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Ballbusting Hall of Fame: Nicolas/Muscleballbusting

It’s always great to see new people on the ballbusting scene, don’t you agree? In my very own "Ballbusting Hall of Fame" I highlight my favorite creators of ballbusting content. Click here to see previous entries.

Today, I want you to meet Nicolas aka muscleballbusting from France. He is 29 years old, and he has a clips4sale store where he publishes naughty m/m and m/f ballbusting. I am so happy that he agreed to answer a few questions for me so we can get to know him better.

Make sure to follow him on twitter (@Nicolasmusclebb) and check out his amazing videos in his clips4sale store!

Q: Let's start with the basics: Who are you?

I’m from Eastern France, I’m 29, going to turn 30 in April. I practice powerlifting, at national level. I used to do bodybuilding when I was younger. That’s a bit my specialty:  combining muscle and ballbusting.
Q: You joined twitter last year and you started a clips4sale store selling your ballbusting videos. Tell us what you love about ballbusting and why you started your channels.
I started the twitter account and c4s store because i always looked at others doing vidéos, so I decided I’m  going to do some myself because there isn’t really much content featuring muscular, strong guys into ballbusting.  And of course if I can make additional money while pleasing people with hot videos it’s perfect.

Nicolas and his nuts

Q: How did you first discover you were into BDSM and ballbusting?
I’ve been into ballbusting since I was 12/13 so the fetish started young. I discovered this at school. Didn’t even know back then that it had the name ballbusting.  I just saw some girls kicking guys in the nuts and that got me aroused.  The fact that they were smaller, lighter and still able to make a man cry by a single ballkick was fascinating to me. So this is how I first knew it fascinated me. I asked myself some questions like: Are the size of testicles a factor of more or less pain? Do small feet hurt more or less? A lot of questions in my mind.
Of course at 12 or 13 I didnt start my sexual life. The first time I got kicked was at 14 at the swimming pool and it was an accident. The girl didn’t know she kicked me. I was resting on a lane in the pool. We were several people swimming in the same line. She was swimming when her foot touched my groin. Wasn’t a hard hit but aroused me a lot.
Then at 15/16 years old I had my first girlfriend. Then I started to really ask for ballbusting. What I like about ballbusting is the fact that balls hurt no matter how strong the guy is. I also have a foot fetish with girls’ feet so that’s the reason why I prefer kicks in ballbusting.
Q: You do m/m and f/m ballbusting. Are there any notable differences?
Yes, I do m/m and f/m videos. Sexually speaking I’m straight. But it was hard to find girls willing to do this back in 2010. I searched a lot. I asked like 10 to 100 girls a day on some days!! On Facebook first, then insta. Partners were hard to find. Since girls were so hard to convince  I started asking guys. Nathan was one of then. He was with me in university studying law. I only dared to ask him when leaving university, then we talked a lot until our first m/m ballbusting experiment.

Q: Oh yes, Nathan – we’ll talk about your videos with him in a moment. But first I’d like to know: What aspects of f/m ballbusting do you enjoy most?
I honestly think girls generally are willing to kick way harder than guys. The few times I’ve been slightly injured my balls, had them aching for days, was with girls. Also, they laugh more when doing it. What is fun about m/m is that I can kick. With guys I’m clearly more of a buster. I don’t have the same fun as with girls. I mean girls are smaller and that’s what arouse me a lot when they kick me. With boys I prefer to kick. Seeing the target being hit is hot to me. That’s why i prefer nude ballbusting. I also prefer to bust big and low hanging balls but I’ve never had the chance to do it. Nathan in the videos has very, very small balls despite a good sized dick. His balls can’t even fit a ballcrusher. They slip out,  they are just too small. And Nathan while being a good buster is a pussy when it comes to take kicks.

Nicolas' ballbusting buddy Nathan

Q: Yeah, let's talk about your m/m videos. What do you like about having fun with guys?
I love seeing the guy in pain crumble. I’m a sadist, and what I would love to do one day is to make a guy have some convulsions and shake all the way after a brutal kick. It has happened to me with girls, but I’ve never been able to do it to another guy. I’ve never found a guy crazy enough to let me kick hard.

Q: Sounds like a call to action for anybody living in Eastern France! Guys, contact Nicolas if you want to test the strength of your nuts!
: Absolutely, contact me on twitter!
Q: But you do take some ballbusting kicks from guys as well.
Yes. When I take hits, what I like is to show how strong endurant I am. I’m not submissive at all, so I don’t do it in a sub/dom way but more in a "jackass" way, like, let’s hurt each other haha. Even if I was more endurant when i was a teen....

Nicolas' ballbusting buddy Nathan

Q: I couldn't help but notice that you get rock hard from getting kicked in the nuts. Tell us what you feel when you're filming a clip like "dick kicks vs. ball kicks" with Nathan.
Yes, ballbusting in 90% of cases gets me rock hard. I just really get aroused being kicked. I always wonder why some guys have a flaccid dick when getting kicked. I’m more like nadman from ballbustingworld who really likes it.
I’ve done the video “dick kicks vs ball kicks” because I know Nathan can’t take ball kicks. He would be done with one even medium hit. So I asked him if he would be ok to take hits in the dick. And I was aroused cuz i knew I could kick his dick quite hard. His big black cock deserves it haha.

Nicolas and his nuts

Q: Yeah, you don’t hold back at all. I think I have never seen anybody get kicked in the dick like that… The video is awesome! Have you ever gotten the cum kicked out of your nuts by a guy - and will we see it on video?
Yes, i already had my balls kicked to cum by Nathan. Before I recorded every session. But it happened, yes, on the final hard kicks that took me down.
Q: Now, let’s talk about Nathan. Who is he and how did you two meet?
Like said I met Nathan at university. He was in the same class. I never talked ballbusting to him then, but I knew he was open minded. I took my chance when we left university.  He was ok to try haha. He is the same age as me. A bit smaller in height. And more athletic than me. He weight is probably like 80 lbs less than me. He lives one hour away from me. So especially with covid restrictions it’s hard to meet him. But we try to see each other once a month.

Q: You are both so hot! Any chance we'll see more of you two?
Oh yes, you will see more of us. If you have suggestion i take them in considération. For now with covid as I write you here France may be again under lockdown for maybe one month or more. We will know in the coming days.
Q: I would love to see Nathan kick the cum out of your nuts, and I bet I’m not alone…  So what are your plans for the next weeks and months?
When the pandemic will be over we will do more.

Q: Awesome! How can readers get in touch with you?
They can contact me on twitter (@Nicolasmusclebb). I also have a instagram (muscleballbusting) but i only accept real profiles not the ones with zero post and or no followers.


Thank you so much for doing this, Nicolas! You are awesome, and I hope we'll see much more of you and Nathan!

Nicolas and his nuts
(he doesn't want to show his face here,
but he does in some of his videos. And he's hot. :-))

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