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Naughty or nice (5)

In last month’s poll you told me what you wanted for Christmas: a Christmas story featuring the Ballbusting Boys characters. Here’s what I came up with. It’s turned into quite an epic adventure so I decided to split it up into six parts. Here’s the fifth one.

Previous parts:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: BenErikLoganParker and Vince (click for pictures)

“Now, let’s see. Looks like there aren’t many testicles left”, Erik grinned with a wink to the crowd.

“What about me?” Parker yelled, raising both of his arms and waving cheerfully. “I’ve been pretty naughty…”

“Well, come on up, then”, Erik chuckled. “I’m sure we can do something about that…”

Parker chuckled and jumped onto the stage, his flaming red hair bouncing wildly.

I couldn’t help but smile at Parker’s enthusiasm. He was an eccentric, extroverted guy – and it was no surprise that he wanted to be part of the action, even if it meant that he’d get his balls crushed just like the other guys before him…

Erik looked into the book and smiled. “Ahhhh, there we have it. Looks like you have been pretty naughty indeed.”

Parker grinned.

You pimped Ben, Zach and Logan out on a pride parade this summer, didn’t you?” Erik said with a chuckle.

“Yup”, Parker nodded his head.

Then you let Ben get assaulted by a group of drag queens”, Erik continued.

“Oh yeah, that was awesome“, Parker chuckled. He looked at Ben in the audience and laughed. “You look great in a wig, by the way…”

Ben blushed and stared at his feet.

Then you let Zach get abused by a group of horny twinks”, Erik went on.

“Fuck yeah. Poor Zach”, Parker laughed, not looking sorry at all.

“And to date we have no idea what happened to Logan!” Erik said, looking at Parker with an accusing expression on his face.

“What, he---“ Parker stopped. “You are right! I don’t---“ Suddenly, he turned and pointed his finger at me. “But that’s your fault!”

I raised my hands. “I’ve been pretty busy, so I guess I must have forgotten about---“

Erik interrupted me. “Maybe Alex is to blame for that. But for now, let’s look at you, Parker.”

Parker bit his lower lip, trying to look remorseful.

It didn’t really work. His smile gave him away.

“You’ve been very naughty, Parker”, Erik said. “And you must be punished accordingly. Since your offenses happened at a gay pride event we thought it might be appropriate if we came up with a very gay way to punish you. What do you think?”

Parker chuckled and ran his hand through his hair. “Sounds appropriate.”

“Do you like cock?” Erik asked with a grin.

“Sure, nothing wrong about a nice, meaty dick”, Parker smiled.

“Then you’ll love this”, Erik grinned.

Without further ado, Erik and Vince stripped Parker naked.

A professional gymnast, Parker was very limber – which helped a lot when Erik and Vince twisted him into a pretzel, bringing his legs back and trapping them under his arms before hand-cuffing his arms behind his back.

Parker had an amused expression on his face. “Hey, this is starting to get interesting! I’m glad I did a little warm-up before I came here…”

“We’re going to give you a holistic treatment”, Erik announced cheerfully. “Every hole will get its fair share of action, and your balls will not be left out, I promise you…”

Parker let out an uneasy laugh. “Okay, now you’re making me nervous.”

In the meantime, Vince had fetched a curious looking apparatus that he had plugged into an electric socket.

When Parker saw it, his eyes widened.

“We call it the Power Bottom Drill”, Vince said with a proud smile.

Basically, it was a power drill with a large dildo attached to it. It didn’t look too sophisticated – but when Vince switched it on, the crowd let out a collective gasp. The dildo moved at a rapid pace, and I saw some of the guys in the audience cringe at the thought of having it anywhere near one of their orifices.

“It’s quite effective”, Vince yelled over the rattling of the drill.

“That’s hole number one”, Erik smiled, and pointed at Parker’s ass.

“Oh my fucking god”, Parker groaned twisting against his restraints.

“You’ll see what happens with hole number two in just a second”, Erik smiled, propping Parker’s ass up and spitting at his hole before nodding at Vince.

Parker gasped in surprise and pain as the electrically powered super dildo entered his hole.

Effortlessly, Erik guided Parker’s hard dick into his own mouth, filling his mouth and muffling his moans as Vince sank the dildo into his ass, power-fucking him with the drill and making him let out guttural grunts and low groans.

“Now that both of your holes are filled”, Erik chuckled, “let’s see what we can do about those balls of yours…”

He knelt down, jamming Parker’s head between his knees, so that Parker’s big, cum-filled nuts were right in front of his eyes. He grabbed Parker’s nuts with one hand, trapping them at the bottom of his sack. Then he started punching them.

Parker’s muffled grunts and groans turned into muffled screams and shrieks.

The crowd was clapping and cheering and laughing, and I had to admit that there was something hilarious about the sight of two sexy elves pounding a muscular young man’s ass with a power drill and punching his nutsack as if it was a speedbag while Santa was sitting nearby, squirming on his seat as he watched the ravaging of the young man’s hole from the front row.

In fact, Chad’s reactions were almost funnier than Parker’s muffled wails and squeals. The horror in his eyes and the grinding of his jaws were counteracted by the raging erection in Chad’s skimpy briefs.

I chuckled. Chad was straight as an arrow, a ladies’ man, a solid zero on the Kinsey scale. And yet, the sight of a young man’s hole getting fucked mercilessly by a power tool seemed to push a few of his buttons…

I turned my attention to Parker again.

Vince looked like a hard-working craftsman, powerfucking Parker’s tight hole with the rigor and the sturdiness of a homeowner fixing the plumbing of the garden shed. He worked over Parker’s hole by every trick in the book, shoving the dildo deep inside before pulling it almost all the way out before thrusting it all the way in again.

There was a reason why shy little Vince was in charge of our props.

But Erik was doing a great job, too. He was punching Parker’s rapidly swelling balls like a prize boxer, smashing them harder and harder, digging his knuckles into the soft flesh of his tender testicles.

Parker was huffing and puffing, his lips wrapped around his own twitching cock, his head locked between Erik’s muscular thighs.

Vince pulled the Power Bottom Drill out of Parker’s hole for a moment, looking down at the gaping orifice before collecting some spit in his mouth and letting it drop right into the center of Parker’s stretched hole.

Then he positioned the dildo again and continued pounding Parker’s hole.

Just when I thought that watching Vince and Erik work over poor Parker’s holes and balls could become boring after a while (I don’t know about you but I think it’s a lot more exciting to fix up a car than to watch someone fixing up a car), Chad let out a deep, guttural grunt, got out of his chair shoved Vince away.

The dildo slipped out of Parker’s hole, leaving it gaping open.

Chad whipped out his dick and aimed it at Parker’s ass.

A split second later, Parker’s ass was flooded with Chad’s spunk.

The sight was bizarre: It’s very rarely that you see Santa shoot a load. It’s probably even rarer to see Santa fill up a well-fucked hole like Parker’s.

Parker’s eyes were wide open and he let out muffled grunts and groans as Erik kept speedbagging his poor, swollen balls while Chad filled his hole to overflowing.

Parker’s ass hole was twitching, causing the excess jizz to run down his muscular abs.

When Chad was done, he shook his dick and tucked it away again. He looked a little embarrassed. “I thought you needed some… lube”, he said sheepishly before adjusting his fake beard and sitting back in his arm chair, exhausted and spent.

Vince went to work again, driving the power drill dildo into Parker’s soaked hole, fucking Santa’s sparkly sperm deep into it.

“Punch it in as deep as you can”, Erik said cheerfully, driving his fists into Parker’s abused gonads. “Maybe we can get him pregnant. Wouldn’t that be a Christmas Miracle?”

The crowd laughed and cheered.

Suddenly, Parker’s cheeks puffed as his dick delivered a huge, creamy sperm injection deep into his own throat. He tried gulping it all down but it ran out the corners of his mouth.

Vince and Erik continued working over his balls and his hole until they were sure that Parker’s balls were completely empty.

Then the two nifty elves stepped back and admired their work.

Parker was a wreck. His hole was gaping and twitching, his balls were severely bruised and almost ridiculously swollen, and there was cum everywhere. In his hair, in his eyes, on his abs and chest, his neck and his legs.

When he had untangled his limbs, he got up, groaning, looking dizzy and a bit disheveled. He stumbled off the stage, cupping his sore balls, with cum running down the insides of his thighs, to the cheers and laughter of his buddies.

After the crowd had calmed down, Erik smiled. “I’m sure we’ll see the Power Bottom Drill again. I think you’ll agree with me that it deserves a place in every man’s toolkit…”

I chuckled when I saw that Chad had dozed off in his armchair, his fake white beard sitting askew, enjoying a little post-orgasmic nap.

Erik and Vince went on with the show without getting distracted by Santa’s snoring.

“Logan and Ben”, Erik announced. “You are next.”

The two handsome studs looked at each other and gulped.

They slowly made their up onto the stage.

Ben was eyeing the dildo drill suspiciously.

When Vince switched it on, a cocky smile on his face, Ben winced.

“Put that away, okay?” he grunted quickly.

The crowd roared with laughter.

“I don’t think I have to tell you that you have been very naughty”, Erik grinned.

Logan gave his best “aw shucks” face and ran his hand through his blond hair. “It’s been a very naughty year it seems…”

Ben shifted uncomfortably. The muscular hunk looked a bit nervous – and after what he had witnessed so far I couldn’t blame him…

Erik cleared his throat. “You trampled a young man’s body, broke his finger and kicked the cum out of his balls”, Erik said sternly.

“We broke his finger?” Logan said, raising his eyebrows. “Really? That doesn’t sound like us.”

“Well, you did”, Erik said flatly. “Don’t deny it.”

Logan gulped. “If we’re going to get punished for that...” His voice trailed off. I could see his brain working. He was wringing his hands when he asked, “You’re not going to break our fingers, are you?”

Erik chuckled. “No, don’t worry, we won’t break any bones.”

Logan smiled in relief.

“Can’t promise you we won’t break any boners, though”, Erik continued with a cheerful smile. “Why don’t you lie down so we can start our punishment?”

Gingerly, Ben and Logan lay down side by side right in the middle of the stage.

Even though all the cum that had been spilled on the floor very probably would have been enough to glue the two muscular guys to the ground, Erik and Vince made sure they stayed in place by tying their hands and feet up after stripping them naked.

“And now, boys”, Erik addressed the crowd cheerfully, “come up here and dance!”

A loud uptempo Christmas song started blaring from the speakers.

Chad winced and opened his eyes, rudely awakened by the sound. He rubbed his eyes and yawned before stretching his limbs and getting up from his chair.

The crowd cheered and rushed onto the stage as poor Logan and Ben struggled against their restraints, their eyes filled with sudden horror as fourteen pairs of feet stomped onto the stage and started dancing to Elton John’s “Step into Christmas”.

I had never been a huge fan of 70s glam and glitter rock – but it instantly made you tap your feet, and everybody started rocking and rolling, trampling all over Logan’s and Ben’s naked bodies.

I chuckled and joined the crowd.

Everybody was smiling and laughing and moving their feet. Even grumpy Chad got into the groove. Only Ben and Logan, tied to the ground, didn’t seem to be as enthusiastic, even though their screams and shrieks were just as loud as the music.

It was hard to keep track of what was going on.

One minute, Cal was jumping up and down on Ben’s abs while Brandon was moving his feet all over Ben’s rock hard dick and his fat, heavy plums and the three skaters Leo, Tristan and Sammy were doing the conga on Logan’s body, squishing his tender nuts, his big, meaty dick and squashing his pecs and his abs.

The next minute, twins Michael and Will were banging their heads and twisting their feet on Ben’s and Logan’s junks.

A moment later, Simon was giving Danny a hilarious piggy-back ride, staggering over Ben’s and Logan’s bodies to the great amusement of the rest of us.

Kev and Colin concentrated on their buddy Ben, of course, jumping onto his chest and crotch simultaneously, to great effect. I had probably never heard a scream as shrill and loud before. They crushed his nuts and stomped on his dick, trampled his abs and rubbed their feet all over his face.

In the meantime, Parker and Phil gave Logan their undivided attention. Phil wasn’t a very good dancer but he made up for it by kicking Logan’s ribs as hard as he could, more or less to the rhythm of the beat. Parker was a pretty talented dancer with a natural feel for steps and rhythm. With his large feet, he expertly trampled Logan’s thighs and his rapidly swelling nuts, moving his arms in long, fluent swings and throwing his head back while flattening Logan’s balls under his soles.

Zach rivaled Phil in his unmusicality. But since he was probably the heaviest guy in the room, his technique of arrhythmically stamping his feet into the ground had an extra edge when he walked all over Logan’s and Ben’s bodies like a slow, dull freight train.

They say that music is balm for the soul. And, watching all those hot young men who had just been punished for their naughtiness quite brutally, dance off the pain and humiliation, there was no denying that music healed them a bit. Except for Logan and Ben, of course, who were very badly hurt by it…

I was rudely yanked out of my philosophical thoughts by Vince and Erik who grabbed my hands and made me dance with them on Ben’s and Logan’s bodies.

Chad joined us, looking a bit sweaty under his white Santa beard.

We stomped our feet and danced like there was no tomorrow, having a great time as we drove stomped our feet into Ben’s and Logan’s big, swollen nuts, their hard, bruised dicks, their reddened, sore abs and all over their prone bodies.

The song ended after four and a half minutes but it felt as if we had danced for an hour. I’m sure it had felt even longer for poor Ben and Logan.

They were both grunting and groaning, their bodies covered in bruises.

We had a great time matching our feet to the red footprints on their skin before Vince and Erik tied them loose, allowing them to curl up in cute little balls, panting and moaning.

“Will you look at that”, Erik laughed, pointing at two large puddles of fresh cum. “Looks like we made them shoot their loads!”

“It was me! It was me!” Brandon yelled, laughing. “I felt Ben’s load on my leg when I jumped onto his nuts!” He pointed at a spurt of cum on his calf. “See?”

“No, it was me!” Sammy chimed in. “I stomped his balls so hard that I felt them give!”

Suddenly, everybody claimed to have stomped the cum out of Ben’s and Logan’s nuts.

We all burst out laughing.

“You’re all right”, Logan croaked, looking up from the ground, his face red and sweaty. “I shot at least three loads.” He turned to Ben. “You?”

“I lost count at four”, Ben whispered in a toneless voice, cradling his crushed nuts. “I think I passed out…”

Logan chuckled weakly. “Congratulations”, he said hoarsely. “You should go on tour with this.”

“Well, you’ll go on tour with a show, too”, Erik dead-panned. “Nuts On Ice.”

Everybody, including Ben and Logan, roared with laughter.

“Alright guys”, I said, raising my voice. “Before we move on with the party, I want you to put your hands together for Erik, Vince and Chad who really outdid themselves with this party. Guys, it was awesome! You can be proud of yourselves.”

The applause from the crowd was less enthusiastic than I had hoped. Then again, at least they applauded.

Erik, Vince and Chad smiled and took a bow.

“But before we move on”, I said, “we’ll have to talk about the three of you, I’m afraid.”

Erik, Vince and Chad stared at me.

“What do you mean?” Erik said slowly.

“Well, I’m sure Santa has an opinion about you as well”, I grinned, reaching into my pocket and producing a slip of paper.

Erik, Vince and Chad shifted uncomfortably.

Vince gulped. “You mean…”

“Great, let’s start with you, Vince”, I said, looking at my piece of paper.

There was a moment of silence, and I thought I could hear Vince’s heart beat faster.

“Vince”, I smiled. “You have been pretty naughty, haven’t you?”

I could see Vince’s heart sink. “Have I?” he said weakly.

I chuckled. “Oh, yes, you have!” I turned to the crowd. “Don’t you agree?”

This time, the applause was thunderous.

Vince blushed.

I winked at him. “I’m afraid you need to be punished, my friend…”

To be continued.


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