Sunday, December 25, 2016

Naughty or nice (1)

In last month’s poll you told me what you wanted for Christmas: a Christmas story featuring the Ballbusting Boys characters. Here’s what I came up with. It’s turned into quite an epic adventure so I decided to split it up into six parts. Here’s the first one.

Merry Christmas!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: DannyErikPhil and Vince (click for pictures)

“Welcome to the Ballbusting Boys Christmas Party!” I smiled. “I’m so glad that everybody could make it. I hope your families don’t hold any grudges because I invited you here on Christmas Day…”

“My dad said he’d crush your nuts the next time he sees you”, Leo yelled cheerfully, eliciting laughter from the rest of the boys.

“Well”, I mumbled, grimacing, “let’s hope he doesn’t see me anytime soon…”

The studio was crammed with hot, scantily clad young men. We had turned the heat up so that everybody felt comfortable stripping down to their underwear.

Michael and Will, the blond gymnast twins, were talking to their friend Parker whose flaming red hair contrasted nicely with his pale skin. The twins were wearing matching pairs of red boxer briefs that hugged their impressive packages tightly, while Parker’s choice was considerably more flamboyant: a leopard print g-string tanga that looked like it was at least two sizes too small.

Next to them, geeky Simon was trying to hide the erection in his blue boxers. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of Simon fumbling with his dick and balls to keep his plump testicles from tumbling through the leg openings. With his glasses and his neatly cut dark blond hair he looked like a naughty choirboy.

I was very happy to see Danny at the studio tonight. The strawberry-haired actor’s schedule had been tightening lately, after he had snatched juicy roles such as Severed Head in “Mr. Holland’s Opus II: Heads will Rock’n’Roll”, Ugly Waiter #12 in “Waiters – the Musical” and Pedestrian in “2 Fast 2 B Furious 3”. He was looking hot and horny, wearing a risqué pair of briefs that were made of see-through black organza. It looked as if he was carrying two meatballs and a sausage inside the pouch.

High school wrestler Logan was standing next to muscular superstud Zach. They were both blond and muscular, their briefs bulging with their dicks and balls. Zach looked like Logan’s older brother, taller and bigger, and considerably more generously endowed. Zach’s equipment was one of a kind, a huge, meaty trouser snake with two fat, plump balls to match. His plain white briefs looked like they were barely able to contain his massive genitalia. Logan’s big dick and his fat, juicy balls inside his orange Calvin Kleins looked almost small in comparison.

If there was one guy who could take it up with Zach as far as dick size was concerned, it was Cal. A tall, handsome swimmer, Cal’s ebony skin contrasted nicely with his yellow speedos that were filled to capacity with his beefy balls and his humongous dick. Cal’s best friend and fellow swimmer Brandon, a handsome Asian-American stud, was standing next to him, his meaty snake and hefty plums neatly tucked inside his checkered boxer briefs.

English soccer player Phil had decided to display his roots by giving up underwear in favor of a faux-Scottish mini-kilt. The cheerful redhead had made his mission to flash everybody present at least once, lifting the kilt and exposing his little chap and bollocks every couple of minutes.

Skaterboy Leo was standing next to him, his curly black hair wild and unkempt, wearing plain blue boxers that were riding low on his hips. His skater buddies Tristan and Sammy were wearing similar boxers. Tristan’s were blue, contrasting nicely with his blond hair, while redhead Sammy had chosen green ones. The three lanky boys were laughing and joking, playfully sack-tapping each other to riotous laughter.

Hunky jock Kev and his buddies Kev and Colin had gone for novelty underwear: The muscular studs were wearing matching “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” briefs that sported little pairs of plush antlers. The faces were a bit distorted by the boys’ bulging balls, and the red noses were symbolized by a strategically placed hole that they had pushed their dicks through. Frankly, that made Rudolph look less like a red-nosed reindeer than like a red-trunked African Elephant. But it didn’t lessen our Christmas spirit.

In fact, the jocks’ funny underwear were a huge success. Everybody laughed once they spotted their dicks, and they were the center of attention, getting their dicks pinched and yanked.

Kev, Ben and Colin had taken it all in stride, and they had even spread their legs for a couple of playful kicks to Rudolph’s face…

Only two of our regular boys were missing – and I couldn’t say that I missed them that much: Danny’s obnoxious brother David was out of town, starring in a national tour of “The Nutcracker”, probably busting a hapless roadie’s balls somewhere at this very moment. And Xander, a foul-tempered rich kid with sociopathic tendencies, hadn’t been invited.

Today was going to be a nice, fun, boozy party, our Christmas Party, a chance to just hang out and have a good time.

Of course we had some entertainment planned for tonight.

We had set up a little stage with a large armchair at the center. To the left was a wooden box filled with all kinds of toys.

Our cameras were set-up and running, and my team was waiting for me to make the announcement.

“Alright, boys”, I said, climbing up onto the stage. “We have a very special guest tonight. I hope you’ve all been nice this year because if you have been naughty, Santa will punish you!”

The boys erupted in laughter in cheers.

I grinned. “Put your hands together for our very own Santa Claus!”

The crowd parted, and my cameraman Chad made his way to the stage.

He was wearing one of the most ridiculous Santa costumes I had ever seen. Chad was a muscular guy, and the red coat was too short and too small for his body, revealing his hairy chest that was partly covered by the flimsy white beard that was attached to Chad’s face. He was wearing a skimpy pair of briefs that matched the color of the coat. It was barely able to contain Chad’s junk, and the waistband was stretched down so far that his thick bush of pubic hair and the root of his dick was exposed. The little red hat sat on his white wig like a cherry on top of a cup of ice-cream.

Chad was accompanied by my assistant Erik and our prop master Vince who were dressed up as elves.

Erik had a cheeky grin on his face, and he looked pretty hot in his costume. It consisted of nothing more than a hooped sock in red and white that he was wearing on his dick Red-Hot-Chili-Peppers-style, and a little green hat that was sitting askew on his blond hair.

Vince was wearing a similar costume – but the geeky brown-haired young man looked a lot less comfortable than Erik. Maybe it was due to the fact that his sock had to accommodate twice as many testicles as Erik’s (my assistant had lost one of his babymakers in an unfortunate workplace accident a little while ago) and was visibly struggling to hold its cargo, maybe it was because Vince didn’t like being the center of attention – whatever the reason, Vince looked mortified, shyly covering his socked cock and balls with both of his hands, his head beet red as he walked onto the stage.

Chad sat down in the armchair, spreading his legs apart, instantly causing one of his nuts to slip out of his underwear, to the great amusement of everybody watching.

Erik and Vince stood on either side.

I was proud of them.

It had been Erik’s idea. It was his first Ballbusting Boys Christmas Party, and he had come up with this little piece of entertainment. I had given him total control. He had done everything from creating the costumes to searching the archives, from writing the text to convincing Vince and Chad to take part in the first place.

“Merry Christmas, everybody!” Erik said with a smile, reaching for a large, leather-bound book that he placed on a book-rest in front of him. “Santa, do you wanna say a couple of words?”

“Ho ho ho”, Chad grumbled.

“Santa is in a very bad mood today”, Erik smiled. “Because some of you have been very, very naughty this year…”

The guys in the audience burst out laughing.

“Fuck yeah we’ve been naughty!” Kev yelled, shaking his hips and making his trunk swing wildly.

“You don’t bust balls by being nice!” Leo chimed in, laughing.

Erik chuckled. “Now, let’s go down our list and see what we’re going to do with you”, Erik continued, looking at his book. “Danny”, he said, looking up and smiling at the handsome redhead. “Step up here for a moment, okay?”

Danny gulped comically, causing the rest of the guys to laugh out loud.

“Hey, Santa”, Danny grinned, taking a seat on Chad’s muscular thigh.

Chad mumbled something unintelligible.

“Danny”, Erik smiled at him. “It says here that you showed a couple of girls how to properly speedbag a nutsack.”

“Ooooooooh!” Some guys in the crowd were cringing and cupping their crotches in sympathy, other were laughing and cheering.

Danny chuckled.

“Is that right?” Erik smiled.

“Fuck yeah, that’s right”, Zach shouted. “I got the bruises on my speedbag to prove it.”

The crowd erupted with laughter and cheers.

“I guess I’ve been a little naughty”, Danny said coyly.

“Oh yes, you have”, Erik grinned. “And you need to be punished for it.” He reached into the wooden box and grabbed a large wooden paddle.

Danny grimaced. “Damn”, he chuckled. He got up and pulled his underwear down, exposing his pale bubble butt before bending over, leaning onto Chad’s thigh. He looked at the audience. “This is gonna hurt.”

“It’s gonna hurt worse than you think”, Erik grinned. “Because I’m not going to spank your ass, I’m going to spank your fucking balls…”

The crowd went wild with laughter and applause.

Danny blinked. “What---“

Before he had a chance to fight them, Chad and Vince grabbed him and held him down while Erik reached between his thighs and pulled his balls back, trapping them between his legs just below his ass cheeks.

“Oh, shit”, Danny mumbled, clenching his eyes shut, bracing himself for the attack on his precious jewels.

Erik chuckled and brought the paddle up before swinging it down hard. It connected with Danny’s trapped testicles dead-on, eliciting a high-pitched wail that sent shivers down my spine.

“You’ve been a bad, bad boy”, Erik yelled to roaring laughter from the crowd, before spanking Danny’s spuds once again, making him shriek from the top of his lungs.

“My nuts, my precious nuts!” Danny squealed, sounding like a squirrel on helium.

Erik brought the paddle down hard once again, smashing Danny’s testicles as hard as he could.

Danny wailed in agony.

His balls looked like two big, red tomatoes wedged between his pale, muscular legs, and Erik seemed hell-bent on turning them into ketchup.

Again and again, he smacked Danny’s nuts with the paddle, eliciting all kinds of funny noises as Danny grunted and groaned, screamed and shrieked, coughed and retched in utter pain.

“I hope you’ve learned your lesson”, Erik said with a grin, putting the paddle back into the box and patting Danny’s swollen, bruised balls playfully with the palm of his hand.

Danny let out a miserable groan. “Yeah, definitely”, he mumbled as he pulled up his pants, carefully stuffing his junk into his pants.

The crowd was laughing and cheering, and despite the pain that he was in Danny – ever the entertainer – stopped to take a bow, grimacing comically, before gingerly walking down the steps from the stage, wincing with every step.

“Who’s next on our list?” Erik grinned, looking into his book. “Phil! Come up here, Phil!”

With a nervous grin, the popular soccer player jumped onto the stage, his hands crossed in front of his crotch.

“Naughty or nice, Phil, what do you think?” Erik smiled at the redhead.

Phil cleared his throat. “Umm. Nice?” he asked. His voice probably didn’t sound as optimistic as he wanted it to be.

“Well, let’s see”, Erik said, scratching his chin as he looked at the book. “Looks like you kicked Leo’s balls in when you fought him one on one.”

Phil chuckled. “Yeah.”

The crowd laughed.

“So what?” Phil grinned. “I won, right?” He looked at Leo in the crowd and grinned. “No harm done, right?”

Leo grimaced. “I couldn’t get it up for at a week or two…”

The crowd roared with laughter.

“Don’t you think you had an unfair advantage?” Erik asked. “I mean, you kick balls professionally, right?”

“Oh, come on”, Phil shrugged his shoulders.

Erik turned to Chad and grinned. “Santa, what do you think? Naughty or nice?”

“Naughty, definitely”, Chad grumbled. “He fucking turned those nuts to peanut butter…”

Phil started to protest but Erik interrupted him with a quick, hard knee in the balls.

Phil’s eyes lost focus and he coughed as he doubled over in pain.

“Leo, come up here”, Erik said cheerfully. “I think you should be the one punishing this naughty boy.”

Leo walked up the stairs onto the stage as the crowd erupted in cheers and applause.

Erik reached into the box and held up a pair of shoes. “And look what we have here!”

Phil groaned, clutching his crotch.

“A brand new pair of soccer cleats”, Erik grinned as he handed Leo the shoes. “Perfect for kicking his balls into next week.”

Leo laughed and put on the shoes as Erik positioned Phil in the middle of the stage, bent over, facing away from the audience, his legs spread wide apart. His head was trapped between Erik’s muscular thighs. The mini-kilt rode up, exposing Phil’s bubble butt and his fat pair of low-hanging balls.

“Come on”, Erik egged Leo on. “Kick them out of the park.”

Leo chuckled.

Phil let out a muffled grunt.

Leo brought his foot up between Phil’s thighs, slamming his meaty nuggets into his body.

The crowd erupted with laughter as Phil let out a gurgling grunt.

Erik chuckled, pressing his thighs together, holding Phil’s head in place. “Not bad, but I think you didn’t score a goal, yet…”

Leo laughed and took a couple of steps back. With a running start he kicked Phil’s nuts as hard as he could, lifting his feet off the air and making poor Phil scream from the top of his lungs.

“Can I try again? I think I can do better than that”, Leo grinned.

“Sure”, Erik chuckled. “Try as many times as you like…”

The crowd egged Leo on as he kicked Phil’s nuts again and again, smashing the young Englishman’s balls into his body and making them swell rapidly. Every kick was met with cheers and applause. It felt as if we were at the World Cup Finals – and I was sure Phil would  have given the world for a cup in that moment…

Instead, his balls were completely unprotected as Leo’s kicks rammed his rapidly swelling balls into his body again and again with the precision and the determination of a world class soccer player.

The crowd was laughing and cheering, yelling for Leo to go harder and harder, and Leo gladly complied, crunching Phil’s nuts over and over again.

Phil was grunting and groaning, his legs trembling, his head wedged between Erik’s thighs. His dick was rock hard and twitching as his juicy plums were viciously assaulted by Leo’s cleat-clad foot.

Suddenly, after a particularly nasty kick that squished Phil’s bruised, bloated nuts into his thighs, Phil’s dick erupted with a thick, creamy jet of jizz that splattered onto the floor.

“Goooooaaaaal!” the crowd roared in unison, clapping and cheering, as Leo raised his hands in victory.

Phil fell to his knees, panting and moaning in pain, his dick spitting out spurt after spurt of salty spunk. His body was trembling, his eyes were clenched shut. The handsome soccer player’s body was glistening with sweat. His swollen, bruised balls were contracting inside his sack, pumping out every last bit of cum.

When his orgasm was over, Phil collapsed on the ground, curling up in a little ball in a pool of his own jizz, grunting and groaning in agony, his hands desperately clutching his drained, spent, battered balls.

Vince and Erik helped him up.

His kilt was drenched in his own cum, and he was grimacing in pain as he walked off the stage.

Leo turned to go but Erik stopped him. “Since you’re up here already”, he grinned. “Why don’t you stay and we’ll see what Santa has on you…”

Leo chuckled, adjusting his crotch and grimacing comically. “This is going to be painful, huh?”

Erik winked at him. “Oh yes.”

The crowd roared with laughter.

To be continued.


Jimmy said...

Hey Alex,

I don't think anyone has been on the nice list... unless does giving head count or maybe teaching the ball busting course that Logan and Zachary taught? Hmm we will see.

At least you are on the nice list Alex, you pay them all!


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Jimmy! You are right, all of them have been very naughty, and they'll all be punished... I guess they deserve a pay raise... :-))

Anonymous said...

And what about David? This arrogant prick was the naughtiest of all, I have no doubt about that! Give his balls to Santa!

Alex said...

Yes, David was pretty naughty... But frankly I'' glad he couldn't come to our Christmas Party. If he had come it would have been all about him, and I really wanted to give the other guys the attention they deserve... :-))

Anonymous said...

Now that's a nice idea, and also a good throwback to all the other stories. I'm excited to read the other parts :D

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I had a great time writing this story and revisiting this year's work. :-))

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Leo's getting punished for...

Maybe trying to pop Martin's balls in their fight. Or maybe something related to the family feud. Hmmmmm


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Paul! We'll know tomorrow... :-))

Jimmy said...

I love a good hint of the future Alex! Thanks for that! Until then!


Alex said...

You're welcome, Jimmy! I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story! :-))