Friday, February 12, 2021

Trial and terror (Tommy meets Vince, Sammy and Tristan)

Special thanks to Tommy for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who enjoys creating mean machines!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Sammy, Tristan and Vince (click for pictures)
Tommy ran his hand over the wooden construction, a curious expression on his face. He looked intrigued, turned on, and a little terrified as he examined the construction a little closer.
Tommy was 19 years old, a handsome young man of Celtic descent with shaggy brown hair and minimal body hair. He was a laid-back guy with a fun-loving attitude, and he was one of Vince’s best friends.
Vince, 20 years old, with brown hair and green eyes, was pretty secretive about his job. Very few people knew that the ingenious inventor and meticulous engineer was using his considerable skills to create instruments of testicular torture for a fetish film studio.
Tommy was one of the select few that Vince had told about his peculiar job, and he was the only one who had ever come to visit Vince’s job site.
“This one’s new”, Vince said casually, taking off his goggles. He was wearing a lab coat and holding a hammer in his hand. “I just finished it.” He smiled proudly and stood next to his invention. “It doesn’t even have a name, yet.”

Tommy swallowed, leaning down to look at the peculiar holes in the structure. “What does it do?”
Vince smiled as he explained. “Basically, it’s like a short pillory. The subject is kneeling, his hands shackled behind his back, his feet attached to the kneeler.” Vince pointed at the wooden kneeling platform and the shackles. “He is kept in an upright position with his neck and his genitals exposed.” There was a vertical wooden board with two holes, a larger one at the top, and a smaller one at the bottom. In front of the smaller hole was a metal ring and a wooden platform. “The genitals are held in place by the cock ring”, Vince explained casually. “That way the penis and the testicles are exposed for…” Vince chuckled. “…well, for whatever punishment they are in for…”
Tommy licked his lips. His dick was rock hard inside his jeans, and the combination of skinny jeans and above-average sized genitalia meant that his erection was on full display.
Vince looked at his watch. “We have another hour until we get company.” He smiled at Tommy. “Would you like to try it?”
Tommy shifted uncomfortably. His dick twitched with excitement, but he was embarrassed in front of his buddy.
Vince smiled gently. “You would do me a favor, you know”, he said matter-of-factly, turning discreetly away and pretending to fumble with the hammer in his hand. “My inventions need to be tested pretty thoroughly before they can be used in a film.” He chuckled. “My boss is pretty strict about that. I guess it has something to do with our insurance or stuff like that.” He shrugged. “Apparently we can’t afford to lose a nut…” He looked at Tommy again. “So what do you say?”
Tommy licked his lips. “I mean…” He cleared his throat. “It would help you, right?”
“A lot”, Vince grinned.
“Okay, sure, I mean, if it helps you”, Tommy said, blushing. He bit his lower lip and took a step forward. Carefully, he knelt down on the kneeling platform and put his head through the head opening. His dick was throbbing inside his pants as he placed his hands behind his back.
Vince fumbled with the shackles, but something wasn’t right.
“I think you’ll have to take your shoes off”, Vince mumbled.
Tommy did, but the footcuffs still didn’t fit around Tommy’s ankles.
“I think you’ll have to take off your pants as well”, Vince said casually. “Sorry about the inconvenience.”
“No problem”, Tommy said. “The shirt as well?”
Vince thought for a moment. “Is that okay with you?”
“Sure, I mean, if it helps”, Tommy shrugged, stripping down to his underwear. He paused, pointing at his bulging boxer briefs. “What about these?”
Vince looked at his friend. “Would you mind?”
Tommy cleared his throat. “No problem. I mean, if you don’t mind seeing my…” He smiled sheepishly.
“Oh, don’t worry about me”, Vince replied. “I’m a professional. I have seen plenty of…” He smiled just as sheepishly.
Tommy chuckled. “Yeah, I guess, right?”
The both shared a laugh as Tommy stripped naked.
A few minutes later, he was bare naked, his hands cuffed, his feet cuffed, his head in the larger hole at the top of the board, held firmly in place and preventing him from getting out.
His dick was rock hard, poking through the smaller hole at the bottom of the board, pointing straight at the ceiling. His balls were resting on the platform. They were nice and big, two generously proportioned meatballs in a shaven sack.
Vince looked down at naked Tommy’s genitals. In his aroused state, there was no way to get his dick and balls through the cock ring.
Tommy cleared his throat. “My erection is a problem, right? I’m sorry, I---”
“Oh, no”, Vince smiled. “No, no, no problem at all. In fact, that’s exactly why we test things.” He grabbed a cordless screwdriver and went to work. A few minutes later, the cock ring was gone, replaced by a hinged clamp that closed perfectly around Tommy’s shaft and the neck of his sack, holding his hard cock and his balls in place.
“Perfect”, Vince mumbled, examining his handiwork with a satisfied expression on his face. “Perfect.” He looked up at Tommy’s face. “How do you feel?”
Tommy chuckled nervously. “Exposed.”
“Yeah, perfect”, Vince nodded.
“Exposed and vulnerable”, Tommy mumbled.
Vince nodded. “Great.” He looked down at Tommy’s genitals. “Yeah, you’re totally vulnerable.” He chuckled, grabbing the hammer, weighing it in his hand. “One could do all kinds of painful things to you now…”
Tommy gulped. A drop of precum squirted out of his cock, creating a little puddle of spunk.
Vince winked at him.
The intimate moment between the two friends was instantly shattered when the door opened, and two cheerful young men came barging into the room, laughing and talking to each other.
Sammy was 18 years old, with red hair and a cute, freckled face. He was lanky and tall, wearing oversized clothes that immediately identified him as an avid skater.
His friend Tristan was 19, just as tall and just as lanky as his buddy. His dusty blond hair was wild and unkempt, giving him an extra-adventurous look.
There was an awkward silence when the two young men spotted Vince and Tommy.
“This is not what it looks like”, Vince stammered.
Tristan and Sammy burst out laughing.
“Damn!” Tristan roared with laughter. “Fucking on the job?” He clicked his tongue in a mocking admonition. “You of all people…”
Sammy and Tristan laughed as Vince’s head turned crimson.
“Your little friend here looks like he wants to just curl up and die”, Sammy snickered.
Tommy squirmed uncomfortably, unable to get out of his vulnerable position.
“But he can’t!” Tommy laughed. “He can’t! This is hilarious!”
Vince cleared his throat. “Listen, this really is not what it seems like. We’re doing a test, we’re---”
Sammy and Tristan screamed with laughter.
“We are!” Tommy chimed in. “This is a test!”
“Exactly!” Vince insisted. “This is not private, it’s professional! We’re running a test on my latest invention.” Without missing a beat, he continued. “In fact, it’s great that you’re early. It’s perfect, actually. You can help us.”
Tommy blinked. “They can?”
Sammy and Tristan grinned. “We can?”
Vince pointed at Tommy, looking at he two skaters, smiling weakly. “Yes, you can. Hop up. Give it a test run.”
Tommy gulped, biting his lower lip as the two skaters came closer, devious grins on their faces as they examined Tommy’s fixated head and his exposed genitals.
“Don’t be shy”, Vince said. “He’s a professional. He can take it.”
Sammy and Tristan looked at each other and grinned.
“’kay”, Sammy chuckled, cracking his knuckles. “Awesome!”
“Thank god I’m wearing my boots today”, Tristan grinned, showing off his heavy leather boots. “Grip sole and all”, he said with an evil grin as he winked at Tommy.
Tommy opened his mouth to say something, but Tristan just stepped onto the platform, burying Tommy’s hard cock and his fat, plump testicles under his large shoe, squishing them flat and making Tommy squeal from the top of his lungs.
Tommy’s eyes met Vince’s, and for a moment Vince felt sorry for his buddy – but an observation that Tristan yelled into the room quickly squashed his scruples: “Damn, he’s a leaker! Look at all that precum!”
Tristan was right: Tommy was squealing from the top of his lungs – but his dick was rock hard and leaking sticky, clear precum as Tristan squished and squashed his junk under his sole.
“Fuckin’ A”, Sammy laughed. “Come on, let me have a go!”
Reluctantly, Tristan stepped down – not without twisting his foot and eliciting a high-pitched wail from Tommy, though.
Tristan’s boot left a nasty foot print on Tommy’s dick and balls, but before Tristan had a chance to admire it, Sammy jumped up, landing square on Tommy’s abused genitals, flattening them like pancakes.
Sammy’s sneakers were ancient and very well-worn, and there was no sole tread left to speak of. The underside of his shoes was smooth rubber – not that it felt any better on Tommy’s nuts.
Judging from Tommy’s shrill squeals and his anguished wails, Sammy was doing a great job grinding and stomping his poor plums, squishing them and squashing them as if he was trying to turn them into plum puree.
Vince was watching his buddy’s balls getting abused. Initially, his reaction was dominated by sympathy and a feeling of guilt, but he realized pretty soon that he needed to take a more professional standpoint. He started taking notes and ignored Tommy’s desperate screams of anguish.
The device was very effective, and Vince watched Sammy and Tristan torture Tommy’s testicles with increasing pride. Judging from their expressions he had done a great job! Tommy’s genitals were welling rapidly, turning beet red under Sammy’s and Tristan’s soles as they stomped and crushed them under their feet.
After a while, they discovered an added bonus: Tommy’s head was in a perfect position for some ass smothering while he was getting his nuts crunched – and there was no way he could do anything about it!
“Fuck yeah”, Sammy laughed as he wiggled his ass in Tommy’s face, muffling his moans as his nuts were crunched under Sammy’s sneakers.
“Let me have a go”, Tristan chimed in, shoving his buddy off the platform and taking his place, stomping down hard on Tommy’s hard dick and his rapidly swelling balls. With a cheeky smile, he pulled down his pants before pushing his bare butt in Tommy’s face.
Tommy let out muffled screams of pain and protest, but they were drowned out by the skaters’ riotous laughter.
“Make him worship your cock!” Sammy egged Tristan on. “Slap your cock in his face!”
Tristan didn’t have to be told twice. He turned on his heels - painfully squishing Tommy’s tender testicles in the process – and smacked Tommy in the face with his limp dick, making him moan and groan and whimper in pain and humiliation.
“That’s fucking sick!” Sammy roared with laughter as he watched his buddy stomp Tommy’s balls and rub his dick all over Tommy’s face.
“This is fun!” Tristan grinned at his buddy. “Wanna give it a go?”
“Hell yeah!”
They switched positions, and Sammy stepped onto Tommy’s cock and balls, crushing them under his soles as he pulled down his pants and shoved his big, limp cock into his face.
There was something hilarious about the fact that neither Sammy nor Tristan seemed to be aroused by the situation – whereas Tommy was hard as a rock and leaking precum.
In fact, he was leaking so badly that Sammy almost slipped and fell down.
The two skaters roared with laughter as Tristan helped him up.
Vince made a note to add a handle to the board. “Safety first”, he mumbled with a chuckle.
For the time being, the skaters helped each other as they trampled and crushed poor Tommy’s junk while rubbing their dicks and asses in his face.
Tommy’s cute face was beet red and he was sweating profusely, delirious from the pain and the excitement and the whole situation. The two skinny skater were using him like an object, smacking their dicks on his cheeks and rubbing their butts all over his face.
Tommy was reduced to a whimpering, moaning, sobbing sod, ridiculous and pathetic, with a raging erection, leaking precum like a broken faucet as his battered balls and bruised dick were tortured by the two hot skater boys.
Vince took notes, very satisfied with his devious torture device, and quite amused by his best friend’s humiliation.
Tristan and Sammy were having the time of their lives. They had stripped naked, taking turns stomping on Tommy’s leaking boner and his bloated balls with their bare feet, trying to crush the cum out of him.
Vince’s mind was elsewhere. He was trying to come up with a name. “What do you think about ‘The bitchmaker’?” he suggested, raising his voice to drown out Tommy’s whimpers and moans and the skater’s riotous laughter.
Tristan and Sammy were busy, though.
Sammy was standing on the platform, his ass in Tommy’s face, smothering him, his heels crushing Tommy’s balls, one each.
Tristan was working Tommy from the other side, one foot on the ground, the other on Tommy’s dick. He was running his bare foot over the length of his shaft, stimulating the throbbing, twitching stick with his toes.
Tommy was whimpering and moaning into Sammy’s butt, unable to move, unable to see, unable to breathe, caught in a world of pleasure and pain as the skaters brought him closer and closer to a torturous climax.
“Mphphphpghh!” Tommy grunted, his sweaty face a mask of pain, nose buried in Sammy’s crack, his nostrils filled with the skater’s sweaty scent. “Mphphphpghh!”
His dick was twitching violently, the head pulsing, the shaft throbbing.
Sammy shifted his weight, grinding Tommy’s balls under his heels, crushing the two tender, tortured orbs flat under his feet.
“Mphphphpghh!” Tommy squealed into Sammy’s ass as he inched closer and closer to a violent release while his balls were flattened under Sammy’s feet. “Mphphphpghh!”
Tommy’s juices were rising inside his bruised and battered balls, and his dick was a millisecond away from shooting a mind-blowing load when the skaters suddenly lost interest.
“Damn, we gotta hurry”, Tristan said causally as he pulled his foot away from Tommy’s rigid pole. “Come on, let’s go.”
“What?!” Tommy whispered incredulously, his voice hoarse and throaty, as Sammy hopped off the platform.
In an utterly anti-climactic ending for poor Tommy, the skaters slipped into their clothes and left, leaving Tommy not only with a ruined dick and ruined balls – but also with an utterly ruined orgasm.
“What?!” Tommy whispered, staring down at his throbbing meat, red and raw and leaking.
The skaters had done a great job torturing poor Tommy’s testicles. They were ridiculously swollen, beet red, bruised and battered.
“What?!” Tommy repeated, still strapped to Vince’s torturous device, completely unable to move.
Vince closed his notebook and put it down. Then he turned to his friend and smiled. “That was a pretty satisfactory test run”, he said with a grin. “Don’t you think?”
“What?!” Tommy gasped, staring at his buddy, his eyes wide open.
“I think we have a name for this device now”, Vince chuckled, giving Tommy’s swollen, cum-filled balls a playful smack and making him whimper in agony. “Let’s call it ‘The Tommy’.”


Harry said...

Aww, poor Tommy. He started off in one kind of story, then realized it was something different altogether. Cracked me up Alex!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Harry! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))