Friday, February 5, 2021

Art by Dole: Climbing The Mountain

Our reader Dole has sent me this wonderful series of sketches that he created, and it inspired me to write a little story. Dole doesn't have a website, and he told me he doesn't draw very often. I really, really like his work, and I hope you'll enjoy it, too!

bust1 - artwork created by Dole

Darren entered the gym, a wide grin on his face. This was going to be hot. Watching Bruce torture a stud was always hot.
Bruce’s nickname was The Mountain: He was a big, muscular stud, effortlessly strong and confident. Many guys with glasses were confident and shy, with deep seated inferiority issues. Bruce was the opposite: He knew exactly that he was superior to anybody else, an alpha male if there ever was one. He was reeking of testosterone, and his dark beard gave his handsome, manly face a rugged look.
Darren stripped down to his speedos and entered the main room at the center of which was the boxing ring, the site of today’s spectacle.

There was something decidedly unspectacular about the spectacle, mainly because it wasn’t the first of its kind, and the pattern was always the same: Some gimp wanted to climb The Mountain and fuck him senseless. The Mountain would accept the challenge and turn the tables, busting the gimp’s balls and railing him afterwards.
Today’s gimp was Jacob, a hot young man who had tried to conquer The Mountain several times before, failing every single time.
“Back for more, huh?” Bruce grinned as he watched Jacob flex in the middle of the ring.
“This time I’ll make you my bitch”, Jacob replied with a cocky grin, his dick rock-hard inside his speedos.
“Need my help, Bruce?” Darren offered, hoping desperately to join in on the action. Nothing was hotter than tag-teaming a stud with The Mountain.
“Not yet, bro”, Bruce chuckled, adjusting his crotch, smiling as he watched Jacob’s eyes dart to his bulge. This was going to be easy. Another notch on the belt, another sack wrecked, another load up a gimp’s butt.
Darren looked a little disappointed, and Bruce decided to be generous today. After all, a joy shared was a joy made double – which Bruce knew to be especially true when it came to double pentrations...
“Alright, come in.” Bruce motioned for Darren to enter the ring as he looked at Jacob, smiling cockily, daring him to protest.
Jacob didn’t bite. “No problem”, he said confidently. “I’ll defeat you both and I’ll fuck you both.” He grabbed his crotch. “I’ve got enough for two.”
The fight turned out exactly as expected: Bruce and Darren wiped the floor with Jacob, busting his balls mercilessly, abusing him, torturing every inch of his body.
They crushed his nuts with their bare hands, squeezing Jacob’s spuds with all the force they could muster, wringing the life out of them. They kneed his nuts and kicked them, punched him in the gut and smacked his abs until they were beet red. They propped him up in the corner of the ring, yanked his swollen, abused ball bag out of his speedos and used them as their personal punching bag, taking turns as they speedbagged his rapidly swelling gonads.
They finished him together.
Jacob was suspended in mid-air in the corner, immobilized, his arms and legs held in place by the rope. Bruce had him in a tight headlock, and Darren kneed him in the nuts until he passed out.
Then they fucked him, filling his holes with their fat, hard dicks.
It was a rough, hard fuck that left Jacob’s throat hoarse and his ass sore for days.
And yet, Jacob would be back for more.
To climb The Mountain.
One day he’d make it to the top.


Dole said...

Thanks for featuring me and bringing my characters to life with your writing!

Alex said...

Thank YOU, Dole! You are awesome! :-))

Anonymous said...

Great artwork, and wonderful story!

Anonymous said...

Nice short story! Thanks

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys! :-))