Friday, June 21, 2019

Pain train (written by James @MosHadron)

This is another beautiful story written by our reader James (@Moshadron at and on twitter, author of Friday night at the club). I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

I wake up with the sun bright in my eyes, blinking brings the window of the train swimming into focus, a sweaty outline of my face swims marks where I’d fallen asleep. ‘Ughh, not again’ I always fall asleep on the bloody train.

Peering through the sweat patch at the houses and fields beyond the tracks could doesn’t tell me where we are, it could be any of the small towns down this line, they all look the same to me.

The first sign is a blur of green and blue as we rattle through the station. As we pass the next sign, I turn my head to track the sign as it goes past rather than just staring dumbly out the window, I still miss it but catch the eye of the guy sitting opposite me.  He wasn't there when I fell asleep. I look quickly back out the window; although not before noticing his icy blue eyes and the way they contrast against his black hair.

Another sign goes past, this'll be the last one, I miss the station name and end up locking eyes again, firmly this time.  He’s hot; not my normal type, too clean cut and more muscular, but he's handsome, classically good-looking as my mum would say and maybe a few years older than me, so late twenties?  He’s wearing chinos and a shirt with rolled up sleeves showing off a pair of impressively muscular forearms, the guy definitely works out.

I flash him my best come-on smile just before he breaks eye contact (he’s got to be gay, straight guys don't hold eye contact like that with strangers), his eyes slide down to my lap and he cracks a proper grin, so I look down.

I don’t know what I’d been dreaming about but I've got a solid hard-on and it's half out the bottom of my shorts, the thin blue nylon doing nothing to mask the other half that’s still inside. ‘Fuck!’ I feel my cock twitch as my eyes flick back to his and I reach down to rearrange myself.

He move faster though and slides forward on his seat so that one of his legs is between mine so that I can’t hide my dick by closing my legs like I was going to.  His eyes take a tour back up my body and by the time they reach my face I can feel it burning. He locks eyes with me again and my cock jumps, I feel the fabric of my shorts slip even further towards the base of my cock, not that I break his gaze to check but I am pretty certain that it’s now standing and full attention pointing at the ceiling of the train.

After a couple of seconds, which seem to last forever, he leans forwards until he’s resting his elbows on his knees, mere inches away from my flagpole, and asks ‘You live out this way then?’

I barely manage an ‘Erh?’ in response.

Some part of my brain kicks in, screaming at me that we're on a bloody train, anyone could be seeing this.  I drag myself away from those eyes to look around the carriage to see how much trouble I am in.

He takes my scan of the train as a signal and slips his hands inside my shorts, one in each leg, even as I establish that there’s no one around I feel his hands slip around my balls, my trademark lack of underwear making it so easy for him to take each of them and grasp them, pressing lightly between fingers and thumb which makes me let out a moan and subconsciously push my knees slightly apart.

‘They’re big too then’ he says, now squeezing them firmly, one then the other.  It’s not a question; they are big, each about the size of an egg and hard-wired to my pleasure centres in a totally fucked up way.  No words will come out of my mouth but my cock twitches again, the first bead of precum starting to appear.

‘You like that, huh?’ He presses harder, now it’s pain rather than just pressure. I can feel my cock throbbing and know it'll be at its full 8 ¼ inches (unless I am really horny I usually measure at 7 ½ inches, give or take, going to town on my balls is one of the sure-fire ways to get me rock solid though).

My hindbrain kicks in again for a moment and some rational part of my brain reminds that I don’t know this guy from Adam, he’s bigger than me and he could easily beat me up if that’s what he wanted (not that it takes much, I’m 5’6” and just about 8 ½ stone), but as soon as the thought enters my mind it leaves again as another wave of pleasure/pain rolls through me.

Out of nowhere he pulls my balls down, hard, between my legs.  It feels like he’s trying to pull them off.  I can see the veins on his arms standing out with the exertion.  Instinctively I lean forwards trying to ease the strain, bringing my head close to his and finally manage to get some words out.

‘FUCK MAN!!’  hardly coherent.

‘Someone’s coming, don't move’ he barely has to whisper it, our heads are almost touching.  He's still pulling just as hard on my balls, I have to concentrate on slowing my breathing so I can listen.

I can hear them now, they’re talking, sounds like one side of a conversation so I guess they’re on the phone if not, whoever they’re talking to is much, much quieter.  The voice is coming up behind me, getting close, definitely male and sounds quite chavy, although I can't make out what he's saying.

I realise why he’s trying to rip my nuts off like this, he’s pulling so hard that my dick isn’t pointing straight up any more, in fact it’s pointing down under the seat opposite me, and for anyone walking past my leg should hide it. Should.

Fucking terrified I just stare at the floor, a long string of precum is leaking from my cock, stretching down towards the discarded lucozade bottle by my feet.  The guy is still on the phone and getting closer, he's arguing with someone, getting louder and louder until he must be right next to us but I daren’t look.  The rope of precum reaches the floor and starts pooling.

I hold my breath and keep my eyes down as I wait for the voice to pass.  Blue eyes applies more pressure as the voice is passing us, I swear he’s trying to make me make cry out so the guy sees, I see the tendons in his arms flex as he pushes his thumbs deep into the meat of my balls, my cock twitches and the string of precum breaks, and immediately a new one forms, even faster than before, as if he’s literally crushing the juice out of my nuts.

I catch the owner of the voice in the corner of my eye as he walks past and risk a quick look.  He’s very definitely a chav, wearing black trackies and t-shirt, both adidas with a cap on too; he’s skinny but you can see his arse perfectly in the trackies.  All in all, he’s probably just my type.  Shame he seems to be having such an argument.

Once he's passed us, my newfound tormentor lets go of my balls, none of this has made my dick go down at all, quite the opposite and it twangs up against my stomach flicking the gathering stream of precum across my t-shirt as it goes, some of it even ends up across my neck, the sudden wet against my skin startles me and I sit back hard against the seat.

“FINE, FUCK YOU THEN”  The chavy guys chooses this moment to shout down the phone and hang up, declaring “Fucking cunt!” to the carriage at large, I look up and my world goes into slow motion as he turns around and starts back down the train towards us.

He'll see everything if he looks over as he goes past, I mean, how could he not, my junk’s pretty much completely out of my shorts and I’ve got my own pre-cum flicked up my t-shirt.  He seems to cover the distance between us in a single step.

My heart skips a beat then seems to stop, he sits straight down on the aisle seat next to the commuter, facing me and staring straight at me.

“What are you up to then?’ He looks from me, to my cock, to the guy next to him like this is the most normal thing in the world.  “Gonna fuck?” he asks, rearranging his own package as he does so;  I can’t help but follow his hands and unless he’s already sporting wood this boy is gonna put me to shame cos there is a substantial amount of something in those trackies.

Boy is the right word too, he can’t be much past 18.  He’s got that beautifully fresh looking skin that seems to fade by your mid-20s, dark green eyes set in a handsome if boyish face, his square jaw line implies he’s going to look even hotter in a couple of years time, especially with the DIY buzz cut he’s sporting.  In short he looks like the kinda scally that would fuck you down an alley and then rob your phone. 120% my type.

‘Actually, I was gonna try to punch the spunk out of him, seems to like having his balls played with’ blue eyes has a predatory look in his eyes as he continues the discussion like it’s a normal chat you might have on the train..

That predatory look spreads to the chav as his eyes flash back to my face, then my crotch and back to my face.  ‘Count me in then, shite day, could do with some stress relief’.

He stands up and reveals a perfect 8 pack as he hooks his t-shirt up and over behind his neck, there’s obviously not a gram of fat on him and every one of his muscles stands out, skinny but mega-defined.   Not a single hair that I can see on his body either.

‘Erm, guys, I’m not sure I ...’ I try to protest

Chavvy sits himself down next to me, one leg draped over mine and slides his right arm around me grabbing the back of my neck and pulling my head hard towards his ‘You want, I can always fuck you instead’ it sounds like a threat and his body language says the same.  Then he release the pressure on my neck, his arm still across my shoulders and scoops the contents out of his trackies with his free hand.  It’s a fucking monster, the threat is real, no way I could take that; it’s not even hard and it looks like 9” already.

I breath out ‘Fuuuuck’ without even realising.

‘Later dude’ he winks at me, all threat gone from his face ‘Never seen anyone do this before and I think I like the idea of hurting your balls’.

The commuter chooses that moment to grab my other knee, in one move he’s kneeling between my legs and lands a sucker punch on my balls, the pain is intense and I tighten my grip on the seat under me, strangely aware of the scratchy fabric on my fingers.

I just about manage to focus on his face and as he lands the next punch.  He punches me hard again, and again, and again.  The pain explodes in my balls and up my stomach, I try to close my legs but they’re pinning one each so I can’t move them.

‘Fuck that’s hot!’ the chav pulls me in close again and stage-whispers into my ear “hope you didn’t think I was gonna leave all the fun stuff to this wuss, he punches like my little sister” then swings his arm down, somehow he sandwiches my nuts against the hard part of the chair, it’s like being caught between a hammer and the anvil; I am sure I must have cried out, I don’t know how many times he hit me like that, my world contracted around the pain.  ‘See, That’s more like it’ he’s talking into my hear again ‘I could do this all night, maybe I should’

“Fuck, please, I can't” I start to beg him.

My grins, ‘back to you then’ and nods at the commuter, then gesturing at my cock ‘he’s loving it anyway’.  Certainly I’m leaking precum like there’s no tomorrow, he prises my left hand off the chair as he continues ‘seeing as we're getting you off, you oughta get me off’ as he guides my hand onto the base of his now rock-hard cock and it’s probably the biggest dick I've ever seen, including porn, I’d have to guess at 11 inches, like 11 real, honest to god, inches.

The commuter is still between my legs ‘We don’t want to make him cum just yet, we’ve got a while to the next stop’’ He starts whacking my balls again anyway.  Not so hard this time, but constantly, it’s like a metronome.  Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack.  It goes on and on. The cramps in my stomach are unbearable, only the chav’s arm wrapped tight round my throat is stopping me from bending double.  Any time I stop working his cock, the chav tightens that grip so he's choking me and whispers threats into my ear that'll he'll bend me over and fuck me right there.

It feels like this goes on forever, though I know now that it can’t be more than 15 minutes, just because of the gap between the stations.  That thought runs through my head again, I really hope this carriage is empty, between my stifled cries and the wet thud every time a punch lands.

A few really hard punches leave me with spots in my vision and feeling like I am about to pass out.  Blue eyes pauses though he doesn’t even seem to be out of breath, and nods to the chav “you ready?”

‘Fuck yes mate, don't think he is’

They swap positions, barely giving me a couple of seconds before the chav is now the one between my legs.  Without hesitation his fist slams into my balls and my world explodes, between nearly passing out I realise that blue-eyes has been pulling his punches and that the angle earlier meant that the chav couldn't’ put full force into his.

Well now we could and he was, this guy is fucking brutal and is about destroy my balls.

I don’t care if anyone can hear, I scream. ‘Fuck no, please, please no!! Help! ‘’ at least that’s what I try to say I don't think any words came out, just a guttural cry.

His response: WHAM ‘fuck’ WHAM ‘yes!’ WHAM ‘your’ WHAM ‘balls’ WHAM ‘are’ WHAM ‘mine’ WHAM ‘Now.’  WHAM WHAM WHAM but he’s staring into my eyes as he says it as we’re making love, like he's not punching my balls to death on a train.

It’s too much, my balls start to tense up, he knows it and pauses just for a second and I cum, my balls pumping for all their worth.  Before the first jet is halfway up my cock his fist meets my balls again and any hope of pleasure from the orgasm is gone, SLAM, SLAM, SLAM, SLAM, SLAM stream after stream of cum flows out of me, hitting my chest, neck, face and going all across the chair behind me, even over my head and in my hair.  SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAM

He lands a 10th punch and my agony must finally be enough for him because his back arches and his right eye crosses ever so slightly; he cums like a high pressure hose, anything that didn’t hit the ceiling must have landed six yards down the carriage, he cums again as he leans in towards me, I’m in the fountain’s path this time and it sprays all over both of us, then he grabs the back of my neck again, holding his face millilitres away from mine.

He gives me a cocky smile and grinds his pelvis into mine making sure I know my balls are his, I don’t know what look of pain swept across my face but his smile broadens “Fuck, you’re beautiful” taking me completely by suprise he comes in for a kiss, shocked I don’t respond for a moment but then his tongue is in my mouth, suddenly passionate and urgent.  I’m only vaguely aware he's still spunking, more like water than cream now, running down my stomach to drench my football shorts.

When his orgasm finally stops a full minute later he pulls gently away whispering ‘fucking beautiful, fucking cunt’ and spreads himself out on the seats next to me with his head in my laplooking up at me..

No one says anything or moves for about 5 minutes, blue eyes is just sat there watching us, as I trace lines on the chavs chest joining up the moles that are dotted all over his body; he’s just sitting there and staring at the ceiling, or at me, I’m not sure.  His cock already getting hard again.

Our reveries are broken by an automated announcement for the next stop; I haven’t missed my station, two more to go.  The chav sits up, slowly then turns back to face me, “right, I’ve got a new hobby and we’re getting off at the next station”  It was an order rather than an invite but I don’t think I could have argued anyway.

As he got dressed, he turned to blue eyes and asked ‘you always on this train mate?’

‘Yeah, most days’

‘He’ll be here again soon then, I’ll make sure of that.’

We all moved down the carriage, away from our mess, pretending like everything was normal while I’m still half naked and dripping jizz.  When we got to the station, the  chav (who I now know is called Dane) had to virtually carry me off the train my legs were so wobbly.

We don’t know what the commuter guy is called, we don’t ask, even though we see him most weeks at least once.


Anonymous said...

very hot - wish I was watching then maybe got may balls busted too

Moshadron said...

Hey man, glad to hear it! There will be more coming at some point, of that I am sure.

Anonymous said...

So hot! More please.

Moshadron said...

There will definitely be more! I'd love to hear what people like about the story (so I can get it rigtt again next time).