Friday, March 26, 2021

Sketchbag (Sab meets the skaters)

Special thanks to Sabian for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who hates bullying but loves bullying bullies!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Leo, Sammy and Tristan (click for pictures)

“Look who’s there”, Sammy said. The 18 year old redhead cracked his knuckles. He was leaning against a rail, wearing a loose-fitting t-shirt and baggy pants. One of his feet was playing with the tail of his skateboard, making the board bounce up and down as he looked across the skate park.
He was with his best friends and skater buddies Leo and Tristan, both of them 19 years old and dressed similar to Sammy, wearing oversized t-shirts and baggy pants.
Leo was tall and lanky, with curly black hair.
Tristan’s hair was dusty blond and his blue eyes were wide open as he asked: “Who?”

“Sab”, Sammy said.
Tristan raised his eyebrows. “Umm--- I--- What?”
“Sabian, goes by Sab”, Sammy explained, rolling his eyes. “School mate.” He stopped talking as his eyes followed Sabian on his way across the skate park.
Tristan looked at Sammy expectantly. He didn’t know Sabian, and he didn’t know the history between him and Sammy.
Instead of explaining, Sammy leaned up and cracked his knuckles again. “Let’s have a little talk.”
Sammy jumped onto his skateboard and sped across the skate park.

Tristan turned to Leo. “Do you have any idea what has gotten into him?”
Leo let out a sigh. “Today at school Sabian made a comment about Sammy’s appearace. Something about him being--- what was the word--- a ‘sketchbag’ or something.”
Tristan rolled his eyes. “Let me guess. He didn’t take it well?”
Leo let out a laugh. “You bet your ass he didn’t. Sabian was with some of his friends, so Sammy didn’t start a fight.” He looked over to the far end of the skate park where Sammy was pursuing Sabian on his skateboard. “Now it’s on.”
Tristan and Leo chuckled.
Then they hopped onto their boards and followed Sammy.
Sabian had picked up the pace – but there was no way that he’d outrun three skinny guys on skateboards, and they caught up to him quickly. Sammy stopped right in front of him, blocking his way and making Sab stop as well. Leo and Tristan stopped behind him, blocking his escape path.

“Hey, sketchbag”, Sab feigned confidence but there was fear in his eyes, and he shifted his  weight nervously. But despite the fact that he was surrounded by Sammy and his friends, Sab acted like he was in charge.
Sammy’s eyes narrowed. “Apologize”, he said. “Apologize now.”
Sab let out a laugh that was a little too loud and a little too shrill to sound casual.
Sammy raised his eyebrows. “Don’t make me say it again.”
Sab scoffed, placing his hands on his hips. “Yeah? What are you gonna do, sketchbag?”
Sammy clicked his tongue. “I don’t think now’s the time to act all high and mighty…”
“Listen, sketchbag, I’m not in the mood for this”, Sab barked.
The three skaters burst out laughing.
“You’re not in the mood for this?” Sammy chuckled. “What – you’ve found your conscience and your civility all of a sudden?”
Sab’s eyes narrowed.
Behind him, Tristan turned to Leo. “He’s shitting his pants.”
Sab turned on his heels and glared at Tristan. “Fuck you!” With that, he made a lunge at Tristan, grabbing his shoulders and bringing his knee up between Tristan’s thighs.
Tristan let out a surprised, anguished yelp as Sab rammed his balls into his body, flattening them like pancake inside his baggy pants.
“Oughghg”, Tristan groaned as he sank to his knees. “My fucking nuts…”
Sab shoved him to the ground and made a run for it.
He didn’t get far.
On their skateboards, Leo and Sammy caught up to him again in no time while Tristan was rolling on the ground, cupping his aching gonads.
“That was a cheap shot”, Sammy said. “You’re going low now that you are all alone without your friends to help you?”
“Look who’s talking!” Sabian spat. “Three on one – not exactly a profile in courage…”
“You didn’t seem to care about unfair advantages when you were with your friends at school today!” Sammy snickered.
“And, minor correction”, Leo chimed in with a sly smile. “We’re two, not three.” He glanced at Tristan who was still on the ground, clutching his balls. “Eunuchs don’t count.”
“Speaking of eunuchs”, Sab hissed before bringing his foot up between Leo’s thighs. His instep connected squarely with the crotch of Leo’s low-hanging jeans which lessened the force of the impact a little – but not by much. Leo’s dangling sack bore the brunt of the blow as Sabian’s toes slammed into them, ramming them into his body with a loud slap that would have been hilarious in any other circumstance.
Sammy grimaced in sympathy as he watched his buddy gasp for breath, his eyes losing focus as he folded like a deck chair.
A triumphant smile appeared on Sabian’s face but it was short lived when Sammy kicked him in the nuts from behind.
“Fucking idiot!” Sammy growled as Sabian screamed in pain. “Stop hitting my friends in the fucking nuts!”
Sabian doubled over in pain and Sammy jumped onto his back, bringing him to the ground.
The two handsome young men rolled around on the ground, yelling and screaming as they punched and kicked, each of them trying to get the upper hand.
Sabian landed a lucky blow to Sammy’s manhood, making him wail in agony – but the tide turned when Tristan and Leo rushed in to support Sammy. They were in pain, but there was no way that they’d let Sabian get the better of Sammy.
It was a nasty brawl with kicks and punches and a whole lot of dirty tricks from hair pulling to sack squeezing.
It didn’t take long until Sabian was overpowered, tough.
The three skaters were surrounding him as he lay on the ground, his face a sweaty, dirty mask of pain.
Leo brought his foot up and stomped down on Sabian’s nuts hard, making him wail in agony.
He tried to crawl away, but Tristan lifted him off the ground with a well placed kick between the thighs from behind. He was lifted off the ground, screaming like a banshee as he landed right in front of Sammy’s feet.
Sammy didn’t wait a second. He brought his foot back and kicked Sab like he was a soccer ball, making him groan and moan as he landed in front of Tristan.
“Come on, kick him to me”, Leo grinned, and Tristan did.
Sab let out an anguished wail as he landed in front of Leo’s feet, only top be kicked to Sammy once again.
Sabian was a mess. His face was contorted in pain and dust and dirt was covering his sweaty cheeks and his forehead.
Sammy brought his foot back and delivered another hard, relentless kick to Sabian’s nuts, eliciting a shrill, ear-piercing squeal from the beaten boy.
“Apologize”, Sammy said.
Sabian let out a whimper.
Sammy kicked him in the nuts. “Apologize!”
Sabian let out a moan.
“I’m waiting!” Sammy kicked his nuts again as hard as he could.
Sabian curled up in a ball, moaning and groaning in agony.
Sammy looked down at him. Then he turned to his friends. “Guys, I have an idea.”
A minute later, Sabian was stripped down to his boxers, and the three skaters took turns kicking him and throwing dirt at him, making him scream and moan in pain and humiliation.
“I think he has learned his lesson”, Leo said with a crooked grin as he watched Sabian squirm on the ground, cupping his crotch, his body covered in dirt.
“One more thing”, Sammy said.
He took a step back and, with a running start, kicked Sabian in the crotch, lifting him off the ground and making him yodel in agony.
Leo and Tristan followed his lead and kicked Sabian in the nuts with a running start, eliciting all kinds of gruesome noises from the humiliated boy.
He curled up in the fetal position, sobbing and moaning, rocking back and forth, cupping his aching gonads. He was wearing nothing but his boxers, his body covered in dirt.
Sammy crossed his arms and looked down at Sabian. “Who looks like a sketchbag now?”


Buster said...

love it! brutal yet somehow funny. also, bullies suck ;)

Sab said...

Alex thank you for making this come to life. Hot like I remembered it with some fun twist.

Alex said...

Thank you, guys! Your feedback means a lot to me. :-))