Sunday, June 30, 2019

Spring Break diary 2 (revisited)

Since more than half of our readers discovered this blog less than five years ago I thought it would be nice to re-introduce some older stories for those who didn't catch them when they were first published. Enjoy!

Featured in this story: BenColin and Kev (click for pictures)

Previous parts:
Spring Break diary 1

Last week Kev and his dorm buddies Colin and Ben were celebrating Spring Break somewhere at the beach, and they kept a video diary that they have divided into five parts, one for each day of their vacation.

Today Kev mailed me the second one.

On a black screen the headline SPRING BREAK 2008 – DAY 2 appears.

Kev grins into the camera, standing in the sparsely furnished hotel room. He is filming himself and holding the camera at arm’s length. “Day two in our Spring Break balltag game”, he says in a low voice. The object of the game is to smash Ben’s nuts – as often and as hard as possible. The tally is written down on a flipchart that is seen in the background of the frame. “It’s six a.m. and we are looking forward to a day of endless agony for Ben’s balls…” Kev points to the flip chart. “At the moment Colin and I are neck-to-neck. But I’m gonna pull ahead today!” He chuckles. “The best thing about this game is that Ben doesn’t have a clue about it… He has asked my what the whole flip chart thing is all about – and I’ve told him that he had to find it out by himself…”
Kev moves the camera around so that it shows the two beds in the room. The single bed – probably Kev’s – is unoccupied while two people – presumably Colin and Ben – are sleeping in the queen sized bed.

“Ben sleeping naked”, Kev whispers as he walks closer to his sleeping buddies.

Colin is lying on his side, his face not visible, while Ben is lying on his back, the blanket covering his legs and his crotch. His chest naked as he is lying – conviently – spread-eagled on the bed, a peaceful expression his face that I was pretty sure would be gone in a few moments.

The camera zooms in on Ben’s crotch. The flimsy blanket leaves nothing to the imagination: Ben’s ample endowment is clearly visible – as is an impressive erection, protruding above.

“Ahhh”, Kev whispers theatrically. “There they are…” He chuckles. “Six a.m. – time to chop some wood…”

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