Monday, February 15, 2021

Little boxes (part 2): Francisco's story - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the second part of a new three-part-story arc of Jimmy's amazing Gino and Jayden series. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Jayden knew that his plan was going to work, at least he has high hopes that it will.

Sitting in his living room with his older brother Gino, the two are deep into a math assignment for an upcoming test. Gino is sticking his pink tongue out of the corner of his mouth, a look of concentration on his face as he silently adds the dividends together his forehead is creasing with his attentiveness. Jayden watches him silently hoping that this time the math finally clicks for his older brother and they don’t have to go over the same problem again.

“Got it!” Gino says, a small smile creeping over his face.

“Nice, great…”

Gino interrupts with “Show me the target.” Getting right to the point.

For the past hour the deal that the brothers had was if Gino got the problem right he got to hit Jayden in the nuts, if he got it wrong Jayden got to hit him. This was not Jayden’s idea, but it seems to be working as an incentive to get Gino to learn. Gino is getting far more answers correct than not now.

Sighing, Jayden pulls up his shirt showing his off his abs, the smooth skin reflects the midday sun streaming through the blinds next to the couch his other hand opens the button, and pulls down his zipper on his shorts letting the material fall to his knees. Jayden’s underwear bulges, the material barely containing Jayden’s halfcocked erection and large nuggets resting underneath.

“Still hard from before I see,” jokes Gino, giving his younger brother a wink.

“Just get it over with,” Jayden sighs purposely loud again.

Taking careful aim Gino comments as he judges the distance to his targets, “Whatever you say bro.” Gino’s fist launches between Jayden’s thighs smacking Jayden’s nutsac against his pelvic. Jayden’s eyes bulge as Gino’s fist crushes his nuts. The youngster lets out an involuntary whimper sinking back onto the couch with a giant exhale. “Nice! I got you good that time!”

Jayden closes his brown eyes, rubbing his nutsac his shorts dropping to his ankles. “Yup, you did…aww my boy nuts.”

Gino watches him seeing agony occurring on his face as he sits back down next to him on the sofa. “Leave your shorts there, I can do the next problem in a jiffy.”

Jayden says nothing, as Gino gets to work.

Rolling his balls in his underwear, Jayden opens his brown eyes and pulls back his underwear to peek inside. His junk looks red, and he swears that he can see his boynuts throbbing in their sac, but he knows that is just his imagination playing with him; at least he hopes so.

“Finished!” Gino says triumphantly pushing his practice test in front of Jayden.

Jayden picks it up holding it in both hands looking over the sheet. “You…you finished the rest,” Jayden comments, his voice low.

“Yup!” Gino chuckles. “And they are all right.”

“Three more shots…” Jayden moves to peek inside his underwear again but Gino gets there first his invading fingers slipping inside and seizing Jayden’s nuts. Jayden sucks in a breath at the invasion, his heart thumping wildly in his chest.

Gino grins, using his free hand to turn his brother’s head after grabbing the back of his neck to face him. “Ready for a squeeze?”

“No…not really,” Jayden laughs picking up his phone. “One minute timer starts…now!”

Gino wastes no time before he sinks his fingers nimbly and firmly into Jayden’s bare sac jabbing at his kid brother’s balls from multiple angels.

“Oh god,” Jayden moans his phone almost dropping out of his hand carefully as he lays it down on the coffee table while pain shoots into his abdomen Gino’s grip crushes his nuts in his brother’s tightly clenched fist. Jayden tries to push back into coach and away from Gino, as if that would help. Gino seeing Jayden’s quick retreat tugs on Jayden’s sac bringing Jayden right back to where he was before.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Gino grins. “Your balls are mine.”

“Fuuuu…fuu…oh man,” Jayden moans while can feel his throbbing testicles pulsing as Gino sinks his fingers a little deeper. Jayden’s older brothers smile only widens at the wreckage that he is causing in Jayden’s underwear.

The timer goes off, and Gino relents for a moment. “Set it again I want to keep squeezing. We still have two more right answers to go. I want my rewards.”

Jayden trembles at the thought and gulps audibly, making Gino snicker.

“Come on, you can take it bro,” Gino says with confidence rolling Jayden’s big nuts in between his fingers giving Jayden’s heavy nuggets a good examination as he toys with his younger sibling.

Not answering, Jayden resets the timer and shows Gino the reflected 1:00 time, his finger raised above the button. “Ready?” Jayden asks with some hesitation in his voice.

Grinning Gino puts each of his thumbs in the dead center of Jayden’s orbs, giving him a quick nod, this time he plans on using both of his hands. “Hit it.”

Reluctantly Jayden does. Instantly Ginos’s thumbs plunge into the center mass of his nuts, his orbs bending to his brother’s will as both brother’s watch Jayden’s nuts deforming.

Shuddering Jayden groans low in his throat grabbing onto his brother’s wrists. “Oh man…” Jayden whimpers, forcibly watching his precious nuts being attacked again.

Gino in his element, and he digs in deep with both hands forcibly keeping Jayden close by tightening his grip. Gino loves the sounds of his brother’s whimpers, how he shudders in his grasp. Marveling at his brother’s impressive set of nuts he does all that he can to manipulate them in his hands crushing the fat nuggets and squashing them with his nut crunching grip.

“Tii…time,” Jayden manages to burst out.

Gino relents again, still holding Jayden’s nuts firmly but giving no pressure. “How they doing?”

“Aching,” Jayden says with a moan.

“Good,” Gino leans in, bumping Jayden’s forehead with his own. “Also, don’t think this has gone unnoticed.” Gino grabs Jayden’s half-hard penis making his brother freeze. Gino gives it a little shake and jacks his brother off a bit watching him moan this time in pleasure. “Chase not doing a good enough job I see.”

“It’s…ugh, ugh,” Jayden can’t stop himself. Gino’s hand feels so good, so familiar. It brings him right back to his first time with Gino masturbating him, teaching him how to cum on Christmas.

“You were saying?” Gino says his smile wide loving his effect on his younger brother.

“I have not been able to see him in a couple days…that was not part of the deal,” Jayden emphases his hips bucking up to meet Gino’s hand job, his body taking over.

“True,” admits Gino stopping his masturbation technique and focuses just on Jayden’s cockhead running his thumb around Jayden’s sensitive cock lips. Gino feels Jayden’s cock hardening, and clear pre-ejaculate releases coating Gino’s thumb which begins to make small semicircles around Jayden’s tip. “You want me to stop?” Gino asks gripping Jayden’s tip hard making him moan low in his throat.

“Yes…” Jayden bites his bottom lip. “You still have one more hit.”

“That’s right, thank you for reminding me! You can stand up now.”

“Stand?” Jayden asks in confusion. “Not another minute of squeezing.”

“Nope, I don’t want you to cum, this should fix it.” Gino pulls Jayden to standing and taking carful aim pressing his knee in between Jayden’s thighs he taps his targets. Jayden’s very erect penis stands at attention bumping his navel. “A good knee should help diminish your flag.”

“Shit,” Jayden swears feeling his brother’s knee bone, hard and unyielding ball tapping his boynuts.

Gino pulls it back and with a swift quickness brings it forward and right back in the same spot, clenching Jayden’s shoulders firmly to hold him in place Gino pounds his knee right on target. The knee crashes deep between Jayden’s thighs crushing Jayden’s nuts against his pelvis, smooshing his boynuts completely.

Jayden feels his nuts flatten, and he makes a strange noise in his throat and falls backwards to the couch grabbing his pulsing nuts, which immediately shoot more pain throughout his sac. Jayden quickly releases them but rolls into a protective ball in case his brother tries to ball tag him again. He’s known for doing that type of thing.

“That was a good study session, I think. I will do great on tomorrows test!”

“My boy nuts,” Jayden whines, closing his eyes not appearing to be listening to what Gino has said.

Gino rubs his brother’s hair, messing it up. “I’ll be in the garage working out, let me know when you feel up to joining me.”

Gino moves to walk away, but Jayden’s phone pings. Thinking that Jayden must have forgotten to turn off the timer Gino picks it up from the coffee table to turn the timer off. Then he pauses, a message appears from Francisco.
Francisco: Here
Scratching his head, he hears a knocking at the front door. Gino looks down at his younger sibling.

“Jayden…is that Francisco?”

Jayden peeks out from his protective fetal position. “Awww no, he’s here early.”

“Jayden,” Gino says. “What are you…?”

A second knock echoes disrupting him.

“Can you get it, I still need a minute…or five.”

Rolling his eyes, Gino heads towards the front door his heart pounding, picking up in beat. Jayden can see his brother’s shoulders tense while he walks towards the front door.

Jayden pulls up his underwear and shorts zipping and buttoning them quickly. After he does so Jayden realizes that Francisco is blind and he wouldn’t notice him being naked from the waist down anyways.

Gripping the doorknob tightly, Gino opens the front door which creaks loudly.

Francisco smiles and says, “Hi Gino. Jayden home?”

“How did…?”

“I can smell you,” Francisco grins. “You have a very familiar and disguisable scent. Don’t worry, it isn’t a bad smell. Can I come in?” Francisco asks, leaning against the door frame his pale grey eyes staring slightly past him, his half smile showing his dazzling white teeth.

Taken aback, Gino steps back holding the door open.

“Sure, I guess. Jayden’s on the couch. We just finished up studying.”

Francisco’s white cane, with two red lines near the bottom taps on the hardwood as he enters the Gomez home.

Gino watches him warily, as he maneuvers over to the coach easily.

“You have not changed the furniture locations,” Francisco says. “That’s helps a lot.” He explains sitting next to Jayden after finding him with his cane. “I have an excellent memory, it really helps when I am in familiar places.”

“Hi Francisco.”

“Hello Jayden.”

“Glad that you’re here.”


The two sit in silence for a moment.

Gino closes the front door watching them warily, knowing that Jayden has a reason for bringing his old friend here and is unsure of why, but he has his suspicions. “I’ll leave you two to it,” Gino remarks. “I was heading into the gym to work out.”

“That’s why I came over, Jayden wanted to see my workout routine. He said that you had the necessary equipment for me to use and show him.”

Gino stops midstride, “Oh.”

“We can all workout together,” Jayden says standing up. His legs feel less shaky, but the achiness between his legs is still evident. Jayden is fully aware of how his nuts hang in his ballsac and slightest movement of his lumps brings him a sharp pain if when they bump against his thighs.

“Perfect!” Francisco smiles, standing up next to Jayden. “Let’s head to the garage then. Unless you changed your workout station.”

“Same place,” Jayden says leading the way and bumping Gino on the way by purposely with his shoulder. “Coming?”

Gino is seething, his face hard and rigid says nothing as he stomps after his younger brother watching his legs moving back and forth and thinking that he has enough room to plant his barefoot right in between his butt cheeks and catch everything in between.

Francisco chuckles behind him making the two of them turn back to look. His chuckling is so much like Gino’s that Jayden almost forgot where he got it from. Gino whose face is hidden from him still appears to Jayden to be set in defiance. Jayden can tell from his rigid shoulders that have still not slackened since opening the front door and finding Francisco on our footsteps.

“What?” challenges Gino, his voice deep full of reverence and foreboding.

Francisco seems to notice none of it as he says, “You are so mad.” Francisco chuckles again, “You were always so pouty. I guess that has never changed.”

Jayden’s mouth drops open and he can’t help but laugh.

Gino is furious now starring between the two of them. With great _____ he manages to return to heading to the garage where the gym is and passes by Jayden so angrily.

When Gino passes by his younger brother he catches the smirk on his Jayden’s face and his mood sours even more. Gino smacks him hard as he passes, his knuckles thumping against Jayden’s nuts perfectly in his shorts denting them into his pelvis.

The nut tap is very effective nailing both of Jayden’s nuts causing him to bend at the waist letting out a low groan from the back of his throat, his brown eyes slightly bugging out. Jayden fingers the devastation in his loins, cupping and cradling his boynuts gently.

Francisco finds Jayden’s barefoot with his cane and he asks “Did he get you?”

Jayden nods. A second later realizing that he can’t see that says, “Yup. Got em both. My boynuts were already sore.” Admits Jayden, putting his hands on his waist, taking some deep breathes.

Consolingly Francisco reaches out placing a hand on Jayden’s lower back. “I say we get even with him,” Francisco smiles, his grey pale eyes seem playful.

Nodding again, Jayden agrees. “Yeah, let’s get him.”

“Follow my lead Jayden,” Francisco says giving Jayden’s back one more pat before pushing past him and heading to the door.

Full of excitement, Jayden manages to get back up to his full height and heads after Francisco watching him enter through the open doorway. Francisco pauses seemingly assessing the room, slowly rotating his head to the left and right and hearing Gino’s grunts and heads towards the sound.

Gino is doing some pushups on the ground, a mat laid out underneath. Gino’s arms bulge and he has chosen to remove his shirt, his back muscles pulse and writhe in his underneath his taut skin. Gino’s breathing is labored while he pushes up and down, when he comes back up Francisco seemingly gets too close to him when he grabs a matt from the shelf, and his foot kicks up when Gino is on all fours position. Francisco’s foot kicks Gino’s groin with a small thump, crunching Gino’s testicles underneath.

“Oops,” says Francisco, pulling his leg away. “I think I bumped into you there Gino.”

Gino drops to the matt, his concentration gone as well as his sperm count. “My nuts, fuuuck.”

“I hope that I didn’t get you that hard,” Francisco says unrolling his mat and laying it beside Gino’s.

“I’ve had worse,” Gino admits grudgingly.

“Yeah you have,” Jayden laughs uncurling his own mat on the other side of Gino’s, enjoying seeing Gino suffering his own nut pain.

“Quiet you,” Gino growls, bumping his shoulder with his own as he gets back into plank position. “Let’s start with a hundred push-ups.”

“And whoever makes the most successful push-ups first, chooses the next exercise,” adds Jayden enthusiastically. Then thinking quickly adds in, “And the winner gets to hit the loser in the nuts.”

Spurred on by the challenge the two older boys quickly agree and soon the garage is full of grunting and deep breathes as the three boys start the competition. Francisco blows both of Gomez brothers out of the water and finishes first. Gino finishes right after, but it takes Jayden an extra minute to catch-up, he’s red in the face and breathing hard but still proud to keep up with the other two.

“Guess you get to hit me,” says Jayden when he can breathe again.

“Guess I do,” Francisco grins. “Come here,” he beckons.

Jayden starting to sweat now, and pulls off his hoodie, his shirt riding up so he takes that off too as he walks the short distance to Francisco’s matt. Gino is watching, his full attention is on Francisco now.

“Sit down on the floor and spread your legs.”

“Aw man, not that one!” Jayden complains getting onto the floor and spreading his legs apart.

Both Francisco and Gino chuckle at Jayden’s youthful response and they turn to each other, still smiling. Francisco grabs each of Jayden’s ankles resolutely putting his foot in between and shaking his head. “Better with no sneakers on,” and proceeds to kick both of his shoes off, his white sock right foot moves tentatively up Jayden’s thigh; the big toe making a bee line across Jayden’s thigh falling gently to the bulge between Jayden’s legs resting on top. Francisco feels around for a full thirty seconds, Jayden does nothing to stop him but he does start to chub back-up a bit.

“Perfect, I want your dick out of the way,” Francisco states plainly as his toes roam around Jayden’s head.

Jayden in surprise and arousal moans, “Then you’ve done it, I’m fully hard now.” Jayden’s whisper is quiet in the garage gym all eyes are on the tent in his shorts, and Francisco toying with him.

“I can feel that,” Fracisco says pulling back his foot, gripping Jayden’s ankles harder now drives his retreated foot right in between Jayden’s vulnerable thighs slamming into Jayden’s nuts, past his dick hard that Francisco wanted out of his path.

“Nice kick,” Gino comments watching Jayden’s reaction as he jumps a bit on impact, and starts to settle in to the new ball pain as Francisco after successful impact pulls hard on Jayden’s ankles sinking his foot even deeper into Jayden’s pelvis.

“Boynuts…ow…ow…ughhh!” Jayden moans as he reaches down to move Francisco’s foot Gino comes up behind him putting him in a full nelson from behind and keeping him from rescuing his testicles.

“Not until the move is done!” tuts Gino laughing, enjoying every moment of Francisco ballbusting his younger brother and favorite target.

The three stay locked like that, Francisco kicking Jayden, Gino holding Jayden in a full nelson until Francisco finally let’s up and pulls his foot out.

Gino releases him watching him grab his balls again groaning in between his own legs. “Nice one to start with.”

“Let’s give Jayden a few minutes to recover. Then we work on abs,” Francisco suggests.

“Good plan,” says Gino getting up, moving his own erection to a more comfortable position. “Regretting the bet?” Gino asks his brother, nudging his side.

“…I’ll win the next one,” Jayden moans making the other two laugh.

Francisco leans over past Gino mat’s, his cool grey granite eyes unseeing, but focused on Jayden’s position. “We will see. Grab us some water Gino, will you?”

“Sure thing,” Gino says getting to his feet and heading out of the workout room.

Listening to Gino walking down the hall, Francisco whispers. “This is great, he is starting to let his guard down now. All thanks to you and your tough nuts!”

Jayden sits up with a grunt, still holding his valuable and what seem to him vulnerable family jewels. “Yeah…I guess that your right. But my boynuts are killing me!” Jayden gripes, trying to rub the soreness out from his throbbing testes.

“You’ll be okay little buddy,” says Francisco.

“Yeah, but will my little buddies be okay?” questions Jayden, and the two laugh at Jayden’s predicament.

Gino walks in then handing a bottle of cool water from the fridge to each boy. Francisco takes a moment to locate the bottle before he cracks it open drinking quickly, and gratefully; while Jayden puts his own between his legs enjoying the icy coolness on his throbbing testes.

“Ready for the next round?” Gino asks.

“Yup,” Jayden says enjoying the cool bottle between his legs so it rests against the pouch in his shorts. The cooling sensation seems to alleviate the swelling to his boys. “Ready,” Jayden grins at the other two.

“Ready, set…go!” Francisco echoes as the three begin to compete again this time in sit-ups.

Gino and Francisco are flying. Clearly, Jayden is hurting and sitting up quickly jostles his junk and making him uncomfortable and he hits the water bottle away. He regrets leaving it there to start the sit-up competition.

Jayden groans after each sit-up when he gets to fifty, and is not surprised in the least to see Gino finish and quickly followed by Francisco. Jayden trying to prolong the inevitable nut thrashing takes his time and makes it to fifty. On either side of him both Gino and Francisco wear matching grins, making Jayden nervous. He attempts to slide backwards and away from them but each one grabs an ankle dragging him back.

“This was your idea,” Gino emphasizes grabbing one of his shoulders.

Francisco grabs the other leaving each one with a free hand.

Jayden gulps, “So…umm what kind of busting are we doing next?” he asks timidly.

“A squeeze, I think. Each of us get a ball.”

Jayden frowns, causing the boys to laugh as they slide a hand around his midriff tickling his belly making him giggle before they each seize a ball tightly.

With his heart thumping wildly Jayden awaits the crushing feeling in his balls. Gino and Francisco see to be toying with him rolling his balls in his velvety ballsac, slowly manipulating his orbs which causes him to shake with anticipation. Never before has Jayden had his testicles manipulated by two people or squeezed. Jayden’s worried expression on his face seems warranted in this light.

Surprisingly he starts to get hard, and this does not go unnoticed.

“Your brother has a woody,” laughs Francisco.

“He sure does!” Gino agrees, running his hand up and down Jayden stiff penis.

“I think he likes all the attention,” Francisco says also reaching out so that both he and Gino run their fingers up and down Jayden’s growing erection.

Jayden’s breathe starts to get lighter and he breathes more deeply trying to hold back a groan. “Just get it over with already,” Jayden says rolling his eyes trying to play off that this bothers him in the least.

“Jayden’s right,” says Gino. “We have to finish what we started. Ready Francisco?”

Jayden catches the playfulness in his tone, and so does Francisco who looks up smiling. “Like old times, right?”

“Old times?” Jayden asks.

“Three, two, one…squeeze!”

Jayden was wondering what they were talking about, but all his thoughts go out the window as Gino and Francisco bare down on his nuts. Jayden can’t tell who squeezes harder or worse, all he knows is that having it down by two people is instantly worse than one. Neither of them have any sort of unity, and the varying pressure and squeeze technique throws him instantly off while his body reacts to very different types of pressure building in his nether regions.

Immediately Jayden’s groaning and moaning turns vocal. An endless breathy “Ah, ah, ah,” escapes his throat, his body growing rigid like his erection, his back fully taut. Jayden stares forward, his warm brown eyes glazing over while the two older teens work his nuts over, every once and awhile one or both will do a quick pump or two of his cock. The constant pressure of having his nuts crushed, and his dick being worked over does a lot to Jayden’s state of being and he seems to lose all semblance of holsing onto his cool.

Gino watches in delight seeing his younger brother writhe before him, overwhelmed with pleasure, and mostly pain occurring in his groin. For his part, Gino squeezes and releases Jayden big left nut; Francisco has Jayden’s right and he seems to be concentrating heavily on the orb keeping up a constant state of pressure. Jayden rolls his head side to side staring at the timer, willing it to go off.

Gino whose hand was reaching for Jayden’s cock thumps his head.

“Francisco, we forgot to set the timer!”

“Ooops,” laughs Francisco. “Oh well, Jayden won’t mind a little extra attention,” he says setting the timer for five minutes.

“Five?” gasps Jayden. “I can’t…ugh…ugh…take that,” he grimaces his face awash in nut pain.

“You should see what I have planned for the loser of the next round,” Francisco says, his voice full of mischief while he squeezes Jayden’s right ball harder. “See that pole in the center of the garage…the loser’s balls will kiss that being carried by the other two. It looks like it will end up being you Jayden.”

Jayden shakes his head groaning, “No! Not my boynuts!”

Gino and Francisco laugh, and Gino leans over staring into Francisco’s misty grey pebble eyes thoughtfully, “I missed you.” Gino’s admission catches Francisco off guard and he tightens his grip making Jayden gasp.

“Really?” Francisco whispers licking his lips.

“Yeah, I have,” Gino whispers back leaning in. The two are inches apart their lips parting with Jayden groaning about the sad state of his nuts when he rises his butt off the floor throwing his whole body against the mat shaking with pain.

“My boy…nuts…oh god.”

Gino and Francisco turn towards the noise, Gino watching him writhe on the mat his chest raising upwards, his mouth a gape. Francisco turns his head gently to the side. “I love the sounds he makes.”

“Same,” Gino says quickly and they turn back Gino leaning in his lips parted for a kiss but the timer goes off.

“Oh thank god!” Jayden cries out rolling into a ball, startling Francisco and Gino who release their hand holds on his trapped nuts. “My nuts…” Jayden moans, his lips open and gasping.

Gino pulls back, unsure now but Francisco is insistent grabbing Gino and pulling him towards him. “No, don’t pull back. Not now.”

“I…” Gino starts but Francisco quiets him with a hushing whisper his pink thin lips brushing Gino’s making him gasp quietly, a moan so deep coming from his throat that the primal urge makes Jayden stare up at him in shock.

Then the two kiss.

Jayden stares in amazement as Gino and Francisco fight for dominance over him, kissing so fiercely that he thinks it must hurt. Jayden would be more excited about this, but his balls throb so terribly that he closes his eyes focusing on his breaths while his balls throb in time to his heartbeat.

Francisco moans in Gino’s mouth pulling him to him making Gino climb over his brother, one foot hitting him square in the gut making Jayden gasp but then Gino is upon Francisco kissing him furiously and notices nothing. Francisco writhes underneath him, his body fluid like water rolling against Gino’s tight hard muscles squirming to touch all of him. Gino grabs Francisco’s shoulders pinning him in place as he lowers himself across his body his ragging erection piercing his arbs, the sword rigid and dangerous.

Gino pulls back to talk, but Francisco pulls him right back down with a growl rolling the two so that he is on top, jabbing Gino this time in the stomach with his own rigid member. “I’m so fucking in Gino,” gasps Francisco quickly before kissing him again.

Gino tenses, and Francisco feels it and pulls back. “Tell me that you are too, I messed up when we were younger. I’m sorry.”

Opening his brown eyes Gino seems wounded but he nods his head, “You hurt me ‘Cisco,” he admits looking away.

“No one has called me that in so long,” Francisco says his expression unreadable but he turn back to Gino intent to make him realize that he is ready. “I won’t hurt you again. I was young and stupid, and not ready. I am now,” Francisco promises pulling Gino to him hugging him fiercely.

“If you do I’ll beat you up,” Jayden says shocking both Gino and Francisco that he is still there. “He’s my big brother, and no one messes with him. Got it?” Jayden challenges reaching into Francisco’s shorts grabbing him roughly by the balls.

Francisco grunts feeling Jayden’s tight ball claw. “You got it little man,” he smiles grimacing.

“Good,” Jayden gives one last squeeze his fingers deadly and he shows that he means buisness. “I guess you guys are too busy to finish the last challenge,” Jayden says standing up. “I’ll just let you two work things out.” His hopeful smile at the two busy teenagers is eager and imploring as he turns to leave.

Gino and Francisco turn to each other and smile, grabbing an ankle of Jayden and pulling him back to the mat Francisco sensing Gino’s intent.

“Not so fast Jayden, we aren’t done yet.”

“Yeah, last one. Loser gets the poll.”

Rolling his eyes Jayden frowns, “Can’t blame a guy for trying.”

Gino looks at Francisco. So we did push-ups and sit-ups. What’s the last challenge?”

“Burpees of course!” Francisco says getting to his feet, pulling Gino up with him so the two bump against each other and he can sneak in a kiss.

“Burpees…” Jayden looks down at his throbbing junk. The jumping is going to hurt, he already knows that. Besides from that he can’t out beat his older brother and in his current condition he figures that Francisco is a shoe in to win.

Licking his lips Jayden admits defeat, “Maybe we should just call it. I can’t beat you guys.”

“No way,” says Gino.

“Not how this works,” Francisco adds, punching Jayden affectionately in the shoulder.

Rolling his eyes, Jayden stands up on his wobbly legs. “Fine, let’s do this then.”

“There’s the spirit!” Francisco smiles.

“My brother isn’t a quitter,” Gino grins grabbing Jayden’s arm a gentle squeeze. “He’s tougher than that.”

Jayden smiles reluctantly under the praises, his cheeks reddening.

“Count us in,” Jayden says taking a breath.

“3, 2, 1…go!” Francisco says as the three boys launch to the mat. Burpees are exercises that involve jumping to the mat in plank position, giving a pushup and leaping back to standing feet together arms in the air straight up and repeat. Burpees are grueling, and in Jayden’s current condition with his junk flopping around in his shorts he slows down quickly allowing Gino and Francisco to pass him quickly.

Francisco finishes first, flying past Gino. Gino takes thirty extra seconds to come in second finishing his 100 burpees. Jayden on the other hand goes slower, but with the two cheering him on he manages to make it grinning. “Okay,” gulps Jayden watching the poll in front of him. “I have never had this done to me, I’m guessing that this will suck.”

“Probably,” Gino grins grabbing one of Jayden’s arms. “Ready Francisco?”

“Absolutely,” Francisco grabs the other, then each of them left up a leg bringing Jayden into the air aloft between the two. They separate a bit so Jayden’s legs stretch out wide.

Jayden’s heart starts hammering as he stares into the white poll, the idea that he was might have an erection after today seem to plummet from his thoughts.

“Three steps forward Francisco…”

“Then splat!” Francisco jokes making Gino laugh, but happy that Gino counted the steps for him that will help him.

Grimacing Jayden is not sure if wants to close his eyes or not, but before he can make a decision Gino and Francisco start to move picking up speed.

“Oh shit!” Jayden yells the pole getting closer and closer. He tenses his muscles, bracing for impact but nothing could prepare him for what was to come.

Gino and Francisco slam Jayden into the post, the impact rocking into both of them as Jayden’s breath is expunged from his lungs in one puff. The two feel Jayden freeze against the pole, his body going still and Jayden opens his mouth but nothing comes out. It seems to take Jayden a moment to process and then he feels it.

Jayden’s balls explode upon impact with agonizing piercing pain that rips from his loins into his lower abdomen. Jayden trembles, and he finally sucks in a breath whimpering out “…balls.” His body falls limp in Gino and Francisco’s embrace as they peel him away from the poll, Jayden’s eyes roll in his head and he closes them tightly.

“How was that?” asks Gino curiously, watching Jayden closely.

“Tell us about your ‘boy nuts’,” encourages Francisco who tilts his head towards the captive in their arms.

Jayden says nothing, he can’t. Jayden’s balls are bursting with pain, his whole body is trembling from the impact and he wheezes out an unintelligible grunt.

“I think he said to do it again,” Gino says. “That’s what I heard!”

“Me too!” Francisco quickly agrees.

Jayden’s brown eyes flash open in fear, he tries to say something but again is dumbfounded by his inability to speak.

“That settles it, round two!” Gino laughs as he starts moving, Francisco sensing the quick swift moves with him and they slam Jayden again into the pole a sad wet splat echoes around the gym. Jayden’s body jolts in their embrace, and Jayden finally finds his voice howls in pain ending with an, “Ahhhh my boys!”

Gino and Francisco laugh, pulling him off of the wall and slam him into the pole a few more times for good measure, neither saying that they would but they do commutating their interest in continuing this game nonverbally.

Jayden hollers out each time, but after the forth powerful slam he can’t seem to find it within him to yell, his body going limp and accepting of his fate.

On the last slam Jayden clutches the poll tight, his arms wrapping around it. Gino and Francisco try to pull him back but they can’t. Jayden holds on too tightly. They back up and release him and Jayden hangs in the arm for a moment his legs automatically wrap around the poll before he slides to the floor.

Gino and Francisco hear a wet splat and Jayden’s brown eyes open, he has managed to land on his own nuts and they squish underneath his buttock, the two orbs withstanding the full weight of his body when he landed on top of the,.

Jayden’s top half falls to the floor as his hands quickly dive into his shorts to pull to cradle his aching ball sac the pulsing testicles shoot and throb at his touch and he whines in agony on the floor, shaking and cursing Gino and Francisco under his breath.

The two older teens laugh at the sounds that Jayden makes and Gino moves around the pole and picks up Jayden’s legs that still have the post in between them. Jayden pops his head up, shaking his head. “No bro, I can’t!”

Gino ignores him and pulls knocking Jayden’s nads into the post, while his younger brothers own hands trying to shield and protect their delicate cargo end up slightly squeezing his nuts.

Quickly, Jayden pulls his hands free with a yelp. Bracing himself he tries to push his body away from the post, while Gino tugs harder mashing his nuts again and again against the unforgiving metal post. Jayden moans like a dying animal but he manages to get a bit of breathing room before Francisco grabs his arms pulling them away.

“No!” Jayden says, desperation in his voice as Gino noticing his brother’s arms pulled back braces his dominate foot on the poll in between Jayden’s legs his crotch on the other side.

Defenseless Jayden shakes his head, “Not my boynuts Gino! Not again!”

Gino smiles before giving one mighty tug squashing Jayden’s nuts against the post and pulls with both of his powerful arms, and jamming his dominant right foot firmly against the post which gives him an extra advantage to pull even harder.

Jayden shudders his balls squishing in protest, his eyes cross and he lets out a little whimper as his boyhood is trapped between the post and his own body. Struggling against Francisco is feeble now, he is losing strength and just grunts repeatedly his precious junk getting rearranged in his shorts.

Finally Gino drops Jayden’s legs and Francisco yanks Jayden back off of the post and back onto the mat, he straddles the boy sitting on Jayden’s bare abdomen a hand reaching down beneath his shorts to examine his nuts.

“Some swelling here,” Francisco comments rolling Jayden’s orbs delicately in his ball sac. “I think that you did well, they are still intact.”

“Barely,” Jayden protests exhaling in agony holding Francisco’s waist with both hands. “Can you let them go please? My nuts are killing me,” Jayden asks, his voice strains in his quiet desperate plead.

“Of course he will,” Gino says sitting by Jayden’s side rubbing his hand through his hair and patting him lazily on his chest feeling the well-formed pectoral beneath. “Right Francisco?”

Francisco looks behind to the brother but still his grey eyed stare is a bit off while he grins, “I just wanted to make sure that his boyballs were okay. Should we check to see if they still work?”

“What do you have in mind?” Gino asks in a low voice, making Jayden gulp his hands clutching at Francisco’s waist in a panic.

“Well…only one way to know for sure,” Francisco pulls down Jayden’s shorts slowly, teasingly. This gives Jayden time for his breath to get back, while his heart busily thumps in his chest as Francisco slips his right hand into his underwear reaching for Jayden’s limp dick.

“That’s…that’s unnecessary,” Jayden says. “I’m sure that it’s fi…fine!” The last word is louder than the rest of his sentence because Francisco wraps his hand around Jayden’s schlong and gives the thick penis a quick tug.

Chuckling Gino adds, “He likes it when you rub there.” And Gino takes Francisco’s hand and guides him how he enjoys jacking Jayden off. Francisco grins up at Gino as he allows him to show him how his little brother likes it best.

Jayden moans at the pressure of both Francisco and Gino’s hand wrapped around his dick. He can feel himself thickening and Gino encourages Francisco saying, “There you go. Just like that, remember to hold it tightly here!”

Jayden arches his back, his hips thrusting beneath Francisco while he lets out a long loose groan from between his lips. “That was not…part of the…oh, oh, oh god…the bet!” Jayden says moaning, as he bites his bottom lip. Jayden’s cock plumps up further rising to its full powerful height as two sets of hands glide over and around his thickening length rubbing, pinching, and encouraging his cock to grow.

Gino and Francisco seem to have the same idea at the same time and spit. Laughing Gino watches their combined globs land right on top of Jayden’s cockhead before rubbing their spit into his skin.

“He’s so hard,” Francisco says.

“And big. Can’t believe you nailed that without seeing.”

“I can feel it. I’ve gotten better at things like that,” Francisco pauses thinking carefully while he and Gino pump their double hand grip up and down Jayden’s cock. “He is not as big as yours, I imagine. But he is bigger than you were at his age.”

“Only one way to find out who’s bigger,” Gino smirks pulling down his shorts and putting one of Francisco’s hand on his own erection which slaps against his abs when he pulls it free.

“Wow,” Francisco says, his pale grey eyes starring ahead, but his smile tells how much he enjoys touching it. “You grew up.”


“Bigger than Jayden.”


“God this is fun,” Francisco says rubbing both Gomez’s dicks at the same time making both brothers groan simultaneously. “Huh,” Francisco wonders aloud. “You both make the same sound when I concentrate on the head.”

Jayden is moaning and losing focus now. He knows that he is not getting out of this so he starts to do something that he didn’t think he would do. Jayden starts to enjoy it. With both Gino on one side of him, and Francisco on the other he reaches his hands downwards and starts rubbing Francisco’s bulge which causes the boy atop of him to pause mid-stroke, Gino continues on while Francisco holds his base and while he plays with his head rubbing the wet spit into Jayden’s hot warm dick.

“You want to play Jayden?” Francisco asks, while Jayden’s hands slip inside of his shorts feeling his pubic hair thick and hot in his hands before they dip down to Francisco’s nuggets and he gives them a squeeze. Francisco moans low, “Nice…hand hold.”

“I thought so,” Jayden says smiling squeezing harder and placing his dangerous thumbs on the outside of Francisco’s balls.

Francisco reaches down and slams his fist into Jayden’s nuts. The unexpected blow pulls Jayden’s hand off of Francisco’s nuts and he falls back to the mat with a groan, his balls ablaze once again with piercing white hot agony.


“Yeah, I’m saving my nut busting for your brother. You are our warmup,” teases Francisco and he lets out another glob of spit on Jayden’s head. “Let’s finish him first babe.” Francisco says moving his hand inside of Jayden’s shorts and grabs the right ball. “I left the bigger left one for you.”

Gino is so turned on by Francisco hitting his younger brother, even though Francisco released his grip on his own dick to focus on Jayden he does not mind. While Jayden writhes in pain Gino scoops up Jayden’s bigger left nut giving the rounded orb a little inspection feeling the throbbing and the feeling before squeezing the nut again. Looking up Gino watches Jayden thrash on the mat beneath Francisco and he leans down and with his mouth gently takes one of Jayden’s nipples into his mouth and sucks on the nub, his tongue tickling the tip making Jayden squirm so more.

Jayden’s eyes open and he sees Gino sucking on his left nipple and start to graze it with his teeth, while the two older teens jerk him off two-handedly, and squeeze his balls simultaneously. Jayden is getting so much attention that his dick starts to throb even more and he feels his testicles even gripped in the double nut claws start to rise as his boy juices start to flow within him.

“Guys,” Jayden tries to warm them biting his lip, his cock slipping in and out of Gino and Francisco’s hands.

“He’s going to cum,” Francisco announces and he seizes Jayden’s right testicle and squeezes harder.

Gino murmurs against Jayden’s chest, sucking on his nipple and bites the nub leaning into Jayden’s hard pectoral while he crushes Jayden’s left testicle in his grip pulling it away from Jayden’s taint to prolong Jayden’s orgasm.

Jayden can’t stand it anymore and bucks his hips upwards, roaring with pleasure and screams out as his body loses control. Jayden’s legs go wild kicking and springing up and down on the mat, his toes curling inwards, as Jayden feels a one two pulse in his lower extremities and he fully cums.

Gino and Francisco pump Jayden’s cock as the head sprays his cum high and out landing on the mat in front of them between Jayden’s legs. Jayden grips the mat so tightly that the fingers turn white whereas his body sings in pleasure pumping out his load all over the place. “My…my….” Jayden tries to say as his hips thrust up and down until he feels his cock stop, and the pleasure tingling from his cock slows and he lays back exhausted breathing hard.

Gino pulls off of Jayden’s pec, the nipple hot and pointy glares up at him as he grins at his younger brother, “Nice cum.”

Jayden starts to smile but at that moment the two squeeze his nuts so hard to ring out the last pent up bunch of cum and they are rewarded with another small blast that fires from the tip landing on Gino’s hand.

“Now he’s done,” Francisco says letting Jayden’s half-cocked dick drop and turning around and leaning down so that he is flat on top of Jayden, his dick aimed in between Jayden’s legs his pre-cum leaking onto Jayden’s shriveling nutsac that is retreating against his taint.

Jayden opens his eyes gazing into Francisco’s grey stormy eyes and find Francisco leaning down and pressing his lips to his kissing him ever so softly on his lips in utter surprise. “You did good little buddy,” Francisco says leaning back after sucking at Jayden’s bigger lower lip, he twists his nipples making Jayden jump a little underneath him. “Now if you don’t mind, I am taking your older brother to his bedroom, the exercise I really wanted to teach him you aren’t ready for.”

Gulping, Jayden nods his head. “Okay, Francisco.”

“Good lad,” Francisco stands up and reaches out to Gino not quite in the right place but Gino extends his hand until Francisco can find it. “There you are. I thought that I scared you away again. You ready to learn the workout?”

Gino does not answer but comes to standing next to the teen he leans down and kisses Francisco deeply on the mouth and pulling him along the way murmuring sounds of encouragement and leave Jayden on the mat next to a puddle of his own goo. He lays back clutching his sore and empty nuts happy and content that his pan was successful with getting Gino and Francisco together. But Jayden has regret about how much abuse his balls have taken to get them together.

He’s left hoping that his next encounter with Max goes easier as he plans on how best to get Chase his friends back.

On the mat Jayden fingers his wet cock, and the still sensitive tip. He can hear his brother’s groans down the hall, they left the door open he thinks. Jayden can’t believe that he feels himself getting hard, and curious as to what “exercise” that Francisco wants to teach his older brother.

Silently as he can Jayden stands up, his erection almost at full mast as he walks barefoot down the hallway, the cool air feels good against his aching throbbing boynuts and he walks extra slowly not to cause them to bounce up against his legs.

Jayden’s heartbeat starts to pick up as he approaches his older brother’s room, and with growing trepidation he slowly reaches for the doorknob feeling the cool handle against his palm. The door creaks as it open, and Jayden winces at the sound his eyes half closing at the darkness as he tries to see Gino’s bed and the bodies there. Jayden makes out Gino on top whose brown eyes catches his and something fires at him in the dark.

A football slams into his groin hitting his testicles perfectly and he cries out falling to his knees, his head ducking down hitting Gino’s door and closing it completely by accident in his haze of unexpected burst of fresh pain to his recently drains nuts.

Jayden can make out the two laughing inside, and Francisco saying, “You nailed him good.”

“I always do,” Gino laughs.

Jayden closes his dark brown eyes groaning at his dumb luck, and Gino’s lucky aim. Man he thinks, ‘Older brothers sure can suck.’


Anonymous said...

Hey Jimmy. I've been following the Gino and Jayden series since the beginning and I've got to say, these Little Boxes stories are probably my favorite. Really great work!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for writing in, and for reading all of stories for well over a year now. May I ask why these particular stories connected with you? I always try to include what readers enjoy and if their is something I did well and I can recreate that or use that in future stories I would love to know!



Anonymous said...

Excellent story, Jimmy.
I don't find Fracisco hot, but teaming up with Gino against Jayden was great. I'm sure Cisco and Gino will prove to be a nightmare for Chase and Jayden...they really know how to ruin a date!

Harry said...

Ditto with Reg about them being a nightmare, except that I’m totally on team Francisco. Their little prank at the end is hilarious. That’ll teach Jayden to snoop on his big bro...

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Reg,

I am so happy that you liked it! Francisco might not be your cup of tea, but I am happy that you enjoyed other parts of the story. I have a double date story coming in a few months with Jayden and Chase with his big brother Gino and Francsico. As you might imagine, it will be memorable. Thank you for always giving my stuff a read!
Dear Harry,

They will absolutelty be a nightmare pair together, Jayden better buy a cup!

Jayden will rethink about spying in the future next time around, or at the very least be prepared to pay a price!