Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Video links: Christmas nutcrackers (3)

Christmas is right around the corner - and I bet you can't wait for it to be over, right? Well, you share that sentiment with the guys featured in today's video clips...
Here are some of my favorite clips featuring young men in festive spirits sweet nutpain after having their sugarplums squished.

Let's kick things off with a Christmassy kick to Santa's gift bag, courtesy of Portuguese stunt group La FĂȘnix.

Skip to 0:35

You think Santa's gift bag can take more than that? What about two hard (and I mean hard) kicks? Sound good? H2Ovos thought the same thing...

Seriously, I can never get enough of seeing guys dress up as Santa to get their sugarplums kicked... :-))

Skip to 11:00

Another legendary stunt group, The Lazy Generation, gets ino the Christmas spirit by having a special edition of their Lazy Low Card series and treatung us to a crazy combination of a sling shot attack, a nut shot with a Christmas ornament, and utter chaos.

Skip to 3:50

A little less elaborate but probably a lot more painful is the Christmas Cup Check in the next video. In case you are wondering: No, judging from the sound of the impact and his reaction I don't think the poor guy is wearing a Christmas Cup...

To wrap things up here's a hilarious compilation of wrestling nutshots from WWE. Their video desciption says it all: Feel the joy with these kicks to the groin accompanied by the holiday classic "Jingle Bells."

What's your favorite Christmas nutshot video? Let me know by leaving a comment or by sending me an email (!



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