Saturday, June 1, 2019

Last man standing: Your opinion

Our latest clip Last man standing has received some extraordinarily good feedback from viewers:
I've bought all the vids so far and love them all. [...] I like how Elis can't take as much and is in pain with more softer busts, adds a good contrast to Fluffy who can take it hard. Let's hope Elis makes a return, be good to see him and Fluffy bust each other as well.
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Love this :-)
Wish I was part of that scene ;)
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Just bought and watched... and rewatched this awesome video, really hot banter and reactions, also adorable little dicks locked in cages? Definitely worth the money, I hope you can continue to make these vids for a long time! And I really hope hell freezes over and Elis comes back to get his nuts smashed again!
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Great vid, i hope Elis comes back to do more. My favorite part was when Elis was flinching from the kicks, and Toby comforted him before busting him again with knees. That affection + abuse dynamic is hot
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Awesome😍 please kick my balls too
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I can't tell you how happy I am about your awesome feedback. A lot of effort and time and money go into producing these videos, and your feedback is what keeps me going.

I would love to hear your opinion. What do you think about our latest clip? What did you like about it? What would you like us to do differently? Obviously we can't please everybody - but we certainly try to! :-))

Last man standing
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
With Special Guest Star Elis Ataxxx
Length: 15 min
Price: $14.99
Quality Guarantee:
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MP4: 495 MB
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Anonymous said...

Yes, very hot!

If so much viewers fantasize about receiving those hits, perhaps you could make the sales skyrocket by launching a challenge : each video bought would be a ticket for a chance for the viewer to win the prize, a 30 minutes session gagged and tied to a X cross, receiving hard kicks, knees and punches in the balls from Toby. And at the end, 3 full force kicks with his boots :)

With perhaps a winner in Europa and one in America :)

Kickran said...

One of the best clips!

I liked the addition of Ellis and I hope he comes back for more videos. The clip was perfect.

The scene thats going around Twitter with Toby and Ellis is super hot; would be great to get a full clip like that, with Toby being more seductive. Alhough the seductive buster routine is a common F/M trope, its not so common in M/M. Would be a nice change for those who like the more "sexy" busting clips, as opposed to the more funny "bro-ey" clips.

Another fun premise would be a clip where Toby teaches Ellis how to bust Fluffy, similar to the ballbusting workout video.

Btw, have you thought about getting sponsorship for the guys to model underwear (or other things) in the clips?

Anyway, great vid - can't wait to see the next :)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys!

I love your idea, and I'll think about it! The logistics are a little complicated, though, so please don't get your hopes up too high... :-))

Those are some pretty awesome suggestions! I'll see what I can do. We have a couple more clips planned, and I am working on convincing Elis to come back... :-))

Ikeller said...

i fucking love toby showing his nuts!!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Ikeller! Oh yeah, I love that, too! :-))