Monday, August 8, 2022

Snapshot: Teen Wolf: Accident on Set written by Jimmy


Accident On Set 

by Jimmy


On the set of Teen Wolf Tyler Posley portraying Scott McCall leaps into the fight. Tyler is wearing a frayed rip shirt, showing off parts of his pecks and taut abdomen and he takes a wild swing hitting Peter Hayle played by Ian Bohen.

Ian growls, and swings his fist back at Tyler.

Tyler dodges left, trying to hide a grin as he looks up at Ian’s chest and pounds a second punch straight into his guts. Ian sucks in air between his teeth and launches a knee straight up. Tyler tries moves back, but he is not quick enough. Enjoying the accidental contact from his fist hitting Ian in the stomach he is slow in his response and Tyler pays for it.

Ian’s right knee sinks deep into his groin, and Tyler freezes his nuts squelching against his taint. Tyler’s right ball goes completely flat, while the half left is squished against his pelvic bone the rest bloats around Ian’s kneecap.

Tyler freezes feeling his balls under attack, and already knowing how awful the ramifications are going to be.


Ian yanks his knee out and covers his mouth falling out of character with an “Oh shit, did I just…?”

Tyler groans and drops to his knees gazing up at Ian as his balls throb, pulsing with sickening pain.

“Yup,” Tyler squeaks clutching his balls protectively, but the attack is already over as he cradles his nuts stupidly.

Ian puts one hand on Tyler’s shoulder, giving him a slight squeeze. “We are going to need some ice…and ten minutes before we retake the scene.”

Tyler moans, rolling his sore balls in his palm.

“Try….ugh, ugh….thirty!”

Tyler’s eyes close and he slowly sinks further to the ground until he lays on his stomach, breathing hard.

“My…nuts….need a break.”

Ian grimaces, staring down at Tyler. “At least they aren’t…ah….broken?”

Tyler groans, and laughs but it hurts so he stops.

“I’ll just…make sure the ice gets here faster.” Ian starts to move away, still hearing Tyler’s feint moans behind him.



Liam said...

Thank you, I've been waiting a long time for a story like this on this topic

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Liam,

Happy to make it happen. I posted another one yesterday. Two Teen Wolf stories!