked at him. „Maybe you’ll get to try it out on our journey…“

Jamie giggled at this friend who put on an annoyed face. But before he could come around to a response, the continuous humming sound from the engine below their backs suddenly grew louder as the countdown in front of them reached 10 seconds.

„That’s it, guys!“, Jamie said with excitement. „Six, five, four…“

The three boys counted in unison and threw one last sight out of the window to the big, blue planet that they were orbiting around. Then, the engine sound grew louder; the deep, all-encompassing rumbling increased in a formidable crescendo.

That’s when they felt it – the force of gravity, returning to their bodies. It came slowly at first, like a light force resting on their bodies. But as the engine sound and vibration in the air increased, so did the force that pressed them down onto their seats. On the big screen in front of them, they could now see their speed and acceleration, along with the downward force in the spaceship.

„That was just one G we just passed?“, Gene wondered. „Earth gravity? It already felt much stronger…“

„Yeah, because you’re used to weightlessness, silly“, Elliot laughed. The number had now reached 2G, and it was still increasing at a steady pace.

„Man, is it exciting“, Jamie cheered. „That feels awesome…“

„Feels more like in one of those amusement park rides where you’re thrown around and all“, Gene said, and he had to speak loudly to surpass the engine noise. „They made me puke once. My body suddenly feels so… heavy…“

„4G, lads, and counting“, Elliot grinned. „Better enjoy it while it lasts. We won’t be at maximum acceleration for long…“

The cabin shook and quivered as the engine howled below them. Their handsome bodies were heavily and visibly pressed down towards their cushions, as if some heavy weights stood on them. The view of Earth through the window started to change.

„Four point eight five G“, Elliot read of the screen, and he had to scream for the others to hear him. „I think that’s as high as we’ll go. And we’ll be at this speed for less than two minutes – afterwards it’s back to zero G within seconds…“

„Man, it is awesome“, Jamie laughed.

„It’s terrifying. Seriously“, Gene said with a stern voice.

„While we’re at it, I’ve actually prepared a little present for you. Call it a goodbye present from Earth if you will“, Elliot explained with a suddenly naughty tone. „Or, you know… a little revenge for teaming up on my balls a couple minutes ago.“

„Wait, what?“, Gene said nervously.

Gene and Jamie looked over to Elliot as he blinked several times, seemingly controlling his AR glasses. A few seconds later, a table drawer next to them opened all by itself, and out came a long metal bar that seemed to be one meter in front of the three boys – and was positioned right above their crotches.

Then, two soccer balls slid along the metal rod, attached to it only via tiny metal clamps, all while the space ship was still roaring below them.

„What is this going to be, Elliot?“, Jamie screamed over the engine noise anxiously.

„Oh, not much“, Elliot shrugged and grinned. „Just two ordinary soccer balls. Figured it might be fun dropping them onto your balls during the 5G phase…“

„Come on, man, my girlfriend…“, Gene pleaded, just as the clamps that the balls were attached to clicked into place. Each of the balls was now right above one of their genitals – and because of how tightly the boys were strapped down, they didn’t have much wiggle room either.

„Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be more than a one meter fall“, Elliot laughed.

„Yeah, but one meter – at almost five times the gravity on Earth!“, Jamie complained. „I didn’t want my balls to turn to peanut butter on the first day of our trip…“

„Tough luck“, Elliot grinned. „Here it comes…“

He blinked again, giving the command to release the clamps. The two soccer balls shot downwards in a fraction of a second, hitting the two boys’ ballsacs head-on, flattening the bulges in their pants with a satisfying THUD.

The two handsome boys groaned in unison as their balls were flattened like pancakes. Elliot laughed as he watched the two squirm and howl from his seat.

„Man, that hurt like hell…“, Jamie screamed.

„Fuck dude, you definitely got your revenge“, Gene cried.

„You are welcome!“

The two lads groaned and mumbled on their cushions. Earth wasn’t visible anymore in the big window from where they were at; instead the big glass side of the room opened up the view to the big, dark sky full of stars.

And then, just like Elliot had promised – the engine sound and the heavy vibration of the ship faded within seconds, and so did the heavy pressure on each of their bodies. The two soccer balls that had also been pressed down to the floor just seconds ago after the drop started floating around slowly.

„Fuck, that’s nauseating. Are we really weightless again?“, Gene mumbled.

„Yeah, I feel so dizzy“, Jamie screamed – and was surprised about how loud his voice suddenly was, now that the three of them were surrounded by silence again. „Everything’s spinning… and my balls fucking hurt…“

„Welcome to your first trip to space“, Elliot laughed as he released the straps of his seat. „And to your 9 weeks of zero G. How about we get some ice to cool our balls a little, and afterwards we make ourselves a nice breakfast, I’m super-hungry.“ He shrugged while his two friends just groaned faintly. „Meanwhile we can watch Earth vanish in the distance – and if you two are up for it, maybe we can have another free-for-all ballpopping game later today?“


Harry said...

Zero-gravity ball busting?!?! This story is hilarious Dominik. Super creative.

Dominik said...

I appreciate the feedback, glad you like it!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hey Dominik,

That was such a fun, clever story. Really, neat. I do not like space at all, but I found the plot and their surroundings to be a really interesting way to do a ballbusting story. Very well done!