Monday, December 26, 2016

Naughty or nice (2)

In last month’s poll you told me what you wanted for Christmas: a Christmas story featuring the Ballbusting Boys characters. Here’s what I came up with. It’s turned into quite an epic adventure so I decided to split it up into six parts. Here’s the second one.

Previous parts:
Part 1

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Brandon, Cal, ErikLeoSammyTristan, the twins and Vince (click for pictures)

Leo chuckled, adjusting his crotch and grimacing comically. “This is going to be painful, huh?”

Erik winked at him. “Oh yes.”

The crowd roared with laughter.

“Sammy and Tristan, why don’t you come here as well?” Erik said, prompting Leo’s buddies to join him on the stage, accompanied by thunderous applause.

“I think we’ve been pretty nice this year”, Sammy grinned.

“Yeah, ‘Sammy the ball doctor’ didn’t have a single appointment, did he?” Tristan chuckled, his thumbs casually hooked into the waistband of his boxers.

“Nope, not one”, Sammy sighed, cracking his knuckles. He turned to the guys in the crowd. “Any of you need a little check-up?”

Judging from the crowd’s reaction, nobody wanted Sammy’s hands anywhere near their precious jewelry. Some of the guys were cringing and covering their crotches, others were laughing and shaking their heads.

Sammy turned to Chad. “What about you, Santa?” He leaned over and reached between Chad’s thighs, grabbing a good handful of his junk. “Haven’t see you in a while…” He squeezed Chad’s nuts, eliciting laughter from the audience.

Chad winced. “Naughty!” he grunted. “Very naughty!”

Erik turned his attention to the book. “Look like all three of you have been naughty.”

“No!” Leo feigned surprise.

The three skaters smiled innocently.

“Oh yes”, Erik grinned. “You covered Justin Bieber’s balls in hot wax, zapped them with an electric fly swatter and a cattle prod, and milked a painful load out of him.”

“Oh, that”, Leo chuckled. “Yeah. Right. Almost forgot about that.”

The crowd burst out laughing.

“Speaking of Justin Bieber”, Erik continued. “It looks like he stirred quite a bit of naughtiness this year.” He turned to the crowd. “Cal and Brandon, would you come up here for a moment?”

Cal and Brandon looked at each other, gulping comically.

Judging from the looks on their faces, they knew exactly what Erik was alluding to.

 “You busted Justin Bieber’s balls, put them in a humbler and squished the cum out of his balls with a vise”, Erik said, an amused grin on his face. “If that isn’t naughty I don’t know what is…”

He turned to Vince and gave a little nod.

Vince disappeared for a moment, returning with an extraordinary device: a five-person humbler, designed to hold five pairs of testicles.

“This is custom-made, just for you”, Erik grinned. “Put your hands together for Vince, everybody.”

The crowd went wild with cheers and applause.

The five young men on stage were notably more subdued in their reaction.

Erik made them bend over and get down on their knees side by side.

After some fumbling and a few grunts and groans from the hapless studs, the five ballsacks were locked inside the humbler, presented on a silver platter Erik and Vince, the mischievous elves.

First, they slapped and smacked the five pairs of testicles a couple of times, warming them up for the things to come.

Cal, Brandon, Leo, Sammy and Tristan were grunting and groaning, screaming and squealing as Erik and Vince started kicking their trapped nuts, squishing them against the merciless wooden frame of the humbler.

It was a hilarious sight: ten trapped testicles, all of them above average size, some fat and plump, some huge and bulging, in various shades of red.

Their owners sounded like an uncoordinated barbershop quintet, letting out hilariously discordant screams and wails.

Erik and Vince were having the time of their lives, laughing and joking as they wrecked the five guys’ poor babymakers until they were all bruised and swollen.

The guys in the audience were egging them on – loudest amongst them were Danny and Phil, naturally – and cheering with every nutcrunching kick.

Finally, Vince and Erik took a step back, admiring their handiwork.

The five nutsacks were bruised and bloated, a parade of purple plums lined up perfectly for further abuse.

Erik pointed at Brandon’s nuts. “That pair needs another kick, don’t you think?”

Vince chuckled. “You think so?”

“No”, Brandon croaked.

“Definitely”, Erik grinned. He brought his foot back and kicked Brandon’s nuts hard.

Brandon screamed form the top of his lungs. He was pushed forward, adding pressure on the other four guys’ trapped testicles, making them all groan in pain.

“What about that one?” Vince smiled, pointing at Leo’s balls.

“Go ahead”, Erik replied cheerfully.

Vince’s foot smashed into Leo’s ballbag, hitting his left nut dead on.

Leo let out an ear-piercing scream that made the crowd laugh out loud.

“I think they’re ready for the wax treatment, huh?” Erik grinned.

Vince nodded and reached for a pot that was conveniently placed behind Santa’s chair. It was filled with hot wax, and Vince handed it to Erik who poured it over the screaming guys’ ballsacks, generously covering their swollen, bruised balls with the steaming hot liquid.

“Holy fucking shit!” Cal screamed in a high-pitched voice as his huge, meaty balls were coated with hot wax.

The other guys were just as vocal, screaming obscenities as their trapped balls were covered in wax.

Erik and Vince stepped back for a moment, allowing the wax to cool down and dry, before reaching into the box and producing two cattle prods.

They went back and forth between the ten testicles on display, sending jolts of electricity through them. Sometimes they just picked one nut, sometimes they teamed up to shock both of a guy’s balls at the same time.

The crowd went wild with cheers and applause, and Erik and Vince went to great lengths to give every single testicle the attention it deserved.

The first guy to cum was Tristan. The blond skater shrieked like a banshee as his dick erupted with thick, hot cream. Immediately, Erik rushed over to him, shocking his busy balls with the cattle prod while they were pumping out their precious cargo.

Tristan’s orgasm went on for quite a while, and it seemed as if every shock from Erik’s cattle prod coaxed another spurt of cum from his tortured testicles.

In the meantime, Vince was tending to the other guys’ nuts, going back and forth, occasionally shocking one of the twitching, hard dicks, too.

Brandon and Sammy shot their loads simultaneously.

It was a funny sight. They arched their backs, their faces contorted in agony, as they emptied their nuts in rich, creamy jets.

Now, only Leo and Cal were left.

Vince and Erik turned it into a contest to see who could trigger the first load.

Erik won as Cal lost his load, accompanied by a long, anguished wail.

But Leo wasn’t far behind, getting the spunk shocked out of his bruised, swollen, wax-covered nuts.

When they were finished, the stage was covered in cum, and the boys were moaning and panting, covering their aching balls as they walked off the stage.

“Let’s see who’s next”, Erik said cheerfully as Vince mopped up the guys’ sticky juice.

“Michael and Will”, Erik grinned and motioned for the twins to get onto the stage.

“I’m kinda glad we have the electricity out of the way”, Will chuckled, leisurely putting his arms around his brother’s shoulder. “That looked like it hurt, right, Mikey?”

His brother grimaced in sympathy. “Oh yeah”, he mumbled before smacking his brother’s crotch with the back of his hand. “And don’t call me Mikey.”

Will let out a hoarse grunt, rubbing his package.

“Don’t worry about us”, Leo croaked from the audience. “We’ll be back to normal in no time, right, guys?”

It was good to see that even though Leo had just a load he hadn’t lost his humor.

Brandon, Cal, Sammy and Tristan replied with more or less enthusiastic groans.

The crowd roared with laughter.

“Michael and Will”, Erik said, reading from the book. “You sucked off two boxers between rounds, purposefully draining them of their strength and power.”

Michael and Will looked down at their feet.

“Not our brightest hour”, Michael mumbled.

“Yeah”, Will chimed in. “Though it was kinda fun…”

“Fun or not”, Erik smiled. “It was pretty naughty.”

The twins grimaced.

“So what’s the punishment for that?” Will grinned at Erik. “Are you going to suck us off?”

Erik chuckled. “You wish.” He reached into the box and held up a little plastic box. “Vince has invented this wonderful little device that will do the job just fine.” He turned to Vince. “Do you wanna explain it?”

“Sure”, Vince grinned proudly. “It call it the Mini Milker. Basically, it’s a mechanical vice that will squeeze the sperm out of your testicles.”

Will stared down at his crotch as Erik squeezed his cock and balls into the box. It looked almost like chastity cage, a little bigger maybe, but definitely too small for Will’s magnificent equipment. Erik locked the box and put the key into his pocket, winking at Will.

“The Mini Milker is programmed to drain your testicles three to four times a day for two weeks”, Vince continued as Erik moved to Michael, attaching the vicious device to Michael’s junk.

“Wait, what?!” Michael gasped. “But---“

Erik chuckled and gave Michael’s balls a playful squeeze before locking his dick up and pocketing the key. “I hope you don’t have any plans for New Year’s Eve…”

“Fuck”, Will groaned, tugging at his boxed cock. “Three to four times a day?”

Vince nodded. “I thought about making it five – but that would have been cruel, right?”

Will grimaced. “Yeah, thank you.”

Michael groaned. “Oh, come on…”

Erik grinned. “That’s what you get for being naughty.”

The crowd roared with laughter.

“The Mini Milker assesses the weight of your testicles to determine the perfect time for the milking”, Vince continued cheerfully. “So you never know when it will---“

Suddenly, there was a whirring sound coming from the twins’ crotches.

“Looks like we’ll witness the first depletion right now”, Vince said, chuckling.

The twins’ facial expressions changed from surprise to slight pain to utter agony as their nuts were squished inside the box.

“Holy fuck!” Will grunted, clenching his eyes shut, grabbing the box with both of his hands as his balls were crushed flat.

His brother was screaming from the top of his lungs.

Their breathing quickened, and sweat started running down their handsome faces as the Mini Milker squeezed their nuts tighter and tighter.

Michael and Will were panting and moaning, grunting and groaning, cringing and writhing as the pain radiated from their testicles.

It didn’t take more than a minute until creamy cum started dripping out of the box in a sad display of wasted seed.

“Load number one”, Vince dead-panned.

“Oh god”, Michael moaned, helplessly tugging at the diabolical device that was holding his dick and balls. “Oh my fucking god.”

“Fuck”, Will grunted. “This is going to be a long two weeks…”

“The next depletion should be due in two or three hours”, Vince said, looking at his watch. “Unless---“

The mechanical whirring sound started again.

Michael looked down at his crotch in horror, but it was his brother’s balls that were getting milked again.

“Huh”, Vince chuckled. “Your testicles must be pretty full right now.”

“Not for very much longer”, Erik quipped to cheers and laughter from the crowd.

Will was grimacing in pain. “I was saving up”, he grunted as he doubled over in pain, clasping the little box that was crushing his nuts.

“Too bad”, Erik chuckled.

The second orgasm took a little longer than the first one, and Michael tapped his feet impatiently, rolling his eyes as his brother’s balls were squished and squashed by the Mini Milker. He couldn’t wait to get off the stage. “You coming?”

“No”, Will croaked hoarsely. “And yes.”

Will let out a miserable whimper as the mechanical whirring stopped and his forcefully extracted semen dribbled out of the box.

“Come on, let’s go”, Michael grabbed his brother’s arm. “Before you get milked again.”

The whirring sound started again, causing riotous laughter in the crowd.

“Too late”, Will groaned as his balls were crushed once again.

They made it down the stage just as the third load oozed out of the box.

“Who’s next?” Erik said cheerfully, looking into the book. “Kev!”

“Fuck yeah!” the handsome jock roared as he jumped up onto the stage. “Bring it on, Santa Baby!”

The crowd erupted with cheers and applause.

To be continued.


Anonymous said...

I can't help but fear we might see some hypocrisy coming soon. Surely Alex has been very naughty this year, being the mastermind behind many of these damaged balls. Yet I suspect he might slip onto the nice list somehow.
I honestly don't think I'll be able to sleep if little Alex wasn't karmically balanced for all the pain he's caused soon, i really don't...


Alex said...

What? Are you talking about me? Innocent little me?

Surely you don't mean that, Daniel! I am the nicest person on the planet! Mother Theresa pales in comparison... :-))

I hope you are wrong about the karma thing. I guess we'll see in the final part of the story... ;-)

Jimmy said...

If not on the naughty list Alex should at least be on the good list? Does that mean a great hand job, oral, or hmmm. I'm looking forward to what may be in store for Alex!



Alex said...

That's right, Jimmy! I'm sure I'm on Santa's nice list! A good handjob is just what I deserve. I can't wait for part 6! :-))