Monday, March 22, 2021

A very boring Saturday for Cal (written by Dominik)

This is another awesome story written by my friend Dominik (author of Pain by the pool, Another competition with consequences, Blind man's balls and Space balls). Today's story features Brandon and Cal having a little fun outdoors... I hope you'll enjoy this story as much as I did!

Featured in this story: Brandon and Cal (click for pictures)

Cal panted heavily as he lied on the couch, staring down at the iPad he had placed next to him on the table, hands buried in his crotch and sweating from sexual arousal.

He had started a hot porn video on his iPad that he was watching since minutes. Usually he would have cum from that already, but this time it was different: Cal was butt-naked except for one little detail. His proud cock was locked away in a seemingly impenetrable metal chastity cage that seemed way to small for his big member and already felt uncomfortably cramped when limp but was especially tight whenever he got hard.

And yet, he had opened a porn video in the desperate hope that he would somehow be able to reach an orgasm in his cage by wildly shaking it around and caressing his balls. But to no avail. He had tried the same thing already yesterday and the day before and both times, he had walked away disappointed and frustrated after 20 minutes of trying. But he was getting hornier each day.

Him, Brandon, Zach and Logan had recently had a little competition, one with some painful genital punishments. To his surprise, Cal and his balls had walked away mostly unscathed from it – he had gotten a couple of ball slaps, but other than that, his mates‘ balls had gotten the worst of it. Brandon‘s balls had gotten ridiculously swollen while Logan‘s babmakers had taken a bunch of abuse aswell, with only Zach walking away with almost no harm this time. But therefore, Cal had gotten the short end in the final round, the loser of which would have his balls locked away in a chastity cage for a whopping 14 days.

At first, this had seemed like a relatively good outcome to Cal – what were a couple of days with an additional piece of clothing on his dick compared to the pain and abuse on his balls that Brandon and Logan had gotten? But over the last 7 days that he had spent in his cage, he felt like he had gotten the worst punishment of all of them and would gladly trade it to a couple dozen kicks to his balls. He usually wanked off at least once per day, so his dick was straining against the metal walls at the slightest sexual thought, and he was pretty tired aswell since he had been rudely woken up by his morning wood straining against the cage walls several times now.

Cal sighed before finally closing the porn tab and releasing the grip on his heavy cock prison. At the one hole at the top of his cage, a bit of precum had been leaking out over the last couple minutes and formed a small wet spot on the couch. His dick was „crying chastity tears“, as his friends had fittingly called it.

He grabbed his phone; Brandon had messaged him asking if he wanted to meet up for a bit of a hike.

„Sure thing. Meet you over there at in 20 minutes or so“, he spoke as a voice memo back to him. He could use a bit of a distraction. He slowly got up and looked around for his boxershorts.


A short while later, Cal arrived on the field path behind the part of the city that Brandon and Cal lived in. It wasn‘t far from his apartment, and the two friends had met up there many times over the years.

„There you are!“, Brandon greeted him.

„Nice seeing you, bud.“

Brandon was wearing thin shorts and, a tanktop and sneakers. He was a handsome young man who wasn’t shy to put his nice chest and arm muscles to good view. Cal himself had thrown over a simple T-Shirt and jeans.

„How are the balls doing?“, Cal asked.

„Eh, mostly fine“, Brandon gestured. „The swelling went down for the most part. They still feel a little stiff though, and slightly painful if I touch them at the right spots. Mostly where you guys collided with them and made some internal veins pop.“ He smiled and shrugged.

„Nice, man“, Cal said approvingly before giving his buddy a bro-fist. „Mine took a few days longer last time they got such a beating.“

 „Yeah. Glad your balls got out of it so nicely this time. Anyway, how‘s the dick doing?“

Cal made a frustrated grunt. „Don‘t get me started. I‘m a mess, bro. I‘m so horny I could run a marathon if it meant getting out of that thing.“

„Haha, I bet“, Brandon laughed and tried to give Cal a quick ballslap. He only hit the cage though and let out a short scream before shaking his hand around. „Ah, I hit my hand on that thing.“

„That‘s what you get“, Cal laughed before retaliating and giving his mate who was still nurturing his hand a quick, but well-aimed hit into his unprotected balls. Cal shrieked as he stumbled back.

„Guess I deserved that one“, he grinned.

„Yes, you did.“

„At least I can still wank off, you know“, he remarked with a snotty voice. „You won‘t believe how much fun I had with my left hand last night... and this morning... and thirty minutes ago...“

„Go on, rub it in, why don‘t ya“, Cal laughed before instinctively touching the cage through his jeans. His dick was already stiffening just by thinking about shooting a load.

„Seriously, I‘m glad I never had to wear that thing until now“, Brandon continued. „I‘d be climbing walls out of frustration. Ballpain is worse enough, but whenever one of you guys pulls out the cage and makes it the punishment for the loser or whatever, I shudder...“

„I had to wear it thrice so far, prior to this time“, Cal recalled. „But two of those times, it was really short. Like for a couple of hours each, until the next game or so. The third time, it was for three or four days. This time it‘s by far the longest.“

„Some of the other boys had worn it for much longer, I think“, Brandon nodded. Zach once had to wear it for several weeks, I think? All because he lost a game with that Simon guy from those porn movies and then kept getting on his nerves.“

„Oh yeah, I remember that one...“

„Anyway, since you mentioned a marathon... How about a little race?“, Brandon suggested. The two of them had already started walking down the field path towards the forest. „I’ve been trying to get back into running lately. You remember the little parking spot about a Kilometer from here?“


„Race you there. Whoever’s first wins and gets to decide a punishment for the loser.“

„Ok, alright... wait“, Cal said. „What kind of punishment?“

„Well, I sadly don‘t have the key to your cage as Logan decided to keep it for the two weeks, or else I‘d play you for your chastity sentence“, Brandon shrugged. „You know, the old ‚double or nothing‘ kind-of deal. But there has to be something at stake for the loser, don‘t you think?“

Cal contemplated it briefly before saying: „Alright. But no balls-related punishments this time, that‘s my condition.“

„What?“, Brandon said with surprise. „Are you too chicken?“

„Too horny“, Cal corrected. „I‘m desperate enough as I am, don‘t need my cum-filled blue balls kicked into next week as long as I‘m wearing that thing. I wanted a more chill afternoon.“

„Alright, no balls-related punishments“, Brandon agreed. „But this goes both ways. Probably better anyway since my balls haven‘t fully healed either – don‘t need them busted as sensitive as they are now. But other than that, it‘s all fair game.“

„Fair enough. Are you ready?“

„Sure. Let’s go!“

Cal was out of shape – he was panting and sweating after a few hundred meters already. On the other hand, Brandon at least didn’t run that much better either. The two boys were about equally matched for the first part of the trail as they raced over the dirty floor through the forest. The cage between his legs also didn‘t do him any favours as it restricted how much freedom he had with his legs. One wrong move, and his cage would shift around uncomfortably in his pants; once or twice it even pinched the base of his dick a little.

It was only as they passed the last curve and already saw the small, leave-covered parking lot that Brandon suddenly ran faster. With the discipline of an athlet, he started sprinting and quickly moved ahead of Cal. Cal tried to run faster aswell, but he couldn’t keep up with his best mate, his muscles were already too sore for that.

And so it came as it had to, and Brandon reached the parking lot a good thirty meters ahead of Cal. Both of them panted heavily as they reached their goal, with sweat dripping from their handsome faces and muscular arms.

„That felt good“, Brandon mumbled.

„Yeah, right? It‘s a great exercise.“ Cal stretched his arms. „You really outdid yourself the last few meters, right? Guess you get to decide my punishment.“

„Yeah, I do“, Brandon grinned. „Be so nice as to drop your pants.“

„Uuuh“, Cal said. He quickly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled it down before stepping out of it. Standing there in just his sweaty T-Shirt, he figured he might aswell go all the way and stripped off his shirt too. He looked funny, standing there on the forest road with just his light street shoes and the metal cage that looked way out of proportion compared to his big, juicy balls.

Just standing there all naked and embarrassed made his cage twitch again.

Brandon admired his buddy‘s cage for a few seconds, then he stepped closer and patted the cage lightly. „Damn, I forgot how small it was. Hope your equipment is still the same size when it gets out.“

„Why wouldn‘t it be?“

„Haven‘t you heard about shrinkage? Well, maybe it‘s just a myth, I don’t know.“ Brandon shrugged. „Anyway.“

Before Cal could ask any further, Brandon quickly snatched his friend‘s boxershorts from the ground. „Gonna need them for protection.“

„Protection? From what?“

Cal watched nervously as Brandon went to the nearby forest, armed with Cal‘s blue underpants in his hands. He picked up a shrub of a plant that was growing at the side of the deserted parking lot. Cal took a moment before he realised what it was.

A stinging nettle.

„Hey, careful. What are you planning with that? You know balls are off-limit.“

Brandon grinned devilishly as he came back to Cal carrying the plant part, his own hands protected with Cal‘s boxers. „Balls, sure. But I‘m going to shove as many as I can into the pee-hole of your little cock cage.“

„The fuck?“, Cal shrieked. „Come on, man...“

„A bet‘s a bet. Thought your dick was safe just because it’s protected by those steel walls? Think again, bud.“

Cal watched horrified as Brandon yanked on his dick cage, making him stumble forward, before picking up the individual leafs of the nettle with his other hand while shielding himself with the thin fabric of the boxers. He then crumpled the leafs through the tiny hole at the top of Cal’s cage.

It didn‘t take long for the pain to set in.

Cal screamed as he suddenly felt the intense burn of the nettle on his caged dick. It started at the top of his dick, but then spread around the dickhead and even down the shaft as Brandon shoved one leaf after another into the metal tube, making the nettle leafs touch more and more of Cal’s sensitive dick skin. The tightness of the cage didn’t do him any favours as the solid cage wall helped press the leafs firmly against his skin. His cock soon felt like it was on fire.

„Let’s see if I can manage a last one... there we go“, Brandon said as he proudly shoved the last leaf in before throwing away the branch. What little space there was left in the cage was now filled with nettle leafs. The naked, handsome lad was screaming and intensely staring down at the cage that felt like it was cooking his dick alive.

Finally, Brandon released the grip on his cage and allowed Cal to throw himself around, wailing in pain. Cal jumped up and down over the empty parking lot, his hands buried in his crotch gripping his cage, stark naked as he was – a funny sight that Brandon sadly was the only witness to.

A few minutes later, Cal had calmed down again. He was stil heavily panting and holding his cock cage. The initial intensity from the sting had subsided a little, but his dick still hurt like hell, especially around the head. Cal had some nettle burns in the past, though just some very light ones – he knew they might burn for hours if not a full day or two, and he could only imagine what kind of rash they had left on his dick underneath the hard metal.

And the worst part was, his dick had gotten slightly hard again over the last few minutes, which didn‘t exactly do him any favours.

„Still glad you demanded that the balls would be off-limit?“, Brandon laughed and patted his friend‘s bare shoulder before giving him a brief slap on the ass that made Cal jump. „Come on, get dressed, then we run the same lap back.“ He blinked at him. „Don‘t worry, without punishments this time.“

The two of them ran back, this time in a more friendly pace. Cal was a mess, he had to put all his effort into not thinking about the intense stinging in his crotch. The cage felt like much more of a hindrance in running this time around.

„Alright, see you later“, Brandon gave him a short bro-hug as they had reached the settlement again. „Gonna have to go grocery shopping and do some errands. Maybe come around later for a beer or so?“ He boxed his buddy‘s shoulder. „Don‘t worry, don‘t have any stinging nettles at home.“

„Sounds great“, Cal nodded. „Bet I could use the distraction. Still seven days to go, ugh...“ He sighed. „But first I have to get those fucking leafs out...“

It took several minutes of fumbling around with his cock cage to slowly pull the crumbled nettle leafs out of the pee-hole that they had entered through. Some of them ripped apart just as he was pulling them out which only made it more difficult, and the continuous, sharp sting in his dick didn’t do him any favours either. At the end, he felt like there were still some tiny nettle pieces in his cage, but he wasn’t able to get any of them out anymore.

Just as he returned to his living room, he felt his dick grow hard again which only increased the stinging. He sighed. He already knew he couldn‘t rub one out through the cage and any attempt to do so would only be met with more agony, but the horny part of his brain was really itching for him to finish that hot porn video from earlier.

He sighed, then he grabbed his iPad again. This was going to be a wonderful week…


Buster said...

Great story!! :) Very funny.

Dominik said...

Thank you, Buster! :)

Anonymous said...

That storie was awesome! Can you make another similar with pisshole plis?

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Dominik,

We got two of your stories in a row, one from last week and now this? How cool, is that! You capture the chemistry between Cal and Brandon so well, and how they talk about the other characters are delightful. Great interactions and storytelling!



Dominik said...

Thank you for the feedback, guys, I appreciate it!