Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Naughty or nice (3)

In last month’s poll you told me what you wanted for Christmas: a Christmas story featuring the Ballbusting Boys characters. Here’s what I came up with. It’s turned into quite an epic adventure so I decided to split it up into six parts. Here’s the third one.

Previous parts:
Part 1
Part 2

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: ErikKevSimon and Vince (click for pictures)

“Who’s next?” Erik said cheerfully, looking into the book. “Kev!”

“Fuck yeah!” the handsome jock roared as he jumped up onto the stage. “Bring it on, Santa Baby!”

The crowd erupted with cheers and applause.

“Kev”, Erik grinned. “You have been very, very naughty this year.”

“Fuck yeah”, Kev chuckled.

“You organized your best friend’s bachelor’s party”, Erik said with an amused grin. “You crushed your buddy’s nuts and caused him to spend his wedding night with an icepack on his crotch.”

“And it was fucking awesome!” Kev roared.

The crowd burst out laughing.

“Well, it was fucking naughty as well”, Erik smiled. “So strip down for your punishment.”

Kev chuckled and did as he was told.

One of Kev’s most endearing traits was that he was never afraid to put his balls on the line for some quality entertainment.

He dropped his novelty underwear, grabbed his junk and shook it, delighting his audience and making everybody clap and cheer.

When he was naked, Vince and Erik led Kev to a little stool at the side of the stage. On the top, there was a glass bowl filled with water.

“What’s this?” Kev grinned, an amused expression on your face.

“Well”, Erik smiled. “Since your buddy needed a bag of ice on his wedding day, we thought we’d ice your nuts. Sounds fair, doesn’t it?”

Kev grimaced and turned to the crowd. “I don’t know, does it?”

Not surprisingly, the guys went wild with cheers and applause.

“Put your balls into the water, please”, Erik smiled.

Kev laughed and straddled the stool, spreading his legs and bending his knees, lowering ballsack into the bowl.

“Damn, that’s cold!” he chuckled as his nuts made contact with the icy water.

“Well, it’s gonna get much colder”, Erik grinned and nodded at Vince.

Vince poured some additional liquid into the water, creating a chemical reaction and causing it to freeze rapidly, engulfing Kev’s balls.

At first, Kev didn’t seem to be too affected. “Oh my, you’re giving my balls frostbite”, he mused to laughter and cheers.

It took only a couple of seconds, though, until Kev’s face showed signs of concern. “Fuck”, he mumbled. “This is starting to hurt.”

“What do you think will happen once your balls are frozen through?” Erik grinned.

Kev let out a groan. “My kids will be afraid of winter?” he quipped, grinning weakly.

The crowd roared with laughter.

“Maybe”, Erik chuckled. “If you ever have kids.”

“Fuck”, Kev grunted, his face contorted in pain. “Seriously, I think you’re giving my balls frostbite!”

The crowd laughed and cheered.

“Seriously!” Kev insisted, grimacing. His legs started trembling and sweat ran down his face. His fingers dug into his muscular thighs and he let out a guttural groan. “Fuck! You’re fucking killing my balls!”

“Hey, buddy!” Colin yelled from the audience. “I think you got something wrong about deep-freezing your sperm!”

The crowd erupted with laughter as Kev grunted and groaned, his face a mask of pain.

His head was turning beet red, his muscles tensing, and he started shaking.

“Oh, fuck!” he roared. “Oh, fuck! My fucking nuts!”

He stumbled backwards.

Erik managed to grab the glass bowl before it could shatter on the ground.

A big, bowl-shaped chunk of ice was hanging from Kev’s nuts, dragging his sack down.

I couldn’t help but laugh along with the crowd. It looked hilarious.

Kev was jumping up and down on the stage, yelling obscenities, the chunk of ice bouncing wildly, tugging on his frozen nuts.

“Get it off me!” Kev screamed. “Get it off me!”

Erik looked at him and chuckled. “We can’t”, he grinned. “We’ll have to wait until it melts.”

“What?!” Kev shrieked in a comically high pitched voice. “You can’t be--- No way! My balls will be dead by then!”

“Well”, Erik smiled. “Maybe there is another way. Spread your legs.”

Screaming and wailing, Kev did what he was told.

With a running start, Erik smashed his foot into Kev’s crotch, shattering the ice around Kev’s balls and sending little chunks flying all over the stage.

Appropriately enough, Kev froze. His eyes widened and his nose twitched. “Thank you”, he whispered in a toneless voice. Slowly, very slowly, his eyes went down to his crotch.

His balls were frozen solid, and they had taken on a curious blue color.

“Oh my fucking god”, Kev whispered, tentatively tipping his finger against his frozen sack. It swung from side to side. Obviously, his nuts weren’t moving inside his sack. “Oh my fucking god.” He looked up, staring at Erik with an incredulous expression on his face. “Oh my fucking god.”

“Looks like they’re ice cubes now”, Erik grinned.

“Oh my fucking god”, was all Kev had to say.

“You know what I like even better than ice cubes?” Erik smiled, bringing back his leg. “Crushed ice.”

With that, he delivered another nut-crunching kick to Kev’s groin, ramming his frozen balls into his body with a dull CLUNK!”

Kev screamed from the top of his lungs, collapsing on the ground as the crowd roared with laughter.

A shocked expression on his pain-contorted face, Kev clutched his ice balls, gingerly checking for damage. Judging from Kev’s reaction, he didn’t like how they felt.

“Oh my fucking god”, Kev whimpered, desperately squeezing his left nut with his thumb and index finger but they wouldn’t give. He looked up and turned to Erik. “You ruined them”, he whispered. “Ruined them for good.”

“Nah”, Erik laughed. “Don’t worry.” He got down on his knees and spread Kev’s legs. “Let me help you. They’ll be as good as new in no time…”

Kev watched him, looking skeptical, as he slurped Kev’s frozen nuts through his lips and started rolling them around in his warm mouth.

Kev’s facial expression changed from skepticism to relief to outright pleasure as his balls warmed up inside Erik’s mouth.

“Oh god”, Kev moaned. “Damn, yeah, that feels good.”

After a couple of minutes of intense ball-sucking, Kev’s dick started growing hard, indicating that Erik’s treatment had been completely successful and his nuts were back to normal again, maybe a bit swollen but generally alright.

“Fuck”, Kev grunted with a relieved grin. “I think they’re fine. Thank, buddy, you can let go of them.”

Erik gave a muffled response that sounded a lot like “No.”

Kev looked down at him and chuckled. “I mean it, they’re---“

Suddenly, a look of intense pain appeared on Kev’s face as Erik chomped down on his nuts, clenching his jaws and squishing Kev’s traumatized testicles between them.

Kev let out an anguished yelp. “Stop!”

But Erik didn’t seem to have any intention on following Kev’s order. Instead, he started grinding Kev’s nuts between his teeth, making him scream from the top of his lungs.

“Stop! Please!” Kev squealed as his balls were ground between Erik’s molars. He grabbed Erik’s head and tried to pull him off his nuts – but that only intensified the pain, stretching his sack as his nuts were squished inside Erik’s mouth.

Erik was letting out muffled grunts of effort as he chawed on Kev’s tender testicles.

Kev’s dick was twitching violently as the muscular jock squealed like a pig in a slaughterhouse.

And I had to admit: What Erik was doing to Kev’s nuts looked like it came very close to slaughter…

The crowd was roaring with cheers and laughter as Erik’s strong teeth crushed poor Kev’s sensitive nuts. I could only imagine what it felt like to have your recently deep-frozen plums brutally squished right afterwards. Judging from the look on Kev’s face, it was far worse than my imagination.

Kev’s eyes were clenched shut, his mouth wide open as he howled in pain.

Suddenly, his dick erupted with a huge spurt of forcibly extracted cum that splattered onto Erik’s hair and his little elf hat, glazing it with creamy splotches of Kev’s gooey jizz.

Jet after jet of salty spunk sputtered out of Kev’s dick as the crowd went wild with cheers and applause.

Erik didn’t stop munching on Kev’s busy balls until the very last drop of cum was drained from his aching balls.

When his ballbag slipped out of Erik’s mouth it was shiny with spit – and badly battered. There were tooth marks all over his severely swollen testicles.

Erik wiped his mouth with the back of his mouth and grinned. “See? They’re as good as new.”

Kev stared at his balls, speechless with shock and pain.

Erik ran his hand through his cum-covered hair, spreading Kev’s nutjuice as if it was styling gel.

I had to admit that the new hairstyle looked pretty good on Erik.

Kev didn’t have eyes for Erik’s makeover, though. He was preoccupied with the sorry state of his reproductive organs. “They’ll never be the same again”, he whispered in a toneless voice.

“Do you want us to freeze them again? Let them get some rest?” Erik suggested with a cheeky grin.

“No!” Kev shrieked, hurriedly crawling off the stage and joining his buddies Ben and Colin in the audience who laughed at their friend’s predicament and playfully tried smacking him in the nuts.

Erik turned to the next person in Santa’s book. “Simon”, he said. “Will you come here, please?”

Simon bit his lower lip, slowly walking onto the stage, his hands clutching his manhood. “Yes, Santa?” he said slowly, tentatively sitting on Chad’s lap.

“Simon”, Erik said. “You have been very naughty, haven’t you?”

Simon cleared his throat. “You think?”

“Definitely”, Erik said. “You locked Zach’s dick in a chastity cage, remember?”

I grinned. It seemed like only yesterday that Zach had been locked in chastity only to be thoroughly humiliated by his friends at the frat house.

“Oh”, Simon blushed. “Yeah. Right.”

Then you stirred up his hope”, Erik continued, “only to lock him up again.”

Simon nodded slowly. “Right.”

I was wondering if he knew that Zach’s buddies had fed him Viagra while his dick had been in custody.

“You kept him locked up for three weeks”, Erik said, “Then you brought him close to orgasm – only to lock him up for another ten days.”

“That long?” Simon said meekly. “Are you sure? It seemed like only a couple of days.”

“It was that long!” Zach shouted from the audience. “And it seemed even longer!” I was wondering what he was alluding to.

“And when you finally freed poor Zach’s dick”, Erik continued, “you milked him dry, completely draining his balls.”

Simon’s handsome face broke into a smile. “Yeah, I remember that very vividly”, he grinned, licking his lips and winking at Zach in the crowd.

Now it was Zach’s turn to blush.

“Long story short”, Erik chuckled. “You were naughty.”

Simon nodded, a guilty smile on his lips.

Erik turned to Chad. “Santa, your turn.”

Chad cleared his throat. “We thought long and hard about your punishment.”

Simon gulped.

“But we decided to hand you over to Zach”, Chad said. “I’m pretty sure he has a few ideas---“

“Hell yeah!” Zach yelled, making his way onto the stage. “I’m going to wreck your fucking nuts!”

Simon blinked.

Zach was taller than him, and significantly more muscular.

Without further ado, Zach ripped Simon’s blue boxers off, exposing Simon’s rock-hard dick and his pendulous nuts.

Simon’s eyes widened as Zach wrapped both of his strong hands around Simon’s ballbag, squeezing his tender nuggets hard.

A gasp escaped Simon’s lips as Zach’s fingertips dug into the tender flesh of his big, plump meatballs.

The gasp turned into a grunt, the grunt turned into a groan, and the groan turned into a full-blown scream as Zach added more pressure, squishing and squashing Simon’s plums as if he was trying to juice them.

Simon started breathing heavily, his glasses fogging up.

Suddenly, Zach yanked his nuts up, making poor Simon stand on his tip-toes.

The crowd was cheering him on, laughing and cheering as Zach lifted Simon off the ground by his balls.

Simon collapsed, hanging upside down, suspended only by Zach’s vise-like grip on his babymakers.

Zach’s face was contorted with effort, almost mirroring Simon’s pained facial expression.

He lowered Simon’s body a bit, and Simon’s hands touched the ground.

Simon was screaming in agony, trying to ease the pain in his testicles by supporting himself, but Zach kept him on edge, lifting him up with one hand wrapped around the neck of his sack.

Zach balled his free hand into a fist and sent it smashing down onto Simon’s balls like a sledge hammer, flattening Simon’s nuts like pancakes.

The guys in the crowd cringed in sympathy as Simon let out a high-pitched yodel.

It was a ridiculous sight: the muscular stud was treating Simon like a rag doll, playing with him, lifting him up by his balls, stretching his sack and causing poor Simon to scream from the top of his lungs.

Again and again, Zach brought his fist down on Simon’s trapped balls, smashing them hard and crushing them flat.

Simon’s dick was dancing and twitching, hard as a rock, pointing at his rapidly reddening face.

Zach was having the time of his life, wrecking Simon’s precious creampuffs with his fist, squishing and squashing them with punch after nut-crunching punch.

The handsome blond stud was sweating profusely, his body glistening as his muscles were tensing with every punch.

Suddenly, after a particularly devastating punch that made me cringe in sympathy, Simon’s mouth opened wide in a silent scream. His granite-hard dick erupted with a huge spurt of creamy spunk that splattered down onto his face, covering his lips and his glasses with thick splotches of gooey jizz.

Simon’s face was a mask of pain as jet after jet of his precious cream rained down onto his face, showing him with his warm, salty cum.

After half a dozen spurts, Simon found his voice again, mostly due to Zach’s help. Keeping Simon’s busy balls in his vise-like grip, Zach continued hitting them, hammering them with his fist as they pumped their sweet cargo out into the open.

Simon’s comically high-pitched squeal turned into a rather amusing gurgle as his dick fired a generous batch of spunk right into his open mouth.

I started wondering how long Simon had saved up for this gigantic load. At least a week’s worth of baby batter sputtered out of his dick, making the geeky twink’s handsome face look like a frosted piece of delicious pastry.

Finally, when Simon’s painful orgasm was over, Zach let go, allowing Simon to collapse on the ground and curl up on the floor, nursing his battered, drained testicles.

“Wow”, Erik chuckled. “Looks like you got some anger issues…”

“Not anymore”, Zach grinned, looking down at the poor, defeated geek who was moaning and groaning in pain.

“Got anything to say, Simon?” Erik grinned.

Simon let out a pitiful whimper. “My balls”, he whispered, looking up through his tainted, cum-covered glasses. “My poor balls.”

The crowd erupted in laughter as Simon crawled off the stage, leaving a puddle of cum and a sticky treasure trail behind.

Adding insult to injury, Zach chuckled and brought his leg back, kicking Simon’s spent, sore balls from behind and making him slide down the stairs, bumping his poor nuts on the edges of the steps on the way down.

Simon’s anguished wail made the crowd go wild with cheers and laughter.

Zach raised his arms and waved at his friends, smiling like a Cheshire Cat. When he made a move to follow Simon, Erik gently grabbed his shoulder.

“Not so fast, Zach”, he smiled. “You’re in Santa’s book, too.”

Zach blinked. “You sure?”

Erik let out a laugh. “Oh yeah!”

To be continued.


Anonymous said...

Damn, these stories are brutal :D First the device that squeezes the balls multiple times a day, now the ice thing... After these punishments, Zach's revenge on Simon felt almost gentle, compared to what the other boys have to endure. :D

(I was frankly expecting that it would be Simon's turn now to be locked up in the chastity chage and try out 150 keys of which each wrong one will result in a ballkick...)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I guess Zach's revenge wasn't the most sophisticated way to punish Simon but I kinda liked his raw and brutal approach... :-))