Tuesday, February 23, 2021

From the web: Social Media Reacts, Relates to Alabama Star Taking Nut Shot


If you are like me and enjoy nutshot reactions almost as much as the nutshot itself then you will love this wonderful little post from outkick.com

It starts like this:

If you are a guy, there are few things in this world more painful than taking a shot to nuts. When it happens to you, it hurts. When you see it happen to someone else, it still hurts.

There is no escaping it.

That is why social media had such a strong reaction to Alabama star running back Najee Harris taking one to the jewels during the LSU game on Saturday night. But before we can get to those hilarious reactions, you have to see the hit.

We apologize in advance, fellas.  

And it gets better from there.

Here is video footage of the incident:

Read "Social Media Reacts, Relates to Alabama Star Taking Nut Shot" on outkick.com

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