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The Break-up written by Jimmy


The Break-Up

Written by Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting, gay characters, traces of cum (like a lot), sappy drama (sorry, not sorry, and underage characters. You have been warned.

Jayden has to pedal faster.

The words on the note he found on his bedstand table still play in his head: It’s over and done. I’m telling him today.

Jayden’s heart pumps wildly in his chest, he didn’t even shower before he left his house this morning, and he’s almost thankful that his curls are gone so his hair does not look awful…well almost.

To cover the incision scar he wears a black Nike hat, along with the first clothes he saw next to the note. Jayden is wearing all black. The tight fitting ribbed tank top is suffocating. He can’t seem to catch his breath. He has to get to Chase before his brother does the unthinkable and follow through with his promise to break-up with Chase for him.

Jayden is unsure how Gino will accomplish his goal, but he know that it will be mean and he is going to stop him. Gino’s truck was not in the drive way, this morning but Jayden has two things going for him. Chase sleeps in, and every Thursday he sleeps over at either Adam’s or the twin’s house Max and Rex. Gino does not know this, so if Gino went to Chase’s house he would not find him. The problem is Jayden does not have his phone still. Gino still has it when he took it from him.

So Jayden pedals to Midtown, determined to beat Gino there.

He pedals faster, the early morning spring air of June hitting him in the face. The sun has crept over the houses and hits Jayden just right in his dark brown eyes, blinding him and he is forced to slow down as his helmet slides down his sweaty brow.

Jayden has to stop to push it up and he realizes that he is a street away from Bill’s house. A dread creeps into him as he thinks about who lives with Bill, and he starts to pedal faster again and as Jayden turns the corner he is confronted by two boys and he screeches to a halt as he overhears.

“Can we just be friends?”

The bike stops just short of Rex and Bill, and they both look up at him briefly but turn back to their conversation almost immediately.

“I was kinda thinking the same thing.” A sheepish smile creeps over Rex’s face, and he toes the ground with one foot in the dirt. “It’s just not the same since the locker room.”

“Yeah.” Bill agrees, nodding his head. Then turning to Jayden, “What’s up?”

But Jayden is starring at Rex, an idea coming to him. “Can I borrow your phone?”

A puzzled expression crosses over his face. “My new one is still coming in, I broke it the other day. How are you? How are you feeling?”

Jayden ignores the question and asks Bill. “Can I borrow yours?”

“I don’t have mine either. My Dad took it away, I’m grounded. How are you feeling Jayden?” Bill asks.

Both boys look at him sympathetically.

“I have to go.”

Jayden mounts his bike, and turns to go.

He can sense the eyes on his back, and the little blonde hairs at the nape of his neck stand up. “Be careful,” Bill finally says.

“Yeah,” Rex agrees. “Take it easy, Jayden.”

“Thanks guys,” Jayden says, feeling bashful at the caring tones in his previous swim mates. Jayden begins to pedal away but Rex’s voice getting back to the previous conversation hits him.

“So…is there another guy?” Rex timidly asks.


That’s the end from what Jayden can here as he makes a sharp turn, gathering speed and pushing harder to get to his old school.

Before he gets there, Jayden is immediately dismayed. In the parking lot sticking out like a sore thumb, is his brother’s beat-up rusty blue truck.

Jayden swears under breath as he rushes to the bike stand looking for a spot to lock-up his bike, when he looks into the cafeteria. A crowd has gathered around two boys, he can’t quite see who they are but he has his suspicions.

“I’m coming, Chase.”

Jayden quickly locks up his bike, and takes off for the outside cafeteria door, which blissfully someone has left propped open.

Shouts can be heard, and jeering as soon as Jayden enters his old cafeteria. The smell of bacon, and soupy scrambled process eggs hits him and he tries not to gag. Jayden still recovering from surgery himself, is eating little still. He worries about losing weight, and how that will affect both his swimming and wrestling. Trying his best to push these concerns aside he heads towards the crowd, slipping his way through the onlookers as he tries to get to the center.

When Jayden finally emerges between two screaming girls he is confronted by a rather unexpected sight. In the middle of a small clearing between the tables is two of his friends, and a girl he barely knows in passing. As Jayden tries to place her name, and how he knows her Leroy interrupts his thoughts.

“You…cheated on me!” Leroy looks stricken. Leroy is a boy Jayden used to date briefly, but still gets along with quite well. Leroy is on Jayden’s previous swim team at Midtown, along with the person he is pointing at: his boyfriend Aldo.

Jayden helped to set the pair up a few months back, and ever since Leroy and Aldo have been nothing but sweet together…except that one time that the two of them ganged up on Jayden and beat his boyballs up pretty good.

Jayden moves to intercede, but a laugh high-pitched and mean makes him pause. Jayden remembers her name now…it’s one of Aldo’s previous flings.

She slickly drapes one arm over Aldo’s shoulders and gives him a squeeze on his firm bicep. Veronica wets her lips and smartly says “Oh, Leroy. He was never yours to take. He’s always been mine.” Veronica laughs again, and she rolls up Aldo’s sleeve her fingernails scraping against his flesh.

Stepping forward Veronica places herself between the two boys, as she eyes Leroy up and down with her heavily lidded mascara eyes. The deep blue of her eyes, is fearsome and Jayden swears that his own testicles curl up in his scrotum as she moves towards Leroy a little smile playing on her lips as grabs his shoulders and powers her sleek bare thigh straight up into his groin.

Leroy completely unprepared for the move gasps, and bends over as she still clings to his shoulders keeping him from dropping.

Veronica’s musical laughter in Leroy’s face makes him look up into her eyes, his face scrunched up in agony.

“Aldo was all done playing with a boy, he wanted a real woman to satisfy his needs Leroy. Now stay away from my man!” Veronica commands as she powers a second knee between Leroy’s thighs again hitting him with a quiet, but potent squelch.

Veronica could not keep Leroy up, and he drops on all fours, one hand buried in the folds of his grey sweat pants clutching his nuts.

“Oh,” Leroy moans, his dark eyes wide. Gagging Leroy, coughs, his upper body trembling while Jayden moves in towards his side putting a hand on his back.

“You okay?” Jayden asks.

Laughing above them, Veronica screws up her face in mock sympathy.

“I think he hurt his little pee pee, why don’t you kiss it and make it better Jayden!” Laughing some more, along with a few of the onlookers Veronica turns her attention to Aldo and clicks her heels across the floor until she comes up to his side.

“I took care of our little problem, baby.” Veronica mews in Aldo’s ear one of her hands moves underneath his shirt rubbing his lower belly and toying with his hem of his shorts.

Aldo is not looking at Veronica, and pulls away leaving her looking angry and a little hurt as he walks towards Leroy on the floor.

“I’m so sorry Leroy…I just…I made a mistake.”

“Mistake!” fires Veronica.

Jayden gulps, “You in for it now.” Jayden warns Aldo.

Aldo gets to his feet, but not before he tells Leroy. “I’m going to take care of this and be back, real quick.”

Turning to face Veronica his eyes narrow and he crosses his arms over his chest. “I don’t what you think we got going on, because we done. No one treats mi Leroy like that, chica.” Aldo roots his feet in the floor, and stands directly in front of Leroy blocking Veronica from getting to him again.

One carefully manicured eyebrow raises up on Veronica’s face as she gets right in Aldo’s face. “You want Leroy, over me!” Her teeth are bared, and she looks more cheetah than girl as she gives her head a shake and her brown curls flair around her head.

“That ugly how you dis mi boy, and I don’t like it! Step back, V. We done.”

Aldo gives a little huffing sound and moves to turn back to Leroy but Aldo should have given Veronica more caution. Veronica’s face turns vicious, and she turns to the crowd and motions that Aldo is cray, cray and reaches over and grabs Aldo’s plums her finger nails piercing through his basketball shorts like short knives digging into the soft plump velvety scrotum and sending each finger straight into the cores of Aldo’s manhood.

“You sure about that baby?” Veronica says all singsong like, squeezing Aldo’s nads as hard as she can. The veins on Veronica’s forearm stand out as she crushes Aldo’s testicles with her long fingernails.

Aldo gasps, and hollers out “Mi huevos! Mi….mi….ughhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh…mi….hue…huevos!”

Aldo’s dark eyes roll to the back of his head, and he grabs onto Veronica’s hand with both of his trying to peel her fingers out of pincushioning  his scrotum.

Veronica laughs and steps closer to Aldo, twisting her wrist as she does. Aldo’s voice quivers as moans looking pleadingly at her.

“What’s the matter Aldo, your little balsies are hurting?” Veronica laughs and puckers her lips, blowing him a little kiss.

“Awwwwwww chica…mi huevos….mi…..ooooooooooooooooohhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhh!”

Aldo’s eyes cross, making Veronica laugh more.

Leroy looks up in anger at Veronica and tries to get up, but drops back to the floor curling now on his side.

Jayden sighs, knowing what he has to do.

“Hang in there, buddy.” Jayden says, and giving Leroy’s back one more soothing pat and stands up and tells Veronica simply “If you don’t let my friend go, I’m going to put you on the floor.”

Veronica twists her neck towards him. “Stay out of this, Gomez. He’s mine. You already got a boyfriend.”

“I’m not going to warn you again,” Jayden states and he fixes her with a look as he grabs onto her shoulder. “Let Aldo go.”

Aldo moans “Please…chica…mi…huevooos!”

Veronica if anything squeezes harder, and she uses her free hand to swing at Jayden trying to get him in the same move, her fingernails like talons reaching to pierce his flesh.

Jayden grabs her arm and twists it behind her back and between her shoulder blades. Veronica screams in pain and releases Aldo’s balls.

Aldo falls next to Leroy, the boy is on his knees both hands cupping his groin. His eyes swim with pain, and he moans. “Mi huevos… you broke mi huevos!”

Jayden turns the girl away and forces her to the end of the circle of onlookers and gives her a shove away.


Veronica grabs her arm, looking venomous.

“You will regret this, Gomez.” Her blue ice chip eyes linger on Jayden’s lower extremities. “I’ll get you.” Veronica sneers, and spits at Jayden before she turns and disappears into the crowd.

Jayden lets out a sigh of relief and moves over to his fallen friends.

Aldo is clutching at himself, and moaning.

Leroy is sitting on his ass now and the gathering crowd sense that drama has ended and start to disburse.

“You guys, okay?” Jayden asks.

Leroy nods, and turns his head away. A single tear drips down his cheek.

“I thought you loved me.”

Leroy’s voice is gruff, and raw and he stares at the floor.

“I do…” Aldo gasps. “I fuckin’ love you.”

Jayden feels uncomfortable and he starts to back away but he can’t help but over hearing the rest.

“Then why did you betray me, Aldo? And with her?”

Aldo tries to move toward Leroy, but his balls still throb and he can’t seem to quite be able to move so he stays on his knees.

“I…fucked up, Leroy. You are mi el amigo. I love you…”

Aldo grimaces, and Jayden can hear Aldo still as he moves to leave the cafeteria.

“Can you forgive me?”

Jayden didn’t wait to hear the answer, he still needs to find Chase. Heading to the boys locker room now, he hopes to get to him before it’s too late.

A few minutes later, Jayden is pushing the locker room door open and Jayden freezes.

It’s Chase and he’s alone.

Dressed in his sky blue speedo, Chase is bent over his phone murmuring “Where are you, Jayden?”

Water droplets roll down Chase’s back, his skin is clear and tan from the hours that the pair spend by his pool. The corded muscles along his back are ripped and straining from his early morning swim and water drips from the tip of his nose and his hair towards his iPhone and Jayden remembers exactly why he loves him. Their relationship is not as fragile as his friends and moves purposes towards Chase, pulling off his hat as he does and wrapping his arms around Chase buying his face in Chase’s neck.

“I’m sorry, Chase.”

Chase jumps at the initial contact, and grabs Jayden’s arms and sighs.

“It’s you.”

Jayden sobs into Chase, his body heaving with emotion. “I love you.”

Chase turns his neck and can’t quite fit his mouth to Jayden’s face so he pulls him forcibly into his lap. Jayden’s clothes dampen but he does not care. His watery eyes find Chase’s and Chase smiles at him. “What’s wrong?”

“I…” Jayden starts but he can’t find the words so he hugs Chase fiercely again, this time against his front. Chase returns the hug and Jayden buries his face in Chase’s armpit smelling the faint hints of him. “I thought…I…”

“Shhh.” Chase says. “I’ve got you.”

The pair stay this way for a long time, until Jayden finally pulls back to look at him. “Did Gino…?”

Chase’s nose crinkles at the name. “Did he what?” Chase asks, his tone changing.

“He didn’t talk to you?”


Chase laughs. “You know your brother despises me, right? He would not come talk to me.”

“But…I thought…” Jayden is thinking out loud and then it hits him and he rereads the letter in his head. It’s over and done. I’m telling him today. Those were Gino’s words…but they weren’t directed to Chase and Jayden they were…

“I have to get to my brother, before he does something stupid and will regret!” Jayden moves to get up but stops and leans into Chase and kisses him full on the mouth. The kiss is powerful and Jayden pushes right up against Chase, grabbing the back of his blonde head and holding him firmly against him.

Chase coos against him, “MMMMmmm.”

Jayden laughs and pulls back. “I have to go.”

“Then I’m going with you. I have a car, it’s faster than walking.”

Chase runs a hand against Jayden’s neck, his fingernails gently touching the softness of his shaved hair.

“I miss my hair.”

“It will grow back.”

“I rode my bike here, Chase. I can…”

“You aren’t supposed to!” Chase seems angry, and he stares hard at Jayden.

“I know. But…”

“No. Doctor’s orders. I’ll have one of the twins ride your bike home. Why did you come here today?”

Jayden thinks about telling Chase everything, but he hesitates. Gino didn’t go through with his promise, so he tells Chase part of the story.

“Gino took my phone, he’s really mad at you and Logan.”

Chase’s anger fades, and he stares downward “I’m mad at myself for that too. I wish it was me.”


“You are worth so much more than I am, Jayden. I…I can’t lose you.” Chase’s voice breaks and he pushes Jayden down against the gym bench. Jayden breathes hard, and he feels himself stiffen.

“I love you,” Chase says again as he opens his mouth and slips his tongue into Jayden’s mouth. Chase is already engorged in his speedo and he rips it down his thighs, cursing as the material tangles in his feet.

Jayden is fumbling with his shorts, trying to get them free his dark eyes penetrating deep into Chase’s.

He pulls back, his voice husky as he tells Chase. “I want you Chase, please. I want to have sex with you.”

Chase above him grins, he’s leaking from his aching erection onto Jayden’s abdomen. His Cheshire cat grin is in place as he moves Jayden’s thighs apart. His cock touches Jayden’s entrance and Jayden feels the rod, hard as steel poking him there.

“You mean it?”

Jayden growls as he knocks Chase’s cock back, and pulls Chase downward until his hot rigid dick slips along Chase’s tender testes bopping his overlarge ping pong balls until he lines up ready to enter Chase.

“Yes, but like this.”

Chase seems confused, “Wait…I’m going to fuck you.”

“No.” Jayden huffs. “I’m going to fuck you.”

The two stare at each other, both surprised by the others desire and also confused how this has never come up before.

“But Jayden, I’m the top.”

“You’ve never fucked a guy, how would you know!”

Chase pauses, “Well I’ve had sex with women…”

“I’m not a woman!”

“You’ve never had sex before…”

“I will, if you let me enter you,” Jayden says his voice quieter, and he spits in his hand, pushing two fingers lightly between Chase’s thighs deep against his entrance tracing small semi-circles there. “Come on, Chase. Don’t you want it?” Jayden asks as he kisses Chase briefly along his neck, his other hand grabbing Chase’s big balls.

Chase freezes, “You’ve got your hands full of my big balls, Jayden. Be careful.”

Jayden smiles and squeezes Chase’s nuts just a bit until he winces.

“Like that?” Jayden says coyly, his two fingers pressing a little deeper.

“Jay…den… I want to fuck you first.”

Jayden licks his lips and smiles more, “How about a bet. You like bets.”

Chase seems to perk up, “What kind of bet.” His breathe is catching and Jayden just toys with Chase’s hole touching him very lightly, warming him up as his thumb digs a little deeper into Chase’s left nut.

“How about…we play a little roshambo…when my head is a little better, and the person that falls first gets fucked. Win or lose, we will have sex only one of us will get to top the other first. You in, Chase?” Jayden asks squeezing Chase a little harder.

“Fuck…me,” he growls. “I’m in.”

“Oh, I will be the one in.” Jayden smiles. “I always beat you, after all.”


But Chase stops speaking. Jayden slid beneath him until he was level with his erection and licks his lips as he opens his mouth and breathes out hot air all over Chase’s dripping red crown. Chase moans.

“Suck me Jayden…it’s been over a week.”

Jayden grins, “One last birthday present.” He opens his mouth and sucks the tip, like a lollipop before he takes Chase’s full length all the way down until his nose hits Chase’s blonde pubes. Chase freezes above him, arms quivering as he grips the hard bench and Jayden senses how close his boyfriend is and tries to stave off the orgasm but squeezing the big balls in his hand.

“Awwk!” Chase groans. “My big balls!” Chase’s upper body trembles but Jayden is already deep throating him and moving fast sucking deep, as he squeezes his hand happy that his sixteen year old boyfriend’s nads still fit in one hand. Jayden tickles Chase’s asshole, and Chase moans again, his dick straining and throbbing in his mouth. Jayden purrs like a kitten, as he suckles Chase’s cock sucking harder as Chase gets closer.

Chase groans and stares up at the ceiling, his body is electric, and tingles all over and he tries to bit his lip but his mouth falls open he’s past the point of stopping his orgasm and he attempts to give Jayden a warning but laughter from the entrance to the pool stops him.

Adam and Max enter the locker room, horsing around and trying to sac tap each other, and Adam manages to hit Max with a knuckled backhand that sends him to his knees.

“Shiiiit, you got my nuts!” Max laughs, his amber eyes widening as he locks eyes with Chase.

Adam grabs one of Max’s shoulders and gives the bare arm a squeeze.

“Master sack tapper here, right Bill!”

Bill comes waddling in, one hand beneath his swim trunks and touching his boys.

“Yup,” Bill yips his voice high.

“I’m the…holy shit!”

Jayden sucks Chase harder and Chase tries to stop, to pull out but Jayden’s mouth is so hot and his tongue inches along the back of his frenulum, tracing the little scar there and his nuts are squeezed just right. It’s all Chase can do not to scream as his throbbing cock pulses in Jayden’s mouth as all three of his friends watch him as he face fucks Jayden on the bench.

Just as Chase is about to spew his load, Jayden pushes his two fingers inside of Chase’s ass. Chase groans, as Jayden inches his way inside of him and the unfamiliarity of being touched there mixes with Jayden crushing his spud makers and he throbs once and fires. Chase moans as he cums, and Jayden tries to swallow but from his prone position he ends up coughing, and some of the white semen seems out the sides of his mouth but he does not give up and sucks harder on Chase taking more from his fire hose that sprays the back of his throat.

Bill covers his mouth with both hands, “Holy shit!”

Adam sack taps him, bringing Bill down to his knees.

“Don’t curse, buddy.”

Bill groans grabbing is balls again.

Max says “Ummm…I can’t move yet…but when I can I’ll give you two privacy.”

Jayden stops sucking, he hears the boys and turns to his side cock still in mouth and gasps.

The movement makes Chase moan again, and Jayden presses unknowingly against the small prostate. Chase freezes and his hips lock together as he presses his groin against Jayden’s face as he bucks back a second more powerful orgasm coursing through him. Jayden can’t believe the churning in Chase’s balls, can he really be about to spurt…again?

Jayden squeezes Chase’s nuts harder, his fingers digging into the softening tissue that has gone weaker from Chase’s last orgasm and the spongy nuts are easily manipulated and crushed in his hands. Squelching Chase’s meatballs is as easy as when Jayden mashes meatballs and Chase’s nuts give and bend in as his thumb sinks further into Chase’s right nut penetrating the center core. The weighty balls are weaker, but still boil semen but much slower as Jayden squeezes his hand keeping Chase’s fat balls in his fist.

Chase roars in anguish, and the boys can’t help themselves as they move towards their captain as he trembles on the bench his wide blue eyes crossing starring at his nose as he gurgles out a warning as he spews again.

This time Jayden is ready and sucks Chase’s hard cock, taking in another volley of semen. Chase’s second load is not as dense or thick but the salty mixture is painted along Jayden’s throat and his two fingers press against Chase’s prostate making Chase’s eyes roll.

Chase’s arms give out but Max and Adam grab his chest keeping him from falling and lowering their captain to the wooden bench below.

“I can’t believe that just happened!” Max says grinning. “Rex missed it too, he’s going to be so pist!”

Adam runs his fingers through Chase’s blonde hair, he’s hard but does not care as he touches Chase as he quivers.

Jayden slowly tries to get free but he’s trapped beneath Chase’s body, and his boyfriend does not appear able to move.

Jayden wants to cover his own leaking erection, but finds he cannot.

Bill comes around to the back, now able to get up and sees Jayden in his predicament and grins spotting the obvious big throbbing erection.

Bill goes to point this out to his friends…but he wants it first so the mostly naked Bill stays lays down on Jayden’s thighs and nestles in between Jayden’s thighs and opens his mouth wide and grabs Jayden’s erection in both hands and closes his mouth around Jayden’s leaking tip.

Jayden stops moving as he tries to pull himself free as Bill takes him slowly in working, his mouth about halfway down his cock before he can’t go any further and stops. Bill works his head into a nice bobbing motion traveling up and down Jayden’s rigid post slurping away.

“Ugh!” Jayden moans. “B…Bill? What are you doing?”

Bill sucks harder, and Adam and Max now notice.

“Oh man! This is wild!” says Max.

“You need to learn how to swallow!” Adam says and hits Bill’s back knocking him all the way down until he swallows Jayden whole.

Jayden gasps.

Bill moans, and splutters but manages to keep every inch of Jayden in his mouth.

“See he just needed a little hand!” Adam laughs.

Chase groans. “What…what’s happening?”

Adam laughs, “I think he passed out in ecstasy for a few minutes.”

Max comes around behind Bill and grins up at Adam, Jayden watches as Max puts a finger to his lips and yanks down Bill’s speedos. Bill goes to get up, but Adam thumps him on the back again and down Jayden’s stiffy he goes until his nose is pressed deep in Jayden’s sparse pubis.

Max reaches down and spits in his hand as he grabs Bill’s throbbing little nail and begins to jack him off, while also squeezing his little marbles.

“You wanted in on the fun, right Bill?” Max teases as he jacks Bill and crushing his nuts in his fist easily.

Bill moans.

Adam pulls down his own speedos and starts masturbating aiming for Chase’s face.

“Nice Max! Keep going!”

Max does.

Jayden tries to extracte himself from underneath Chase again, but Chase’s big thighs keeps his arms pinned and Bill is on his lower half and Jayden who also has not orgasmed in over a week finds himself weakening under Bill’s surprisingly good head. Bill has his mouth around his entire cock, and Bill’s mouth is so tight against his fully engorged stiffy.

Jayden arches his back enjoying Bill’s wet hot mouth, it’s not how he pictured getting off but he’s getting closer and he moans again grabbing Bill’s head and starts to fuck him harder.

Bill coughs, and Jayden slows down a bit trying to help guide Bill to suck him better more slowly. Jayden’s nuts start to ascend and he feels his scrotum tightening. He’s getting closer.

Chase groggily yawns and utters “Jayden?”

Adam smiles down at him, he’s so close and he wants to time this just right.

Chase hears slurping and he reaches for his penis and finds that it’s not being sucked, and he’s no longer hard. Chase feels content and he looks up at the fapping sound and is sprayed in the face by Adam’s cock starring straight at him.

Adam beams as jet after jet hit Chase, some of it manages to get into his mouth.

Adam orgasming sets out a chain reaction and Bill groans around Jayden’s mouth, as Max expertly crunches his nuts in his fist, while his other lethal hand blurs around his pulsing cockhead and Bill screws up his face as is cocklet shoots straight out hitting the tiles of the boys locker room discharging furtively underneath the bench his arching up erection trembling in Max’s hand as he pumps him faster feeling some of Bill’s goo slipping around his fist.

At the same time Bill sucks Jayden down even more, as he cums and Jayden arches his back, his bare torso clenching and he fucks Bill’s face one last time as he closes his eyes. Jayden’s cock throbs, and he thinks he might pass out as he sucks in a breath of air struggling. Jayden’s muscles lock, and his hips thrust a few more time and he wishes someone would grab his balls as he pants.

Jayden moans while his dick throbs, pulsating in Bill’s throat and he trembles once, twice and his churning nuggets spasm. Jayden gasps as he cums. Jayden thrashes beneath Chase and his boyfriend finally moves Jayden sits up finally, and he face fucks Bill hard and fast feeling his juices shoot and his genitals expand and contrast forcing more cum out of his fastly draining tube.

With a sigh Jayden slumps back, his back hitting Chase’s chest as his boyfriend cuddles him towards him. Bill sucks once more, feeling Jayden’s rigidness wanning and pops Jayden’s cock from his mouth.

Bill moans, and grabs his soft leaky nail in one hand and his throbbing testicles and rolls off the bench landing on the floor in a heap. Bill manages to get his own puddle of cum in his hair and he curses beneath them.

“I missed you,” Chase says whipping more cum off his face.

“And Adam, when I get up…you are a dead man.”

Adam gulps and retreats to the showers.

Max hauls Bill up and carries him moaning and groaning with him.

“We will just…give you two some privacy…now.” Max says.

Jayden moans. “I can’t believe that just happened.”

“Me neither.”

“I need a shower,” they both say at the same time.

Jayden moves to kiss Chase and the saltiness hits him on Chase’s lips.

“Is that mine…or…?”

“Not sure,” Chase says.

The two head towards the showers together, holding hands.


Chase and Jayden exit Chase’s car walking purposely toward Bartlet High School.

The last bell went off about a half hour before.

Jayden knows Gino’s schedule like the back of his hand, having to help Gino study so often and he quietly enters the building through a secret hack (Logan sharing with him his keycard that he got from being a substitute).

“It pays to be friends with the captain of the wrestling team,” Jayden admits.

Smirking Chase adds “It’s more fun to take Logan’s things when he least expects it.”

Jayden rolls his eyes. The brightness, and the heat of the day already make the tank top stick to his back as Jayden enters the building.

“We have to go quickly, he might already be in the study hall with Francisco.”

“I thought we were here to see Gino, what does Francisco have to do with anything…?”

Jayden bites his lip, trying to figure out how to answer as he enters the study hall, Chase right behind him.

Inside Jayden casts a gaze around the room, fidgeting on the balls of his feet as he does so.

“There!” Jayden’s heart stopped.

Francisco and Gino are together sitting next to each other and Gino is looking straight at Francisco’s pale grey eyes, while Francisco blind looks lightly off to Gino’s left.

“Before we are too late!”

Jayden walks quickly over to the table and finds them whispering.

“I’m sorry,” Gino says taking Francisco’s hands in his own. “I am going to miss you.”

“Gino wait!” Jayden says, a bit too loudly.

Gino turns to look at him confusedly “You are supposed to be in bed…resting.”

“I know that but…”

“Jayden,” growls Gino and he spots Chase and anger floods him. “What is he doing here?”

“I’m his ride.” Chase answers for him, plopping down in a desk opposite the pair, legs stretched out wide and fiddling with a half chewed pencil he finds on the desk.

Sighing Jayden sits down next to Jayden, legs in a similar stance to give his goods some much needed air.

“You can’t break-up with Francisco. The two of you are so good together!” Jayden states looking between the two.

Chase’s mouth drops open mouthing, “Oh shit.”

Gino half smiles up at Jayden, and he puts an arm around Francisco’s shoulders. “Jayden, Francisco is moving across the country to be in a better school for the blind.” Gino clears his throat, and leans in. “Both of us decided this together.” Gino turns and kisses Francisco on the cheek. “But we also decided to leave a door open to the possibility of us getting back together again, after he graduates but neither of us are going to hold out if someone else comes along. I can’t go with him. He’s too smart. And well…he can’t stay here.”

Gino’s smile falters a little, and Francisco reaches for and finds Gino’s hand.

“Your brother and I, we will always have a special place for each other Jayden in our hearts. But Gino’s right, it’s time we part.” Francisco grins at Jayden. “But I’m not leaving until we fill that team up for next year. You are going to be a great captain Jayden, and this guy will be right there with you.”

Jayden sniffles a little.

“I’m going to miss you Francisco.”

Francisco grins, “That makes two of us.”

The four sit in silence for a moment, as Francisco gathers his things to leave.

“See you after school…when you are better.”

Jayden grins at him.

“Bye Gino.”

“Bye ‘Cisco.”

Francisco walks away and Jayden turns towards his brother to comfort him, but he is looking hard at Chase.

Chase does not back down from the glare, if anything he defiantly tries to glower back just as hard as Gino does.

“We need to talk.” Gino says.

Chase nods.

“Not here,” Gino indicates the classroom.

Gino stands up, and the other two follow.

The silence is thick as they three head outdoors into the warm sunshine. The wind is rustling the nearby willows, and the green leaves sway like octopus tentacles in the breeze, effortlessly as they tickle the grass below.

Heading straight for the willows, the two follow.

Gino stops at the mighty trunk of the tree and turns back to Jayden and Chase.

Jayden’s heart pumps wildly in his chest, and his hands get sweaty.

Gino breathes out, and he takes a step towards Chase and stares him down. Gino is almost a foot and a half taller than Chase. His shoulders are wider, and he fights like a caged animal when he wants to win. The black haired teen narrows his eyes and slowly he starts. “I have never liked you.”

Chase takes the hit, and says nothing. Waiting him out.

“But he loves you.”

Gino turns to Jayden and looks at him with such love and tenderness that something almost breaks within Jayden.

“Don’t make me choose.” Jayden whispers.

“You are so fucking lucky to have my brother. He could have anyone. He’s the best thing…the best part of my world.” Gino steps right up into Chase’s face. He’s red in the face and he screams “I almost lost him!”

Chase does not step back but yells, “We both did, Gino!”

Gino and Chase stare hard at each other, and Gino wipes his nose on the back of his hand.

“He’s my Romeo, Gino. My fucking happy ending. If you think that I don’t understand how lucky I am after all the shit that I have pulled that he still loves me, that he still wants to be with me than you are fucking stupidier that I thought!” Chase is just as tomato red as Gino as he finishes. “It should have been me that was in that hospital bed, and I still wish that it was! He’s the best part of me, he’s my best friend and I almost lost him too.” Chase is crying now, big sobbing wet ugly crying. Snot drips from his nose as he shouts “No one will love him more than I will, Gino. No one can. Give me a fucking chance to make him as happy as he makes me…don’t take him away from me because he will choose you. You are his brother, and he loves you Gino. And he will. But don’t make him do it. You’ll only hurt him and winning that way will only make you lose.”

Chase spins around and stares at Jayden. “I’m going to mess up Jayden. I’m nothing but a fuckup. I come from parents that don’t love me. I don’t….I didn’t know what love was like until I met you.”

Chase’s shoulder’s heave, and he looks at Jayden with such hurt in eyes that Jayden thinks he might break apart.

“Maybe he’s right…maybe we should breakup…we both know that I’m going to hurt you.”

Chase falls before Jayden on his knees. “But I can’t turn away from you, Jayden.”

“You are going to have to leave me.”

Jayden falls down next to him grabbing his shoulders, his mouth his dry and he does not trust that his voice will be strong enough but Jayden tries anyways. “I’m not going to leave you.” It’s not enough, but it’s all he’s got.

Gino looks at them, and he turns away hitting the white bark of the willow tree with his fist.

“I love you.” Jayden finally says and leans into Chase pressing his mouth to his. Both boys are crying, and Gino finally goes back to them.

“Is this really what you want?” Gino asks Jayden.

Jayden pulls back, his wet eyes locking onto Gino’s.


The word is so simple, but it’s enough.

“Then you have my fucking blessing dickwad,” Gino spits out. “And if you do fuckup, nothing will stop me from breaking you.”

Chase turns his head up, eyes red as he wipes his face. “If I do, I’ll let you do it.”

Gino turns and walks away, head down fists clenching at his sides.

Jayden breathes out, but before he turns to Chase his boyfriend is hugging him.

“I’ll always choose you.”

That night alone in Gino’s bedroom, Jayden sits on Gino’s bed waiting.

Gino’s been gone all day.

Jayden spent the rest of the day resting in his bed.

He sits alone waiting.

Midnight is when Gino opens the window and staggers into his bedroom. Jayden had fallen asleep, but wakes with a start.


“Hey bro.”

Gino fumbles with his jeans, the belt buckle not quite coming undone.

“Are you…drunk?”

“I might have had a little.” Gino says. “Help?” he asks swaying, puffing out his bottom lip.

Jayden stands up and moves over to Gino, unclasping the belt. Gino’s jeans and zipper come down easily enough and soon enough he is naked and falling onto his bed, not even bothering to use a blanket.

Smirking Jayden asks, starring at his brothers very white lily ass and the fat pair of balls between his brothers legs.

“Rough night?”

Gino moan. “You could say that, little brother.”

Jayden sits next to him rubbing his back. “I was waiting for you.”


Jayden repeats himself, not sure if his brother understood.

“Okay, Jayden.”

“I love you, big brother.”

Gino turns and looks up at him. “Love you too, bro.”

Gino makes a kissy face and falls into the pillow, breathing out.

“I’ll let you get some sleep.”

“Stay.” Gino says quietly.

Jayden does moving underneath the sheet, but not before taking off his own shirt. He leaves his underwear on.

Leaning in Jayden flicks off the lamp on the other side of the table and kisses his brother gently on his temple before he settles down curling up next to Gino.

“Gino, were you with Francisco.”

Gino does not answer for a while but then replies “Yes.”


“We wanted to have sex one last time.”

“You’ve had sex?” Jayden asks, surprised.

“Yup. Fist time was when I was twelve. He was hot.”


Gino let’s out a snore and then opens his eyes grinning at Jayden. “Hi Jayden.”

“Oh brother. You are drunk.”

“I’m fine.”

“Go to sleep.”

“Okay.” Gino yawns and Jayden is hit with the smell of stall beer and tequila.

The boys say nothing and soon they are both asleep.

An hour or so later Gino is hurling in the bathroom and Jayden wakes up to the sounds of Gino painting his insides all over the inside of the toilet.

Jayden gets him some water, and helps him back into bed again.

Jayden falls asleep right away, he’s still on the pain medicine. It takes Gino longer, and he looks at Jayden’s face for a long time, tracing his brother’s jaw line with his thumb and forefinger still surprised that his brother has a smooth face he was shaving his chin at that age.

Gino slowly closes his eyes, thinking he should put on a pair of underwear but he can’t muster the energy to move.

The next day, Jayden opens his eyes and finds himself entangled with Gino and one of his hands is around Gino’s balls appears to have been squeezing them in his sleep. Gino’s face reflects a painful expression and he slowly stops squeezing so hard but rolls Gino’s balls more gently to help him recover. Gino is still snoring slightly but a contented sigh comes from him and his morning wood digs into Jayden’s navel.

Jayden admires how big Gino is, marveling at how much thinker, and longer Gino’s erection is. Gino is built like a man now, and his cock throbs against Jayden’s belly a tiny dripping pre-cum slides inside of the downward slope of his V-waist.

Jayden thinks about getting Gino off, it would be so easy…would that help with hangovers…he’s not sure but he thinks that Gino might like it. Although, that one time for Christmas…

Jayden reaches for the lube next to his brothers bed, coating his right dominant hand in the slippery stuff as he bring it back dribbling a little in his bare chest as he gets into position and tenderly runs one long runny finger from tip to root and before grasping the thick end. Wrapping his hand carefully along the piss tube Gino glides his hand back up slipping on the tip and scrapping his thumb all the while up the side before encircling the ridges at the top and giving the head a tentative, but firm squeeze.

Gino stops snoring enough to moan, and Jayden can visibly see his brothers pink quarter size nipples harden. Jayden’s breath comes in faster as he gets a hardon, which digs into his brother’s thigh.

Jayden’s hand swoops down again, and he starts to gather speed as he massages Gino’s plump erection, while his other hand squeezes Gino’s nads hard one slap time before he pauses and releases them. Gino’s balls roll away, and thump his thighs. Jayden loves the way the pair bounce and he notices a few hairs at the bottom of Gino’s ballsack, light brown and squiggly along his wrinkled skin.

Jayden forms a tight fist, and puts the back of his knuckles against Gino’s ballsack measuring how best to hit before he brings his cocked fist back and flexes his arm, kissing his muscled bicep before smacking Gino’s nads in a medium first hit ball tap.

Gino’s ballsack caves in a bit, as Jayden knuckle smack of Gino’s big full testicles. Gino grumbles in his sleep, but as Jayden pumps his cock with one hand Gino slumbers on.

“This is going to be fun,” Jayden whispers as his fist bounces off of Gino’s balls a second, and third time.

On the fourth and fifth ball tap Gino’s forehead creases and moans, “Nnnnnnnng!” in his dreams and Jayden wishes to know what Gino is dreaming about as his knuckled fist slams into his brothers nuggets a sixth time.

Gino’s body jumps a bit, and Jayden thinks that his older brother is going to wake but he yawns and goes back to a light snore.

“Huh, rod of steel is think mighty as ever.” Jayden jokes as he turns his hand around and aims a solid punch this time, and careens his arm back lining up his targets.

Jayden’s fist hits Gino’s nuts dead on, hitting so hard that Gino’s nads crunch against his pelvis and Gino grunts once in his sleep and sits up starring at Jayden unseeingly before closing his eyes and falling back into his pillow.

“I’ll have to punch harder,” Jayden ponders allowed as he grabs Gino’s balls and inspecting that manly orbs feeling how dense, and powerful Gino’s nuts are. A slight swelling has occurred and Jayden can feel the change in the size of his brother’s nuts as well as how large the pair is. Not that he could fit both in his hand before, but now to do so would be comical.

Jayden lays Gino’s fat walnuts on his brother’s thigh, and takes careful aim once more. Watching Gino’s nuts twitch he can’t wait to sink his fist in again, and that’s when Gino grunts. Inside of his slicked-up fist, Jayden feels Gino’s cock throb, and give a mighty pulse as it jumps. He’s getting ready to orgasm.

“Almost big bro,” Jayden encourages starting to move his hand faster now.

Gino grits his teeth, and squeezes the pillow harder moaning as Jayden with a cautious steady aim throws back his arm and punches right into the center of Gino’s bloated scrotum hitting the velvety ballbag with all the might he can muster.

Jayden feels Gino’s nuts smoosh underneath his knuckles, the balls squishing around his fingers as Gino’s nuts bend down like flat pizza dough balls squished against the flat surface of the workbench.

Gasping Gino’s eyes flare open, as he groans and Jayden sees Gino’s throbbing cock pulse in and out with the time of Gino’s heartbeat and blast his first shot of cum straight up and hitting him in the cheek, followed by three four streams all landing on the center of his chest. Jayden pumps away faster now, as Gino mewls head thrown back and panting as the little after shots shoot up and land on Jayden’s clenched fist.

A deep sigh comes from Gino as Jayden pumps the rest of his water cum out.

Jayden grins in satisfaction and takes targets Gino’s still pumping balls with his free hand and drops his fist like a hammer.

Gino gasps, and his dick spews another small batch of white liquid landing in his black pubes as Jayden’s fist sinks deep into his brother’s nutsack.

“One last punch, to start your day right.” Jayden muses, as his knuckles tenderizes Gino’s meatballs against his thigh.

“Oh god!” Gino moans knocking his brother’s hands away and grabbing his bloated balls, and still throbbing dick, the aftershocks still running through his impressive girth.

“Now that’s what I wanted to give you for Christmas, looks like I finally got to do it right.”


Gino rolls to his side starring at his younger brother in horror, clutching his throbbing ringed out equipment.

“Love you, big bro.”

Jayden kisses him on the nose and heads to the bathroom to wash his hands and take a shower, he’s still hard and plans on masturbating in peace to the images of his brother and what he’s done.

“I’ll get you back for… that.”

But Jayden can’t hear him. The water is pleasant on his skin as Jayden steps under the stream naked, and he closes his eyes. Jayden briefly opens his mouth, and shudders as the water hits his forehead and rolls over his scalp. Jayden’s fingers roam over his short hairs, missing the curls beneath but his nails scrap along the new short hairs and he tries to smile. He survived a horrific event, he is still with Chase, and he’s been made captain if the wrestling team the youngest captain ever. He has a lot to look forward to.

Reaching down he grabs his own cock, running his hand lightly along his length and he moans lows as his fingers tickle the soft underside. His hand hits the glass wall and slides down at his fully erect member thumps the glass. Biting his lip he starts to masturbate. His brown eyes stare at the crack in the door wondering if Gino is listening, if he will join him. He didn’t close the door, but the crack does not widen and he is getting closer.

His balls, no longer bump his thighs but have ascended to their perch below his cock. Unlike yesterday in the locker room, he grabs his scrotum and gives his balls a tentative squeeze. It’s enough.

Jayden grunts as he cums, the hot liquid hitting the glass wall and he shudders at his cock trembles in his hand.

Slowly Jayden drops to one knee breathing deeply, soon he will fuck Chase. He can’t wait to be inside of him. Jayden knows if he keeps thinking like this he will have to cum again so he stops and turns off the shower after his white juices have gone smoothly down the circular drain.

The steam rolls into the bathroom, and Jayden thinks about going to Gino but he stops himself and goes back to his room wearing a towel firmly around his waist.

When he enters his bedroom he sees his iPhone and charger has been left on his bed. Jayden grins and turns to see if Gino is still up but his truck is not in the driveway, he must have left right away.

Jayden opens his phone and makes the call that he has been waiting to make.

The phone only rings once.


Jayden grins “Hey, Chase.”

“I missed your voice, come on over.”

Jayden is grinning stupidly and he looks out between the blinds, the sun is starting to rise.

“On my way.”









Anonymous said...

Dear Jimmy

This story had everything! Drama! Suspense! Action! Betrayal! So many breakups! And yes, like you said, a lot of traces or cum, and I absolutely loved it! There's a lot to talk about in this story so this comment might be a long one

The title made me just as nervous as Jayden, I was expecting a normal "snapshot" story, but was received by a full length story! The start almost felt like a fever dream, Jayden running to his old school, passing through his friends that were ALL in the middle of breaking up! And I knew that the moment Jayden reached Chase, it was going to be his turn!

That scene at the start with Rex and Bill was... Well, it was kinda awkward, and I think that was the point, and I really liked that about that scene, I guess after what happened at the locker room they tried to make a relationship out of it, but maybe those feelings only sparked in the heat of the moment... Almost literally, it must have hit Rex a bit harder than Bill since we didn't see him in the locker room scene (and I'll get to that), I wished we could've seen a bit more of what Bill and Rex were doing while dating since it came as a surprise, but I guess that's a story for another time. And I think I have a good guess at who the "another guy" Bill was talking about might be, I guess Sam wasn't strong enough to keep Jake truly away from Bill, and I'm happy for them, hopefully we see them together on another story again!

Speaking of couples, Aldo and Leroy, well, they were a little bit too much of a perfect couple to not expect to see a few cracks, and here we are, poor Leroy, he got the boy of his dreams twice, and twice they go out to see another man/women, ironically, the two of them have massive egos,Veronica was a bitch, why would Aldo even wanna be with her?! Aren't there nicer girls in this school?! Still, even if Aldo had cheated with Leroy with a nice girl, I still feel bad for poor Leroy, hopefully stuff is gonna get better for him and... His relationship with Aldo? I guess we'll find out in the future

And after that painful scene with, I think, the first instance of straight ballbusting in the series perhaps? We come to the BEST part in any of your stories


WELL, first of all, I love how much the two of them genuinely care and love each other, I love seeing Chase pour out his heart to Jayden, after the shit he's been through with his family, I'm so happy he finally found Jayden and how much he's changed his life for the better...

And second

Jayden better get better quick because I can't WAIT for that roshambo story!

I've been waiting so long for Chase and Jayden to finally do it, and the concept of them playing roshambo makes it perfect! Of course they'd play roshambo to see who tops, I love this pair so much, and I gotta say, when Jayden said he wanted to be the one in top I was just as surprised as Chase, back when Jayden banged his head on the championship storyline and had that dream, he seemed pretty happy to be submissive with dream Gino, so seeing Jayden so determined to be the one doing the fucking was truly a twist! A twist that I'm really excited for, a part of me wants Jayden to win because I really like it when Chase is all flustered and horny on the submissive side, but then again seeing chase win would be so hot as hell too, I love seeing him being so hungry with power and especially being hungry for Jayden and how much he loves being in control , and I'm sure he's been waiting to fuck jayden WAY before they even became boyfriends, so hopefully his big balls are up to the challenge, this is what they've been training for! This is it! I'm team Chase! The anticipation is killing me! I can't wait! (realistically, I think they could have tossed a coin to decide and then take turns being the top, but where's the fun in that, am I right? Hopefully the two of them won't be too sore to cash their prize!)


-anon 1

Anonymous said...


The locker room scene continues when the two of them start to passionately make out, and after not seeing each other for weeks, I can see why they would be so eager to get it on, I loved seeing Jayden giving Chase a little sneek peek at what he wants to do with him when he eventually "wins" their roshambo fight, love seeing Chase reacting to that strange new feeling and seeing how much he enjoys it, I love how confident Jayden is that he's going to win, even at the end of the story, but he's been wrong before, so I guess we'll see when that day eventually comes

I wonder if Bill isn't used to sucking someone with Jayden's size anymore and if Jayden recognized his mouth during all the commotion, it's been so long since Jayden and Bill been on a sexy scene together that poor Bill couldn't even take Jayden all the way through, he needed a little bit of friendly help with that big push! Which I get it, I'm sure his throat hasn't gotten used to dicks like Jayden's since he's been with Rex and Jake most of his time, and also, I wonder if Max worked over Bill so roughly because he heard what happened with Rex or because he likes crushing Bill's tiny nuts, either one works for me! I love seeing Bill's tiny spuds getting busted.

And now we come to the big breakup of the sgory

The big breakup of the story was Gino and Francisco, well, I'll be honest, I never really cared for Francisco that much, so the fact that he broke up with Gino doesn't affect me as much, but still, I feel bad for poor Gino, why he had to make it look like he was going to go with Chase to break up his relationship with him is beyond me, I guess Gino just wanted to scare Jayden or maybe because of the drama, either way, Gino is a nice looking guy and there's plenty of fish in the sea, I'm sure he'll be fine!

And after all this time, he finally gave Chase his blessing, even if he did it kinda mad, he still gave it to him anyway, it was about time he finally realized he truly loves Jayden, and I'm happy he got one final hurrah with Francisco before he finally left to a better place (He's not dead, just in a better school, but still)

This story was a ride, and I'm happy I rode it, I seriously cannot wait for the next stories! You just keep posting absolute amazing stories like always Jimmy, and once I again I tell you, write to your heart's content! I'll be happy to read all you come up with always!

-anon 1

Anonymous said...

maybe if Bill took that kind of initiative before, Jayden wouldn't have dumped him lol

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

Hey friend! Thanks for writing in!

Yes, this was a very full story and I am glad that you enjoyed the ride!

Yes, I wrote the Bill and Rex break-up scene to be awkward, that was my goal. Also, break-ups I find generally are a little awkward. More about who Bill is in a relationship with will come out later (your guess about who Bill might be going out with is a good one!)

All was good with Leroy and Aldo until… well Aldo could not help himself with Veronica’s charms. She’s not the nicest person, but she is very good in other ways… We will see more of what happens between Aldo and Leroy in a future story for sure! I think you are right about that being the first woman ballbusting in the series to date.

The Locker Room Scene… Chase really needed to tell Jayden how he felt, he has changed a lot in this series and the relationship between Jayden and Chase has majorly affected him. After that experience with his “family,” Chase needed to talk to him. Jayden, was obviously under a false impression of what his brother was trying to do and felt the need to talk to Chase as well.

I can’t wait to write that roshambo story between Chase and Jayden it’s coming, I promise! Yeah, you are right they could have tossed a coin and done a coin flip to see who would top first but…that’s just not how Jayden and Chase roll. It’s a competition for Chase as often as he can make one happen, and Jayden plans on winning it. Chase obviously never wants to lose, especially in this important match. We will see… although Jayden did get a chance in this story to show Chase what it might feel like if they did. Chase kinda liked it too…

As for Bill, it’s been awhile since he had someone bigger especially after both Jake and Rex, lol. Max did not hear at that point what happened between Rex and Bill, he was just “helping out.” Also, he wanted to be in Bill’s place. Bill got there first. I always enjoy it when Bill gets hit below the belt myself, and he gets his nuts cracked a lot!

Many of the readers felt the same way, Anon 1. Gino and Francisco’s relationship was never really popular. I think the main reason was how Francisco treated him in the Before They Were Ballbusting Boys: Gino story. Gino generally has a harder time making connections…I think it’s due to his sadistic side than anything else!

The big moment of the story was Gino finally giving Chase his blessing to date his little brother Jayden. Although Jayden didn’t really need it to date Chase, it was important to him all the same. Jayden really wanted the blessing to be given, he loves Gino and he would like nothing more than for the two to be friends… but he might have to wait a while on that score.

Thank you so much for writing in Anon 1! I always enjoy reading your thoughts and reviews.



GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonoymous post,

Hahahah! Maybe! But Jayden went with his heart and picked Chase. But Jayden still cares for Bill for sure.

Maybe Bill does need a little bit of help to really get to the root of things... ; )



Anonymous said...

Jimmy, when will you publish the follow up to this story. Can't wait to find out what happens when Jayden gets to Chase's house 😉

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous!

That one is coming! Currently I am working on three different stories, but after all of those that story about Jayden and Chases first time is coming!