Thursday, August 28, 2008


Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Phil and Zach (click for pictures)

Previous parts:
Take five 

A couple of weeks ago we had started to shoot teaser trailers for our upcoming competition of „Soccer balls 2“. British soccer player Phil and his former mentor Jimmy were going to face off against each other in a fierce nutkicking contest.

We were pretty happy that we got the biggest balls available for that occasion: amply endowed trio Zach, George and Cal, the twins, and Cal’s swim team mate Brandon had agreed to stand in line to get their nuts kicked.

Today we had scheduled the last day of shooting for the teaser trailers. We had already completed and posted teaser videos with George, the twins, Brandon and Cal. Today it was Zach’s turn to put his balls on the line.

The 20 year old guy smiled at me. He had always been very sure of himself, oftentimes overestimating the strength of his oversized testicles and ending up getting his nuts cracked and shooting his load…

“Do you want me to strip?” Zach asked.

I knew he enjoyed every opportunity to show off his beautiful, fat cock and his impressive set of plump, meaty jewels. I nodded.

Zach took off his t-shirt, revealing his muscular, hairless chest and his defined abs. He grinned when he saw me staring at his chest.

I blushed and looked away.

Zach chuckled and threw his t-shirt away.

I cleared my throat and looked around, searching for Phil.

The 18 year old star soccer player had been born in Britain before a US soccer team had bought him for an astronomical sum of money.

“Oh, there you are”, I said, relieved to be able to focus on something other than Zach’s body.

Phil was sitting on the couch, reading a sports magazine. He was wearing his soccer gear, shorts, shirt and soccer shoes.

He put the magazine away and looked at me.

I walked over to him. “I wanted to talk to you about this… thing…”

Phil raised his eyebrows with an amused expression on his face.

I grinned sheepishly.

“Look here”, Phil put the magazine on the table and pointed at a picture.

I nodded. “A model.”

The picture showed a young woman looking flirtatiously at the camera while wearing a custom-made bra that looked like it was made from two soccer balls.

Phil grinned. “Body painting.”

I looked at him, irritated. Then I took another look at the photo and noticed that, indeed, that wasn’t a bra, it was the girl’s breasts that had been painted with black and white soccer ball plaids.

I chuckled.

“What do you think?” Phil said with a naughty smile.

I raised my eyebrows.

Half an hour later, Phil was laying the finishing touches on his work of art.
Zach looked down at his crotch.

Phil took a step back, the brush in his hand. He squinted and carefully touched Zach’s ballsac with the brush.
Zach’s cock twitched. During the procedure and due to the soft touches of the brush against the sensitive skin of his shaven sac, his landmark schlong had risen until it was fully hard and pointing at the ceiling.

Phil nodded with satisfaction.

Zach looked uncomfortable.

His sac of spuds looked like a soccer ball. It wasn’t the same size, of course, but it looked pretty convincing, painted with black and white plaids.

“What do you say?” Phil said.

Zach shrugged. “I don’t know…”

“It’s meant to be a joke”, Phil said slowly.

Zach shrugged again. “Is it funny?”

Phil rolled his eyes. “It will be once I kick your junk.”

“I don’t know…”

Phil sighed.

“Okay”, I said. “Let’s get it done.”

The two boys nodded.

“What do you want us to do?” Phil said.

“You don’t have any lines”, I said. “This teaser is going to be different. We are going to work with title cards. Basically, we’ll film you kicking Zach’s balls three times in rapid succession. We’ll play it in slow motion for the teaser, with the title theme of the movie ‘Chariots of Fire’ playing.”

Phil chuckled. “Alright.”

“It will look like this”, I explained. “First kick in slo mo. Then a title card saying ‘Soccer balls 2’. Second kick in slo mo. Then a title card saying ‘September 20th’. Third kick in slo mo. Then the last title card: ‘”

“Sounds good”, Phil grinned.

Zach grimaced. He looked absolutely ridiculous, standing in front of us stark naked, his cock rock-hard and pointing north, with his bulging sac of testicles painted like a soccer ball.

“Let’s get it done”, Phil said.

I walked over to my cameraman Chad who was standing behind the camera.

Zach stood facing the camera, his legs spread apart, so that his soccer ball sac was dangling freely between his thighs. His fat, hard cock was standing straight up. He had a sceptical expression on his face.

Phil took his position behind him.

“Okay”, I said. “Zach, you can’t grab your balls. Phil has to kick them three times in a row. Alright?”

Zach stared at me.


Zach nodded reluctantly.

“Soccer balls 2, teaser 4, take 1”, I said. “Action!”

Phil inhaled deeply. Then he brought back his leg slowly and let it snap into Zach’s balls. The instep of his shoe connected with the painted sac.

Zach coughed. His dick twitched and his balls swung back and forth between his legs.

The second kick followed right away. Again, Phil’s instep collided with the two precious orbs inside Zach’s ballbag.

Zach shrieked and grabbed his junk before Phil was able to get another kick in.

“No!” Phil shouted. “Zach, come on.”

Zach groaned in pain. He fell to his knees and clutched his crotch.

I sighed. “Cut!”

I walked over to Zach. “Concentrate, Zach, it will get harder with every take…”

Zach moaned.

“And get your hands away from your nuts”, Phil said and yanked at Zach’s arms. “You are smudging the paint.”

Zach frowned at him. “I---“

“Get your hands away”, Phil repeated.

Zach whimpered and let go of his nuts.

Phil looked at Zach’s testicles and nodded when he saw that everything was alright and his masterpiece wasn’t destroyed.

“Let’s do it again”, I said and walked behind the camera again.

Zach groaned and got up.

“Soccer balls 2, teaser 4, take 2”, I said. “Action!”

Phil nodded and took a step back. With a running start, he kicked Zach’s meaty plums.

Zach winced and grimaced in pain.

The second kick to his tender jewels made his eyes widen and his lips twitch. He let out a miserable moan.

Phil followed up with a third hard kick to Zach’s poor nuts, crunching them hard and making them bounce wildly.

Zach’s cock twitched and he shrieked in pain. He clenched his teeth and had trouble controlling his reflexes, but somehow he managed not to grab his aching testicles.

Phil took a step back and looked at me.

“Cut!” I said.

Zach whimpered and collapsed on the ground, cupping his crotch and moaning in pain.

I looked at Chad.

Chad shook his head. “Too slow”, he said.

I bit my lower lip. “Alright, guys”, I said. “We’ll have to do it again. Phil, you have to do it faster.”

Zach moaned.

Phil nodded slowly. “I’ll try.”

“Come on”, I said and clapped my hands. “Let’s do it.”

Zach whimpered and slowly got up.

He looked miserable, breathing hard and sweating heavily.

“Soccer balls 2, teaser 4, take 3”, I said. “Action!”

Phil closed his eyes and concentrated on the task ahead.

Then he opened his eyes and, with a determined expression on his face, kicked Zach’s nuts three times in rapid succession.

His instep connected with Zach’s oversized testicles and rammed them into his pelvis every time.

Zach’s eyes twitched. His mouth opened slightly and he let out a long, agonized groan.

Suddenly, his cock began to erupt in a fountain of milky, white cum. His cream splattered all over the place while his body was frozen in pain.

Long jets of creamy jizz landed on the ground.

“Phil”, I said quickly. “Do it again.”

Phil nodded and hurried to kick Zach’s nuts again while his dick was still pumping out the hot, white juice.

His toes sank into Zach’s hefty babymakers and made them bounce in their sac.

Zach screamed from the top of his lungs and collapsed on the floor.

I grinned and looked at Chad.

Chad nodded.

“Great!” I said. “Thank you!”

“It’ll look great with the music”, Chad chuckled.

I nodded and walked over to Zach who was writhing on the ground, his hands clutching his agonized balls while a steady flow of thick semen oozed out of his cock.

“Thank you”, I smiled and patted Zach’s back.

Zach ignored my and continued to whimper in pain.

Phil grinned.

I smiled at him. “That was perfect.”

Phil nodded with a proud smile on his face.

Zach was moaning in pain.

“Let’s call it a day”, I said. “You all did great!”


Carter said...

Love the idea of ball painting, major turn on there.

Alex said...

Thank you, Carter! If you like ball painting you should check out "Easter egg hunt", there's a little fun with paint in there, too...