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Happy together (Seb meets David and Parker)

Special thanks to Seb for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who enjoys reading stories featuring "forced sex and torture"!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Additional violence warning: If you're not a fan of stories featuring
"forced sex and torture" or if you can't stand the sight of blood you might want to skip this story...

Featured in this story: David and Parker (click for pictures)

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“Your ex doesn’t have a gun, does he?” Seb said with a cheeky smile. The 23 year old stud was working the ab straps, showing off his perfect eight pack as he pulled himself up several times while smiling at Parker.

Parker was staring at Seb’s perfect body, trying to hide the growing erection inside his gym shorts.

Seb was dark haired and handsome, with a perfectly sculptured body and a very impressive bulge in his navy blue shorts. He was friendly and confident, a typical British “lad”, and Parker enjoyed talking to him – especially when he was working out shirtless…

“Parker?” Seb chuckled.

“Sorry, what?” Parker blinked, blushing. “I guess I wasn’t listening…”

Parker was 21 years old, and he stood out from the crowd at the gym. He was just as muscular and athletic – but his flamboyant clothes were one of a kind. His tight-fitting leopard print shirt contrasted with his bright pink shorts, and his sneakers were just as flaming red as his his dyed hair.

“No, you weren’t listening”, Seb chuckled.

“Come on, you can’t blame me”, Parker grinned cheekily. “You know how much I love looking at your muscles.”

Seb grinned. “Yeah, one muscle in particular…”

Parker leaned forward. “Well, it’s a beauty”, he whispered seductively.

Seb licked his lips. “Yeah, that’s why I was asking”, he said in a hoarse voice, stopping the exercise to adjust himself. “Your ex is watching us, and he looks like he is about to kill me.” Seb nodded at the young man at the other side of the gym who was eyeing them with a very dark expression on his face.

David had stepped of the treadmill and had his hands on his hips. He was dressed in black, wearing black sneakers, a black shirt and black shorts. He was 19 years old, a professional dancer and the star of the renowned local ballet company.

“Oh, he’s not my ex”, Parker said with a grin as he ran his hand over Seb’s sweaty abs before bringing his finger to his mouth and licking it seductively.

“He’s not?” Seb asked.

“Not anymore”, Parker said, smiling at Seb. “We’re back together.”

Seb raised his eyebrows.

“Don’t worry”, Parker chuckled, reaching between Seb’s thighs and grabbing his manhood as he leaned over and whispered into Seb’s ear. “He has worked on his jealousy, and I’m allowed to have a little fun with you.”

Seb bit his lower lip, his eyes locked with David’s. “Are you sure?” he said slowly.

“You’re so fucking cute”, Parker chuckled and squeezed Seb’s boner. “And you’re so fucking HARD!”

Seb let out a soft moan and closed his eyes as Parker massaged his bulge.

When Parker’s hand let go of his dick, Seb opened his eyes again – only to stare right into David’s face.

Seb blinked. “I---”

David’s eyes narrowed. “You think you can steal my boyfriend, huh?”

Parker rolled his eyes. “David, I---”

“One moment”, David interrupted him sharply. “I’m talking to this idiot here.”

Parker sighed.

“Listen, idiot”, David said in a low voice. “You and me, tonight, here. I’ll fucking crush your fucking nuts.” With that, he turned on his heel and walked away.

Seb raised his eyebrows. “So he has worked on his jealousy?”

Parker laughed. “Well, he can get a little testy now and then…”

“You don’t say”, Seb dead-panned. “What a fucking lunatic.”

Parker shrugged his shoulders. “Just don’t show up and we’ll be alright”, he smiled, reaching between Seb’s thighs. “Just fuck me now – he’ll never know.”

“Wait”, Seb said, grabbing Parker’s wrist. “I’m going to fuck your brains out, don’t worry. But before I do I’ll kick your fucking boyfriend’s ass…”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea”, Parker said with a smile. “Just fuck me now and get it over with. I have a pretty good idea what will happen if you fight him…”

“Yeah, I’ll fuck him up”, Seb grinned.

“Or he might fuck you up”, Parker replied with a smile. “And if he does it will get nasty…”

Seb laughed and flexed his muscles. “Yeah, we’ll see.”

A few hours later, the gym was empty and dark.

“I didn’t think you’d come”, David said, stepping out of the shadows.

“Oh, of course I cum”, Seb said with a grin. “I cum deep inside your boyfriends’ ass. Fill him up with my babies.”

Parker rolled his eyes. “Please”, he said. “Watch your language.”

Seb looked at him and took off his shirt, revealing his muscular upper body. “I prefer to watch your dick”, he grinned. “It’s hard as a rock, by the way.”

Parker shifted uncomfortably, trying to hide his erection. He was sitting on the weight bench, watching David and Seb circle each other.

They were both shirtless.

Seb was a lot more muscular than David.

The dancer was wiry and athletic whereas Seb was big and strong, a true stud.

“You can still back out now”, David said with a cold smile. “Just saying.”

“The same goes for you”, Seb replied with a grin. “Just saying.”

Parker reached inside his shorts and grabbed his boner. “God, I’m horny!” he said. “Can’t you just skip the talking and get to it?”

“Last chance to back out”, David said.

“Yup”, Seb said with a confident smile. “Got it.” He chuckled. “You know what I’ll do to you after you’ve lost, right?”

David had an amused look on his face. “Yeah, what’s that?”

“Well, I’ll fuck your boyfriend, of course”, Seb said with a cocky grin. “And I’ll make you watch. And then I’ll fuck you. Have you ever had a cock inside your cute little butt?”

David’s eyes narrowed.

“I’ll plant my seed deep inside you”, Seb explained, smiling confidently. “And then I’ll invite your boyfriend to fuck you, too. Have you ever had two dicks in your cute little butt?”

David’s eyes were stone-cold. “Okay, you fucking asshole, I’ll---”

Seb swung at him with a right hook, narrowly missing David’s face, and David retaliated with a straight punch to Seb’s defined abs, making him grunt in pain.

They traded punches, and despite the fact that David managed to land a couple of decent blows to Seb’s body, it was obvious that the sheer force of Seb’s punches was unmatched by David.

Their grunts and groans echoed through the gym as their knuckles connected with their opponent’s flesh.

Seb’s fist hit David’s abs. David’s fist hit Seb’s kidney. Seb’s fist hit David’s pecs. David’s fist hit Seb’s abs. Seb’s fist hit David’s abs. David’s fist hit Seb’s pecs.

They went back and forth, relentlessly targeting each other’s upper bodies. It was a level of brutality that Seb hadn’t expected, and he decided to go harder and eliminate any restraint he had left.

They were grunting and groaning as they traded punches, their muscles taut, their faces grim, their teeth clenched.

Parker was stroking his dick, visibly excited by the brutal brawl.

Seb’s fist hit David’s pecs. David’s fist hit Seb’s abs. Seb’s fist hit David’s pecs. David’s fist hit Seb’s kidney. Seb’s fist hit David’s abs. David’s fist hit Seb’s kidney.

It was brutal and raw, and the first bruises were showing on the two fighters’ bodies.

Parker was jerking off inside his pants, biting his lower lip as he watched the two rivals fight.

Seb’s fist hit David’s kidney. David’s fist hit Seb’s kidney. Seb’s fist hit David’s abs. David’s fist hit Seb’s abs. Seb’s fist hit David’s abs.

Then David’s fist hit Seb’s nose.

There was a sickening crunch when David’s fist collided with Seb’s nose, and a gush of blood poured out of Seb’s nostrils as he let out an anguished wail.

Parker’s dick twitched inside his fist and he let out a soft moan.

David brought his foot back and kicked Seb in the groin as hard as he could, ramming his testicles into his body and flattening them like pancakes.

Seb’s voice cracked and he let out a gurgling groan as he sank to his knees.

David looked down at him. There was a mean, cold smile on his face He could have knocked him out with a clean punch to the head – but instead he slapped him in the face with the palm of his hand, dragging out the ending and adding humiliation to the pain that Seb was experiencing.

Seb groaned in pain, dizzy and stunned, blood running out of his nose.

David grabbed him by the throat and pulled him up, making him choke and gag, his face contorted in pain.

“God you’re pathetic”, David whispered, looking deep into Seb’s eyes. “You thought you could just fuck my boyfriend, and I would just let it happen?”

Parker bit his lower lip, feverishly stroking his dick. He was very close to orgasm, and it felt awesome.

David brought his knee up between Seb’s thighs, hitting the muscular hunk right in the crotch. He didn’t allow him to double over, though, maintaining the iron grip on his throat.

Another knee found Seb’s testicles, then another and another.

David’s eyes were filled with malicious glee as he crunched Seb’s nuts again and again and again.

Parker watched his boyfriend destroy his suitor, his cum boiling in his balls, licking his lips, panting heavily.

Seb was a mess, grunting and groaning, his face a mask of pain. The handsome, superb stud was reduced to a sobbing, bruised, battered and bleeding douchebag, a picture of misery – and his suffering wasn’t over by any means…

Knee after nutcrushing knee found Seb’s balls, and the two tortured orbs were swelling rapidly.

There was a sweet irony in the fact that Seb’s original plan to fuck Parker’s brains out had very much included his balls. But instead of letting Seb turn him into a pathetic cuckold, David used those mighty manly meatballs to bring him down.

David glanced at Parker. “Come here”, he said. “Suck my cock. Show that fucking loser who you belong to.”

Parker almost came into his pants. “God, you’re so fucking hot!” he moaned, taking off his clothes before getting down on his knees and pulling down David’s shorts.

David’s dick was rock hard, and Parker took it all into his mouth, eagerly sucking on his lover’s massive monster.

“That’s good”, David grinned as Parker blew his dick. He grabbed Seb’s nuts and squeezed them hard. “Look at this”, he told Seb with a cold smile. “This is what you wanted for yourself, huh?”

Seb let out a pained groan. His face was covered in sweat and blood, every fiber in his body was engulfed in agony. His nuts were crushed in David’s vise-like grip – and in a very confusing and shocking twist, Seb’s dick was hard as steel.

“Fucking loser”, David chuckled, squishing and squashing Seb’s nuts with his hand as Parker sucked his dick like a starved carnivore. “You need your ass fucked.”

Parker let out a moan as David pulled his dick out of Parker’s mouth. It was covered in spit and slobber, perfectly lubricated to enter Seb’s tight ass.

Seb didn’t know what hit him when David punched him in the face and turned him around, bending him over and spreading his ass cheeks. He conquered Seb’s hole in one confident, brutal thrust that made him moan in surprise and pain.

David fucked him hard and fast, pulling out occasionally to let Parker get a taste of Seb’s ass and lube up his dick with his saliva. He went back and forth between Seb’s hole and Parker’s mouth until he planted a huge load of cum deep inside Seb’s ass.

“Your turn”, David said to Parker, smacking Seb’s ass. “I want you to fuck him hard.”

The sound of Parker’s nuts smacking against Seb’s thighs echoed through the gym.

David made Parker grab Seb’s his throat as he pounded him, straightening him.

David stood in front of Seb as Parker fucked him, kicking his legs apart before delivering a massive, nut-crunching kick to Seb’s spuds.

Seb let out an anguished wail, and his ass tightened around Parker’s throbbing cock, causing Parker to shoot his load.

David kicked Seb’s nuts again, making him scream in agony. His ass tightened some more, milking Parker’s spasming dick and drawing out every last drop of cum.

Finally, Seb collapsed on the ground, the salty mix of David’s and Parker’s dicks pouring out of his ass.

David and Parker looked at each other.

David grabbed Parker’s neck and drew him closer. “I fucking love you”, he grunted.

“I love you, too”, Parker replied before they shared a sloppy, passionate kiss.

Seb looked up, broken and humiliated, his balls bruised and battered, his dick hard, his ass filled to overflowing with cum.

As David and Parker broke their kiss, they looked down. Their dicks were still rock-hard.

“Ready for round two?” Parker chuckled.

“Let’s go on this ride together”, David winked at his boyfriend.

Seb struggled a little but he was in no state to prevent David and Parker from double-penetrating his stretched hole.

They fucked him good and hard, pounding his hole until they shot another couple of loads up his ass. David and Parker came simultaneously, looking each other in the eyes, lovingly, passionately.

It was a very intimate moment that was disturbed only by Seb’s annoying grunts and groans as he shot his own pathetic load.

“How was that?” David asked as they pulled their dicks out of Seb’s hole, pushing him to the side like a discarded toy that didn’t serve any purpose any more.

The kissed.

“You could have just let me fuck him”, Parker whispered.

David shrugged his shoulder. “Where’s the fun in that?” he grinned.

Parker reached between David’s thighs and found David’s dick still rock-hard.

“Is there another batch of cum in it for me?” Parker asked, blinking coyly.

David chuckled and brought his knee up between Parker’s thighs, making Parker gasp in surprise and pain. “Of course there is”, David said, whirling Parker around and lining his dick up with his hole. “I fucking love you, my little slut!”


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