Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Video links: Comedy gems (9)

You can't spell comedy without the letters n-u-t-s-h-o-t. Oh. Wait. Actually, you can. Let's try that again...

You can't spell comedy without the letters b-a-l-l-p-a-i-n. There we go, you--- Wait.

Okay, let's skip the introductory paragraph and move right to the good stuff. Here are some of my favorite ballbusting scenes from comedy TV shows, movies and web clips.

Today's first scene is from the German teen sex comedy Doktorspiele. Like most teen sex comedies the humor is crude and scatological, and of course we get a cute little scene in which the protagonist gets whacked in the nuggets. In this case, a girl steps on a rake, causing the handle to ram his babymakers into his body. As we say in Germany: Autsch.

Skip to 10:00

The following scene seems to be from a Spanish movie or TV show. My Spanish is a little rusty but I think the young martial artist dares one of his buddies to kick him in the huevos because he wants to show him he knows how to pull them out of harm's way so that it doesn't hurt him. Unfortunately, he gets distracted a split-second before his buddy's foot connects with his crotch... To quote famous schadenfreude afficiondo Nelson Muntz: Ha-ha! (Btw, the sound of the poor guy's nut cracking is awesome!)

Skip to 1:30

Here's a little web skit that's pretty hilarious: 20 guy problems. Of course, some of those problems have to do with testicles...

Several nutshots (m/m) starting from 1:05, another one (f/m) at 1:50

Here's another web skit that I really, really like. I'm a pretty big fan of the "eyes crossing" nutshot reaction, and Miscellaneous Debris #6: Nut Shot by Mars Rising Films does not disappoint. Three nutshots, three pairs of eyeballs turning inward - it doesn't get much funnier than that! :-))

And, finally, yet another web skit. I love the "singing soprano" nutshot reaction just as much as the "eyes crossing" nutshot reaction, so this How these notes were hit Vine is right up my alley. Three nutshots, three voices singing soprano - it doesn't get much funnier than that! :-))

Reader's picks:

An anonymous reader sent me two links to clips from Spain. They aren't from comedy shows - but they are pretty funny... Both of them feature hot young men doing the wrong thing, and getting their nuts crunched as a result...

In the first one, a young man gets taught a painful lesson about not kissing girls against their will.

In the second one, a young man gets taught a painful lesson about not sneaking up on somebody.

The reader shared another link with an m/m soccer bust. Unfortunately it only seems to be available in Spain so I haven't been able to watch it. Here's the link for those of you who can access it: (at 19:30)

Maybe someone can capture it and share it with the rest of us?

Okay, that's it for today. What's your favorite comedy nutshot? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!



Anonymous said...

You just convinced me to actually watch the movie Doktorspiele sometime :D The whole thing was pretty funny to watch for me as a German, sure it's the cruel preadolescent, perverted humor that's silly at times, but it seems to be one of the movies that may actually be so silly that they are fun again. Almost missed the nutshot even.

Alex said...

I agree with you: silly, crude comedies are pretty enjoyable sometimes. Actually, I have a soft spot for the whacky, supercrude 2002 comedy "Knallharte Jungs" (int. title: "More Ants in the Pants"). It has an abysmal plot, horrible acting and very bad jokes - but it also has the geeky-hot protagonist getting hit in the nuts a couple of times... :-))

From what I can tell, "Doktorspiele" plays in the same league... If you watch it let me know if it's as good/bad as it looks... Und ich wünsch Dir natürlich viel Spaß dabei! :-))

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks, and I will let you know :D Also thanks for the recommendation! Btw, are you actually German too or do you speak German, Alex? That is, if I may ask? :)

Alex said...

Of course you may ask! :-))

I am indeed German. Send me an email ( and let's chat! Würd mich freuen! :-))

Anonymous said...

Cool! I've sent you an Email yesterday to that address, did you receive it? (Saw on some other threads that you said sometimes you wouldn't receive an Email, so since you didn't answer yet, I thought I might just ask here)

Alex said...

I received your email and I have just replied to it. :-))

Anonymous said...

Here are the captures from the Spanish soccer bust:

Merry Christmas!

Alex said...

Awesome! Thank you so much - you are great! :-))

Ballbusting Humiliation said...

Hello! The second link of the spanish movie or TV show is not working anymore. Do you have an other link please? Or some screenshots ?
If you do that would be very nice :)
Thank you.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Fred! Apparently the clip has been taken deleted. I tried finding it again but I wasn't successful. I'm sorry. :-/