Monday, February 22, 2021

Little boxes (part 3): Camping - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the final part of Little boxes, a wonderful three part episode of Jimmy's amazing Gino and Jayden series. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Jayden was in a hurry.

Having so much on his mind and so many balls he that he is juggling in the air, everything comes down to this camping trip. So far he was successful in checking in with Bill and making sure that he was safe. After that, Jayden helped Francisco and Gino get together. There was only one big obstacle left and it might be the hardest of them all: Chase.

Chase managed to lose all of his friends.

Chase lived all alone. At fifteen years old.

Jayden had to change this, and he had a plan.

Scurrying from his bedroom he runs right into Gino, who is holding hands with Francisco. “Opps sorry, I am in a hurry.”

“No problem,” Francisco smiles his pale grey eyes looking to the left and over Jayden’s shoulder, his white cane in one hand. “Where you off to?”


“It’s a school night,” Gino says narrowing his eyes and grabbing Jayden’s rucksack, pulling him back in front of him and Francisco. “Do Mom and Dad know?”

“Not exactly,” Jayden admits biting his bottom lip. “I was kinda hoping you would cover for me.” He looks up hopeful at his older brother as he crosses his arms and smirks.

“Okay, but you will owe me.”

“Don’t I do enough for you already?” Jayden states exasperatedly, huffing out a breath of air dramatically.

“Chill, you’ll like it.” Gino winks and ruffles his hair. “I promise.”

Francisco snorts and Gino punches him on the shoulder.

Quicker than Gino could react Francisco swings his cane between his brother’s thighs smacking Gino squarely in the groin. Gino wearing a pair of sweat pants, and no underwear gulps was caught unprepared for the blow and grabs his nuts grunting sinking down to one knee.

“Should have seen that coming,” Gino gasps.

“Don’t worry Jayden, I will help make sure your folks won’t know that you are gone.”

Jayden grins, “Thanks Francisco.”

He moves past Gino on the floor and from behind his older brother Jayden takes careful aim and punts Gino between his legs shouting, “Bullseye!”

“Oh…god!” Gino falls to his side moaning his fingers poking out from between his thighs.

Francisco barks in laughter and asks “Did he get you too?”

“I didn’t want to be outdone!” Jayden laughs. “Have a good date!”

“We will,” Francisco waves as Jayden runs from the house jumping on his bike and taking off to Max and Rex’s house, his smile still wide picturing Gino falling to the floor over and over again, considering it a good omen that he busted his older brother.


A short bike ride later Jayden finds himself parking his worn bicycle outside of the twin’s house and putting on his bike chain locking it in place against a tree.

Jayden pushes his wavy dark brown hair off of his forehead, wishing that he got a haircut last week. Jayden has never been camping before and wear a plain white tank top and grey gym shorts that hang loose on his hips riding down low his American Eagle boxer briefs, which are visible in the back as he throws his rucksack over one shoulder walking up the path to Max and Rex’s house.

Max knocks on the window as Jayden passes by and the two wave at each other. Max dashes from view, the curtains fluttering in his absence as he appears next to him a few moments later.

“Is that all you brought?” Max asks knocking knuckles with his former swim teammate.

“Yeah,” Jayden admits. “Why?”

“No worries, I got us covered. Follow me!”

Jayden does as instructed and the pair of them walk into Max’s backyard and scoop up two large backpacks and Max takes the rolling cooler.

“It’s a bit of a hike to the lake, but totally worth it.”

“I’m down. Is this all this stuff really worth it?” Jayden grins he gazes at Max’s face. Max’s eyes sparkle with excitement and his blonde wavy hair is tucked behind one ear. Max is also in a tank top but the sleeveless sky blue swim team with the shirt holes go all the way down to the waist allowing Jayden to see Max’s whole chest depending on how he moves. Max is tan already even though spring just began and his blonde hair seems to be even lighter already. Jayden was checking out Max’s arms and the light blonde hair on his forearms and smiles at the dash of freckles on his shoulders.

“You checking me out?” Max asks clearly catching Jayden in the act.

“Maybe. You did wear that shirt…what’s left of it anyways.”

Max laughs, and tries to shake his shoulders and finds that he can’t, the backpacks too heavy. Listening to Max laugh he realizes that Max’s laughter is a rich baritone and he can hear the good natured sound ringing through the trees while the boys approach a golden field with spring marigolds. Jayden stops breathless starring at the sight and sees Max smiling not at the magnificent fauna but at him as he lazily scoops a flower and tucks it behind Jayden’s ear.

“For luck,” Max says the twinkle in his eyes catching on Jayden’s while his long lashes catches the bright sunshine cast tiny shadows across his freckly nose.

Jayden smiles back in question, “Luck?”

“You’ve never heard of the luck of the marigold,” he asks leading Jayden down a crocked path cutting through the flower beds careful not to trample on any of the beauty before them.

“Never,” Jayden admits. “Tell me the story.”

“It’s a legend actually. There once was prince who had lost his way to fight a dragon on the highest peak in the frozen wasteland of old. He began to starve death unsure where to turn for all the mountain peaks looked the same. When he had eaten his last meal he dreamed of his princess who was stolen by the dragon and she whispered to follow the marigolds. The next morning he found a marigold cutting through the snow and as he picked one, he noticed another. On and on he went following the golden trail of marigolds all the way up to the highest mountain to slay the dragon. When he got to the top he found the princess had rescued herself with a wand made of marigold stems with one bright flower at the tip. She healed him of his many ailments and with the wave of her wand. Her happiness that the prince had come for her allowed her to lift the enchantment of endless winters and she gave the land it’s very first spring,” Max took a long breath before finishing the story. “Whenever someone gives you your first marigold flower it’s supposed to bring them luck to thing that they are worried about the most. And I figured that you could always use a bit of luck.”

When Max finishes telling his tale Jayden finds himself lost in thought and takes the marigold already knowing his wish. “Do I have to say it out loud?”

“No,” Max grins but adds quickly, “When you do discover your wish you are supposed to kiss the giver. Just like the prince did to the princess.”

Jayden thinks and smiles naughtily back, “And where does the kisser have to kiss again?”

“Not specified,” Max says. “It is of course has to happen before midnight.”

“Naturally,” Jayden agrees.

Neither speak as they confront a high steep hill, both concentrating on the climb and getting to the top leaving the valley of marigolds behind.

When the boys reach the top Jayden is clutching at a stitch in his side, as he gasps for breath. He may be in shape but nothing quite prepared him for that last hike up the hill with a full backpack and his rucksack. The view at the top is completely worth it. A crystal clear lake greats them, that sparkles in the afternoon light reflecting a perfect picturesque replica of the mountain in front of them shimmering off the water. The wide dip in the slope leads to a small private beach with a handmade dock and a floating raft tied on by rope all seem to have been handcrafted crafted with very simple materials.

“It’s beautiful,” Jayden says taking off his rucksack and backpack, shielding his eyes to get a better look.

“Thank you for coming, I really needed this badge for cub scouts. You’re the only one I knew who had never been camping before.”

Jayden turns back to Max and grabs him in a sweaty hug, “This is great, and I am glad that I could help.”

Max pulls away and peels off his sweaty tank top. “Swim?”

“You read my mind!”

Both boys start quickly removing all their clothes down to their briefs and head towards the water, but Jayden grabs his arm and ask, “Want to skinny dip?”

Max smiles back and in answer pulls his briefs down and tosses them aside, “Race yeah!” He shouts and takes off like a spitfire.

Jayden’s sweat covered briefs take a second to remove and before they hit the sand Max has already jumped off of the dock in a spectacular jump gliding into the water head first from the dock.

Scrambling after him Jayden approaches the dock warily his pole and tackle swinging this way and that. Max coming up for air watches him approach and slowly creep along the dock. “Seems study enough!” Jayden calls out.

“Should be,” Max says. “I built it with Rex.”

“Really?” Jayden asks.

Max nods his head and paddles over to him his bare untanned butt poking above the water his globes a stark white. Jayden sits down on the dock and spreads his legs wide placing his feet in the cool water.  Max swims up in between and bobs up and down. “You coming in?”

Jayden smiles, his white teeth showing as he launches himself at Max and the two go under. The water is cool and refreshing but still cold from winter. Wrestling with Max in the water keeps him warm and even if they boy is untrained he can tell that Max gets in plenty of wrestling time with his brother so he is a good opponent to wrestle with but still Jayden is better. Jayden pins Max against the dock his arms at his sides, “Pinned you.” Jayden grins eye lashes full of water as the two bob in the crystal clear lake.

Max’s eyebrow raises and he asks, “How about now?”

Jayden face appears questioning as Max’s thigh slips between his own and thumps him underwater. The blow is somewhat cushioned but the intent was there. Jayden moans a bit and says, “That your best shot?” and he doves underwater and grabs Max by his roots his two orbs fitting neatly in his palm as he clamps down hard on the twin pair.

Max goes under and they tussle a bit more until they both come up coughing for air, but Jayden has yet to let go. Max groans, “You got my balls good.”

“Yeah I do,” Jayden agrees squeezing a bit harder. “They feel bigger than when I saw them a few weeks ago.”

“Yeah…I’ve been…oooh my nuts Jayden,” Max says and comically crosses his eyes making Jayden laugh.

Jayden lets up and just holds the pair examining them. “Still bigger than Rex?”

“Yeah,” Max says with a sigh leaning against the dock. “He doesn’t know about my growth spurt yet. I intend to keep it that way.”

Jayden’s smile grows, “Good luck with that.”

The two laugh and Jayden releases Max’s nuts, not quite ready to end the fun but thinking that he has to.

“We should set up camp, start a fire and get prepared for nightfall. The sun goes down quicker than you might think.”

“Okay park ranger lead the way,” Jayden says and splashes Max.

Max returns the splash and they wrestle again laughing until Jayden grabs Max in a full body squeeze chest to chest with a groaning Max who feigns death.

“Oh no! I killed him!” Jayden pretends dragging Max’s limp body onto the dock and pretends to check his vitals and then then starts CPR. When Jayden lowers his head to Max’s to give him a breath Max shoots water into his face causing Jayden to throw himself backwards and drop off of the dock and into the water landing with a splash.

Max is laughing, rolling on the dock when Jayden comes up spluttering.

“Got you!”

Jayden smiles reluctantly and moves to climb up but Max kicks him in the chest and he falls back into the lake landing with a splash. Jayden drops back again going under, suffering another blow. He swims back up grabbing the dock much more firmly this time, grasping the sticks hard glaring at Max who sticks his small pink tongue out at Jayden.

“You are so dead,” Jayden smiles starting to climb up when a loud crack draws both of their attention away from their game.

Voices ring out and Max realizing that he is naked dives back into the water.

“Who is it?” Jayden asks.

“I don’t…oh. It’s them.”

Jayden looks away from Max to the tree line and hears voices now, tired ones climbing up the embankment. Through the spring leaves Jayden makes out Rex, Max’s twin brother and their Adam coming up. Jayden’s heart does a double beat, this could actually work really well in his favor he thinks if he plays his cards right. Part of the reason that he agreed to hang out with Max was to help reestablish the friendships that Chase had lost. With both Adam and Rex present that might make things easier than he had originally thought.

Jayden goes to wave but Max pulls his arm beneath the lake water.

“What?” Jayden asks in confusion.

“You don’t know, but they are not really happy with you.”

“Why…?” Jayden starts to ask when Adam and Rex both tired from their walk move to drop their own backpacks but freeze seeing first Max and Jayden’s things and then the trail of clothes leading to the water’s edge.

Rex calls out breaking the silence when all four teens stare at each other. “What are you doing here?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing!” Max calls out, bobbing in the water.

“Working on my badge, Adam has never gone camping.”

“Same with Jayden.”

“You brought…him?”


Rex’s shoulders seem to grow rigid and next to him both he and Adam glare at Jayden making him gulp.

“I’m going to setup camp,” Rex says his voice full of annoyance.

Before he gets very far, Adam grabs the hook on the back of his backpack freezing him in place. “Wait,” Adam says speaking for the first time and Jayden can hear the lower register in his voice, and how deep it has become since he heard Adam speak last. Adam drops his backpack and walks down the path a bit heading to the lake and picks up Jayden’s underwear. “What…are you two skinny dipping?”

“Gross!” Rex calls out and grins as Adam and he share a quick but silent conversation with their eyes before they rush down to take all of Jayden and Max’s clothes.

“Hey!” Jayden and Max call out together from the water climbing up the dock but by the time that they get out Adam and Rex have stolen all of their clothes and their backpacks. Jayden and Max’s nakedness seems to take on new form as they feel how both exposed and defenseless they are without their clothes.

“Let’s go get our stuff!” Jayden says and takes off running naked with Max quick on his heels. Jayden doesn’t get very far as he feels his large swinging cock and balls as a huge deficit as his equipment jostles and bumps his thighs. He slows down a bit and then decides to walk.

“What are you doing?” Max says, huffing air slowing down to match his speed. “They are getting away!”

Jayden bites his lip, looking down and admits. “It hurts to run.”

Max laughs, and then thinking about it says “It doesn’t for me.” Max seems to think again about what he just said out loud and blushes.

Jayden clasps his hand on Max’s arm. “Don’t worry about it at all, your growing,” Jayden purposely looks down and even though both he and Max have shriveled a bit from getting out of the water Max looks as if he might be four inches now erect. “I can see it,” Jayden compliments him giving Max’s dong a playful tug. “Which way did they go?”

“That’s easy. Rex prefers a spot just over that hill it’s a little cove. Follow me!”

Jayden does and a few short minutes later they get to Rex and Adam’s camp. Adam and Rex must have built their camp earlier in the day or the day before. A blue two man tent stands erect, with ropes heading into the ground, a small campfire has been built in a small stone circle and more importantly Max and Jayden’s backpacks have been hoisted into the air and hang over on a series of ropes. Jayden would be impressed if he didn’t want his clothing back so badly.

Adam and Rex are sitting on tree trunk seats playing a game of poker and look up at their new guests to their campsite. “Took you long enough,” says Rex. “I thought you got lost.”

“You should try running naked…it’s unpleasant,” Max admits trying to gain back some ground, as he holds his junk in one hand covering his nakedness.

All he seemed to have down was succeed in making Adam and his brother laugh. They are doubled hands on bellies and pointing quite rudely at Jayden and Rex making them blush.

“Give us our stuff back,” Jayden says trying to muster some warning in his voice.

Adam stands up all laughter gone. “Make us,” he challenges putting down his hand of cards.

Rex also stands, but he is still smiling. “You do know that both of you are butt naked. We have a real big advantage here.”

“Yeah well…” Max thinks quickly. “We have incentive to win. We need our stuff!”

“And you can have it…but first you have to be our bitches for the night,” Rex smiles his face so like his twin turns wolfish and Jayden sees a different air to him. His features turn somewhat menacing and his playful grin seems more sneer all of the jovialness is gone and it makes the blonde hairs across Jayden’s neck prickle.

Jayden takes a warning step forward towards the tree that has their clothes, and Adam steps forward crossing his arms and says “Uhuh, not happening.”

“You take your brother, I have Adam,” Jayden whispers.

Max only nods.

“Unlike all the times before Adam this is an even match, two versus two. You won’t have numbers on your side. I’m stronger than either of you and I will win. Now give them back,” Jayden says his threat clear as he narrows his brown eyes to slits ready to charge and engage.

“Two versus two huh?” says who Rex smiles and pulls a rope.

Jayden on high alert looks around for a trap but it’s Max he was after. Max’s foot seems to have been standing on a noose and he finds himself hoisted into the air by his ankle dangling above.

“Max!” Jayden cries out and goes to him steadying his swinging body by grabbing onto his chest. “I’ll get you down!”

“You so sure about that,” Adam says and he and Rex rush forward to face Jayden.

Jayden is forced to make a decision and he lets Max go promising, “I’ll get you down.”

“Go get em Jayden!” Max says dangling by his foot his nutsac Jayden observes drooping, hanging over his dick.

Turning Jayden prepares to confront Adam and Rex, still glad that it is not three on one like how it usually is, but with no clothes on Jayden has real concerns for what low blows he might receive and hopes that he can get Max down quickly and safely to join him. Used to being on his own, Jayden the scrappy fighter he is gets into a wrestling stance preparing to face Adam and Rex as they rush up on either side of him hoping to overwhelm him with their combined might.

Adam reaches him first and swings a fist aimed for his head, Jayden blocks it and strikes Adam hard in the chest with a punch of his own. Adam staggers backwards clutching at the spot Jayden hit half folded in on himself when Rex plows into his side sending him off kilter and almost tumbling to the ground before he gets his footing back and locks elbows with Rex whom continues to push him. Rex is locked in and gritting his teeth, shoving Jayden backwards on the grass which Jayden’s bare feet use to dig into the soft earth even as Rex thrusts upwards because of the height difference.

Jayden in a sheer amount of strength pulls and yanks Rex off of his feet and tosses him to the side and gears up for Adam’s next swing back he changes tactics and shoves Jayden instead and he stumbles over Rex landing on the grass with a thud his legs in the air. Adam continues to rush forward and capitalizes on Jayden’s slow reaction to grab each of his feet yanking him free of Rex and take careful aim for Jayden’s nuts which are clearly visible and plummets his sneaker down slamming into Jayden’s unprotected bare balls.

In a flash of recognition Jayden groans, reaches to protect himself and grabs Adam’s foot but Rex lands a solid punch to his abdomen to soften up his middle. Jayden grunts as Adam and Rex strike together Rex with his solid punches and Adam with his merciless foot stomps. In mere moments Jayden is subdued by the pair and doing everything he can to avoid the many strikes against him.

“Hold him still I am getting the rope,” Rex tells Adam dashing to the tent and pulling out some thin pieces of twine that he uses to bind Jayden’s hands.

“What…what are you going to do?” Jayden asks not able to keep the tremor out of his voice as Adam threatening keeps his foot on top of Jayden’s nuts so he doesn’t try anything fishy.

Rex just grins and secures a second rope to Jayden’s hands and when he finishes with the knots throws it over a nearby thick branch and pulls and tugs until he comes to standing with his arms in the air dangling precariously on a branch.

“Let us go,” says Max.

“Not yet,” Rex says motioning to Adam stand underneath his brother who he lowers to the ground. Max moves to try to stand but both Adam and Rex tie him in the same way and Max quickly finds himself hanging next to Jayden both of them exposed and at the full mercy of Adam and Rex.

“What do we do with them now?” Adam ponders out loud standing in front of Jayden.

Rex is standing in front of his brother, his arms cross, and an evil sneer on his face. “I know what we do to traitors,” he spits and grabs his brother by the balls, squeezing the two acorns in one hand enjoying watching Max squirm. “Hey wait…” he says looking down at Max and letting up the pressure rolling the orbs between his lithe thin fingers. “…did you get bigger?”

Max licks his lips, his amber eyes twisting this way and that and gulps. “Maybe a little,” he confesses. A burden that he has been holding for so long falls off of his shoulders and even in this terrible situation he is glad that the truth came to light.

Rex frowns and yanks his shorts down and everyone watches Rex compare his equipment to his twins and upon his discovery stumbles back in shock. Rex had held his schlong up to Max’s and was astonished to have seen that Max was bigger in both length and width. Max’s thick tube dwarfs Rex’s tiny three incher and the larger set of testicles that hang in Max’s sac are almost twice his brother’s size. Rex holds his own genitalia as if he were struck below the belt and wordlessly he stuffs himself back inside, his cheeks turning crimson, eyes down cast in full embarrassment.

Awkwardly, his cheeks blush further when Rex asks so quiet that Jayden has to strain to hear. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t…I didn’t know how,” Max discloses his eyes shining, imploring his twin to look at him. “I meant to tell you, this was…this was not how I wanted you to find out.”

“That’s why you have been changing in the bathroom?” Rex questions his eyes moving up a fraction to see into Max’s who nods. Rex keeps going with one more final question, “And that’s why you stopped…why we don’t…you know?” he probes his face so red it’s as if he is sun burnt.

“Yes,” Max admits letting out a breath of air that he didn’t know he was holding. “I’m sorry. I did not want to hurt you.”

Rex does look hurt and he tosses the rope down on the grass and stalks back to his tent, not wanting to do anything else anymore.

Adam watches him go, but his attention is now solely directed at Jayden. “All I know is,” he says his voice laced with dark intent “Is that you are in a tree, and I get to decide alone what to do with each of you.” Adam states simply reaching forward and wrapping his hands around both Jayden’s and Max’s ball bags.

Jayden and Max both gulp together and Jayden is surprised and a little amazed that both of his oversized testicles fit in Adam’s hand. It’s not a perfect fit but Adam manages to squeeze the bottoms of each nut while poor Max has his squished like cherries. The swimmers moan and squirm in Adam’s grasp while Adam flex’s his forearms, his muscles staining as the nuts in his hands shrink inward, his probing fingers digging deep into the ball sacs.

“My nuts!” Max whimpers.

“Ugh!” Jayden grunts clenching and barring his teeth while he tries to maintain his composure even though his balls are locked in Adam’s grasp. “It’s me you want…” Jayden growls. “Let Max go!”

“Always the hero,” Adam shakes Max’s acorns making him squeal before he drops them and grasp Jayden by the short hairs on the back of his head, pulling him close. “Don’t you ever get tired of the role? To me, you were always the villain.”

Jayden can’t move his head or move away so he uses the only vice left to him, “That’s rich coming from you. I’m not the one who abandoned their best friend.” Jayden retorts not able to keep the acid from his voice.

“If you’re talking about Chase,” Adam starts to say before Jayden interrupts him.

“Of course I am! You left him and you took Max and Rex with you! Some friend you are!”

Max gives a wounded expression but says nothing, and Adam actually laughs.

Adam tisks and squeezes Jayden’s balls harder making him wince and suck his teeth. “That’s where you’re wrong. Chase left me for…”

“He didn’t leave you, he just started dating me. If you ever told him that you were in love with him instead of keeping this all inside…”

“I don’t love him!” Adam yells pulling away from Jayden in such anger that he tear’s at his hair.

“Yes you do! You always have, the only one that could not see it was you! You’re not mad at him, or me. You’re mad at yourself because you never had the balls to tell him!” Jayden fires holding nothing back.

Jayden stuns the other two into silence and Adam’s chest heaves and he looks as if he might cry but instead he takes a swing and punches Jayden in the mouth. Jayden’s head cracks back and he sees small lights burst in his vision but before he can absorb the blow Adam is upon him, landing a blow to his guts. Adam punching him left and right his teeth bared and eyes wild sending fists deep into his abdomen weakening his abs.

Gasping Jayden tries to clench his abs to soften the blows but each one knocks his abs causing him to gasp and splutter. Jayden loses track of the gut punches but firmly wakes up when Adam kicks him as hard as he can in his dangling nuts.

Jayden moans out an “Ooooo,” lips forming the letter O shape before Adam kicks up again punting his nuts between his butt cheeks. Adam leaves his foot there arched in between Jayden’s thighs and takes delight from the pain in his eyes before he pulls back and grabs Jayden’s shoulders knees him in his ballsac.

Max is forced to witness the brutality of his friend and Adam’s unquenchable furry but he bides his time working on the knots at his wrist. While his brother Rex ties excellent knots, he has the same skills and finally after Adam starts making a tattoo imprint of his thigh between Jayden’s legs he feels the knotted rope give and he drops down to his knees his hands still bound but free from the tree at last.

Adam is in the zone while Jayden’s head lulls and he has to shake his head side to side to stay with it as Adam nails him again and again planting his thigh between Jayden’s legs. Jayden’s balls seem to be bloating and the constant throbbing dull ache feels both sharp and piercing at the same time.

Slapping Jayden across the face Adam grasps Jayden’s chin demanding, “Stay with me Jayden, I’m not letting you fall unconscious and pass out on me. You’re going to feel every hit.” Adam grabs a nut in each hand and pulls Jayden’s balls up making Jayden go to his tippy toes much to Adam’s enjoyment. “I’ve got you now Jayden, dance for me.”

Jayden’s brown eyes showcase the fear and agony occurring deep within his loins but it’s hope that saves him as Max comes up from behind Adam and wraps his arms, hands still bound by the wrists around Adam’s neck and pulls him back forcing him to release Jayden’s wounded testicles.

Max shakes Adam side to side, while Adam grabs Max’s hands. “You asshole, I thought we learned not be jerks anymore after Chase. But you’re still an asshole!” Max says throwing Adam to the ground who coughs and splutters clutching his red neck. Max stands over him pointing his index finger continuing to mouth off “I thought that you were better than that!”

Adam takes a deep breath his eyes meet Max’s amber ones and he whispers in a raspy voice. “I could say the same thing about you. Why the fuck does everyone keep choosing him!” Adam kicks up right between the fork between Max’s legs kicking Max’s balls with the toe of his shoe. Max is lifted off the ground and screams in pain as he drops to his knees, “My fuuuucking nuts, you dick!”

Taking pleasure in Max’s pain, Adam comes to standing seeing Max grabbing his nuts with both hands. Adam grabs Max’s bounds wrists and pulls him up to standing where his feet dangle for purchase his raw strength showing as he leans in and grabs Max’s nuts. “I bet you regret being Jayden’s friend now don’t you?”

“Adam, leave my brother alone!” Rex shouts from the tent and comes running out.

Adam takes one last look at Max’s amber eyes, and squeezes him as hard as he can before dropping him to the grass below where he curls up groaning.

“I’m doing this for…”

Rex is in his face and trembling with anger, “That’s my brother!”

Adam waits for more but Rex seems too angry to say anything else. It takes Rex a full minute before he continues. “I think you should go home.”

“Me?” Adam blanches in shock.

“This was supposed to be fun…” Rex looks at his brother on the grass and over at Jayden who has a bloodied nose and very red shiny balls and bruises along his rib cage. “I’m not having any fun anymore Adam, and my brother is right you are being an asshole. And if you are an asshole that makes me one too. And I fucking don’t want to be like Chase. We both agreed on that, remember?”

Adam’s eyes dart back and forth and he nods solemnly.

“So either help me untie them or go home, your choice.”

Adam breathes hard glancing at Rex, then to Max and finally to Jayden.

“What about him?” Adam says.

“Who the fuck cares anymore Adam,” Rex throws his arms out. “Who are you trying to impress anymore? Me? Max? Jayden?” Rex’s words seem to hit Adam hard and he sniffles. “Why are you so goddam mad?”

“I don’t…” Adam starts and turns away wiping at his eyes.

“Adam, come on. Help me untie them. We can figure it out in the tent.”

Rex doesn’t wait any longer but bends down and starts untying his brother’s wrists. “I’m sorry,” Rex says his voice tender.

“You better be,” Max challenges giving his brother a shove after his hands are free. He turns on his heel and heads over to untie Jayden but stops when Adam speaks.

“Let me do it.”

“And why the hell should I let you?” Max demands all humor from earlier gone in an instant.

“How else can I fix this if I don’t?” Adam asks.

Max shakes his head and jesters to Jayden. “Well, go on then.”

Adam his shoulders slump further as he moves over to Jayden and slowly approaches him.

Jayden’s heart thumps in his chest, and he seems to be more aware of the constant beating and feels the pressure from it picking up as Adam approaches. Jayden twists away involuntarily and Adam curses under his breath. “I wasn’t going to…”

“Hit me again?” Jayden finishes.

Adam’s cheeks don’t redden in embarrassment but the color fades from his skin making them seem swallow and white. “I guess I deserve that.”

“Your just hurt Adam, but I’m not the villain that you made me out to be. I’m the same guy that was your swim team captain all of middle school, who went to your birthday parties giving you the homemade cards because I could not afford the real ones. I am the same person that always asked about your rock collection. I don’t know what happened between us, but man let’s just call it quits, okay? Believe it or not,” and here Jayden pauses having all three of Chase’s friend’s full attention. “I wanted to fix things between all of you and Chase. He misses you, and he knows that he screwed up to. I think after tonight you can all say that maybe he wasn’t the only one being the asshole.”

Adam, Rex, and Max look at the grass thinking over what Jayden said. Adam looks up first. “That’s why you’re here?”

“He needs you, just as much as you all need him. He’s hurting guys. Can’t you put this behind you? And Adam if you really do love him just tell him man. I won’t be mad, and neither will he. He might not love you back, and that will suck if that’s what he says but you will feel so much better after you say it.”

Adam’s lips tremble but forces them into a half smile. “Can you just shut up a bit so I can get you down?”

“Yeah, I can do that.” Jayden says and he forces a smile too, but it’s almost genuine. It’s a start at least.

It takes Adam a minute but he frees Jayden and he slowly lowers him to the ground rubbing his raw wrists.

Rex walks up to him and hands him his clothes, Max is fully dressed now and they all watch Jayden change back into his clothes.

“Now what?” Jayden asks breaking the silence.

“We make camp, and we have to quickly, the lights fading and it’s getting dark,” Max says pulling his backpack on his shoulders.

“You could camp with us?” Rex offers.

Jayden and Max share a look and nod in agreement.

“Okay, but you guys make the fire I have to teach Jayden how to set-up a tent or I won’t get my badge,” Max says.

“On it,” Rex says and the four boys begin to set-up camp and get ready for dinner.


Later on the four boys find themselves sitting around the campfire eating golden marshmallows or making s’mores. Jayden is still licking the grease off of his fingers after devouring his fourth hotdog. He’s petting his belly contentedly when he realizes that all eyes seem to be fixed on him again. Coming out of his reverie Jayden raises one eyebrow and asks, “Yeah?”

Rex clears his throat and says “We were just talking about you and Chase…how’s it going? Isn’t it weird?”

“Why would you think that?” Jayden asks just as curious as he takes an s’mores sandwich that Max has prepared for him. He gives him a thankful smile as he turns back to Rex hearing him explain his thoughts.

“The two of you fought and competed over everything. For a spot on the swim team, to who has the biggest sac,” and at this point Rex can’t help but crack a smile. “I don’t get it.”

Jayden is thoughtful thinking over his feelings for Chase and shares with the group. “We are very competitive, that’s true and that hasn’t changed Rex, it’s just now we appreciate each other’s fighting spirit. The two of us may be vastly different but opposites attract too, or so they say.”

Max is quick to add in, “That’s why you picked him over Leroy and Bill. He challenges you.”

“Yeah,” Jayden agrees. “But also, we are drawn to each other. There is this spark between us and I had to see it through.”

“And he’s hot,” Rex adds.

“Goes without saying, but we can talk about that all night, it’s one of my favorite topics,” Jayden laughs making the other’s giggle. Rex seems to be warming to Jayden, and Max has clearly gotten over the negative outlook he had against him. Adam on the other hand is quiet, staring at his phone but Jayden sees how still he sits, how his eyes aren’t reading words. Jayden can tell that he is listening raptly even if he says nothing.

“So…is he your boyfriend? Is it official?” Rex inquires.

Jayden smiles really big thinking of Chase and nods his head. “Yeah. We are in love. God that sounds so corny to say, but it’s true. But it’s really fragile,” a look of concentration crosses Jayden’s face and he stares into the campfire watching the orange flames dance. “He’s fragile. You don’t know this because he wears this coat of armor around himself, but he’s so terribly lonely. He doesn’t know what to do without any of you. Chase…he keeps thinking that I am going to leave him because everyone else always does. I can’t make any of you be his friend again, but I can honestly tell you this he’s lost without you three. He doesn’t know how to fix it, but he wants to.”

No one says anything after Jayden speaks, a lull in their conversation. Jayden stops himself from breaking the silence. He wants the three of them to think about how exiling Chase has hurt him, who isn’t wounded easily and how their actions have impacted his boyfriend’s life.

Surprisingly it’s Adam who speaks. “Are you sleeping over his house?”

“No,” Jayden say. “I’m not allowed to. I’m out at home, and sleeping over my boyfriend’s house is a strict no.”

Adam finally looks at Jayden and then at the twins taking a deep breath he finally starts to talk. “Chase lost his parents years ago.”

“He told me that he hasn’t seen them in…”

“No matter what he told you, it goes back further than that. Chase has been my best friend since grade school. We used to have play dates, and he would always come to my house his…mother couldn’t wait to drop him off. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered that when the staff of the house leave Chase is always alone. His parents work a lot but it’s more than that, they just don’t come home, they don’t want to. They don’t love their son. The three of us took turns staying over at his house, or him coming to ours. But he does not usually want to spend the night at our houses. He hasn’t told me this but I think that it’s because he keeps hoping that they will finally come home. But they never will, they just don’t love him.” Adam’s speech seems to have shattered a wall that Adam has kept up between him and Jayden and he can see that Adam is not only telling the truth, but he still cares for his best friend.

“That is…horrible.”

“His parents suck,” Rex and Max say together. They twins look at each other and solemnly add, “They are assholes.”

“I still don’t like you,” Adam says.

“You don’t have to,” Jayden says back.

“I’ll go to his house tomorrow. Before school, we can leave early from here together.”

“Yeah,” says Max smiling wide.

“Count me in,” Rex says. “This was stupid, and I want to fix it.”

Jayden’s heart is soaring and releases a pent up breath he did not know that he was holding. “Thank you…”

“I’m not doing it for you…”

“But still…”

“I’m doing it for Chase. You don’t factor into it.”

Rex clears his throat. “Adam since we are all clearing the air. I think that you should too.”

“Agreed,” Max jumps in.

Rex rolls his eyes, and continues. “Jayden’s right, you have a thing for Chase.”

“So do you!” Adam fires back.

“I got over that crush years ago, he was never interested in anyone but himself…until Jayden. I should have seen it,” Rex looks over at Jayden. “You were all he could talk about.”

“That’s so true!” Max says coming over to sit next to Rex. “Remember when he made us promise not to tell talk about Jayden’s ball size, and that he had the biggest balls in the locker room!”

“Or when, he said Jayden’s dick was smaller than his own!”

Max just smiles and hugs Rex, “I’m glad that we are friends again.”

“Yeah me too,” Rex pushes him away. “You know I hate hugs.”

“But I love them!”

“Hug a tree then!”

“Anyways back to you Adam. Tell Jayden why you are mad at him, this is like…a cathartic experience.”

Jayden says, “What happens in the woods stays here Adam. Whatever reason you’re angry with me. I tell no one.”

Adam looks exasperated. “Fine!” He gets up, “Walk with me to lake then.” He flicks on his flashlight and starts walking.

Max and Rex look encouragingly at him and he takes off after Adam using his flashlight app on his phone to follow. The night has fallen completely soaking the boys in a thick blanket of quiet darkness. The lake reflects the sliver of a moon and barely gives off any of the glow, but fireflies seems to lazily glide around them as they walk, their sneakers scuffing sand in their wake.

Adam reaches the lake fist and picks up some small stones to toss into the inky vastness of the lake. Jayden does the same and two try to skip stones, as again Jayden waits for Adam to speak. “I hate all this touchy feely crap.”

Jayden stays silent still waiting, knowing it’s the right move.

“I don’t…ugh this is so stupid!” Adam turns exasperated and leans in against Jayden so that the two are staring eye to eye. “You…” Adam begins as Jayden’s phone rings. It brings Adam to a stop as both see the name that flashes across the screen: Chase.

“Answer it.”

“No. I’m here to hear what you have to say. Chase can wait Adam.” Jayden sends him to voicemail and pockets it.

“Won’t he be mad?”

“He’ll get over it.”

“He would kick my ass if I did that.”

“If he tries to kick my ass, I would make sure that he regretted it.”

Adam smiles at Jayden’s comment and he surges on, “I love him.”

“Tell him.”

“How the hell can you tell me that, you’re his boyfriend?!”

“Because I believe that you can love more than person Adam. Chase could love you, and if he does that’s great. It doesn’t lessen the love he feels for me, it doesn’t erase it. Adam you will never get over this if you don’t tell him. Even if he doesn’t love you back, you holding that inside, it will eat and destroy you. Holding it in will make you so bitter that you won’t ever love someone else because you will never let him go. You will always hold some hope that he will come to you. Don’t do that to yourself. Tell Chase.”

“I can’t do that,” Adam’s face falls and his eyes fill with tears that don’t fall but hang their precariously waiting.

“Yes, you can.” Jayden puts one hand gently on his shoulder comforting and surprisingly Adam does not shrug it off. “You are not one to hold back. You have just been holding this one thing for so long. Let it go, no matter what happens.”

“What happens if…” Adam’s shoulders tremble and his lip quivers and the tears falls leaving small tracks against his skin.

“He won’t laugh at you, and if he does I’ll personally kick his ass,” Jayden gives Adam a half smile and Adam laughs once.

“You making it so fucking hard to hate you.”

“That’s cause you don’t. It was just easier than dealing with your feelings for Chase.”

Adam wipes his eyes and grabs Jayden’s shoulders tightly, “Can you forgive me for being an ass?”

“Yeah,” Jayden grins.

“Will you tell Chase?”

“Why would I do that?” Jayden pulls Adam away from the water’s edge. “I want you to be Chase’s friend. I wasn’t kidding when I said he is lost without you. That’s why I came to Max. I was hoping to talk to you most of all.”

Adam just shakes his head. “I was so wrong about you.”

“Yeah, well. Now you know who I am.”

“A damn good boyfriend…and an even better friend.”


Jayden wraps one hand around Adam’s waist as the pair head back to the campfire. Adam leaves quietly to the tent saying to Rex, “Let’s call it a night. We have to be up early.”

“Okay,” Rex says slowly looking uncertainly between him and Jayden.

“Were cool Rex, let’s hit the sack.”

Rex shrugs his shoulders and follows him.

Max leads Jayden to the tent and they both start to undress and Max asks “Where’s your sleeping bag?”

Jayden’s heart drops and he silently curses himself. “I didn’t know to pack one. I also don’t own one.”

“It still gets cold at night here, but you can share mine.”

Jayden sees the large silver sleeping back and he thinks that they could both fit, but it will be snug.

“You sure?” Jayden asks biting his lip.

“Absolutely, but if we are sleeping together it will be hot in there.” Max takes off all his clothes off except for his underwear and climbs in.

Jayden follows suit and the two are in the small tent lying next to each other. Max shuts off the carissin lamp the light of the lamp is slow to fade giving an eerie lightness that slowly fizzles out. The sleeping bag is warm and Jayden unzips the side to let in some of the night air and when shuffles the sleeping bag he sees Max’s shooting star on his chest near his soft nipple. Jayden can’t help but trace the outline of Max’s freckles as the light of the lamp finally dies.

“Your shooting star has finally faded out,” Jayden jokes a giggle bursting from his lips.

Max shuffles closer to Jayden, the tenderness in his voice is sensual as he asks “Can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Do you find me attractive?”

Jayden’s breathe catches and he grins in the dark, unable to make out more than the basic outline of Max’s face he runs his fingers through his hair ending on holding him by the base of his neck. Jayden licks his lips and says, “Yes, Max. I find you very attractive.”

“Can I kiss you?” Max asks, his soft voice breathy and it makes Jayden’s heart skip a beat.

“I have a boyfriend,” Jayden says reluctantly. “But…you can ask him tomorrow.”

Max shoves him in the ribs and jumps up on top of Jayden, his lithe tight body pinning Jayden to the bottom of the sleeping bag. The two boys begin to squirm, legs digging into the tent making it squeak, as the thin walls of the tent fill with boyish laughter as the two swimmers tussle, wrestling more for fun than anything else.

“Don’t forget about your marigold, you might still need that good luck. You’re running out of time for that wish.”

Jayden struggles underneath Max thinking about the orange marigold that he placed behind his ear, the sweet scent is still with him.

It doesn’t take long for Max to bone up, his four incher digging into Jayden’s belly and the two stop momentarily Max still full of laughter confirms it, “I have a stiffy.”

“You do,” Jayden agrees bouncing him up making Max suck his cheeks, and he hears him making the tiniest exhale of a groan.

Max leans in without preamble, his head so close to Jayden that he can smell the sweet chocolate and rich marshmallows on his breath, “Are you sure I can’t kiss you?” his lips so close to his own that he feels the desire deep in his loins to kiss back as Jayden’s lower extremities reacts and he can feel his penis lengthening, and growing harder in the thin fabric of his undershorts.

Jayden’s brown eyes open wide and he tries to speak, to say ‘No,’ again but his little brain seems to have taken over and he leans forehead just a tad and his lips come into contact with Max’s. Max tastes like no boy he has ever kissed before. Max has a sweetness to his lips, that he instantly make Jayden want more as his own lips press into the soft but firm mouth of the boy atop him. Max moans, and Jayden opens his mouth his tongue tentative in its search sliding into Max’s now open mouth his lips parting open so easily.

Reaching down Jayden grabs a handful of Max’s ballsac and gives it a squeezing, ignoring his rigid pole piercing his abdomen and instead giving his Max’s sensitive spuds a quick squeeze.

Max pulls out of the kiss to whimper, “My nuts, Jayden.”

Jayden grins up at him, squeezing his fist a little more tightly trapping Max’s balls tightly in his fist. “Max you’re so hard your about to pop, I’m just bringing you down to Earth.”

“Fu…fuuuuck,” Max moans, laughter still in his voice as he pounds on of his fists into Jayden’s firm pec. “You ass.”

Jayden laughing with him, flips him on his back and strong holds his hands above his head so that Jayden holds him firmly pinned against the bottom of the sleep sac, on hand crushing his most sensitive organs while he keeps Max’s hands from doing him any damage.

“Once your dick starts to droop I’ll let you go…promise,” Jayden swears leaning in and kissing Max once more pressing his abdomen firmly against Max’s rigged dick the head slipping over his abs leaving a trail of pre-cum. Max groans low in Jayden’s mouth and he feels Max’s thighs tremble against his own as his pelvis thrusts against Jayden. Jayden’s willpower is tested and he tries everything to not thrust and hump him back but hold him still and squeeze his nuts the two tiny orbs shooting agonizing pain that he knows so well into Max’s stomach.

Max doesn’t slow his thrusting and keeping humping him as Jayden kisses him, and Max only fights with his tongue slipping around Jayden’s and he feels Max sucking on his tongue and he gasps pulling off. “You are supposed to be calming down.”

“Can’t,” Max huffs breathless. “I always cum before I sleep and with you atop of me I can’t stop,” he admits thrusting, groaning low in his throat. “Touch me Jayden,” Max pleads starring up at him. “Make me cum.”

Jayden on the pepsinate of no return is about to make a decision when his phone rings again. “Shoot, it’s Chase.” He reaches up and answers his phone. “Hello?”

“Where are you?” Chase’s voice seems desperate on the line and Jayden is kicking himself for not answering earlier.


“What?” Chase asks and beneath Jayden Max squirms in his grasp.

Jayden gives him warning look, which he is not sure that he can see but tightens his hands making Max stop breathing for a moment before he lets up on his balls.

“Long story.”

“I bet.” Chase’s Cheshire cat grins seems to come over the phone and Jayden clears his throat.

“What’s wrong?”

“You’ve been so…I just. Fuck. I miss you.”

“It’s been two days.”

“Two fucking long days.”

“Do you have a sleeping bag?” Max asks and Jayden almost dies on the spot.



“This just gets better,” and a coolness seems to come from Chase’s voice over the phone.

“You know the lake,” Max says. “Meet us here.”

“I’m on my way.” Chase clicks the phone and he is gone.

“What, was that?” Jayden asks dumbfounded squeezing Max’s balls harder, adding a twist of his wrist.

“Fuuuuck! My balls, Jayden,” he whimpers and it takes him a moment to get composure enough to say, “Why wait until tomorrow,” Max groans. “Everything is fixed…your crushing my nuts Jayden if you did…didn’t know.”

“I should neuter you,” Jayden warns squeezing Max’s nuts harder and standing up, dragging Max to standing. “You’re lucky, we have to get dressed.”

“I didn’t cum!” Max complains adjusting his dick in his underwear.

“Don’t worry, you wont to now, my boyfriend is on his way!”

Max looks confused as Jayden boots him between the legs dropping him like a stone on top of the sleeping bag.

“Now get dressed, we have company coming. Unless you can cum after that kick.”


Max, Jayden, and a very sleepy Rex wait around the campfire. Rex’s his eyes closed leaning against his brother’s shoulder as the others sit around the campfire. The boys built the fire back up and heated up some more hotdogs, although Jayden doubts that Chase is hungry. Adam is pacing back and forth eagerly eyeing the dirt path that the others explained to Jayden how Chase usually arrives. Apparently he does not do hills.

A few minutes later two headlight cut through the darkness illuminating the white fog above the lake and awakening all the forest creatures for a mile around as he pulls up the hill cutting to a stop, his tires silent on the grass.

Jayden licks his lips feeling a bit nervous, and on edge this was not his plan and was really all Max’s fault. He cuts his gaze once more to Max who has the wherewithal to look down in a silent apology, his brother coming out of his sleepy daze opening his eyes to watch what will happen next.

The car door of Chase’s jeep this time, opens he stomps out of the all-terrain vehicle slamming the door setting the stage exactly how he wants this encounter to go. Chase approaches the group with his firm blue eyes piercing the boys. Chase’s stare is unreadable as he takes in the scene with the four of them sitting on log stumps.

Adam stops his pacing and is the closest to Chase, he reaches out to Chase but Chase merely shines his bright blue eyes on him and Adam gulps and stops his approach.

Jayden stands uncertainly, and walks over to Chase. Chase lifts up a hand as if to tell him to stop, and he does. Jayden can see he has been preparing for this on the car ride over so he lets him start.

“I only have one question. What. The. Fuck?” Chase asks giving his shoulders a shake.

“Chase…” Adam jumps in.

“I don’t want to hear it from you. I want to hear it from him!” Chase says pointing to Jayden.

“Let Adam speak Chase, he will explain everything.”

“Well, this ought to be good,” Chase crosses his arms watching them warily the twins turning their heads left and right seem to be following the dialogue like a ping pong match.

Adam clears his throat, no longer looking sure of himself. “I’m sorry Chase.”

“For what?” Chase interrupts.

Adam looks uncertainly at the twins, Max and Rex the later seems to be fully awake now and then back at Jayden before he gives Chase his full attention. “For being a jerk. For not knowing how to still be your best friend, when you are dating…when you are boyfriends with Jayden. I didn’t know how to do that, and I pulled away because,” and here he takes a big deep breath and shoulders through. “I love you Chase, I have had a crush on you my whole life, and when you picked Jayden it wasn’t like when you dated a girl. It felt like a betrayal because you didn’t pick me.”

Adam’s words are so raw, and he seems to have lost all color in his face after he says them. But Jayden can tell, a weight has been lifted off of his shoulders and he is immensely proud of him.

Max stands up and moves to Adam’s side. “I have a different reason. I didn’t like who I was becoming. I looked back on what we did and I kind of hated that version of myself. I don’t want to be anyone’s henchboy anymore. That’s what I felt like I turned into.”

Rex joins him, and adds “I just don’t get why you were with Jayden. I mean we all hated him together and now you are together. Jayden explained it. I get it now. We all do. We support you, and we want to be friends again.”

Chase stares at all three of them and seems to be shaking with anger? Sadness? Both? Jayden can’t tell, but he slides up to him and puts an arm around his shoulders trying to ease him.

“Chase, I wanted to tell you. But I wanted to talk to them first. I wanted them to see, that all of you are meant to be friends, and it’s time to bury the hatchet. I’m sorry if I hurt you by going to all of them, I was trying to look out for you.”

Chase ruffles his blonde hair out of his face and he pulls away from Jayden moving back to his car without a word.

“Chase!” Jayden calls.

He stops, and turns back. “What, Jayden?”

“Aren’t you going to say anything?”

“Yeah, it’s late. Someone make room for me in a tent. I’m going to get my sleeping bag.”

Jayden turns to look at the others but they all breathe out a collective sigh of relief.

Jayden rushes up to Chase and implores, “Don’t you want to go hug them and tell them how you feel?” he whispers.

Chase smirks, “Easy cowboy on all the feelings, I think you wore my friends out. They look so confused and uncomfortable.”

Jayden goes to say something else but Chase leans in and kisses him quickly shushing him. “Don’t say anything else, okay? Hush, handsome. You did, good.”

Exasperated Jayden huffs, but smiles at him in return. “Meet me at Max’s tent. He’s working on earning a badge.”

“Is that what the line told you, huh?”

Jayden pauses mid walk, “Huh?”

“He tried that one on me last year, he’s a sly dog. Did he show you his shooting star too?”

Jayden’s jaw falls open. “That… little rascal.”

“He’s a horn dog, of course he has the hots for you.”

“You’re not…mad?”

“Why, would I be?”

“Bill, always was,” Jayden admits.

Chase grabs his chest, and smiles feigning a wounded look. “Don’t insult me. Now let’s go into Max’s tent and make him squeal like a pig.”

Jayden bites his lip, “God, I am so lucky to have you for a boyfriend.”

“Naw, it’s the other way around. Thank you for this,” Chase leans in and kisses him before he slips one hand between his legs rubbing his boy balls. “I was wondering if you out grew mine since I saw you last, and that’s a negative. My big balls still rule this relationship.”

Jayden laughs, and Chase squeezes his balls gently and then twists violently down making Jayden go weak in the knees. “I’ve already taken care of myself at home, but you are going to have one massive cumdump when we take care of Max.

Jayden grunts his affirmation, as Chase swings his backpack over one shoulder pulling Jayden groaning along the way to Max’s tent.

Adam seems to be waiting still by the far and Chase pause, and let’s Jayden go. “Head to the tent, and unpack our sleeping bag. I have to talk to Adam.”

Jayden breathes a sound of relief as Chase let’ his ballbag go. Jayden goes to take Chase’s backpack from him but Chase swings it instead between his legs knocking him down to knees with one swift swing.

Jayden is knocked down to his knees with a gasp, leaving Chase to chuckle above him.

“I didn’t hit you that hard.” Chase says with a smile, turning to Adam. “Let’s walk over to your tent,” he says putting a hand on Adam’s shoulder leading him down towards the opposite tent.

Jayden stays where he is, he is not sure what was in that backpack but it feels like a ton of bricks. After a few minutes, he can stand and wobbles down to Max’s tent. Max is inside looking a bit sheepish back in his sleepwear of only boxer briefs.

“What kept you so long, and where’s Chase?”

Jayden starts undressing grumbling “Chase hit me in my boynuts and is talking to Adam…why are you laughing?”

Max’s laughter is dying down but he still giggles a bit. “Boynuts.” Max shakes his head walking over and opening up Chase’s pack and starts unrolling the sleeping bag next to his own. “You know they really are nothing like a ‘boys.’” Max points out still smiling.

“I kinda like the term,” Jayden grins back scratching his balls, dressed only his briefs.

Max slithers closer, his mischief amber eyes locked on Jayden’s as he puts his hands on Jayden’s pecs feeling the hard muscles beneath. “Ready to continue?”

“About that…” Jayden starts before he reaches down to grab Max’s nuts in his hand. “Chase told me that you and he might have had a little fun in this very tent.” Jayden explains rolling Max’s nuts threateningly.

Max gulps, his vulnerables in Jayden’s hand making him nervous. “Well, yeah…yeah we did.”

“Did he do this?” Jayden asks coyly digging in his fingers into Max’s fragile tenders causing Max to grab his forearm pain coming to the surface of his amber eyes.

“Jay…den,” gasps Max his arms and chest tensing, trying to pull his nuts free.

“You aren’t going to escape that way,” Jayden grins digging in deeper feeling Max’s balls curve and bend around his intrusive fingers plunging deeper to the centers of Max’s balls.

“Absolutely not,” Chase agrees opening the flap of the tent strolling inside and wrapping an arm around Max’s neck pulling him tightly against his chest. Max gasps out his breath, which is unfortunate for him because he can’t quite seem to get another one. “You started without me,” Chase comments tisking his tongue.

“You took too long,” Jayden retorts dropping to his knees and grabbing Max’s undershorts in each hands, briefly giving Max a reprieve of nut pain when he let’s his balls go free. The elastic wraps around each fist as he begins to pull saying to Chase “You only have yourself to blame there Chase.”

“I’ll remember that,” Chase states.

“I’m going to be busy for a bit,” Jayden says rubbing his chin against Max’s half-cocked penis. Max’s amber eyes try to look down as he feels Jayden touching him there, something he has been looking forward to all day but Chase pulls him back using his free arm to roam Max’s tight swimmers chest rubbing and concentrating on his dime sized brown nipples.

“Take your time, I’ll keep Max busy. You won’t last too long once Jayden puts his mouth around your cock, you’ll shoot right away. Won’t you?” Chase teases pinching his nipples while he whispers his taunt in Max’s ear.

Jayden slowly pulls Max’s briefs down seeing first the root of Max’s dick, and the long nail stretching out the fabric around his sparse blonde pubes. The smell of Max’s junk, is enticing to Jayden a mixture of boy sweat, lake water, soap and something sweet that he can’t wait to taste. When the elastic band of Max’s underwear slips past Max’s dick it stands at attention pointing right at Jayden’s face invitingly. Jayden takes Max’s hood and slides it down revealing his pulsing glands around the tip of his penis and he tentatively sticks out his tongue tasting him. Max freezes and Jayden and Chase chuckle.

Chase let’s up on Max’s throat, but only enough for him to get in one shaky breath, before he pulls back tightly as he reaches down past Jayden’s mouth and scoops up one of Max’s nuts, the left if he was a guessing man and gives the orb a warning squeeze, before he applies enough pressure to make Max shake in his grip.

“I got lefty,” Chase declares in Max’s ear, his warm breath circulating through the lobe. “I’m going to squeeze this little nut until you spew your nut, so I would get pumping boy.” Chase warns squeezing Max’s nut.

Max makes an indistinguishable sound and Chase licks his ear lobe around the outer edge, just as Jayden slides his lip covered teeth down his rigid cock to the base. Jayden’s face is buried in Max’s pubes and he sucks deeply the size and girth of Max’s penis allowing him to have much more control as he begins to bob and weave his head up and down.

“Jayden grab his other nut, I have claimed lefty.” Chase reminds him squeezing Max’s nut terribly loving the throbbing nut twisting in his hand trying to escape.

Jayden concentrating on Max’s erection does not respond at first which annoys Chase so he kicks Jayden between his legs making him splutter on Max’s cock which hits the back of Jayden’s throat and he trembles from pleasure.

“Grab Max’s right ball!” Chase says again and Jayden does so, fearing another boot from Chase his own balls barely recovering from Chase’s last kick grab the right nut of Max’s tightly trying to keep pace with Chase’s grip and squeeze technique but he is unsure if he is successful in this.

Now that both of Max’s nuts are being squeezed by Chase and Jayden together Max starts to struggle more twisting and thrusting trying to escape, which makes Chase squeeze his left ball harder putting Max in his place, and Jayden pulls the right nut back to hold him still so he can continue deep throating on Max. Max’s seems to be falling into another world, his balls are being crushed, his cock is being polished and Chase has started to suck on his neck giving him a line of hickeys. He can hardly breathe but that seems to be intensifying what is happening below his waist making the buildup to an upcoming orgasm sooner.  

Jayden starts to become aware that Max’s dick becoming wider, the tensing around Max’s thighs and the ball in his hand starts to prepare for it’s release moving closer to rest at the bottom of the scrotum. Jayden allows Max’s nut to progress but squeezes it all the way, giving small palpitations along the way while he concentrates on just Max’s tip slipping his tongue around and around Max’s exposed glands the foreskin long since retracted.

Max begins to prepare for his orgasm as best as he can, he starts to thrust his hips, which is difficult standing in the tent and the breath that he can’t quite get back. He feels himself get light headed and then he trembles all over his body strumming with pleasure, pain and deep sense of yearning. Max tries to speak, to tell Jayden that he is going to cum to offer some type of warning but he can do neither. Instead he stands leaning against Chase while the couple works him over his body giving in completely to the boys that work him over.

Chase announces the obvious, coming off of Max’s neck long enough to say “He’s going to blow!”

Jayden moans against Max’s pelvis his throat vibrating, as he gives extra suction and plunges his face against Max sucking him down to the hilt so that Max’s pulsing erection touches his warm throat at the back and the penis starts to jump matching Jayden’s tempo and explodes.

Max goes wild against Chase’s chest, his hips bucking arms digging into Chase’s forearm as his head swims with pleasure mixed with pain from Chase and Jayden still squeezing his balls as he produces his spewing semen that coats the back of Jayden’s throat. Jayden sucks it all down as Max’s erection pulses in his mouth trying to suck the cum right from his joy stick. Jayden sucks, and sucks until Max’s throbbing pleasure stick throbs twice more and goes still. Jayden swirls the cum around his mouth and sucks long and deep once more before pulling off, swallowing Max’s load.

“You did good Max,” Jayden grins letting Max’s very red nut go.

Chase agrees and releases his ball crushing grip as well. Max is putty now against him but Chase whispers in his ear, “So you don’t forget to invite me next time.” And slams his knee from behind in Max’s recently emptied sac.

Max freeze’s his eyes rolling up in his head as Chase releases him and he falls to his knees lasing limp against Jayden who still has not stood up yet. Max moans, grabbing his throbbing nutsac. “Fuck,” he finally says speaking after so long of being silenced, his voice raspy from not being used in so long.

“That had to hurt,” Jayden winces staring at Max’s sweaty face as he lowers him to the floor, where Max curls in a ball holding his beaten boyhood.

Jayden looks up in time to see Chase boot him between the legs from his position on his knees. “Your turn!”

Jayden’s eyes cross as the pain sinks in and he cries out “My boy balls!”

“More like boy pancakes now,” Chase clarifies stripping off his sweat shirt and t-shirt watching Jayden join Max rolling around on the tent floor. “That all you got?” Chase scoffs.

“You have no idea…how much this hurts. But also, I’ve been worked over all day.”

“Too bad for you,” Chase grins getting down on all fours and crawling over to his slumped over boyfriend. “Because I am just getting started.”


Jayden awoke the next morning laying in a pile of boys. Chase was on one side of his chest snoozing while Max was on the other. All three were naked and at some point Rex joined them, he was sleeping next to his brother one hand curled around Max’s scrotum and judging from the look of pain on Max’s face he was squeezing pretty hard in sleep.

Trying to slowly extricate himself from between Chase and Max to do something about Rex’s handhold seemed like too much effort so he instead focused on Max’s sleep whimpers of pain, smiling. He thought about trying to help him again but he closed his eyes and went back to sleep feeling Max’s penis beginning to plump up along his thigh.


When Jayden next awoke he felt something warm down below and he was about to open his eyes but he lay still stay instead enjoying the warm feelings of pleasure coursing through him. It was a pleasant way to wake up. Jayden bit his bottom lip, moaning in desire, his body was tingling alive with the feeling. Jayden starts to breath faster, can feel himself getting closer to something and he cries out once and feels an explosion occurring below in his lower extremities. He feels exhaustion coursing through his system and a stillness creeping over his system and his toes and fists uncurl and submits once again to obviation.


Twice more Jayden feels warmth from below, the buildup, and the following eruption but he doesn’t wake, but enjoys the pleasures of his dreams and it’s not until sometime later when the sun hits him in the face do his chocolate brown eyes begin to stir behind his eye lids. He is unsure of where he is at first but recognition of the warm cozy sleeping bag, the hard ground, and the cool spring air bring him back to reality. Jayden opens his eyes to discover he is alone in the tent. He is so content in his sleeping bad, and surprised to discover that his morning wood is not at all present, which is odd to him. He always wakes up hard.

Jayden begins to pull on fresh clothes that he packed the day before and follows the smell of breakfast outside. Chase is there smiling at Jayden on the phone. He is surprised to see that Chase’s chef and maid are here serving him a full breakfast, and another plate seems to be keeping warm for him on a tree stump.

Thanking Chase’s help he eats a delicious bacon and egg sandwich with a healthy helping of a pineapple tropical fruit bowl. He says no to seconds, and finds a lunch packed for him. Jayden thanks the help again as they head into both tents to clean armed with mops, brooms and spray bottles.

Chase disconnects and he tells Jayden, “I had to send Adam, Max, and Rex to the pool. We had an early practice at five.”

“You could have woken me,” Jayden says.

“Believe me, we tried.” Chase half smiles, his blue eyes twinkling. “But it’s alright. I’m just glad that they everyone got a protein shake in before practice.”


“I don’t see any protein shakes left over for me.”

“No, you don’t. Believe me when I say, we finished them. They were delicious. We in fact ran out of ingredients to make more.”

Jayden’s eyes narrow and he lets out a little sound, “Oh.” He reaches down to touch himself but stops, and the move does not go unnoticed from Chase chuckles and stands up.

“I have to head back to practice myself, but I’m going to drop you off first,” Chase brushes of a bit of dirt from his blue jeans and walks to his jeep. Jayden still dumbfounded follows.

“What about them?” Jayden queries pointing over his shoulder.

“The boys and I are going to spend another night here, maybe the weekend. You have to babysit after the championship match tonight and we decided it would be fun to catch up some more,” Chase says climbing into the jeep, engine turning on with a push of the button.

“Good,” Jayden smiles.

The ride to Bartlet High is uneventful and Chase and Jayden merely make small talk. Jayden avoids discussing the protein shakes, but he plans on getting even with Chase later on for that one. He can tell that Chase is itching for him to ask, but Jayden refuses instead he puts the very last part of his plan into place and confirms through text that it will work. He planned on being at Chase’s house, but going to school is actually better for all involved he sits back with a self-satisfied smile on his face.

“What are you smiling about?” Chase asks.

“Nothing,” Jayden says. Changing the subject he adds, “I can’t wait to take on Aldo tonight, and bring home the trophy at the championship rematch. Will you be there?”

“I wouldn’t miss it.”

“Can you take Caleb and Junior? They live right next door to you after all.”

Chase rolls his eyes as he pulls in. “Sure, Jayden. But you will owe me.”

“Fine by me.”

Chase starts to get out of the jeep, but Jayden grabs his shoulder. “Wait right here.”


“I have something to discuss with you.”

“Can we do this later, I have practice. I’m captain after all,” Chase grins rubbing in that he beat Jayden for the position a few months back.

Ignoring the jibe Jayden presses on. “Remember on Tuesday you told me about your parents.” Jayden tries to go lightly, he does not want to hurt Chase by reminding him of the fact that his parents don’t love him or take care of him besides financially.

“I remember our conversation.”

Jayden nods and continues, “I have an idea.”

“Jayden,” Chase says in warning.

“It’s not what you think.”

“You didn’t try to contact my parents?”


“Then what?” Chase asks, clearly in clear relief.

Jayden bites his lip and just says it. “I invited someone to live with you. He was planning on moving out of his house at the end of June into his dorm but he liked the idea of moving in with you instead.”

Chase’s jaw actually drops open, “What? Who?”

The backseat of Chase’s jeep opens and a familiar figure steps inside and the two boys up front turn to see Logan smiling at them as the door closes with the thump.

“Hey Chase, when can I move in?” Logan’s warm smile is unwavering and next to him for emphasis is a small suitcase. “I figured that this weekend could be a little trial to test this new arrangement out. Jayden tells me that you were planning on camping with your friends. Reschedule it, if you don’t mind.”

“I’ll be right next door,” Jayden says. “I’m babysitting Junior and Caleb tonight after all if you need me.”

“Can you even call that babysitting? They are 12 and 13. You are more like on guard duty so they don’t blow the house up.”

“What do you say,” Jayden asks, ignoring Logan’s last comment. Jayden tentatively looks at Chase with hopeful brown eyes.

Chase hasn’t said a word since Logan entered his jeep and is looking back and forth warily from Logan to Jayden. Finally he seems to have made up his mind. Chase sighs, and clears his throat and says “I’ll have the guest bedroom setup for you.”


Mickey said...

Now I just can't wait to see the continuation with Chase and Logan, along with the naughty Caleb and Junior

Y1ddo said...

Another fantastic story from you, Jimmy!
Now that Logan is moving in with Chase, this gives young Chase an awesome opportunity to get to know Logans "big brother" Zach. Knowing Chase, he would be completely jealous of the frat-boy being physically superior to him in every way, with his bulging muscles and unhumanlike genitalia. We all know how proud Chase is of his "big balls" hahah!
This would be a perfect opportunity for Chase to bring big Zach back down a notch or two. Of course, Zach should have no real problem dealing with a much younger and smaller guy like Chase.
We all know how fragile the big jocks chicken eggs are though, and Chase would undoubtedly love to get his fingers around his meaty nut-sack... That would be so hot!

Anyways, I love your stories and keep up the good work!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Mickey,

That's what I am working on next! Although, I'm cooking up a surprise that might be out beforehand. Stay tuned! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

Hi Y1ddo,

Now that Logan is moving in with Chase, I'm sure that everything will go perfectly rough, uncertain seas. I'm not sure how often Zach visits his "little brother," but I still think that Chase will claim to have the biggest balls in the room. Maybe what Chase really needs is a pair of glasses!

I do love the idea of Chase coming across Zach, I will keep that idea in mind. I think Ben and Chase might be a fun scenario too. One claims to have the toughest balls, the other claims to have the biggest balls. Which one wins? Fun to think about.

Next up is a championship match, another babysitting fiasco, and Logan "moves in." It's going to be a very busy chapter! Chapter 31 will hopefully be done by the middle of March or so.

I am so happy that you are enjoying the little brother serious of mine! I have had such a fun time writing it!



Buster said...

I know my stories are more extreme but I thoroughly enjoy your work! looking forward for more

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Buster,

Thank you Buster, I really appreciate your kind words, they really mean a lot especially coming from such an established writer in our community such as yourself! What makes Alex's site so neat is that there is such a variety of storytelling that everyone really gets to sample the different types of cookies on the display cart. Some of those cookies may be to your liking, some might contain coconts and you hate that flavor. But all of them contain plenty of nuts. And it looks as though you enjoy a cookie variety!

I'm working on something kind of cool, and I didn't think to invite you Buster until just now. If you have a free moment do you mind emailing me at ? I have a proposition for you!



Harry said...

Jimmy, you knew about the old “working on a scout badge” game too? Good to know the old tricks haven’t lost their edge...

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...


I have no idea what the "working on a scout badge" game is! Please tell me! However I did have a lot of fun taking a newby out camping (I made that badge out, it might be one, it might not). I was never in cub scouts myself. Did you like it?