Sunday, August 3, 2008

Plus one

Featured in this story: Brandon and Cal (click for pictures)

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The doorbell rang.

„Are you expecting anyone?“ I asked Chad while walking to the door.

“Nope”, Chad shook his head.

I opened the door to see Cal and Brandon.

Cal was the newest addition to our roster of models. The cute black guy was 22 years old and blessed with dashing good looks, a perfect swimmer’s body, and a impressive set of oversized nuts.

“Hi”, Cal said and smiled.

Last week, we had filmed his episode of “Summer in the city”. His team mates from the college swim team had busted his balls good.

“You remember Brandon?” Cal said.

I looked at the young Asian-American guy who was standing next to him. Brandon was a few inches shorter than Cal. He had black hair and a handsome, friendly face.

“Of course”, I smiled and shook their hands. “How are you?”

“Fine, thanks”, Brandon said and smiled.

“Everything alright with you, Cal?” I turned to the handsome African-American.

Cal smiled weakly and nodded.

“His walk was a bit funny till yesterday”, Brandon grinned and sent a playful backhand slap at Cal’s crotch.

Cal winced and cupped his groin.

Brandon chuckled. “But now, everything is alright again, isn’t it.”

Cal groaned.

I chuckled.

Cal was standing doubled over, his hands massaging the big bulge in his jeans.

“What can I do for you?” I said.

Cal moaned. “Brandon said he’d like to see the footage that you shot at the team party.” He looked like he as keen on watching it as his buddy.

I gave him a small nod and smiled at Brandon who looked at me expectantly. “Sorry, Brandon, but we---“

“No problem”, Chad shouted from inside the studio. “I’ve just finished editing it.”

“Great!” Brandon smiled and walked past me into the studio.

I looked at Cal with a sympathetic shrug.

“Fuck”, Cal said.

We followed Brandon inside and I closed the door.

Brandon was standing behind Chad and looked at the computer screen.

Cal and I looked over his shoulders.

On screen, we saw Cal in his swimming trunks.

“Let’s get to the good parts”, Chad said and fast-forwarded until we saw Cal, stark naked, being held down by Brandon and another one of his mates.

Brandon laughed.

Cal looked miserable, both on screen and off.

“Look at your nuts”, Brandon chuckled. “No wonder you felt that for a couple of days…”

Cal looked at me.

I smiled.

“Oooohhh”, Chad and Brandon cringed in sympathy when a particularly bad nutshot was visible on screen.

I turned to Cal and decided to distract him so he didn’t have to watch his poor testicles get beaten into a pulp. “About the training”, I started. “A friend of mine has a house on the countryside---”

“Oooooohh!” Brandon chuckled and grabbed his balls in sympathy when Cal’s naked plums where crunched by a mean kick in the video.

“--- and we’re going there next weekend”, I continued. “We’ll have three days. Leo and Tristan are going to train your balls. They are nice guys and---“

“Oh my god”, Brandon laughed. “Look at all that spunk.”

Cal looked at the computer screen and winced when he saw his huge cock spurt cum all over the place.

“I talked to Zach and George, too. You might remember Zach from the Olympics. They’ll come along as well”, I explained.

Cal nodded.

The video stopped.

“Man”, Brandon grinned. “That was awesome…”

Cal smiled weakly.

“Listen”, Chad said and smiled at me. “Why don’t we invite Brandon to come with us?”

I shot him an angry glance. “Chad, I think---“

“No, I mean it. I’m sure Leo and Tristan could use his help. They have Zach, George and Cal to deal with”, Chad continued.

“Great!” Brandon said and looked at me with an enthusiastic expression on his face.

Cal looked miserable.

“I don’t know”, I said.

“Oh, come on, look at the video”, Chad said and pointed at the computer screen where a still shot of Cal’s pain-contorted face was displayed. “He has got what it takes to make those big balls toughen up…”

I looked at Cal who was staring at his feet.

“Okay”, I said. “It’s gonna be a training camp for their nuts. Do you think you can handle that?”

Brandon nodded and smiled.

Cal sighed.

“It’s gonna be great!” Brandon grinned and cracked his knuckles.

Cal, are your alright with it?” I said and looked at him.

Cal shrugged and scratched his head. “Sure”, he said in a low voice.

Brandon laughed. He brought his leg back and kicked his mate in the nuts with a swift and hard kick. His instep crashed into the big, soft bulge in Cal’s jeans.

Cal coughed and doubled over.

“See?” Chad grinned. “That’s what I mean…”

Brandon smiled proudly and patted Cal’s back. “We’re gonna have so much fun…”


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the training camp story. Also love it when an unexpected guy gets it in the balls. Maybe the trainees could gang up on one of the trainers one night at camp.

Alex said...

Thanks four suggestion!
Unfortunately, I've already finished the stories. I'll see what I can do, but I guess I'll have to use the gang-up idea in another story...

Anonymous said...

can't wait for the camp, and I'm glad George is returning, he's one of the only guys who isn't monstrualsly (sp?) tall.
and i tottaly agree with anon 1, but that should probably be saved for the lasst day of camp, where they all team up on the most vicious of the trainers. Wich should either be Brandon or Tristan, probably Brandon.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you like George. And I’m currently working on a way to include the gang-up-on-Brandon idea into the “Big balls training camp” story.

As for “monstrously tall”: I don’t agree with you. Our tallest guys are 6’3”, lanky skaters Leo, Sammy, and Tristan, and three-nutter Nate (there might be one other thing about him that’s monstrous”… ;-)). All the other guys are smaller: The smallest are Simon (5'6"), Brandon (5'7"), Phil and George ( both 5'8").
And I wouldn’t call 6’3” “monstrously tall”. Average height of males in the US is 5'10". In the Netherlands, for example, it's 6'. The following stars are (or were) 6’3”: Gale Harold, Josh Hartnett, Gregory Peck, Brandon Frasier, Jimmy Smits, Prince William, James Stewart, John Mayer, Matthew Lillard, Pete Doherty and Sacha Baron Cohen.
Keanu Reeves and Wentworth Miller are 6’1”. Justin Timberlake is 6’.
Maybe I have a thing for tall guys. I wouldn’t consider them “monstrous”… :-)

Carter said...

God this is great so far. I love it.

Alex said...

Thank you! I'm glad you like the story!