Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Video links: Boys just wanna have fun (45)

Testicles are funny. Anybody who denies this has never heard the hilarious sound of a foot connecting with a big, fat, low hanging nutsack.

Here are some more of my favorite videos featuring guys hitting each other in the nuts for fun.

Is there anything funnier than a surprise kick to the penis from behind? I doubt it!

Here's another awesome kick from behind. It's from The Janoskians' - and everybody knows that they love a good nutshot! The kick is hard and brutal, and I love the reaction both by the poor guy whose nuts have just been kicked up his throat and by the kicker who looks like he went a little harder than he wanted... Additional props for the comment from one of the guys off camera: "There goes Father's Day."

Skip to 1:50 for the kick and to 7:45 for a "Testiball"

The Speedo Slicer - what a perfect name for the move demonstrated in this clip:

The next video is absolutely awesome, even though the footage of the actual impact is not that good. But I love the way the protagonist takes off his clothes and drops his junk into the corner pocket, challenging his buddy to hit him in the nuts with a pool ball, and I love the aftermath when he checks for damage. A great video!

Skip to 1:10

Finally, here are two awesome nutshot compilations. With friends like these...

What's your favorite video of guys hitting each other in the nuts for fun? Let me know by leaving a comment or by sending an email (!



Toothpick said...
Did you know there was a European remake of The Longest Yard?
I prefer the version with American Football
I'd like to share this as well
Not quite Rolling Rock but still good

Anonymous said...

Odd, seems to have posted while I was in the middle of writing the post

Alex said...

Thanks for sharing those links with us, Toothpick! I love them! :-))